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Monday, March 6, 2006

Upstairs at the mansion Katherine tries to convince Pilar that Martin is only renewing vows with her out guilt but that he is still in love with her. Pilar keeps denying this and insists he only loves her. Katherine comes out and tells Pilar that she was naked in Martin's arms the night before and earlier in the day. Pilar calls her a liar. Katherine says to look at the scratches on Martin's back as proof.

Downstairs in the kitchen Father Lonigan tries to get the truth out of Martin concerning his true feelings for Pilar and also for Katherine.

Ethan and Theresa work on the plans for revitalizing the poor sections of Harmony. Theresa is treading lightly but still dropping subtle hints on how the project needs Ethan to see it through. A call from Mr. Collier lets her know that Gwen will be sure to be tied up with projects long into the night. Theresa becomes bolder with Ethan and starts to persuade him to be co-CEO with her again.

Chris and Sheridan come across a secret door in one of the Hawaiian compounds many rooms. Chris breaks through and instructs Sheridan to keep watch while he investigates. She hears a commotion after he goes in and then silence.

Otto gets ready to follow through with Alistair's instructions to blow the compound up.

Simone confides in Rae at a gay bar about how alone she feels. Rae suggests they try their relationship again.

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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

At Crane Industries, Ivy planted seeds of doubt about Kay's love in Fox's mind. She gave him a picture of Kay with Maria and Miguel and lied to him that Kay kept it at her father's house and came over to look at it often. After Fox left for the mansion, Ivy celebrated with Valerie and then quizzed Val about whether she had been able to talk Miguel into getting on the Crane jet to come home for the renewal ceremony.

Kay and Tabitha arrived t the Crane mansion with Endora and Maria in tow. Tabs was sure that doom and gloom were on their way to Kay, but Kay wouldn't hear any of it. She was sure that Miguel was off hunting Charity anyway, so what did it matter? Fox arrived and despite his concern about Kay embraced his girls. Then he started dithering about whether Kay really did love him and if the planets being out of alignment was really the reason she wouldn't accept his proposal. Tabitha came to her defense, but Fox wasn't buying it. When he stepped out of the living room to catch a cell phone call, Kay decided to go for it and asked Fox to propose to her again. He did and much to the chagrin of Endora and Tabitha, Kay accepted. In the kitchen, Father Lonigan held Martin's feet to the fire about whether or not he still had feelings for Katherine and Martin sidestepped the issue by only saying how much he loved Pilar and the children and how he wanted to be committed to loving her for the rest of his life. Upstairs in Pilar's room, Katherine demanded that Pilar call off the renewal ceremony because Martin still loves her and told her to look at Martin's back if she didn't believe that they'd been in bed together just that morning. Pilar threw Katherine out of her room and then sobbed. When she pulled herself back together, she went and stood before the door to Martin's room where he stood shirtless with his back to the door. In the library, Theresa tried to snap the bear trap on Ethan's foot now that she had enticed him in with being able to solve problems she was having with his redevelopment project. She closed the trap prematurely and Ethan swore he not only would never work at Crane, but he wouldn't even help her out with these problems with the project. He stormed out and when Theresa followed him out, she was stopped by his mother who told Theresa to leave Ethan alone. (After Ivy left her, Theresa imagined herself coming down the stairs to the strains of "Here Comes the Bride" and as she got married to a grateful Ethan, Ivy sat tied in her seat with a gag over her mouth.) As Ivy went to the living room for the ceremony, the doorbell rang and suddenly Ivy was in the catbird seat. Miguel had arrived and she was sure this would be the end of Fox and Kay.

At the Hawaiian Crane compound Chris and Sheridan found a secret room and Chris went in to explore. One of Otto's henchmen saw them go that direction and so Otto decided that they had to evacuate the compound and blow up the house. Chris stumbled over a body in the hidden room and Sheridan was sure it was Marty until Chris told her it was an adult. Sheridan then decided it must be Beth. Otto pushed the self-destruct button and an electronic voice started counting down from twenty minutes how long they had before the place blew to smithereens. Chris grabbed the body that was wrapped in a bag and pulled it out. Sheridan wanted to keep looking for Marty, but Chris insisted that they needed to go and since the body was still breathing, they had to take it with them.

