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Monday, May 1, 2006

Tabitha threatens the mermaid with Fluffy if she won't go back to her fairytale. Endora takes care of the situation by turning Fluffy into a fluffy kitten. The mermaid who declares unwavering love for Miguel promises to solve Tabitha's dilemma if Endora would turn her into a real woman. Tabitha warns Endora that mermaids are fickle fish but Endora likes the mermaid and wants to save Fox and Kay's relationship and grants the mermaid's request and turns her flipper into legs.

Fox rows furiously to the beach in thick fog praying that it won't be Kay in Miguel's arms. Miguel and Kay start kissing passionately after Tabitha adds magical hot sauce to her bowl and casts another love spell upon them. The mermaid watches unhappily because she wants Miguel for herself. Fox finally gets to shore and it looks as if he catches Kay and Miguel.

Sheridan and Ethan talk about the difference in the love they feel for their spouses compared to the love they feel for Luis and Theresa. Ethan poses the question to Sheridan about what it would be like if they weren't to take their marriage vows as seriously as they do and wonders if there could be anything that would drive them to be with the ones they truly love.

Later Chris asks Sheridan if she is going to change her mind about being with him and Theresa tries again to reason with Ethan why they should be together. Ethan gets a phone call from Gwen that Jane is sick and vomiting. Ethan and Theresa both rush to be with her.

Sheridan worries about Luis' safety when she learns he did go to Rome. She makes Chris take her to the extended care facility that Alistair is at to make sure he is still in a coma. Chris thinks it's ridiculous and a waste of time but when they enter Alistair's room they find his bed empty.

The monk who Whitney thinks is God gives her virtual reality headgear with the layout of the Vatican. He tells her to memorize everything because he wants her to steal a challis from the chapel. Whitney questions why God would need to steal and why he would need her to find something but he threatens her that it's her only way to redeem herself and possibly Chad also.

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

At the Bed and Breakfast Gwen struggled with sick baby Jane. Theresa came in and demanded to have Jane because she declared that Gwen was killing her. Ethan came in and pulled Jane and Gwen away from Theresa. Theresa demanded to hold her daughter and Ethan reminded them that their sick baby was the priority. He called Eve and told her that Jane was throwing up everything. Eve told them that Theresa would know what to do because Little Ethan had the same trouble with dehydration and lactose intolerance. Gwen demanded that Ethan get rid of Theresa because she could take care of her child herself. Ethan tried to convince Gwen to let Theresa help, and Theresa angrily hurled accusations at Gwen about how little she cared for Jane. They kept fighting over whose child Jane was and Gwen said she'd take her to the hospital before she let Theresa touch her. Ethan told her that Eve said that they didn't need to go to the hospital. Jane continued to cry and Ethan convinced Gwen to give Jane to him so he could use Theresa's help. Gwen tearfully gave in and Ethan handed off Jane to Theresa. They gave her some electrolyte solution as Gwen stood there with her arms crossed. Ethan and Theresa put Jane in her crib and Gwen pushed her way in to the crib. Ethan hugged Theresa and thanked her while Gwen glared daggers at Theresa. Gwen asked Ethan if he thought Jane was going to be okay and he said that even though she was sleeping, they should keep an eye on her. Ethan reached out to Theresa to thank her and she hugged him while Gwen recoiled in anger.

