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Monday, April 16, 2007

Paloma takes Noah's romantic gestures the wrong way, but she realizes that Noah means well. Noah wants to spend quality time with Paloma, but she reminds him that she is on duty. Paloma overhears a noise at the door while awaiting the delivery at the Crane mansion. She goes to check but sees nothing. She is unaware that someone is hiding in the bushes.

Chad overhears Whitney talking to Valerie and decides to try to stop Whitney. Whitney tries to tell Valerie the truth about Vincent, and Chad tries his best to prevent Whitney from telling Valerie. Chad's behavior has Whitney wondering why he is so against her telling Valerie the truth. Valerie walks in on Whitney's and Chad's discussion and wants to know what Vincent has been doing. Chad tries again to prevent Whitney from telling Valerie, but it's too late. Whitney tells Valerie that Vincent has been cheating on her with another woman. Valerie is beside herself, and Chad is scared that Vincent might kill both him and Whitney.

Chris knows in his heart that Sheridan does not love him, so he has given up on their marriage. He prepares James for the bad news. Chris feels guilty because James is not his child, and he hates doing Alistair's dirty work by staying with Sheridan, even though he has grown to love her. Miguel and Luis are both found guilty, and various people's lives will be changed as a result. Fox will have Kay all to himself. Sheridan regrets that her testimony didn't help Luis; Ivy hates Kay with Fox, and Theresa and Pilar are devastated; consequently, Theresa blames herself. She tries to blackmail Judge Reilly, but he tells her that he is in the same boat, so his hands are tied. Fancy blames herself for Luis' predicament, and Sheridan makes it worse by rubbing it in. Ethan tells everyone involved that he will try to overturn the judge's ruling. Sheridan goes to be with Luis, but Luis pushes her away because of her behavior on the witness stand. The blackmailer has twisted Judge Reilly's arms again in order to get what he wants. Judge Reilly tells Ethan that Luis and Miguel will be sentenced immediately. Sheridan goes home expecting things to remain the same, but she realizes that Chris is about to leave her and takes James with him.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Today's edition of Passions was pre-empted today for NBC News coverage of the convocation ceremony at Virginia Tech.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tabitha is overjoyed at how she handled Spike and the recruiters for Endora's pre-school. She senses that Endora would rather be with kids her own age as well as being with humans. It reminded her of Timmy. He heard other kids singing Christmas carols and wanted to be with them, so Tabitha enlists Timmy's help in deciding what's best for Endora. She receives a white feather from Timmy, so Tabitha now knows what to do. She tells Endora that she can go to pre-school, and Endora is ecstatic.

Paloma tackles Noah after searching the Crane estate thinking that he is an intruder. She blasts Noah for not trusting her, but he tells Paloma that he is having car trouble. They settle their differences and end up having a make out session.

Whitney manages to tell Valerie about Vincent being with another woman and adds that Vincent is not worth her time and that she needs to protect herself from diseases. Valerie adds that Whitney is lucky to be married to a man like Chad. Valerie is upset and wants to confront Vincent. Chad tries his best not to panic and remains quiet at first but tells Valerie to wait so that things don't get worse. Valerie doesn't listen and leaves to confront Vincent. Whitney leaves with her. Chad manages to talk Whitney out of going and decides to go to Valerie's house to check on things. When he gets there, he hears shouting between Vincent and Valerie. He peers inside and sees them fighting. He thinks that Vincent is going to kill Valerie, so he starts banging on the door.

Chris makes it very clear to Sheridan that he is taking James and is leaving her and the marriage because she is in love with Luis. Sheridan tries to justify her behavior by stating that she loves Luis as a friend, but Chris is not stupid enough to believe that. He feels as if he comes in second in Sheridan's heart, and he wants out of the marriage. Sheridan begs and pleads for Chris to stay since she loves James as her own, but Chris has had it up to here with her constant obsession to go back to Luis.

Ethan pleads with Judge Reilly not to sentence Luis and Miguel prematurely. Ethan even files for an appeal, but his pleas fell on deaf ears. The judge is being blackmailed, so he has no choice but to send Luis and Miguel to jail. Fancy blames herself for Luis' current situation, and Ivy tries to cheer her up. Ethan thinks that the Governor could help his case and overrides Judge Reilly's decision, but the judge was able to get the Governor's ok, so he tells Ethan to sit down and shut up. Consequently, Miguel is sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole, and Luis is sentenced to death by lethal injection since he is charged with rape, arson, and murder. Meanwhile, Fox and Julian are happy that they don't have to lift a finger. They want Miguel out of the way to make room for Fox and Kay; therefore, the blackmailer couldn't have come at a better time.

