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Monday, March 26, 2007

Fox collapses, and Kay insists that he goes back to the hospital. Fox tells her that he is fine and wants to accompany her to Ray's funeral. Kay tells Fox that Eve should examine him to be on the safe side and Fox agrees. Everyone gathers at the church for Rae's funeral. Tabitha set up a magical viewing of what's going on in the church since she cannot enter due to being a witch. Endora runs inside the church, but nothing happens to her since she is half witch and half human. Tabitha tells her to come out of the church at once. Fox is still questioning why he is experiencing side effects if what he is given is the placebo. Miguel is convinced that Fox is really sick due to the nurse's mishap.

Theresa tells Jared that she is touched that he wants to marry her, but there won't be a wedding since he is so weak. Jared makes it very clear that he loves Theresa and does not want to wait any longer. Theresa tells him that she and Whitney have to attend Rae's funeral, but honestly, Theresa wants to delay the wedding as much as possible because she is marrying Jared under false pretenses. Jared apologizes to Whitney and tell Theresa that he will arrange the wedding at the hospital after the funeral is over. Theresa receives a note from the blackmailer to marry Jared, and Jared thinks it's a great idea to have Father O'Hara marry them at the church immediately after Rae's funeral.

Simone had to beg Rae's family in order to plan Rae's funeral because they would rather not have anything to do with it. Sam tells Simone that if they get new evidence, they will pursue it, and Simone insists that Luis is the one who killed Rae. Theresa is trying to convince Simone that Luis did not kill Rae, but Simone is convinced otherwise. Dylan, a bartender, tells Simone that he has an envelope from Rae, something she wanted Simone to have just in case something should happen to her. Simone is surprised that Vincent knew Rae. He tells her that he and Rae were very close. Whitney makes a comment to Theresa that Valerie mentioned that Vincent is good in bed, and Chad overhears it. He envisions being in bed with Vincent and comments to himself that Valerie doesn't know the half of it. TC mentions that Chad is a keeper because of his love for Whitney, and Vincent chimes in and states that one cannot quit true love. Dylan meets up with Simone after the funeral to hand her the envelope, but he left it at home. He gives Simone the address and tells her to meet him there. Dylan walks out of the church, but he is being watched. Tabitha predicts that he will lose his life very soon. TC is in agreement with Eve finding her son with Julian, but he won't let Julian take Eve away from him. Eve is happy that TC accepted Simone and Rae's relationship in the end. TC tells her that having the stroke made him see things in a different light. In addition, he tells Julian not to use the search for his son with Eve to get back into her life. Julian pretends as if he doesn't know to what TC is referring.

Ethan states that Luis will get the death penalty if he loses the case, and Sheridan is not too happy about it. Ethan notices Sheridan's reaction and asks if she is still in love with Luis. Sheridan denies it and tells him that she loves Luis as a friend. A fellow cop tells Luis that he is going down for raping Fancy and murdering Rae. Sheridan tells Ethan that Fancy should not have turned Luis in and that she is selfish for doing so. Fancy goes to the jail house to see Luis and sees one of Luis' fellow officers beating up on him. She wants to report the police officer, but Luis tells her not to do it. Luis begs Fancy, on her love for him, to set him free so that he can prove his innocence. Fancy tells Luis that she cannot help him now because a fellow officer walks by the jail cell.

Sam & Paloma go to see Jessica, and she tells Sam that he doesn't care. Jessica tells Sam if he really cares, he would leave her alone. She thinks only Spike can make her happy.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Noah surprises Paloma with a fantasy fit for a queen when he brings Mexico to her, for an unforgettable romantic evening.

Believing Luis is being framed for murder, Theresa reluctantly agrees to the blackmailer's demand that she marry Jared. She's determined to see her brother cleared of all charges, even if it ruins her chance to be with Ethan. The D.A. seeks the death penalty against Luis for Rae's murder. Luis urges Ethan to convince Theresa not to sacrifice her own happiness for him by agreeing to the blackmailer's terms.

Though Luis doesn't want Fancy to get involved in the case, Valerie pushes her to lie to the D.A. about Luis's whereabouts at the time of the murder, in order to save his life.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Eavesdropping outside Jared's hospital room, Vincent overhears Chad tell Jared that he is cutting his lover out of his life. Vincent interrupts to tell them that he is there to cover the wedding. When Jared leaves the room to find Theresa, Vincent comes on to Chad, who tells him that their relationship is over, and then follows Jared. Vincent is not convinced.

In the chapel, Ethan begs Theresa not to marry Jared, but she insists that Miguel and Luis will be convicted if she doesn't. Whitney argues for Ethan. Theresa remains worried, but when Ethan's phone rings and he tells her that this is the information that will clear Luis, she hugs him, but when he tells her that he has a strong lead, she tells him she is out of time and must do what the blackmailer wants. Ethan pleads for time, which Theresa gives him, but as soon as he is gone, she rescinds it to Whitney, who tries to convince her to postpone the wedding. Chad arrives and overhears, but is quickly soothed by Theresa. Vincent is allowed to take wedding photos, which show a happy Jared and a less than happy Theresa.