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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

At his house, Sam confronts Noah about his past and keeping secrets from Fancy. He leaves to go to the renewal ceremony at the mansion and comforts Fancy in the kitchen. He urges her not to give up on Noah. Earlier, Fancy got the same kind of encouragement from Grandmother Katherine.

Pilar goes to Martin's room in the mansion as he is getting ready. She wants more reassurance that he truly loves her. He tells her he loves her as much now as on their first wedding day. She gives him cufflinks her father had left for Martin when he died. Pilar had kept them hoping to be able to give them to Martin one day. As she readies to leave the room they hug and she gets makeup on his undershirt. He takes it off and she sees the scratches on his back left from Katherine.

Fox proposes and Kay accepts much to Tabitha's displeasure. The three of them make a toast to the engagement and the champagne glasses explode. While the maid cleans up the mess they take the girls outside to play. Fox and Kay see Father Lonigan outside and tell him of their good news. Father Lonigan gets Kay by herself and reminds her that not long ago she sold her soul to the devil to be with Miguel and questions her feelings regarding both Fox and Miguel.

Ivy is eager for the newly arrived Miguel to reunite with Kay and Maria but is caught off guard when Fox tells her that he and Kay are now engaged. While he is talking with Ivy Kay goes upstairs to check on Maria and finds her in Miguel's arms. While the three of them are reuniting Fox comes to the doorway and looks crushed.

Noah gets a call on Maya's cell phone from the mystery woman. He makes plans to meet her people on the wharf and arms himself with Sam's gun before leaving.

Chris and Sheridan get the body out the window of the compound seconds before the bomb goes off. They and the body are thrown clear. Chris tells Sheridan to go search for a car. When she leaves he uncovers the face of the body to reveal a bearded Luis!

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Thursday, March 9, 2006

At the Crane Mansion, Pilar hugged Martin, getting make-up on his undershirt. He pulled it off to reveal Katherine's scratches on his back. Pilar saw them and went ballistic shouting about him being with his whore and slapping him. Martin had no idea what she was talking about so Pilar told him to look at his back. He tried to explain that Katherine had tried to seduce him and Pilar got very angry at him and swore that she was done with him and his lies. Pilar ran out and he tried to follow, but Katherine walked in and told him to let Pilar go. He insisted that Katherine tell Pilar the truth and Katherine said that Pilar wouldn't want to hear anything more from her. He was aghast that she'd said anything and especially that she lied about making love. Katherine told him that she'd do anything to keep him. He exploded in anger at her causing Pilar pain and she said it's better to cause her pain now instead of after the ceremony, "Darling." She purred that now they are free to be together. Martin refused and told her he wanted to be with Pilar. Katherine told him that she knew he still loved her, not Pilar. He told her that because of her lies, he may have lost Pilar again. In the nursery, Kay went to get Maria and found Miguel holding her. Fox followed Kay and saw Miguel. Ivy lurked until Fox saw Kay with Miguel and then tried to plant seeds of worry in Fox's head. It didn't work and Fox went in to introduce himself. Tabitha and Endora brought up the rear and Tabs quipped that she wouldn't have to worry about buying a wedding present for Kay and Fox. Ivy asked him why he'd come home and he explained that Theresa's assistant had insisted he come home. Ivy told Fox that they should leave and give Kay and Miguel some privacy. Ethan fed Jane in the library, telling her that her mommy would be there soon from work. Theresa walked in on them and hearing that smarted. She told him that she was looking for him. Theresa wanted to feed her. When Ethan went to get a burp rag, Theresa told her that she's mommy, not the blonde imposter she has to live with. Theresa and Ethan took Jane to the nursery for a nap and Theresa whined about missing her. Ethan stopped her and recommended that they go downstairs for the ceremony. Little Ethan jumped into Ethan's arms and started complaining about Ethan not living there anymore. He wanted to know if Ethan didn't love him anymore. Ethan told him that he and Gwen had wanted to find a house for their own family and little Ethan cried that he thought they were a family. He tried to explain it to little Ethan and Theresa signaled for him to not talk about it now, so Ethan just said he was sorry and left for downstairs. Miguel, Kay, Tabitha, Fox, Maria, Ivy and Endora went downstairs. Fox and Kay toasted Miguel's homecoming. Ivy pressed that she couldn't get over how much Maria resembles Miguel. Kay gave Miguel all the news about everybody, but left out the fact that she and Fox had gotten engaged. Ivy asked Miguel how long he planned to stay and he answered that he wanted to get to know his dad and spend some time with Maria. Fox asked Kay why she didn't tell Miguel their news and she agreed that right then would be the perfect time to let him know. (Ivy hoped that hearing the news would upset Miguel and cause him to stay in town.) Pilar went to the kitchen and called off the ceremony with Father Lonigan. She told him about Katherine and Martin. He told her to sit down. Father L asked her if Martin and Katherine committed adultery and she said that Katherine bragged about. Father Lonigan told her that he believed Martin resisted temptation and that she owed it to Martin and her children to try to make their marriage work. She finally agreed to give him another chance and went to talk to Martin. She walked into Martin's room in time to see Katherine planting another big kiss on Martin.

