PS Recaps: The week of October 23, 2006 on Passions
Theresa finally tracked down J.T. and was about to pay him off, but Gwen foiled her plan. Chad was still sneaking around in motel rooms with his mystery lover. A murder was committed at Sheridan's cottage, and Chris was the prime suspect. Fox managed to outsmart Miguel in the finance department. He was capable of giving Kay stability and financial security, but all Miguel had to offer was love. Ivy's secret was out in the open. Miguel pressured Kay until she spilled the beans. She admitted that she had known Ivy had hired David to pose as Grace's first husband and that John was not really Grace's son. Sam was devastated by the news, and the entire family put most of the blame on Kay. Rebecca and Julian reconnected and returned 'passion' to Passions.
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Monday, October 23, 2006

Julian meets with Ethan to discuss custody of Little Ethan (LE). He also brings up Theresa's will. He thinks Theresa's motive is questionable because he is LE's father. Julian thinks as a Crane, the company is rightfully his since he helped his father to build it to what it is today. Julian is having second thoughts about Ethan acting as his attorney because of the conflict of interest. He is not sure if Ethan will work on his behalf considering the contents of Theresa's will. Ethan assures Julian that he has his best interest at heart in regards to LE. Meanwhile, Gwen is on Rebecca's case to find JT. She thinks whatever Theresa is hiding must be huge since she did not use JT to expose her role in the tabloid. Rebecca finally entices Julian. They both miss each other, but Julian has made it very clear that he is not taking her back. Ethan thinks Theresa is up to something because she cancelled the custody hearing.

Theresa tells Jared that she wants Julian out of LE's life completely. Jared tells Theresa that Julian has every right to be a part of LE's life; moreover, the only way to keep Julian out of LE's life is if he was not LE's father. That gets Theresa's attention. Jared assures Theresa that he is going to make sure that she wins sole custody but wants to know if Theresa has any information that would help make that possible. Theresa is about to reveal something to Jared but is interrupted by a phone call. She leaves Jared hanging while she runs out to look for JT.

Pilar tells Miguel not to let Kay marry Fox. She tells Miguel that she understands why Kay is drawn to Fox. He gives her stability and financial security, but Miguel only has "love" to offer her. Julian tells Fox not to help Miguel anymore. If he wants to win Kay, he will have to make sure that Miguel is not a threat to him financially. If Miguel is not able to support Kay and Maria, maybe Kay will focus more on Fox. Fox takes Julian's advice and sever Miguel's modeling gigs. On Pilar's advice, Miguel goes to Fox to revive his modeling gig, but Fox lies to him and tells him that the job is no longer available. He tells Miguel that the industry is looking for a fresh face. Pilar questions Kay about her decision to marry Fox. She wants to know if Kay is making the right choice. In addition, she tells Kay that if she marries Fox, she will regret it for the rest of her life.

Fancy is having a nightmare and screams out loudly. Luis hears and goes to her room. She immediately kisses him passionately not realizing that she is having a dream. Phyllis, the housekeeper walks by Fancy's room and sees them kissing. Sam calls Fancy and Luis to the station. He tells them that they are the butt of everyone's joke. Sam does not like the bad press that the police dept. is getting. He considers firing Fancy and Luis as a result. Luis asks Sam to give them a second chance and Sam gives then a second chance.

Chris is on the phone with someone inquiring about the omega society. He tells the person that he wants nothing to do with it anymore because he does not want it to affect his marriage. Phyllis tells Sheridan that she sees Luis and Fancy kissing. Sheridan tries not to let it affect her because she has moved on with Chris. Phyllis discovers one of Chris' documents with the omega symbol on it. That paper has been lying on the floor for quite some time now. Chris destroyed ever other document, but that one fell out of his hand without him knowing while he was destroying the others. While Phyllis is examining the document, someone comes up behind her. She turns around and is horrified by the person who walked through the door. Sheridan discovers Phyllis' body, and she frantically calls Luis telling him that Phyllis has been killed.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

