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Monday, January 9, 2006

Fancy shows Noah a special room that Alistair created just for her. She asks Noah to entertain the thought that Alistair isn't all bad.

Kay feels guilty when Fox confidently states that they have no secrets that Alistair could use against them.

After finding Gwen in Alistair's room, Theresa accuses her of stabbing Al to keep the tabloid scandal a secret. Gwen attacks Theresa, but Ethan arrives to break up the catfight.

Katherine is ecstatic and Sheridan is relieved when they realize the mystery woman's identity.

A mysterious person ransacks the mansion library. Meanwhile, a second nondescript individual attempts to smother Alistair in the living room.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Morning dawned at the Crane mansion. Fox and Kay played in the pool house, having slept there and then had a refreshing swim. Kay sat on a blow up raft and worried that if Fox ever heard her secrets that Alistair planned to share, he would dump her like a hot potato. He came up out of the water and kissed Kay. He asked her if she slept well and she purred that she loved sleeping in his arms. He declared that having her near him made him feel like the luckiest man in the world. Kay sighed nervously and Fox wanted to know what was wrong. She wondered what the fallout from the prior night would be. Fox said it didn't matter since they didn't have any secrets they were hiding from each other; in fact, he told her, if she took a look in the pool she'd see he wasn't hiding a thing. She looked and smiled and he drew her lovingly into the pool with him. When they were finished in the pool, they headed back to his room to take showers and find breakfast. As they stood in the hall in their robes he asked her if it was wrong for him to feel so happy when his grandfather was almost killed. She listed off all the evil things Alistair had done to her family and said, no he didn't have to feel bad. They wondered who among them had secrets so bad they were willing to kill Alistair.

Noah woke up in the special bedroom that Fancy's grandfather designed for her when she was a little girl. She was still asleep as he confessed to his princess that he'd lied the night before about not having any secrets that her grandfather could hold against him. He said that if he didn't destroy the file or Alistair lived to tell about it, there wouldn't be a happily ever after for them. Fancy woke up and they began kissing passionately. She asked if that wasn't where they left off last night and he said he needed his memory jogged, so she kissed him again. When they were finished making love, Noah suggested that they go downstairs for some breakfast. She agreed, but wanted to check on her grandfather first. She hoped that the roads were clear enough to get him to the hospital. She looked forward to him waking up and telling them who tried to kill him. Noah said that the killer might try to finish him off and Fancy really couldn't see how anybody could be so cold. Noah commented that Alistair was the one with ice water in his veins. He understood how someone could try to kill Alistair, if he'd threatened to expose something that would cost them whatever they held dear.

Pilar walked down the hallway and overheard Martin talking to Katherine in her room. He said that he needed to get back to Pilar before she woke up and found him missing. She hoped that Pilar hadn't heard her cry out or thrashing about. Pilar assumed that Martin was back with his mistress. Martin said that he hated leaving her so soon and Katherine calmed him saying that he always knew what she needed. Pilar walked in on them and Katherine gasped. Pilar stormed out and Katherine sent him to follow her. When they got to their room, he told her that it wasn't what it looked like and she asked him if how he could leave their bed to go make love to Katherine. He told her that he'd gotten up to make coffee and heard Katherine cry out. He said he'd gone to her and she was having a nightmare. So he woke her up and sat with her until she was calm. Pilar let him know that Katherine had blurted out to Rachel last night that Martin had only gone back to her to protect Sheridan from finding out she'd killed Rachel and he reminded her that he'd told her that when he went back to her. He reminded her that he'd told her he was with her no matter what. She demanded to know now that nobody could blackmail him anymore if he was really back with her or if he was going to go back to his lover. She angrily told him to go back to his mistress. He stopped her and told her that nothing had changed and if she wanted him, he wanted to stay with her and their family.