At the Hawaiian Crane compound, Chris began unwrapping the man (Luis) who'd been in the bag while Sheridan went to find a car. Chris began trying to get information from an unconscious Luis about Marty by shining a flashlight in his face. Luis cringed so Chris covered up his face. Sheridan pulled up and got out to question "the man." Without uncovering his face, Sheridan asked him about Beth and Marty, but he was barely conscious. He did hear her and started remembering all the highpoints of their lives together. They decided that Otto must have beaten and tortured him. They carried him over to the car to take him to a hospital. Sheridan got behind the wheel and sped along. They left his face covered when they took him into the emergency room and gave the doctors as much information as they could about John Doe. The doctor took Luis into a room to examine him while Sheridan and Chris went to the waiting room. Sheridan got impatient wanting to know that "the man" was okay and wanting to get information about Marty. As the doctors worked on Luis, Sheridan flung open the curtains to watch.

At the waterfront, Noah waited to meet someone. He heard footsteps but couldn't see anybody in the fog. He began to think it was a set up and then was confronted by the mystery woman. She purred about how beautiful he is and Noah started hollering at her about attacking Maya, and Fancy. The woman played it cool and indicated that one of her agents went too far. He asked if she was with the government and she said she wasn't at liberty to say. He told her to leave Maya and Fancy alone and she told him that his brute force couldn't stop her and her associates. He tried to grab her and pulled his gun and she attacked Noah, leaving him in a pile on the wharf. When he got up he told her that they'd kept quiet and wanted to know what she wanted. She told him that the man he and Maya had seen murdered was her partner. She wanted him to find out who killed him and what happened to the package he'd gotten out of the old trunk in the attic. Noah had no idea what happened and she told him that he'd probably inherited some detecting skills from his father and grandfather so get cracking and then maybe Maya and Fancy would be safe. She threatened him at gunpoint and Noah doubted he could find the information. He told her he hadn't agreed to anything, but the woman said he better, then jumped into a boat and took off.

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Friday, March 10, 2006

Miguel gushes over Maria with Tabitha agreeing with him. Miguel blames himself for being away from Maria this long. Tabitha chimes in stating that Miguel was off looking for Charity and still has no clue of her whereabouts. Fox wonders why Kay hasn't told Miguel about her engagement. Kay basically says that she is surprised to see Miguel and hasn't gotten around to it. Miguel tells Kay that he's blown away by Maria. Ivy says out loud to herself that bringing Miguel to Harmony is a great way to create distance between Kay and Fox. Kay started to tell Miguel about her engagement, but Miguel interrupts with something he has to tell Kay.

Ivy is planting seeds of doubts in Fox's head by telling him that Miguel hasn't seen Kay in a while and that their reunion is an emotional one but an awkward moment for Fox. Fox tells Ivy that he is not threatened by Miguel because Kay is telling Miguel about the engagement at this very moment. Ivy is laying it on real thick. She tells Fox that Charity dumped Miguel, so he will no doubt go after Kay since men always want what they can't have.

Miguel tells Kay that there's something that he's wanted to tell her for the longest time but never got around to telling her. He tells Kay that she is a wonderful mother to Maria and that she is doing an amazing job. In addition, she's a wonderful child that is smart, sweet, and beautiful. Miguel is sorry that he has missed so much of Maria's life. She is all grown up and he has missed out on a lot.

Maria calls Fox "daddy," but Miguel thinks Maria is calling out to him. Kay apologizes about that and explains to Miguel that Maria doesn't know. Miguel seems ok with it because he knows that he's been gone for a while. Miguel rationalizes the situation thinking that Fox sees Maria more because she is Kay's boss and that's all there is to it. Kay started telling Miguel about the engagement once again, but Miguel was too busy getting reacquainted with Maria.