At Tabitha's house the mermaid stood on two feet thanks to Endora. She wanted to go to Miguel, but Tabitha told her it was too late because Fox had already seen Kay and Miguel kissing so now he would drop Kay and she could be with Miguel stopping him from searching for Charity. The mermaid pled her case to Endora who wants her half-brother, Fox to be happy. Tabitha watched in her bowl as Fox went up to Miguel and slugged him. The mermaid sat next to Endora and moped because she wanted to be with Miguel. Endora took the mermaid's side when she promised to keep Miguel happy so Kay could be with Fox and then popped the mermaid into where Kay had been with Miguel. Fox was astonished that the girl he thought was Kay was really a blonde girl (the mermaid). Fox apologized profusely. Tabitha got upset with Endora because even though Kay could be with Fox, the mermaid was fickle and could drop Miguel like a hot potato. Tabitha asked her where Kay was. Kay turned up on a rock ledge fully clothed and wondering what happened. She called out for help. They all went running for her and Kay was surprised to see Fox. She was even more surprised to see the blonde girl. Kay wanted to know who she was. Fox said he didn't know and wanted to know how she got up there. He climbed up on the rocks and helped her back down. She concocted a flimsy story about looking for Miguel and getting stuck up there. He apologized to her too for thinking she had been kissing Miguel but it was really the blonde girl. Kay was confused since she had been kissing Miguel. Fox asked the blonde girl who she was and a Coast Guard boat went by sounding its siren, so she said her name was Siren. Kay wanted to know if that was her real name so Siren asked Fox if that was his real name. She said that she was the one who'd rescued Miguel earlier. Miguel was surprised as he realized she was the one who had saved him. They wanted to know why she'd run off and as Tabitha watched and wondered how she'd get out of this scrape, Siren apologized and said she'd been swimming naked so she went to get her suit on when she heard them and when she got back, they were all gone. That was why she was so happy to see him. Fox remarked that they both looked happy, especially Miguel without his pants on. Kay searched her memory, trying to figure things out because she was sure she'd been kissing Miguel. Miguel had the same thoughts. Fox apologized again for thinking Kay and Miguel were kissing. Siren eagerly set the record "straight" that she was the one Miguel was kissing. And then she demonstrated by giving him a big kiss. As Kay and Miguel walked one way, Fox walked another with Siren and told her that now that she's saved Miguel's life, she'll have to keep taking care of him. Siren said she could do that with pleasure. Kay and Miguel talked about how weird it was that they were sure they were kissing each other. She said that they should just say that it never happened because it could cause big trouble for her. He asked if she meant for her and Fox and she agreed. Fox and Siren rejoined them and Fox asked if everything was okay. Kay said it was wonderful and Siren echoed her as she cozied up to Miguel. Miguel smiled lustfully at Siren and then glanced seriously at Kay.

At the nursing home, Sheridan and Chris found that Alistair's bed was sans Alistair. She immediately decided that he was out getting ready to kill Luis. Chris tried to be reasonable and thought Alistair was probably off having tests. Chris tried to find the call button and Sheridan went hyper about Luis being in danger. She told Chris that her father isn't human and was able to do anything. Chris didn't think they'd let him leave the nursing home without telling the family. The nurses brought Alistair back from an MRI. Sheridan asked for reassurance that he was still in a coma and the nurses agreed that nothing had changed. Chris urged Sheridan to go home now that visiting hours were over and Sheridan protested that she wanted to be sure that he wasn't faking it. He convinced a very reluctant Sheridan to leave and told her not to be afraid because Alistair couldn't hurt her or Luis or James or Marty. They turned Alistair's light off, closed the door and left.

Sheridan and Chris got back to the cottage and were glad to see James. They dismissed the nanny for the night since she'd fed and bathed James. Chris took him off to bed and Sheridan answered the phone. It was Luis in Rome. After she spoke with Luis, she stepped out on the porch for some air. Chris went out and hugged her, reassuring her that at least they knew Alistair was still in a coma. He told her he'd go make her a cup of tea and they went back inside. She looked at a photo of Luis and Marty and told him to be careful.