Rachel went to Katherine in her room. They embraced and were overjoyed to be back together again. Rachel looked more alive than she had since she got back to Harmony. Katherine talked about all the painful years with Alistair and how Martin saved her life. Rachel noted that she thought Katherine loved Martin still. Katherine said it didn't matter because he was with Pilar. Rachel said she thought Pilar doubted Martin's commitment and urged Katherine to go after him and get the love she deserved.

Sheridan woke up and looked out on the bright morning. She reflected on the events of the previous evening, how her father told her that she'd murdered Rachel and that very evening found out that she was still alive. She wondered what other surprises there were for her. Chris told her he could think of one if she'd go back to bed with him. He remarked that everybody had been hurt or threatened by Alistair. Sheridan asked him if her grandfather had anything with which to blackmail him. She asked if he had tried to torture him with his former ties to the mob. He very guardedly said that he hadn't tried to blackmail him about his dealings with the mob, cleverly not mentioning anything else that Alistair may hold over him. She sighed with relief and said she couldn't bear it if her father tortured her like he did Luis. She professed her love for him and James and said she'd be lost without them. Chris promised to not let her father do anything to them and they began kissing passionately.

Jessica went outside to get some fresh air on the front porch and Spike came blowing in taking her back inside with him. She screamed at him to get out and he said that the weather had been so bad that he couldn't get away and had to spend the night in the garage, but he was there to take her with him. He said it was dangerous for her to be there since somebody tried to kill Crane the night before. Jessica was astonished that he had the nerve to show up at all and slapped him soundly saying that she wouldn't be there if it weren't for him. He cluelessly demanded to know what that was for and she listed off all the things he'd done to him the night before: drugging her, taking her to the mansion, stripping her, tying her to a bed... He lamely told her he understood and she demanded that he get away from her. She swore that she never wanted to see him again and he muttered under his breath that the feeling was mutual, but until the old man kicked the bucket he was stuck to her family. Spike told her that he'd never do anything to hurt her and Jessica scoffed at him. Just then Sam and Ivy came into the foyer and Sam yelled at Spike to get away from his daughter. Spike said he was just talking and Sam laid into him with both fists. Spike and Sam battled back and forth across the foyer. Spike told Jessica to call the cops. Sam was finally triumphant and threw Spike outside in a snow bank.

Theresa went to the nursery first thing to see Jane and then to look in on Gwen (and try to unnerve her), who awoke immediately upon hearing the door open and turned to Ethan in bed and kissed him. (Theresa watched from the doorway and thought to herself that Gwen should enjoy it while she could because he wouldn't be with her much longer.) Ethan remarked that Gwen seemed like she was still shaken by what happened the night before. He asked her if Alistair had anything over her. She swore he didn't and besides, how could she ever keep a secret from him? Gwen said she was worried because someone tried to kill Alistair, it very well could be Theresa because she was definitely out of control when she was ransacking Alistair's room. (Theresa was shocked that Gwen could lie so easily since Gwen had been the one doing the ransacking.) Gwen told him that she thought Theresa would try to kill her next (Theresa muttered, "Gwennie, Gwennie, Gwennie. When I get through with you, you'll wish I'd killed you.)

