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Monday, August 20, 2007

Esme and Fox are pretty chummy these days. Her niece flew in to see her, and Fox agrees to have them both stay at the mansion. After observing Viki's behavior, he can't seem to get over how strange Esme and her niece are. Each time Viki has anything to say, she constantly whispers to Esme instead of speaking out loud.

Dr. Wilson, Vincent's psychotherapist, senses that Eve and Julian are not shocked at her suggestion that Vincent may have had an accomplice in his horrible reign of terror in Harmony. Eve explains the situation about Vincent and how he was abducted from the hospital as a baby. Dr. Wilson thinks that the entire family needs therapy after hearing about the type of person Alistair is. On the other side of the jail, Alistair pays a visit to a very scared Vincent, and he makes it very clear that he is there to kill Vincent. He thinks that Vincent has failed him like everyone else. Vincent begs Alistair to stop and promises to complain to Eve and Julian if he doesn't stop. Alistair tries to brainwash Vincent and tells him that Eve and Julian never cared about him. He then grabs Vincent in a strangle hold. Vincent manages to talk Alistair out of strangling him by telling Alistair that Little Ethan (LE) is his son. Alistair is livid and tells Vincent that the news of LE ruins everything.

Pretty accuses Fancy of causing the scar on her face while Fancy sits quietly. Luis tries to get Fancy's attention, but she is too ashamed to face Luis. Luis refuses to believe Pretty, so she tells him the story in detail. Fancy finally says something. She tells Pretty that she is not telling the truth, but she never did tell her side of the story, so Luis is left to believe Pretty. Luis refuses to believe Pretty, so Pretty tells Luis to ask Fancy. Luis asks Fancy if she did what Pretty is accusing her of, and Fancy tells Luis that it was an accident. Fancy, believing that Luis hates her, walks out of the room without Telling Luis the full story. Sheridan is delighted because she thinks that Luis will be hers since Pretty has just revealed Fancy's secret. After Fancy left the room, Sheridan uses that opportunity to paint Fancy in a bad light. Despite all the negative talk about Fancy, Luis decides to go after her. Pretty is not so sure about Sheridan since she is so hell bent on coming between Luis and Fancy. She compares Sheridan to the likes of Alistair because of her cold and unfeeling ways.

While Gwen and Rebecca are still locked in the bathroom, Theresa is trying to speed up the ceremony since she is so anxious to marry Ethan, but Ethan does not want to rush it. He wants to savor the moment. Theresa and Ethan exchange vows, and before the Justice of the Peace (JP) declare them man and wife, Ethan interrupts, and Theresa is terrified. Again, Ethan wants to savor the moment. He reflects back on the good and bad times they have both shared, and then they kiss passionately. Theresa looks at Pilar, and she knows that Pilar wants her to tell Ethan the truth, so she interrupts the wedding to tell Ethan that there is something that he needs to know before they get married. Theresa hears a loud banging, and she knows that it's Gwen and Rebecca, so she lies to Ethan and tells him that she just wanted to say that she loves him. The JP finally pronounces them man and wife and tells Ethan to kiss the bride. The family congratulates Theresa and Ethan and welcomes Ethan into the family. Meanwhile, Gwen and Rebecca try to get out of the locked bathroom so that they can interrupt the ceremony, but they did not get out on time, and after realizing that Ethan and Theresa are now husband and wife, they are both furious. Gwen tells Ethan that she has a wedding gift for him, and it's a gift that people will be talking about for years.