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Monday, March 19, 2007

Spike continues to manipulate Jessica and begs her to go home with him. Noah and Paloma discover that Spike has lured Jessica away, so they decide to go after her. Jessica arrives at Spikes home, and she thinks it's disgusting, even more so than her previous visits. Noah and Paloma beg Jessica to leave Spike and his dumpy apartment to go home where she can be well cared for by people who truly love her. Jessica, who is under Spike's control, decides to stay.

Tabitha's love potion is really potent because Miguel and Kay can't seem to keep away from each other. Endora is awake and sees what's going on. She wants to do something to end Miguel and Kay's union for Fox's sake. Tabitha is trying to convince Endora that if she does anything to interfere, it will have Miguel chasing Charity once again. Endora ignores Tabitha and reverses the effect of her love potion. Kay reverts back to pushing Miguel away. Endora is now asleep, so Tabitha has time to get Miguel and Kay back together. She cast a spell and they are back to making love with each other.

Sam goes to the Crane mansion to see if Luis is hiding there. Ethan shows up and he tells Sam that he needs to prove Luis and Miguel's innocence so that he can be with Theresa. Sam enlists Ethan's help to access Alistair's files in order to locate Luis. Ethan is more than happy to help since he wants the chance to be with Theresa. They are trying to access Alistair's surveillance system. Fancy is able to get into Alistair's files. He kept close tabs on everyone all over the world. Fancy finally zooms in on the Crane cabin and her fears of Sheridan seducing Luis are all true because Sheridan is in Luis' arms. Sam tells Ethan that he will help anyway he can, with the situation with Theresa and the blackmailer. Sam tells Ethan that he has to make up for lost time since he was robbed of the truth in regards to Ethan's paternity. Theresa eavesdrops while Ethan tells Sam that if anyone keeps the truth from him about his child's paternity, he doesn't think that he could ever get over it. At the Crane cabin, Sheridan wants Luis to make love to her, but Luis tells her that it's not right since she is married to Chris and he is involved with Fancy. Sheridan found an old toy of Marty's at the cabin and is using it to have Luis comfort her. She knows that Alistair has the place under surveillance, so she wonders if Fancy is seeing them right now. Just in case Fancy is watching them, she arranges for Luis to lie in bed with her while she is in his arms. Fancy sees them in bed together.

Jared tries to convince Theresa that Eve told him that it is ok for them to marry, but Theresa knows that Jared is just anxious, so she tells Jared to hold off until he gets better. Jared makes Theresa promise that she will marry him as soon as he is well enough. Theresa is hoping that Jared will forgive her when the truth comes out about why she wants to be married to him.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

While Fox is in the hospital, Kay is at home getting it on with Miguel. Miguel tells Kay how much he loves her, and she wonders how to break it off with Fox. Fox is feeling lonely at the hospital, so he tells Kay that he is on his way to see her. Miguel tells Kay that if Fox is strong enough to walk around, then there is no reason why she cannot tell him that it's over between them. Fox gets home before Miguel could leave the bedroom, so Miguel hides in the closet, and he is forced to listen to Fox and Kay make love. Kay tries to break the news to Fox that it's over between then, but Fox senses what Kay is about to do, so he interrupts her and tells her that his hair is falling out. Kay feels sorry for Fox, so she puts off telling him how she feels. Meanwhile, Miguel is in the closet wondering what's going on. After Fox leaves the bedroom to get something to eat, Miguel peeks out from the closet, and Kay shows him the amount of hair that Fox has lost. Miguel doesn't care. He just wants to be a family with Kay.

Tabitha is downstairs observing everything between Kay, Miguel, and Fox, and Tabitha is not happy that Fox wants to be with Kay since she wants her with Miguel. She is ecstatic that Endora is asleep because things could get ugly. Endora favors Fox, so she would do anything to keep him and Kay together. Endora is awake, and her mind is set on playing with the contents in a magical jar. Tabitha tells her to stay away from the jar because it could be catastrophic. While Tabitha is distracted, Endora uses her powers to float the jar in the air. She empties out the jar, and the contents start to scatter. Tabitha notices and is horrified because she knows that this could cause trouble for her. It turns out that the jar contains happiness, which Tabitha has been hiding for generations. Tabitha tells Endora that it could cause chaos, so she tries to gather up those magical glitters. It's too late because they escape through the chimney.