Theresa, Katherine, Sheridan and Gwen fixed breakfast in the kitchen. Gwen told Sheridan that Rebecca would have a cow when she found out Sheridan had given the staff the day off. Ethan and Chris joined them to let them know that the roads were still covered with ice and the phone was still out. Rachel entered the room and introduced herself to the group. Theresa remembered her from meeting her at the hospital. Gwen introduced herself as Ethan's wife, sneering at Theresa in the process. Theresa wondered how she was alive since everybody thought she was dead. Rachel said that Alistair had lied and had been keeping her prisoner in a house on a cliff until she fell into the ocean when Alistair thought she really was dead. Gwen wanted to know how she'd gotten there in the ice storm and she explained that she'd been living in the attic for a while, watching Alistair. Theresa asked her if she'd been living there without being seen and Rachel said she was only seen when she wanted to be. Theresa asked her if she'd heard or seen anything Alistair had said or hid that might be secret that would be good to know now. The only thing that she could think of was when he was confirming with her old captor, Otto, he'd said something about keeping somebody's paternity a secret. Theresa got very interested and looked at Gwen, who went white as a ghost and got very nervous. Theresa asked for more info and Rachel said that Otto was talking to Alistair about his latest guest and not letting them be found. Sheridan thought that Alistair must be hiding Beth and Marty. She pushed Rachel to remember where she'd been or how she got there, but Rachel had been blindfolded and drugged going there. A boat picked her up, they docked and without any memory of how she got there, she ended up in landlocked Montana. Chris promised that he'd do whatever it took to find Beth and Marty. Suddenly Martin and Pilar burst in with the bad news that Alistair was awake. Katherine decided that they better go immediately to the living room because he might be able to name his attacker. Theresa tacked on the note that he might tell other things which made Gwen wince.

Noah slipped into Alistair's library and searched his computer for the file he wanted to destroy, but every file had its own password and it was slow going. Sam came in and wondered if Noah had trashed the room. Noah distractedly said it was like that when he got there. Sam surmised that Alistair had something on Noah and Noah agreed but said it was bad and if Fancy ever found out it would be the end of them. Sam asked him if he wanted to talk about it and Noah said he did, but he couldn't because it was bad. Sam told Noah that he must really love Fancy and Noah agreed saying that she's "the one" and he wouldn't let Alistair stop him. Sam said he hoped he could hold onto the one he loved unlike himself. Noah surmised that Sam had given up hope of ever getting Grace back and Sam said he'd done everything to get her back. (Kay and Ivy heard them talking as they walked by the open door. Kay realized that she'd really hurt her dad by keeping quiet about what Ivy had done. She decided to tell the truth. Ivy told her that she couldn't and Kay said that he deserved to know the truth before he married Ivy. Ivy worriedly said that Kay wasn't thinking clearly and Kay disagreed. Ivy desperately asked, but what if Grace doesn't want to come back? She pointed out that Grace chose David, Kay said it was still her fault. Ivy pointed out that Sam wasn't going to be happy that Kay finally told the truth. Kay said she didn't care that he'd be upset with her. Ivy told her to forget about her-what about Fox. She swore Fox would drop Kay if he learned the truth. Kay said "maybe not." Ivy pled with her to let what is done be done. She said she regretted hiring David, but it wouldn't help anyone to hear the truth now.) Sam and Noah left the library and Sam asked if everything was all right. Kay said everything was fine and Sam decided to go look for Jessica. Ivy quickly decided to join him so that left Kay with her big brother. He asked her what was wrong and she admitted that she'd done something really, really bad. He asked what and she started to tell him. She worried that Fox would leave her. He said that maybe she should come clean before Alistair shares it in front of the whole group. Just then Sam and Ivy raced by to tell them that they should go to the living room because Alistair was awake.

Outside in the snow, Spike cried that Alistair wasn't paying him enough for all his pain. Jessica came out to check on him and he started to sweet talk when she interrupted to say that her dad was right that he took advantage of her and used her. He started to interrupt and Jessica cut him off to say that she never wanted to see him again. He grabbed her arm and said he was just trying to protect her. She was incredulous and he declared that Alistair made him do it to drive the Bennetts crazy and if he hadn't done it Alistair would have had her killed. Besides, Alistair offered him a lot of cash to get his club started again and they could get their own place. She reiterated that she never wanted to see him again and Spike begged her not to bail on them. He promised that she wouldn't have to go back on the streets after Alistair paid him and she could go back to school. He talked about having the house with the white picket fence and raising a family. Jessica started to go back inside and Spike grabbed her arm and pulled her back saying that without her he was nothing. She said he used her and he reminded her that she was helping pay for the club her brother torched. She acknowledged that and rebutted it with, "but you twisted my arm and when I wanted to quit, you wouldn't let me." He apologized with Sam calling out for her. Jessica caved and told him they needed to get him somewhere warm.

