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Monday, June 4, 2007

The Witches Committee review Tabitha's history as a witch since Timmy. They observe how Tabitha is sympathetic towards mortals namely, Kay, and Jessica. They have seen how Tabitha show kindness when she should have been evil. An evil witch would not have punished Spike to spare Jessica. As a result, Tabitha is declared a good witch. Since Tabitha is deemed a good witch, the committee expects Endora to be nurtured so that she can become a bad witch. Moreover, the committee is seeking custody of Endora since they think Tabitha is unfit. Tabitha simply won't let them take Endora from her, but it's not her decision. She promises the committee that she will turn Endora into a bad witch if they let her stay. One of the bad witches strikes Tabitha with a bolt of light and renders her helpless. The committee leaves with Endora. Tabitha awakes to find Endora missing and does not want to believe that they have taken her.

Luis fills Sheridan and Fancy in on what Alistair did to Father Lonigan years ago, and Fancy can't believe that she has loved such an evil man. Luis tells Fancy and Sheridan to go check on Father Lonigan since he is worried about him. Luis gets a glimpse of the electric chair, the one that awaits his fate. Luis envisions his execution and realizes his impending death. The blackmailer approaches Father Lonigan and taunts him. The father is quite prepared, so he is not the least bit afraid to face his destiny. Father Lonigan tells the blackmailer that God loves him and all his children and offers to help him. The blackmailer laughs in Father Lonigan's face then pulls out his gun and shoots in the air. He then asks Father Lonigan if he still loves him. The blackmailer then turns to the statue of Mary, and a change comes over him. Father Lonigan senses it and tells the blackmailer that a mother's love for her child is stronger than any other love but God's. The blackmailer retorts that his mother never loved him and that no one else loved him. He only has hate in his heart. The blackmailer unmasks himself and places Father Lonigan's hands on his face to prove to Father Lonigan that he is a monster and doesn't deserve forgiveness. It's hopeless. Father Lonigan cannot get through to the blackmailer. He tells Father Lonigan that he was born a freak, and he will die a freak and will take many people with him when he goes. He points his gun at Father Lonigan, but Sheridan approaches the chapel before the blackmailer could make his move. She sees the blackmailer and screams. The Father tells Sheridan to leave, but the blackmailer stops her and tells her that he is killing both her and Father Lonigan.

Ethan tells Julian to stop beating around the bush and tell him what's on his mind while Theresa is in the background sweating bullets. Julian attempts to spill the beans, but Theresa interrupts. She runs to the safe to find something that she can use to shut Julian up. Theresa tells Julian that what she has will make him back down from telling Ethan the truth and make a deal with her instead.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Two bad witches kidnap Endora, intent on giving her a proper "evil" education. Kay and Tabitha search for the little witch, but Tabitha soon realizes they could be anywhere in the universe.

Noah tries to convince Jessica to turn herself in for the murders. Meanwhile, Sam and Paloma are at the johns' mass gravesite as body after body is uncovered.

Ethan and Fancy try to come up with a way to stop Luis' execution.

The blackmailer holds Father Lonigan and Sheridan at gunpoint, threatening to kill them. The priest attempts to convince the blackmailer that redemption is still possible.

Theresa shows Alistair's will to Julian, reminding him he is disinherited. She tells him there is no point in revealing Little Ethan is not a Crane, and that they should strike a bargain...

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Kay and Tabitha arrive in the 10th dimension to rescue Endora from the evil witches. Tabitha stops them momentarily, but they recover quickly and take great delight in taunting. They put her in a burning ring of fire and try to cast a spell that will give her pain for a billion years before she actually dies. Fortunately Kay remembers a conversation with Tabitha who told her that she also had witch powers, so she is able to focus her power and destroy the evil witches. She, Tabitha and Endora then enjoy a group hug.

Before Jessica can blurt out her secret to her dad, police chief Sam, Paloma rushes into the Police station and stops her. Sam is called away before he can question Jessica. That gives Paloma enough time to tell her and Noah, who accompanied Jessica to the station, about the discovery of the bodies. When Sam comes back, Jessica makes up a story and keeps quiet about her suspected role in the murders. Sam tells her to go home and get some rest. Both Paloma and Noah tell her to stop blaming herself for the murders. They promise to get to the bottom of the problem and assure her that they will find the real murderer.

Fancy and Ethan walk in on Theresa and Julian while they are in negotiation. Theresa has Alistair's will and the adoption papers he signed for Little Ethan. It is clear that Julian will be a big loser if he exposes Theresa's secret and takes her to court. While he may succeed in removing Theresa from Crane Industries, the only benefit will be to Fancy, who is named as Alistair's sole beneficiary. To cover the real conversation, Theresa explains that she and Julian are discussing Fancy's job at Crane and that it is still waiting for her. Fancy tells them she will be glad to come back once Luis is cleared. Theresa and Julian shake hands and acknowledge that they have come to an agreement. He will keep quiet about Little Ethan's paternity and she will return the company to him once her brothers are cleared. Ethan is very suspicious of they rare camaraderie between Julian and Theresa who are usually hostile and antagonistic. Julian leaves the office, but the other three stay behind. Julian goes to talk to Valerie and suggests that they resume their affair. Valerie is reluctant. He asks her to book a table for two at the Blue Note and to join him there. Once Julian leaves, she pulls a gun out her purse, fondles it and says, "If not tonight, then another night."