Fox realizes that Kay hasn't told Miguel about the engagement and Kay tells Fox that she was about to tell Miguel when Maria calls Fox daddy. Fox wants Kay to tell Miguel ASAP because he thinks that Fox is just Kay's boss. Kay comes up with a perfect excuse to delay the inevitable. She thinks that Miguel was hurt hearing Maria calls Fox daddy and would not be too pleased to hear about them getting married and Maria being around Fox everyday. Fox doesn't care that Miguel's feelings will be hurt because he chose to leave Maria and Kay to chase after Charity instead of being a father to Maria. Fox doesn't mind Maria calling him daddy because he is the one who is there for Maria, and he tells Kay to let Miguel know that he is not just her boss.

Tabitha says to herself that she knows that Miguel would be the one to cause trouble for Fox and Kay.

Ivy quips that it's for Fox's own good and she has a feeling that it will be better than good.

Martin tells Katherine to leave because he doesn't want to betray Pilar again due to what they've been through. Katherine tells Martin that making her leave won't fix anything. After all, he still loves her and there is no way he can be faithful to Pilar. Martin assures Katherine that he can be and will be faithful to Pilar. Katherine keeps pestering Martin to leave Pilar for her, but Martin is firm and stands by his word to stay with Pilar. Katherine continues to plead with Martin to stay with her, but Martin tells her that he was wrong for abandoning his wife and children all those years ago. Martin reminisces about how much he and Katherine meant together and that he thought Pilar would have moved on but didn't. He feels that he should be with Pilar now because she is his wife and the mother of his children. He insists that he will marry Pilar tonight and that's final.

Theresa is shocked and asks Pilar what is going on. Pilar tells Theresa that she's calling off the ceremony. Theresa still doesn't understand what is going on, so Pilar explains to her that Martin doesn't love her and is still in love with Katherine. Theresa is still clueless and wants Pilar to explain in more detail about what happened. Pilar tells Theresa that Katherine convinced her that she and Martin had made love. She knows it's the truth because she saw the scratch mark on his back. Theresa asks Pilar if she thinks Katherine is telling her the truth, and Pilar tells her that she does not want to believe it, but after seeing the marks on his back her mind is made up. At this point, Pilar doesn't know what to believe anymore because Martin told her that he never slept with Katherine, and Father Lonigan sided with Martin based on his confession. Theresa asks Pilar if she had spoken to Martin, and Pilar says that she went to speak with Martin, but he was kissing Katherine and it didn't seem as if he was forced to do so. Pilar thinks that Martin is still in love with Katherine and he would rather be with his whore than with his wife.

Theresa tells Pilar that she doesn't know for sure if Martin would rather be with Katherine. Pilar insists that she knows for sure and does not want to go through with the ceremony because it would be a sham. Theresa reassures Pilar that Martin would not go through with the ceremony unless he loves her. Pilar says that she doesn't just want to be the woman in Martin's bed. She also wants to be in his heart. Theresa keeps telling Pilar that Martin wants to be with her and loves her, but Pilar would not listen. Pilar says it's over for good. Theresa tells Pilar not to give up on her father and not to let Katherine intimidate her into handing him over to her. She tells Pilar to fight for Martin. Pilar says each time she looks at Martin, she envisions Katherine. Theresa tells Pilar to put that vision out of her head because each time she thinks of Ethan and Gwen, it's like a knife in her heart, but she puts the image out of her head. Moreover, if she could get Ethan back, she would take him back in a heart beat. Pilar is stunned to hear those words out of Theresa's mouth, and questions if Theresa can just take the picture out of her head of Ethan making love to another woman. Theresa's tells Pilar yes because she loves Ethan. Theresa tells Pilar to think of all the years she waited for Martin, and now that he is here, she should not give up on him.

Martin leaves to look for Pilar. Katherine tells Martin that his promise to forsake all others would be a lie in his heart. Martin tells Katherine that he has to do the right thing and not hurt Pilar. He has an obligation and a duty to her. Pilar overhears and asks Martin if she is just an obligation to him and needs to marry her out of duty.