As Luis and Fancy arrive at the cottage to investigate Phyllis' murder, Sheridan shakily explains how she found the maid strangled to death on her living room floor. Miguel is dejected to think that no one wants to hire him as a model. Meanwhile, Pilar again pressures an annoyed Kay to dump Fox before his true Crane nature resurfaces and ruins her life. Theresa meets with J.T. on the pier and orders him to get out of town. Sam confides to Ivy how his daughter's sad predicament is breaking his heart. Luis suspects Chris in the slaying after discerning that Phyllis knew her attacker. J.T. wonders why Theresa is suddenly so hot to have him leave Harmony. Ivy suggests to Sam that they tie the knot right away. Pilar urges Kay to follow her heart before it's too late. Sam receives a package from Grace. A suspicious Ethan corners Theresa, who hastens to sidestep his pointed questions. Kay hisses a warning to Ivy after Sam's fiancee disses Grace's gift. Fox berates Pilar for badmouthing him to Kay, then takes heat from Miguel as the young man leaps to his mother's defense. Luis finds Chris' alibi hard to swallow.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

At the Bennett home, Sam tries to separate Miguel and Fox who are brawling because Fox insulted Pilar as she and Kay look on. Sam is knocked to the floor as Ivy enters the room. Miguel decks Fox who falls on top of Ivy. Whitney and Chad are in their bed. She looks happy as they say good morning to each other. They stay in bed because Chad does not have to go into work that morning. They start to make love. In the park, Theresa and Ethan enjoy the fall air then Ethan starts questioning Theresa about why she is so upset and why she canceled the custody meeting. Gwen rushes into her room at the Inn where her mother Rebecca waits. Gwen tells her of the cancelled meeting and of her suspicions that it has something to do with Ethan. Rebecca says, "We have a lot of work to do," and pulls martini glasses and a cocktail shaker out of her purse.

Gwen and Rebecca drink martinis and speculate on Theresa's motives. They decide that Rebecca will get the information out of JT. Rebecca calls him, but he does not answer. She leaves a message. Ethan tells Theresa that he knows she is hiding something. Theresa thinks back to her conversation with Pilar who told her to tell the truth; that Little Ethan is Ethan's son. She starts to tell Ethan, but Little Ethan interrupts them. Whitney tells Chad that she loves him. Chad remembers another conversation in bed with someone else. Chad sees himself saying that he does not feel guilty, but in bed with Whitney he looks like he feels guilty. Whitney asks him "What's wrong." Sam recovers and rushes to Ivy. Kay rushes to Fox, whose lip is bleeding. He and Ivy are otherwise uninjured, but Ivy's white wedding dress has blood on it. Fox is still irate. He accuses Pilar of interfering. Miguel defends his mother. Ivy tries to restore peace. Pilar says that Ivy does not want Kay to wed Fox either. Ivy denies Pilar's claims, but Sam wonders and Kay stays silent, even though she knows that Pilar is correct.

Once again Fox asks Ivy how she feels about Kay. Ivy lies, but Fox accepts the lie. Sam tells Pilar to butt out, and Miguel wants to fight again. Pilar stops him and says that she is leaving. She tells Miguel not to give up on Kay, then she leaves. Ivy and Fox are angry with Miguel. Kay wants them to stop fighting. Ivy goes to the kitchen to try to get the blood out of her dress. Eve joins her in the kitchen. They discuss Jessica, who has returned to hooking for Spike. When Eve learns that Ivy is marrying Sam without telling Sam that he was manipulated into leaving his first wife, Grace, she tells her that secrets always come out. Eve tells Ivy that the blood on her dress is a bad omen that means she and Sam should not marry. Gwen and Rebecca continue to second-guess Theresa's motives. Rebecca suggests that maybe they can find out from Theresa's family. Gwen suggests that maybe they can find out from Whitney. They decide to question Theresa' friends and family.