In Rome the monk made Whitney walk through the Vatican using a virtual reality headset so she'd know where to go when he sent her. She got to the door to the Pope's private quarters. When she got inside the Swiss guards were behind her. He kept asking her where she was and asking her to describe her location. Whitney got upset and the monk asked her what was wrong. She ripped off the headset and said she couldn't get in because the Swiss guards were there. He told her that she had to get in because the fate of her soul depended on it. Whitney was sad as she thought about losing Chad and his love. The monk wanted to know what was wrong and she said she just needed to regain her concentration. As she put the virtual reality headset back on, the monk muttered to himself that Whitney better get her brother out of her head or he'd have to kill her. She tried again and when the Swiss guards started chasing her, Whitney pulled off the headset to see the monk fiddling with a red light. She asked him what it was for and he told her it wasn't important. The monk told her that a door wasn't always the way into a room and told her to try again because the fate of her soul and the church rested on this outcome. He told her he had to leave, but she needed to keep trying. He left the room and wondered out loud how "this" could happen and why are "they" here? She went back into the virtual Vatican and Whitney saw a window in the hallway outside the Pope's rooms. She opened it and climbed out on a ledge to get to the Pope's windows. She edged along the building to the Pope's window.

Chad and Luis arrived in Rome. Chad asked how he'd be able to find Whitney. He decided to check all the hotels and convents that night and go to the embassy in the morning. He asked Luis what he was going to do and Luis said he'd have to wait until morning, but then he'd go to the bank, find out where Beth was staying, go get his son, and head home to the love of his life. Chad headed for the hotels and they agreed to meet at a fountain in an hour. After Chad left, Luis was approached by two of Alistair's thugs who told him they work for Alistair and then brandished their guns. Luis told them he wasn't intimidated by them and he was going to look for his son no matter what they did. They told him to relax because Theresa sent them to look out for him. They asked him if there was anything they could do and he said nothing unless they could put him in touch with the bank officials. They told him he'd have to wait until morning but, Mrs. Crane assured them the bank officials would be available at that time. He said all he wanted was to find Marty and take him home to Sheridan. Chad walked around and saw couples in love. He thought about Whitney. Luis came up to him and told him that he'd have better luck in the morning. Chad bemoaned the fact that he and Whitney could never be together and go to Rome like they planned. Luis tried to cheer him up by saying he'd find a new love, but Chad said Whitney was the only one for him. Luis called Sheridan to check in. She told him that they'd gone to see Alistair and he was gone. Luis asked if he was out of the coma and she said that was what she thought first, but he was just out having an MRI. Luis asked her if she saw that he was still there. She confirmed it and told him she was scared that he'd gone after Luis. Luis told her not to worry. She asked if he'd found anything and he said he'd go to the bank in the morning and keep her posted. She hung up and Luis went on to tell her how much he loved her and how they'd find a way to be a family when he got home with Marty. There was silence so he asked if Sheridan had heard him. Chris was on the bedroom extension and angrily told Luis that it wasn't going to happen because she was his wife now and she won't ever leave him. Chris angrily hung up and Luis stood there frustrated. Chad came back and asked what Sheridan had said to upset him. Luis said it wasn't Sheridan, but what her soon-to-be ex-husband had said. Luis swore that Chris was wrong and there was nothing that would stop him from being with Sheridan. Chad and Luis sat by a fountain and Chad was restless because they weren't doing anything. Luis reminded him that there wasn't anything to do until morning. Chad recommended going to their hotel and laying low so Alistair's goons wouldn't find them. Luis told him about his earlier encounter and Chad worried that Alistair had sent more thugs after them. Luis reassured him that Alistair was in a coma and couldn't hurt them when suddenly the monk walked by and Luis said there was something familiar about him. He yelled for the monk to stop.

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Sheridan dreams she is in the catacombs with Alistair threatening her life. Chris tries to console her when she wakes up screaming but Sheridan is sure Alistair is ready to strike again. The care facility he is in calls to get an okay on a new medicine and Sheridan gets confirmation from the nurse that Alistair is still comatose.

Luis and Chad try to talk to the monk because something strikes Luis as being familiar about him. When they approach the monk he takes off running and a Luis and Chad follow. The monk hides in an alley armed with bricks ready to attack the pair but they turn back just in time.

Chad thinks he hears Whitney scream and Luis tells him to go look for her while he stays after the monk.