Before the blackmailer, still dressed in a mask as a half man, half woman, can kill Sheridan and Father Lonigan in the church vestibule, Sheridan attacks and uses her fists to knock him/her out. Interestingly, even though she ties up the blackmailer, Sheridan does not bother to remove the mask and reveal the face of the blackmailer. Instead, she leaves him/ her alone with the blind priest and steps outside to make leisurely phone calls, none of which go to the police. First she calls Luis, who has just awakened from a nightmare about his execution. A guard, who she bribes by telling him she will pay off his mortgage, gives Luis the phone. She tells Luis that she has captured the blackmailer, and then gushes about her love for him. Luis repeatedly tells her that he loves Fancy, but Sheridan does not listen and only hears what she wants to hear. Next she calls Ethan, who is with Fancy and Theresa in Theresa's office. He is equally amazed that Sheridan has captured the blackmailer. They make plans to get judge Riley to stop his order for execution. Alone with the blackmailer, Father Lonigan offers his comfort and sympathy. He/She tells some of his/her troubles to the priest and eventually whispers his/her name to him. Father Lonigan is surprised, but tells the blackmailer that he understands where all the pain is coming from. Back at the prison, Luis prays for heavenly intervention, but instead hears taunting, maniacal laughter coming from a source he cannot identify.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Tabitha expresses her appreciation to Kay after Kay helped her get Endora back from the evil witches. Kay continues to enjoy the fact that she can perform witchcraft and she asks Tabitha to help her learn about her magic capabilities. Tabitha agrees to Kay's request only after Kay promises to not use her powers for her own whims.

Julian and Ivy find themselves together again at The Blue Note. After sharing some drinks, both express the possibility of having a future together. As they lean forward to kiss, Ivy gets a chill. She tells Julian that she fears that something bad is coming their way.

Chad walks in on Whitney as she's packing a bag for her and Miles. After some questioning from Whitney, Chad admits that he and Vincent was having a relationship and that Vincent has some porn videos of the two of them having sex. Chad continues to beg Whitney to stay but Whitney won't give in. Whitney says her goodbye as she takes Miles out the door.

Eve visits Valerie so she can learn any information as to her and Julian's lost son. Valerie tells her that she will know soon who her son is. Valerie also tells Eve that Julian and Theresa have come to an agreement that he would now be second in command at Crane Industries. Eve is shocked at Theresa's change of attitude. Once Eve leaves, Valerie pulls out a gun and says that Julian will not meet his son because he'll be meeting a bullet instead.

Afterwards, Vincent makes his way into Valerie's office after she leaves. He's able to find the folder that she was keeping in reference to Eve and Julian's son. He then finds the gun and takes it.

Theresa is both elated and frazzled that Sheridan has the blackmailer tied up in the church. She tries to tell Ethan about her secret but he stops her by telling her that it will all be okay. She's not so sure.

While Sheridan waits for Ethan, Theresa and Fancy to join her at the church, she daydreams about being with Luis once this ordeal is all over. When Fancy arrives, she slaps her Aunt. Ethan breaks up the rift between the two. Ethan, Theresa, Fancy and Sheridan make their way into the church.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Tabitha is happy to be home with Endora. Endora asks Tabitha for a puppy, and she tries to talk Endora out of it by suggesting other pets. Tabitha wants Endora to embrace her evil side, so a puppy is out of the question. Tabitha conjures up a black cat for Endora and tells her that every bad witch needs a black cat. Endora zaps the black kitten into a white cat despite Tabitha's speech about evil witches having black cats.

Paloma decides to work overtime, so that she can keep a close eye on the case. Noah and Paloma rummage through the evidence, and Paloma finds a broken mirror. She decides to brush it for prints to rule out Jessica as a suspect. Noah senses that Jessica did not kill the johns. Sam returns to the station as soon as Paloma is about to take the mirror fragment to the lab. She orders Noah to hide. Wow! What a relief. Sam informs an alarmed Paloma that the evidence is not all in one place. In addition, he tells Paloma that Noah is no good for her. Noah overhears this and is not too pleased with his father's assessment of him. He couldn't stay hidden anymore, so he confronts Sam.

Fancy fantasizes about Luis being out of jail, and the two are finally back in each other's arms. Sheridan snaps her out of it and tells her that when Luis is released from jail, he is going home with her. Ethan, Sheridan, Fancy, and Theresa march into the church looking for the blackmailer, and to their astonishment, he is no longer tied up. He manages to escape with Father Lonigan's help, but they don't know it yet, and neither does Father Lonigan. Fancy is upset at Sheridan for being so careless. Father Lonigan hears the ruckus, and he tells them that he had to take a phone call, and the blackmailer escaped while he was on the phone call. Ethan obtains clues from Sheridan in order to help find the blackmailer. Fancy has the same idea, so she sends the duct tape that was on the blackmailer to the Crane crime lab for prints. While she is waiting on the results, she has a fantasy about Luis. Sheridan is deluding herself into thinking that Luis is not thinking straight and that Fancy turned him against her. She thinks Luis loves only her. Fancy has the results of the lab test. Theresa tells Father Lonigan that she is happy that the blackmailer got away because her secret is now safe. She confesses to Father Lonigan the truth about Little Ethan's (LE) paternity. Father Lonigan advises Theresa to tell Ethan the truth about LE, but Theresa is afraid that Ethan won‘t love her anymore. While Theresa is pouring out her heart to Father Lonigan, Ethan happens by, and Theresa thinks that he might have overheard a portion of her conversation with Father Lonigan.

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