Little Ethan tells Theresa about his day. Little Ethan wants to spend time with Ethan so they go elsewhere. Theresa thinks about what to do with the knowledge she has about Little Ethan's paternity. Rebecca knocks on Pilar's door. Pilar is suspicious when Rebecca says that she needs Pilar's help. Pilar lets her in. Rebecca flatters Pilar and tells her that she needs help with her lack of faith. She spins a yarn for Pilar about passing a church and seeing a vision and needing to repent. Pilar is skeptical. Whitney want to know what is bothering Chad. He sees himself making love to someone else, but denies to Whitney that anything is wrong. He tells her that he just wants to make love to her over and over. There is a knock on the door. Whitney answers it. Chad tells himself that he has nothing to feel guilty about. Gwen is at the door. Gwen tells Whitney that she needs help. She says that she knows the secret that Theresa learned in Rome and that Gwen's only question now is what to do about it. Whitney does not realize that Gwen is lying.

Ivy tells Eve that the stain on her dress is because Miguel and Fox were fighting and has nothing to do with Fate. Eve says that maybe everything is just meant to be. Sarcastically, Ivy snaps back, "Like my ex-husband, who divorced Rebecca to marry you so you could dump him and go back to your ex-husband?" "Maybe," says Eve. Eve points out that Ivy deceived Sam and his first wife Grace. Eve says that she has a conscience, unlike Ivy. Ivy retorts that she thinks Eve has made a terrible decision by leaving Julian for TC. Eve says that TC needed help to recover from his stroke. Ivy tells her that nothing will stop her from marrying Sam. Eve responds to Ivy and tells her that she could stop the wedding if she reveals to Sam the trickery that Ivy used to ruin his marriage to Grace. Ivy picks up a knife and threatens Eve, telling her that she will kill to protect her relationship with Sam. In the living room, Fox has an arm around Kay. Sam cautions Miguel that he will end up in jail if he keeps fighting with Fox and leaves the room. Kay also tells them to behave. Miguel pleads with Kay to marry him instead of Fox. He tells her not to make the same mistake as her mother. Kay wants to know why Miguel thinks that Grace is unhappy.

Pilar tells Rebecca to go to a priest. Rebecca says no; she wants to talk to Pilar. Pilar continues to try to send Rebecca to a priest. Rebecca continues to flatter Pilar. Pilar wants to know Rebecca's motives. Rebecca says that she knows a secret that is a big burden. She asks if Pilar has ever been in her position. Pilar remembers Theresa's secret and says yes she has. Rebecca tries to worm the secret out of Pilar. Chad flashes back to his lover and remembers telling the lover that they could no longer meet in his home. Whitney denies knowledge of Theresa's secret. Gwen insists that she knows that Whitney knows the secret and so does Gwen. Whitney is gullible and starts to believe her. Gwen plays her by telling her that she is concerned about Ethan and what he will do when he finds out. Whitney says that Theresa must be the one to tell Ethan. She says she will call Theresa, but Gwen stops her. Ethan and Little Ethan are playing in the park as Theresa looks on. She thanks the Lord for letting her keep her secret. No one has to know she says. Rebecca continues to try to get the secret out of Pilar. She sympathizes over Pilar's plight with Martin and Katherine in an attempt to gain Pilar's confidence. If Pilar will tell the secret, Rebecca promises not to tell it to anyone else. "OK," says Pilar. She will tell Rebecca. Whitney wants to know why she should not call Theresa. Gwen bamboozles her and Whitney continues to divulge information without actually telling the secret. Chad's phone rings. It is his lover. They agree to meet in a hotel room. Eve tells Ivy to calm down because she cannot marry the chief of police if she is in jail. Ivy does, but begs Eve not to tell what she knows. She is sure that she and Sam will be happy. She promises to make Sam happy. Eve takes the knife from Ivy as she says, "I seriously doubt that." Fox tells Kay not to listen to Miguel. Miguel swears that he is telling the truth. He says that he has talked to Grace several times when she has called to inquire about Maria. She misses Sam, Jessica, Noah and Kay but is afraid to tell them. Grace thinks that she has hurt her family. Kay shakes her head. She does not want to believe Miguel. Miguel tells Kay that he does not want her to be unhappy like her mother because she chose the wrong man. Kay is speechless and in denial. Miguel knows that something is wrong and encourages Kay to tell what she knows. Kay finally tells what Ivy did. Ivy made up the story that Grace had been married before she met Sam and she also paid David to pretend to be Grace's husband. Because of Grace's amnesia she believed Ivy's lie. Sam overhears. Ivy walks in and all stare at her.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Miguel, Fox and Sam are stunned at Kay's confession. Ivy accuses Kay of trying to sabotage Sam and Ivy's upcoming wedding. Sam asks Kay if that's true. Kay continues to insist that what she said is true. Ivy asks Kay why she has never shared this information before. Kay tells her dad that she was pregnant at the time and that she was mad at Grace for always putting Charity first. Kay wanted to get Grace out of the picture so that's why she never told before. Ivy tells Sam there is no way that he can believe Kay but Sam informs Ivy that he does believe Kay. He storms out of the room and Ivy follows him. Sam and Ivy argue in the kitchen. Ivy tells Sam that she has loved him since the day they met and she would do anything to make him happy. She begs him to stay with her. He throws the table out of the way and yells at her to be gone by the time he gets back. He leaves the house and slams the door behind him. Miguel tells Kay he can't believe she had a part in keeping the secret. He tries to leave the house. Kay runs after him and tells him that she's changed. Miguel turns and leaves. Fox tells Kay not to run after Miguel. Fox tells Kay that he can understand why she kept the secret. She's confused as to how he can say that. He replies, "You understand these things when you are a Crane".