Whitney continues to practice breaking and entering the Vatican with her virtual reality headgear "God", the monk gave her. While trying to climb in a window she falls and screams before being knocked unconscious.

Theresa has Mr. Collier call Gwen into work so she can be the one to look after Jane with Ethan. Gwen is already disturbed that Theresa was the one who knew how to care for the sick baby and tells Mr. Collier she can't make it in. He threatens to fire her. Ethan gets on the phone and tells Mr. Collier that Gwen will be right in. He assures Gwen she has nothing to worry about. After she's gone Theresa questions Ethan about his reasons for wanting her to stay. Ethan makes his normal declarations about being a happily married man but thinks to himself about his conversation earlier with Sheridan about his love for Theresa.

Later they fall asleep, cuddled together on Ethan and Gwen's bed.

On the beach, Kay grills Siren, the mermaid, about her background. Siren explains she had a boyfriend who ran off with her clothes and belongings on their way to New York where she was planning to try out modeling. Miguel and Fox buy the story but jealous Kay thinks something is "fishy". Miguel and Fox want to take her back to stay at Tabitha's and Fox has the Crane helicopter come pick them up. At Tabitha's Miguel asks if it would be okay for Siren to stay in his room for the night. Tabitha, pretending not to know Siren, asks everyone if they've seen Fluffy who is hungry for a nice fish dinner.

Thursday, May 4, 2006

At Tabitha's house, Miguel asked Tabitha if it was all right for Siren to stay in his room. Everybody gasped and he realized they all thought he meant that the two of them would be sleeping together. He fumbled around trying to explain that he meant to sleep in the attic. He offered to move the two of them to his parent's house and both Tabitha and Kay decided that they needed to keep their eyes on her so they quickly told him to stay there. Kay and Fox went to get Siren some clothes and Miguel went to get his room ready for her. While they were gone, Siren thanked Endora for making her human and Tabby tried to send her back to the sea. Endora kept blocking Tabitha's spells and when the kids came back Miguel took her upstairs for a bath and bed. Kay wondered what was going on since he had just professed his love for her that week and was suddenly smitten with Siren. They all went upstairs and Kay gave Siren some grungy old flannel shirts and khaki pants. She spied Kay's prettier clothes and Fox told her she should share since she had a whole closet full of clothes. Miguel brought in clean linens for the bed and tried to help Siren make the bed, but she couldn't get the sheets to stay on the bed. Kay and Fox started quizzing Siren about who she was and where she'd come from that she didn't know how to make a bed. Tabitha came in and said that she must come from a wealthy family where she didn't need to make her own bed. Fox had to admit that he'd paid one of his roommates to teach him how to make his bed in boarding school. She said she her family was on the fishing business and she was from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Fox offered up several names - Gorton and VandeKamp -- and Tabitha interrupted to change the subject. Miguel showed Siren to the bubble bath he'd prepared for and she gave him a big thank you kiss. After he left, she jumped into the bath and then decided she needed her flippers back to create some wave action. Miguel went back to the bathroom and asked her to let him in. In their bedroom, Kay and Fox got ready for bed and discussed Siren's sudden love for Miguel. Fox commented that she almost sounded jealous and Kay said she just thought it was too soon for Miguel to fall in love after abandoning his quest for Charity.

In Rome, Fancy woke up and found that Noah had abandoned her bed. She looked around for him, but couldn't find him. She called the front desk and asked about him and they said Noah had gone out. Fancy decided that he'd probably gone out to buy her flowers so she went out to buy him a gift. On her way out, the doorman told her that he went to a nightclub.

Noah and Maya met with Lina in the nightclub and he threatened to kill her right then and there. She was peeved with him and threatened to kill him. Noah sparred with her and then demanded to know the detail of their mission. Fancy walked in and scanned the crowd for Noah. Lina told them what they needed to do and Noah looked like the wind had been knocked out of him. He was surprised and dismayed at what the Dragon Lady wanted them to do. Maya said that what Lina wanted was so risky and she told them they better do it or die trying. After Lina walked away, Noah told Maya that he wasn't going on a suicide mission without talking to Fancy first. Maya said that even casual contact with Fancy could get her killed.