Theresa is eaves drop on Sam and Ethan. She overhears Sam telling Ethan that he was not too pleased that Ivy kept the fact that Ethan is his child from him, and Ethan thinks that it's unforgivable to keep a child's parentage a secret. The focus is on Luis. Sam wants to know why Theresa aided Luis in his escape by allowing him to stay in the Crane apartment. Sam threatens to arrest her. Ethan sees an opportunity to corner Theresa regarding her decision to marry Jared. She tries to get out of the room, but she fails. Theresa finally tells Ethan that he is the problem. The blackmailer seems to want him, which means that Theresa cannot have Ethan. The essence of happiness that escapes from the jar in Tabitha's house makes it way to the mansion, and Ethan and Theresa suddenly kiss.

Sheridan knows that Fancy is spying on her using Alistair's surveillance system, so Sheridan uses the opportunity to make Fancy jealous. She cuddles up in bed with Luis to make it appear as if they are making love. Fancy sees and cries over it because she thinks that it's real. Fancy shouts at the screen, and Sam walks in. Luckily Ivy walks in as well as she is able to prevent Sam from viewing the surveillance system. Luis' whereabouts is supposed to be a secret since he is on the run. Sam leaves the room, so Fancy goes back to viewing Luis and Sheridan, and Fancy can't believe that Luis would give into Sheridan that easily. Sheridan suddenly remembers the good times she and Luis had shared, so she begins to kiss him. Luis kisses her back, but he pulls away. He tells Sheridan that he feels as if he is cheating on Fancy, and he refuses to do so.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Paloma consoles Noah, who is distraught because he has not been able to get Jessica to leave Spike. As they leave the docks, Spike arrives with Jessica and continues his campaign to make Jessica believe that Noah and Paloma don't care about her. He insists that she prostitute herself. Spike pressures Jessica until she has sex with a john on the docks. Noah and Paloma return to the Bennett home where they discuss Jessica's problems, themselves and their budding relationship. As they grow closer, things heat up between them. After her quickie on the docks, a dejected Jessica spies on Noah and Paloma through a window. She feels degraded, dirty and has no-self esteem. She is sure that she will never know true love and ponders why she was ever born.

Chad and Whitney start making love in their apartment. In the heat of passion, Chad flashes back to a recent encounter with Vincent. Suddenly, he draws back and becomes aware of Whitney, as if surprised. Whitney notes this, but cluelessly believes that Chad's behavior is based on jealousy over earlier compliments that Valerie paid to Vincent's lovemaking abilities. Chad assures Whitney that he loves her and isn't jealous of anyone. They finish making love and Whitney falls asleep, but Chad has a hallucination of Vincent standing by the door taunting him. He falls asleep, but dreams of Vincent and a time when he told Vincent that Whitney must never. He mumbles these words in his sleep. Whitney hears them and wonders what it is that she should never know.

Tabitha's happiness spell affects Ivy and Sam who start to make love. They are interrupted by a phone call. Sam leaves on police business and Ivy is left to wander the Crane Mansion. Upstairs in Theresa's bedroom, she and Ethan are also affected by the spell and they make love. Afterward, Ethan tries to get Theresa to tell her secret, but she refuses. She is afraid that she will lose Ethan when he finds out that she has not told him that he is Little Ethan's biological father and that her brothers will be wrongfully convicted if she loses the Crane power and money. A snooping Ivy eavesdrops on them and is almost knocked over by Ethan as he exits Theresa's bedroom. He tells her not to interfere and leaves. She can't resist kicking Theresa when she's down, so Ivy makes no secret about how she feels about Theresa and how delighted she will be if Ethan never speaks to Theresa again.

Fancy bursts into the Crane cabin holding a gun and confronts Luis and Sheridan. She tells Luis that he is under arrest and keeps the gun pointed at him until Sam arrives. Sheridan is defensive of Luis and accusatory to Fancy and Sam, who pay no attention and handcuff Luis, who tells Fancy that he doesn't blame her and that as a police cadet, she did the right thing. He is unaware that Fancy has seen him in the bedroom with Sheridan on the Crane surveillance system and that is how she located him. Sheridan, who staged the bedroom scene to make Fancy think that Luis made love to her, is secretly delighted that Fancy thinks the worst of Luis, who is innocent and remained faithful to Fancy. As Sam drives away with Luis, Fancy is in tears and Sheridan has a sly smile on her face.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Fancy overhears a sleeping Luis call out Sheridan's name. Fancy is heartbroken and infuriated. She bangs on the jail door and it jolts Luis awake. Luis tells Fancy that she shouldn't feel guilty about having had to arrest him. Fancy replies that she doesn't feel guilty at all and that she now realizes he is a big liar. Luis is confused by Fancy's attitude towards him. He tries to touch her through the cell bars but she removes his hand from her arm. After prodding from Luis, Fancy finally admits to Luis that she saw him and Sheridan in bed together. Luis is stunned.