The woman tells Maya to be more careful with her cell phone because she tried to reach Maya, but Noah answered. Maya asks the woman what she did to Noah. The woman tells Maya that Noah refuses to tell her about the package. Maya tells her to leave Noah alone because he doesn't know anything. She tells Maya that Noah was in the attic when her partner was killed, so Noah must have seen something. Maya tells the woman that she and Noah didn't see the killer's face. The woman insists that they must have seen something and she needs to get the package back. The killer hasn't tried to sell it because it hasn't surfaced yet. Maya tells the woman that she is wasting her time because she or Noah didn't see anything. She insists that only Maya and Noah can lead her to the killer. Maya tells the woman that Noah won't do it. What Noah really wants to do is to go to the cops and tell everything. The woman tells Maya to do whatever she has to in order to stop Noah from going to the police or else she'll threaten Maya's and Fancy's life. Maya tells her not to because she'll keep trying to work on Noah. Maya says that if Noah finds out that she is working for the woman, she doesn't know what he'll do.

Noah tells Maya that the game is over since he doesn't know what is going on. He tells Maya that he has been in touch with the people who have been hounding her and demanded Maya tell him the full story. Maya tells Noah there is nothing else to tell but Noah doesn't believe her. Noah tells her that this is very dangerous and he wishes that he had gone to the police years ago. Maya tells Noah that Fancy should not be told because of the danger. Noah's reply to Maya is that Fancy has left him because he wouldn't tell her the full story. Maya apologizes. Noah thinks that Maya doesn't care for him or else she would tell him the truth. Because of the conversation Noah has with the woman, he asks Maya about the package and what does all of that mean. Noah is fed up and wants to go to the police because the woman is threatening Fancy's life again. The woman overhears the conversation because she planted a bug on Maya. She says that if Noah goes to the police, he'll be making a big mistake.

Maya asks Noah not to call the police because he'll make the situation worse. Noah wants to know how much worse it can get and wonders what Maya is keeping from him. The woman calls Noah to make sure that he won't go to the police. She tells him that is he does, Fancy's life will be in danger once again. Noah has a hunch that Maya is working for them since they know every move he makes. He asks Maya if she has been talking to them, but Maya denies it. Noah doesn't believe her though. The woman overhears all of this and is saying that Maya should be careful not to let Noah in on their little secret. Noah thinks that Maya's necklace is bugged because she has always worn in it Noah's presence, so Noah yanks the necklace off May's neck and stomps on it. The woman realizes that Noah has discovered the bug and is going to do something about it real fast.

Sheridan is anxious to know if the man knows anything about Marty. The nurse says that the man had it rough, and the doctor senses that he must have had someone or something to live for. Sheridan is frantic that the man is dead and is not able to provide information on Marty. Sheridan tells Chris that they didn't get him to the hospital in time, and Chris apologizes to Sheridan. Sheridan is upset that she'll never find Marty because the man was her only hope. The nurse comes in and tells Sheridan and Chris that they have mistaken the man for someone else and that he is alive and is in another cubicle. Sheridan and Chris are relieved that the man is alive because there is still hope of finding Marty.

Chris hears word from police and there is no news on Otto and his goons, but they are still looking. Sheridan wants to know who the man is and why was he held by Otto, and Sheridan also wonders if the man knows anything about Marty and Beth. Chris tells Sheridan that they will have all the answers when the man is conscious. Sheridan wants to know if the man will live or die, and Chris tells her to leave it up to the doctors to figure out. Chris senses something in Sheridan and wants to know what's going on. Sheridan tells Chris that she's thinking about Luis because he just popped into her head right then and there. Chris thinks because she is worried about Marty, but Sheridan says it's because they were so connected. She is always able to sense when he is nearby. Sheridan thinks that the connection she feels is a clue to finding Marty. Sheridan apologizes to Chris about going on about Luis and tells him that Luis meant a lot to her and that they shared past lives together, but for some reason, something always manages to tear them apart. Chris understands and makes no fuss about it. Sheridan reassures Chris that she is committed to their marriage and not to doubt it for a second because she knows that Luis is gone.

Sheridan returns to the hospital and is frantic because she did not see the man. The nurse calms her down and tells her that the man was taken to radiology for more tests. Sheridan asks if the man has regain consciousness because it's very important that she speaks with him. The nurse tells her she will get a chance as soon as he gets a private room. Sheridan is getting impatient. She wants to know now what happened to Marty. The nurse tells Sheridan that the man is in and out of consciousness and is still very weak.

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