Chad searched for Whitney because he heard her scream, but when he questioned people, they didn't speak English and he just wandered through cobble stone streets. He heard Whitney scream again and burst through a door where he thought he heard her. It was an opening to the catacombs below. He went flying and landed with a thud at the bottom of a pit. When he got up and dusted himself off he saw an omega symbol on the stone wall in amidst the old bones built in. Chad went on search of Whitney, calling out for her. He walked past a skeleton. There was wearing a knife sticking it with fresh blood on it and a pendant that he'd given to Whitney. He called anew for her and Whitney was lying unconscious on the floor until someone came and started pulling her away.

Luis chased after the monk, but he was stymied when the monk slipped into a church full of other monks dressed in the same kind of brown hooded robe. He touched a monk and Luis explained he was a policeman from the States-Harmony. The monk said he knew Harmony because his order's benefactor was a saint from Harmony-Alistair Crane. Luis said that it must be a different Alistair Crane from the one he knew because his Alistair was so evil as to be like Satan. He didn't think Alistair would fund a church unless he got something out of it. The monk said that they were grateful for Alistair's funds for the needy. Luis asked if he'd seen another monk enter the church and the monk said that none of them had. Luis started getting agitated so the monk clapped his hands and all of the monks stopped chanting, turned toward Luis and pulled back their hoods to reveal that they all had white blind eyes like Father Lonigan back in Harmony. The monk said that they were all born blind. Luis told him about how Alistair had caused Father Lonigan's blindness. The monk was confused about that since the Alistair they knew had been so good to them. Luis thanked him for his help and told the monk that there might be someone hiding in their order. He told him to call the Harmony PD if he found anything awry and then left. Bells rang out and then the monks got up and filed out. One monk with a young face remained and his eyes were not blinded.

Simone, Paloma and Jessica checked into their room and Jessica was almost detoxed after sleeping during the entire flight. She was really glad to be away from Spike and almost looked like a new person. Paloma and Simone talked about finding the artwork and then the three of them left to start inquiring at convents in order to find Whitney. As they walked through the streets, Jessica asked them to stop because she thought she heard something and indeed a man had been following them. They didn't see anyone, so they continued on and as they went around a corner, three masked men dressed in black grabbed them.

Friday, May 5, 2006

Kay is jealous of Siren and Fox senses it. Kay hates the fact that Siren is getting her hooks into Miguel because she wants Miguel for herself, never mind that she is engaged to Fox. Kay hears music and couldn't wait to go investigate. Meanwhile, Siren is upstairs back to her old self, a mermaid. Tabitha is worried that Kay, Miguel, and Fox will see Siren, so she and Endora head upstairs to lend Siren a helping hand. Miguel knocks on the door and Siren is worried that he will see her tail and figures out that she is a mermaid. Miguel tries to tell Siren that the music is too loud but she does not hear him. The only thing left to do is to force open the door because there is no key. Miguel and Fox get ready to kick the door in and Tabitha tries to stop them but it's too late. Luckily, Siren's tail disappeared. What a relief! Everyone wants to know why the music is so loud, and Miguel wants to know about the loud bump. Siren covers up by telling Miguel that it was the soap that made the loud bump. Kay's jealousy is kicking in once again; she has had it up to here and wants to know how long Siren will be staying. Fox and Miguel make excuses for Siren, and Tabitha assures Miguel that it's ok for Siren to stay for a while. Kay discovers scales and comments on the scent. Tabitha once again covers up for Siren and tells Kay that it's bath salt. Kay went on and on about her job at the cannery scaling fishes and how foul the scent was. Siren isn't too pleased to hear that Kay was scaling fishes since she is a fish herself. Kay senses that there is something fishy about Siren, and Tabitha couldn't wait to get Kay out of Siren's room. Tabitha tells Endora that if she doesn't get rid of Siren, they both will get in trouble. Siren and Kay are definitely getting into it over Miguel. When was the last time two women fight over Miguel? Is it deja vu all over again?