Sheridan is still shaken at Phyllis being murdered in the cottage. She and Chris talk on the couch about the day's events. James comes in with a leaf he finds outdoors. While Sheridan goes to get cookies and milk for James, James tells Chris that he wants to color. Chris goes to find some paper for James to draw on but doesn't realize he's lost the letter in his back pocket that had the Omega symbol on it. James finds the paper and says to himself that the symbol looks like a horseshoe so he decides to draw a picture of him, Chris and Sheridan with a horse on the back of that paper. Sheridan returns with the snacks for James and James shows Sheridan his drawing. Chris realizes that James has the letter. James tries to show Sheridan the back of the drawing but Chris says they must keep the drawing in a safe place and takes it to put it away. Sheridan and James go out to find three pumpkins to carve for Halloween. Chris wastes no time burning the drawing in the fireplace.

Ethan, Little E and Theresa are in the park. Ethan wants to know why Theresa cancelled the meeting that morning with him and Julian. She says it was because of a business meeting. Ethan knows Theresa is lying because he knows nothing is more important to Theresa than her children. Theresa changes the subject. Ethan tells her the truth always comes out.

Gwen continues to talk with Whitney about how they are going to tell Ethan the secret that Theresa is keeping. Whitney suggests that she call Theresa so that Theresa can be the one to tell Ethan. Gwen convinces Whitney not to make the phone call because Theresa has not been honest to this point so she would continue to lie. Whitney agrees and puts down the phone. Whitney asks Gwen who told her about the secret but Gwen says she can't remember. Whitney wants to know what Jarrod thinks about the secret. Gwen asks what she means. Whitney says that since Gwen insists on not knowing JT then the only other person that could have told her the secret is Jarrod. Gwen finally says yes it was Jarrod that told. Whitney screams at Gwen and calls her a liar because Jarrod doesn't know about the secret. Gwen tells Whitney that she loves Ethan Whitney orders Gwen to leave.

Rebecca is still at Pilar's house trying to get Pilar to bear her soul. Rebecca says she's on the path of spiritual renewing and being able to right her wrongs will help her atone for her past life. She tells Pilar she wants to share a deep secret with her and wants Pilar to know that if she has a secret to share as well, then Pilar could trust Rebecca with it. Pilar tells Rebecca that she does have alot of problems. Rebecca says she knows especially with Martin leaving her. Pilar is ready to share with Rebecca but instead starts yelling at Rebecca. She tells Rebecca that she is not Rebecca's friend and forces her out of the house.