During all this, Alistair slept on a chaise by the fireplace. Fancy came in and holding his hand told him that she loved him and wanted him to live. He struggled to wake and finally roused himself. Fancy told him that someone had tried to kill him but Dr. Russell had saved his life. The guests started gathering around him as Fancy asked who it was that tried to kill him, but he could only gasp.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Tabitha makes her way back to Harmony. Meanwhile, Endora has a ball torturing her babysitter.

Things are tense among the party guests in the Crane living room when a weak Alistair attempts to name his would-be assassin. As he's about to tell, Rachel plunges a drug-filled syringe into his chest. Fancy and Eve rush to save him as everyone else hopes the old man will croak.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

At the Bed and Breakfast, Sheridan searched on the internet and through Crane's files for her father's henchman, Otto. Chris hoped that she didn't stumble across his secret while she was at it and encouraged her to take a break but she was determined to find Marty and Beth. He convinced her to go upstairs and take a break. Chris scrubbed Sheridan's back in a bubble bath and as Sheridan oohed and ahhed, she kissed him and started to undo Chris's shirt. Chris joined her in the tub after he got some champagne for them to enjoy. He took a sip and said it was a very good year. She wanted to taste it, so they kissed passionately.

At Tabitha's house, Kay screamed when she saw a vision of her wedding in Tabitha's bowl and covered for it when Fox came running. Kay decided that she had to share her secret and tried to buffer the blow to Fox by telling him that they could get through it. Fox said nothing could change how he loved her. She said she hoped he'd feel the same after she told him what she'd done. She finally told him that she'd broken up her mother and father. He said he wouldn't let her blame herself. He told her what he thought happened to them (the whole long history) while Kay cringed. Kay told him that the whole story of the first husband was faked. He couldn't believe that anyone would be able to carry out such an elaborate plot. As he struggled with this knowledge, he started to believe it and then asked how Kay was part of it. She explained that she'd heard Ivy blackmailing David and heard the whole story. Fox angrily asked her why she didn't tell her dad and she said she couldn't. Tabitha shrank back into her couch as Fox really got angry and wanted to know why not. She said it sounded juvenile, but she was mad at her mom. Grace had nagged her and belittled her and she was so perfect so Kay hated her and she wanted her to hurt the way Kay was hurting. She knew it would hurt her mom to break up her marriage. He was in utter disbelief that Kay had let all that happen because she was mad at her mom. Fox wanted to know how all this had helped her family now. She started to talk and he angrily told her that she didn't get to at this point. He was angry that his mother was a cold heartless bitch and that she was just like her. He angrily strode out the door. Kay told Tabitha that the truth was supposed to make things better. Tabitha told her that she tried to warn her. Fox stood seething on in the doorway. Tabitha told her that she'd destroyed all the faith and trust he had in her.

At the Crane mansion, Noah and Fancy were in the attic getting blankets for Alistair when Fancy bent over a chest and Noah flashed back to a man leaning over the same chest, getting shot in the back. He went pale and Fancy was concerned for him. He could only say that it was an accident. Fancy asked him about it and he covered saying that he was remembering a fraternity prank where someone got hurt. She told him that he looked terrified and that whatever it was, she was there for him.