Meanwhile at the cottage, Chris demands answers from Sheridan about Fancy's accusations. Sheridan tells Chris that she and Luis will always be good friends and that Luis needed her help. Chris tells her that there are plenty of other people that could have helped him. Sheridan explains to Chris that she does want to stay married and be a good mother to James. Chris accepts Sheridan's explanation and leaves to take James to school.

Kay has a dream that Fox dies and when she wakes up she screams. Fox wants to know what's wrong and Kay tells him about her dream. When Fox gets up from the bed, Kay sees some of his hair laying on the pillow. Fox tells Kay that all will be okay while he secretly thinks to himself that the nurse gave him a real treatment instead of the placebo. Fox tells Kay that he wants to make love to her. He lays her on the bed and they begin kissing. Kay pulls away and questions Fox as to how will be able to make love if he's supposed to be impotent. Downstairs, Miguel and Tabitha are talking about Fox's condition. Tabitha is stunned when Miguel admits that he thinks Fox may be telling the truth about his illness since he went through with his treatments. Tabitha tries to tell Miguel that Fox is lying about everything but Endora realizes what her Mom is going to do and casts a sneezing spell on Tabitha. Tabitha doesn't tell Miguel about Fox's lies, but she does remind Miguel that the things Fox has said do not make sense.

Lil' Ethan asks Theresa when she's going to marry Uncle Ethan so that they can be a real family. Ethan walks in and asks her the same thing. Ethan tries to get Theresa to confide in him what the blackmailer has against her. He tells her that whatever it is they can work out together. Just as she is about to finally tell him, Ethan shows Theresa the front page of the newspaper that shows that Luis has been apprehended and placed in jail. Theresa reminds Ethan they can never be together. Lil' Ethan brings Jane into the kitchen where Theresa and Ethan are talking. Ethan leaves to take Lil' Ethan to school and to drop Jane off at daycare. Theresa wishes that she could be with Ethan.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Ethan tells Sam that he is losing Theresa to Jared because she is going ahead with the wedding. Sam is confused, so Ethan tells him about the blackmailer and the huge secret Theresa is keeping from him. Fancy finally tells Luis what is bothering her. She tells him that she saw him and Sheridan making love or the aftermath on Alistair's surveillance system. Luis denies it and tells her that he was consoling Sheridan over the loss of Marty, but Fancy refuses to believe him. She tells him that Sheridan has done all she can to tear them apart, and she has finally succeeded. Luis tells Fancy that she is the one he loves. Sheridan overhears Luis and Fancy's quarrel, which confirms that Fancy saw them on the surveillance system. Fancy catches Sheridan eaves dropping and slaps her on the face and confronts her about using her dead son to tear her and Luis apart. Luis tries to explain to Fancy, but she thinks Luis is taking Sheridan's side. Fancy complains to Ethan about Sheridan's ruthless behavior and likening her to Alistair. Ethan tells Fancy that he doesn't believe that Sheridan would do a thing like that. Meanwhile, Sheridan is pouring her heart out to Luis that she has caused problems between him and Fancy, and Luis is sympathetic towards her. Ethan receives bad news concerning Luis; the DA is going for the death penalty for the murder of Rae Thomas. Sheridan is devastated.

Tabitha is trying her best to get Miguel not to let his guard down regarding Fox. She cannot tell him the truth because Endora will work her magic on Fox's behalf. Miguel is not catching on, thanks to the mistake the nurse made by mixing up Fox's medicine. Fox's hair is falling out, so Miguel is convincing himself that Fox must be telling the truth. Kay is shocked that Fox is able to make love to her when one of the side effects of the medication is impotence. She convinces herself that Fox must have gotten help from Dr. Russell via those magic blue pills. Fox goes along with Kay without correcting her because he does not want her to discover the truth. After Kay leaves to go take a shower he calls Julian because he is confused. He doesn't understand how he could be losing his hair and also able to make love to Kay. He is wondering if the nurse screwed up.

Chad reluctantly helps Jared to sneak out of the hospital in order to marry Theresa. Jared advises Chad to stop cheating on Whitney and tells Chad that he would not cheat on Theresa. Chad tells Jared that he wants to end it, but Vincent won't let go because he claims to be in love with Chad. Meanwhile, Whitney is letting Theresa have it for not telling Ethan the truth about his son, Little Ethan. Theresa thinks she has a few days to marry Jared because she is unaware that Jared has broken out of the hospital. She thinks she has some time to herself to get Ethan out of her system for now. Whitney tells Theresa that she overheard Chad talking in his sleep and that there is something that she can never find out. She is having doubts but doesn't quite know what to think. She just knows that something isn't right. Jared surprises Theresa at her office by telling her that he is there to marry her.

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