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

As Chad approaches Valerie's apartment door he hears her screaming for Vincent to stop hurting her. Chad gives several loud knocks at the door but then breaks it down. After a search of Valerie's apartment, they both realize that Vincent has gotten away through a bedroom window. Valerie tells Chad that Vincent attacked her when she broke off their relationship due to learning of his affair. Chad tells Valerie that she will now be safe from Vincent. Valerie decides to call the police so that she can file a restraining order against him. As she is waiting for the detective to answer the phone, Chad tries to find a way to convince Valerie to stop the call.

The trial has ended for the Lopez-Fitzgerald brothers. The Judge orders Luis to be executed for his crimes and orders Miguel to life in prison. Pilar, Theresa, and Fancy are shocked at the harshness of the sentences. Pilar begs the Judge to reconsider but he won't budge. Ethan reassures the brothers and others that he will file an immediate appeal in hopes that their convictions will be overturned. The courtroom deputies allow Luis and Miguel a few minutes with their families. Miguel joins Kay who is outside the courtroom with Maria. Kay is devastated when she learns of his fate. Fox follows Miguel and sees Miguel and Kay embrace. As Fox begins to approach the two, Julian pulls Fox and tells him to stay put. Julian tells Fox that by staying calm he will score points with Kay. Miguel confronts Fox about lying on the witness stand. Fox says he did his best to help Miguel but the Judge didn't buy it.

Back inside the courtroom, Sheridan rushes to Luis' side. Fancy tells Sheridan that it's because of her Luis was convicted. Sheridan tries to convince Luis' that she had to say the terrible things about Fancy because she was under oath. Sheridan informs Fancy and Luis that Chris has left Harmony with James. Luis advises Sheridan that he has moved on with his life and that now Fancy is the love of his life. The deputies tell the brothers their family time is up. Ethan, Theresa, Pilar, Kay, Fancy and Sheridan watch as Luis and Miguel are led out of the courtroom.

Meanwhile at the Crane mansion, Paloma and Noah are trying to stay warm by the fireplace after getting caught in a rainstorm. Paloma is concerned that someone will walk in on them while they are partially clothed. Noah wraps a blanket around Paloma's shoulders and they relax on the couch to watch TV. Noah comforts Paloma after a newsbreak announces the fate of her brothers.

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Friday, April 20, 2007
by Love264

Whitney is home spending time with Miles and is unaware that she is being watched. She falls asleep and is awakened by a gush of air but is still unaware that someone is watching her. On the other side of town, Valerie wants to call the police on Vincent, but Chad is preventing her from doing so, with good reasons. Valerie is becoming suspicious and wonders why Chad is preventing her from calling the police or from getting a restraining order on Vincent. She thinks Chad is protecting the woman with whom Vincent is sleeping, but Chad is protecting himself. Valerie wants to stay away from Vincent, but Chad is encouraging her to make up with Vincent just to save his hide. Valerie wishes that she has someone like Chad in her life, and at the same time she is asking if Chad is still sleeping around. Chad leaves Valerie all alone to go home to Whitney. Valerie is spooked by a noise she hears outside, and she thinks it's Vincent. Meanwhile, Chad is at home trying to keep Whitney from going out alone because he knows that Vincent is very dangerous. Chad receives a call from Valerie asking him to come over because she thinks Vincent is outside, and Whitney is dying to know who is on the phone with Chad.

Tabitha tries to encourage Endora to go to the school for witches, but Endora would rather mingle with the mortals. Tabitha decides to go along with Endora's wishes, even though she doesn't understand Endora's fascination. Tabitha uses witchcraft to bring back the school reps so that she can charm them into accepting Endora as a student. Her plan is successful, and the reps welcome Endora with open arms.

Pilar is distraught over Luis and Miguel's fate. Ethan and Theresa try to comfort her, but nothing can ease the pain, unless Luis and Miguel are free. Since the judge and the Governor are being blackmailed, Ethan doesn't know if he can do anything to help Luis and Miguel. Paloma wishes that Theresa and Ethan are doing something to help Luis and Miguel, but Ethan and Theresa‘s minds are elsewhere. They are more focused on each other than on Miguel and Luis.

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