Miguel sets up a romantic dinner for Kay on the hospital roof. He got the idea from Noah. Miguel tells Kay how much he regrets running after Charity, instead of staying in Harmony with Kay and his daughter, Maria. Kay wants to know what Miguel will do about the hit and run charge. He tells her that he has faith in the justice system and that he will be cleared and they can be together. Kay says that it is too late and that Miguel must move on. He tells her that it isn't over between them because they love each other. They start kissing.

From his hospital bed, Fox tries to convince Julian that he is getting the real treatment instead of a placebo because he is losing his hair and he is very sick. Julian tries to convince Fox that his hair loss and illness are a result of stress. He offers to make an appointment with a psychiatrist. A nurse brings Julian a gift box for Theresa's bridal shower. He hurries out to deliver it. The nurse blurts out to Fox that she saw Kay going to the roof with Miguel. Fox arrives on the roof and sees Kay and Miguel in a passionate position. He watches them and seethes, but does not interrupt.

Fancy wants to help Luis escape. She opens the cell door, but Luis refuses to go. He tells Fancy that he loves her too much to leave her or ruin her career by escaping for the third time. Luis is curiously optimistic. He is convinced that the person who is blackmailing Theresa and framing him and his brother Miguel will be found out. Ethan shows up at the jail with his laptop. He is ready to access the Crane database and find out who has been calling Theresa. Ethan isolates the phone call, but when it is put through the voice descrambler, the voice belongs to an incredulous Luis, who hotly denies that he made the call, but both Fancy and Ethan look skeptical.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tabitha and Endora cook up an evil plan to teach Spike a lesson!

A mysterious individual gives Theresa a surprise bridal shower in the hospital, as she and Jared await the justice of peace to marry them.

When Eve refuses to let the wedding proceeded because of Jared's failing health, she gets a threatening message from the blackmailer. Either she lets Theresa and Jared get married, or she'll never see her long lost son!

Luis tries to convince Ethan and Fancy that he's not the blackmailer, despite his voice being on the blackmailer's unscrambled phone call. He believes the blackmailer is responsible for setting him up.

Simone arrives at the bartender's apartment to retrieve Rae's letter, unaware of a lurking threat inside!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Endora and Tabitha decide to intervene and help Jessica out since her life is such a mess. While Endora is helping Jessica, Tabitha is teaching Spike a lesson by trapping him with the boys in the basement. Endora transforms in an older version of her and shows Jessica what her life could be like by giving her a glimpse of her future. Jessica realizes that she has a loving family who supports her. The jury is still out on Spike. He has yet to learn his lesson. Tabitha is letting the boys in the basement have their way with him until he decides to mend his ways.

The blackmailer enables Luis' escape from jail, and Luis heads directly to the bartender's apartment in order to find the letter from Rae. Simone notices that Dylan's apartment is on fire and calls for help. Meanwhile, Luis is trapped inside. Luis fires a gun to get the lock off the window, and Sam witnesses it, so he gives the order to shoot. Fancy has a clear shot, so she shoots several times and hits Luis with one of the shots. Luis falls to the ground unconscious while the apartment is engulfed in flames. The firefighters are able to get the flames under control so that Sam and Fancy are able to go inside the apartment. To Fancy's dismay, she realizes that the person she shot is Luis.

The blackmailer puts together a Bridal Shower for Theresa complete with gifts that send a message to Theresa. He/she also manages to blackmail Eve into giving Jared an encouraging outlook on his illness. If Eve hadn't complied, she would never find her son. Theresa is hoping that Ethan will get back to her soon with good news, so that she doesn't have to marry Jared, but Ethan is trapped in the blackmailer's apartment. The blackmailer takes all of Ethan's clothes off and admires his body. Ethan tells him that he has all the proof he needs to clear Miguel and Luis, but there is only one problem; he's trapped in the blackmailer's apartment. Ethan tells him/her that he will get loose and prevent Theresa from marrying Jared. The blackmailer tells Ethan that Theresa will marry Jared, so that Ethan will be free and clear for him (the blackmailer). Ethan tells him/her that he/she is not his type. He/she kisses Ethan, and Ethan is disgusted by it. The blackmailer tells Ethan to get used to it because he will get accustomed to loving him/her. The blackmailer leaves Ethan tied up in the apartment and heads off to make sure that Theresa's wedding to Jared goes off without a hitch. At the hospital, Theresa cannot stall Jared any longer, so she has to marry him. Ivy is relishing in the moment because she is ecstatic that Theresa won't be marrying Ethan. Theresa prepares to marry Jared at the insistence of the blackmailer. In all the commotion, Ivy begs Sam for a second chance, but he refuses to take her back. Ivy vows that Sam will be hers. Back at the blackmailer's apartment, Ethan manages to free himself, but he may not be able to get to the hospital to stop Theresa and Jared's wedding in time.

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