Lena gives Maya and Noah their mission and tells them to die trying. Noah is hell bent on seeing Fancy first before he goes off on his mission, but Maya warns him against it. Noah tells Lena that when this is all over, he's going back to his normal life. Lena tells Noah that will only happen if he comes out of this mission alive because there are no guarantees.

Fancy spots Noah and wonders why he is at such a place. Fancy gets distracted by Gianni before she could catch up with Noah. She gives Gianni the brush off and tells him that she is there with Noah. Fancy is upset that Noah runs off after promising her that he will never let anyone come between them ever again. She is devastated that Noah is back with Maya. Gianni tries to get Fancy away to take her mind off the situation, but Fancy rather confronts Noah. Noah gets back in his undercover routine again and shrugs off his behavior. He tells Fancy that he does not owe her anything. Fancy tells Noah off and leaves. Noah hates doing that to her and is so broken up over it.

Whitney screams, "No, no, no!" She still has that virtual reality headset on. Apparently, it's making her see things, or is she? She tells the monk that someone was dragging her through the catacombs, and even accuses the monk of doing so. The headset fell off while Whitney was dragged, so who knows if she was imagining things. The monk is tired of hearing Whitney's story and tells her to get back to the virtual reality game. He wants Whitney to figure out how to get to the Pope's chamber before someone finds them in the catacombs. The monk grabs Whitney so that they could leave. Chad calls out for Whitney, and Whitney hears it but doesn't know it's Chad. The monk grabs her and disappears with her. Chad is in hot pursuit but does not catch up with Whitney. Whitney wants to know more about what's going on, but the monk is keeping her in the dark. He wants her to focus on getting into the Pope's chamber so that she can get the Chalice. The only thing Whitney knows is that the Chalice holds a clue that will uncover secrets of the church. Whitney wants to know why the monk has chosen her for this mission since she is so ordinary. The monk tells her that he has always chosen ordinary people to do extraordinary things for the church. The monk tries to get Whitney to focus on the Chalice since that's his main goal.

Luis goes to Jessica, Simone and Paloma's rescue. Simone and Paloma wonder what Luis is doing in Rome. This is a dangerous situation because one of the men has a knife. Jessica screams for help while Simone tells the man to leave Luis alone. Luis manages to get away from the man without getting hurt by the knife. He wants to know what Paloma, Jessica, and Simone are doing in Rome. Paloma answers Luis with a question of her own. She wants to know what Luis is doing in Rome, and he tells her that he is there to find Marty. Luis is not distracted at all. He still wants to know what the girls are doing in Rome. Simone uses her cover story about studying art and Jessica is tagging along for the ride. Luis tells them the story about chasing the monk and what have you. He then walks the girls to their hotel for their safety and leaves to find Chad. Simone hears someone calling Whitney's name, but she is the only one who hears it. Luis meets up with Chad, but Chad has not found Whitney. Chad thinks his eyes are playing tricks on him because he could have sworn he saw a door that he went through, but it's no longer there. Chad asks the doorman at the hotel to be sure, and he was told that there is no door. Luis believes Chad and wants to investigate. Chad asks Luis to go with him to the catacombs to see if they could pick up any leads on Whitney. Simone and Paloma want to tag along, but Luis tells them that it's too dangerous. After Luis and Chad went about their business, Jessica has this idea that they should all go to a club instead of going back to their hotel room. Paloma and Simone want to listen to Luis, but Jessica is too convincing, so off to the club they go. The same three men approach the girls, and the girls ask what the men wanted. The men are interested in finding out if the girls know anything about the omega symbol.

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