Whitney and Pilar both join Theresa in the park. Ethan and Little E leave the women by themselves. Whitney and Pilar warn Theresa of the scheme that both Gwen and Rebecca just tried to pull. Theresa is not unnerved because she knows that the three of them are the only ones who know the secret other than JT. Theresa tells them that JT has agreed to keep the secret once she pays him off.

Rebecca rejoins Gwen at the Crane mansion and they both realize they're not any closer to finding the big secret. They know they have to find JT. Rebecca makes one more phone call to JT and he answers. Rebecca asks him why he hasn't returned any of her other phone calls. JT says he's waiting for a very important phone call and doesn't want the line tied up. Rebecca tells him that she knows he's waiting on a 'hush up' call from Theresa. Rebecca asks JT where she is and goes to join him at the hotel. Rebecca brings out her toys she's got hidden in her purse. Rebecca and JT get it on in the bed. Afterwards, she grabs him below the belt and tells him there's a thin line between pain and pleasure and that if he wants to feel pleasure again, he better tell her what he told Theresa in Rome. JT tells Rebecca he'll tell her the secret.

Friday, October 27, 2006

The pen at the crime scene has only Chris' fingerprints and another unidentified print. Luis and Fancy think the murder is somehow connected to Alistair since the paper from the crime scene is connected to Alistair's omega plot. Whoever killed Phyllis does not want anyone discovering his/her connection to Alistair. While Chris burns the last piece of evidence that connects him to Alistair, he states that Spike is a problem but not enough to kill him yet. Luis is convinced that Chris is connected to the murder, so he wants to get Sheridan away from him. Sheridan tells Chris how good he is to her and James while still in the dark about his past. Chris calls Spike and asks him to meet with him outside Sheridan's cottage. Spike meets up with Chris, but Luis and Fancy just arrived at the cottage. Luis tells Fancy to go check on James after learning that he is up at the mansion playing with Little Ethan. He also tells Fancy to be on the look out for Chris. He wants to speak to Sheridan in private. Chris and Spike have to make themselves scarce since they don't want Luis or Fancy to spot them together. Luis tells Sheridan that he is there to arrest Chris.

Miguel is seeing another side of Kay that he doesn't like. She is selfish and heartless for knowing what Ivy was doing to Sam and Grace and kept quiet about it. While Miguel is upset with Kay, Fox tells her that he loves her and wants to stand by her. Noah and Jessica are also upset with Kay. Fox is the only one giving her support. Fox is not upset with his mom either. He offers his sympathy, but Ivy wants Fox to rip Kay's vocal cords out. She tells Fox that Kay can't be trusted. Miguel is surprised that Pilar is siding with Kay since she is all about family coming together. Pilar convinces Miguel to forgive Kay because he abandoned Kay and Maria at one point in his life. Ethan tells Fox that what Ivy did was very wrong.

Rebecca continues to pressure JT to tell her Theresa's secret. She goes off to get them something to eat while JT calls Theresa. JT tells Theresa that Rebecca wants to know her secret, knowing fairly well that Theresa will be inclined to pay him more hush money. Theresa agrees to double her original offer and tells JT to disappear immediately thereafter. Whitney and Theresa are on their way to deliver the cash to JT. Meanwhile, Chad is at that very motel convincing himself that Whitney would never understand what he is doing behind her back. He thinks he hears Whitney's voice but dismisses it since he thinks Whitney would not be caught dead in a place like this. Rebecca spots Chad on her way back to JT's room and wonders what he is doing in a place like this. She discovers that he is having an affair. Whitney and Theresa are finally in a room they think is JT's. Theresa tells JT to come out and collect his money, but Gwen greets her and tells her that she and Rebecca have already gotten to JT.

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