Theresa listened at the hallway door to Gwen and Ethan's room. Gwen was ready to share her secret and Ethan was incredulous that she had any secret. Rebecca watched and listened and worried that Gwen would finally spill the beans. Ethan said that secrets were Rebecca's province and Gwen told him that she did something horrible that hurt a lot of people. He said it couldn't be that bad. Rebecca chose that moment to let Theresa know she was there and threw her away from the door so she could take her place. Ethan assured Gwen that whatever she did, they'd get through it. She told Ethan that everything she'd done was because she loved him. Out in the hall, Theresa and Rebecca started a Kill Bill style attack on each other with flying kicks and pulling hair. Ethan and Gwen heard the chaos and stopped talking to go see what was happening. Ethan wanted to know what was going on and Rebecca covered for Gwen that they were fighting because Rebecca had wanted to kill Alistair. Theresa scoffed saying that they'd been eavesdropping to hear Gwen tell Ethan the truth. She told Rebecca to tell the real reason. Then Theresa looked greedily at Gwen and told her to tell the real secret about the tabloids. Rebecca said, "Oh not that old story." With Theresa insisting and pushing Gwen's buttons, Gwen looked like she was losing her resolve to tell the truth. While Theresa tried to get them to spill it, her mother and a policeman arrived to tell her that Alistair was awake and she had to go to him. Theresa was glad that he was going to tell the secrets and hoped that Gwen and Rebecca's secret was that they DID try to kill him.

In the living room, Eve asked Liz what Alistair had on her, but Liz refused to share. Suddenly, Alistair came to and threatened to tell everybody's secrets. He bitterly said he might even call for a press conference. Eve suggested that he conserve his strength and he said they'd all like that. He coughed and spluttered and fell back on the couch. He said he'd made it through many assassination attempts before. Rachel told him he should die and then he had to acknowledge that she really was alive and that he'd loved her so much. She said that he'd only loved himself. He swore that he'd grieved for years after she went off the cliff. He said she'd never kill him and she explained that she'd tried that morning with drugs they use to put down animals. Alistair said he'd been surprised to see his attacker's face coming at him because he didn't think they would be strong enough. Fancy came in and was heartened to see him awake, but she was upset that he was coughing. Julian and Ivy told her to wake up and realize that he was a monster. Sam asked Alistair to just tell them who it was. He asked if it was one of the guests. Alistair said it was one of the guests-a member of an old established family in Harmony. Just as he was about to say who it was, to police officers rushed in and demanded that everybody freeze with their hands in the air. Alistair fell back on the couch with his eyes closed. They had paramedics with them who loaded him onto the gurney. As each person tried to speak the police officers would turn and train their guns on them. Rachel admitted that she'd tried to kill him, but she wasn't the one who stabbed him. The police declared that the living room was a crime scene and said nobody could leave the room. Alistair wanted to say who tried to kill him, but the paramedics wanted to take him away. Pilar decided that Theresa needed to be there to hear it, so she fought her way out of the living room to get her. Eve told Alistair to rest, but he said he wanted to see his little friend with the big knife go to jail. Sam recommended that he write it down instead in order to rest himself. Alistair scrawled shakily on Sam's notepad.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Rachel slips away from the mansion to come see Sheridan and fill her in on what's been happening with Alistair. Rachel asks if Sheridan has been able to find any information on Otto, but Sheridan says she hasn't. Rachel urges her to keep trying. Chris asks Rachel if she overheard anything else at the mansion, and Rachel tells them she heard Alistair talking on the phone about something Sheridan would be devastated to overhear.

Tabitha and Endora watch Kay desperately trying to explain herself to Fox after having told him that she let Ivy ruin Sam and Grace's marriage. Fox is furious that Kay did nothing to interfere with Ivy's plan and disappointed that Kay is not the person that he thought she was. She begs for his forgiveness, and he tells her he loves her but doesn't know if he can ever trust her again because she has broken his heart. She says she is a better person because of him, but he doesn't listen. She cries that she wishes she could undo what she did, but she can't. Fox says he understands that she was backed into a corner, but that doesn't mean he's forgiven her. He leaves to get some air. Kay goes to talk to Tabitha. She feels horrible and asks Tabitha what to do. Tabitha says she thinks it's too late to do anything, but all of a sudden Kay has an idea-Endora can turn back time! Tabitha is very reluctant to let Endora try, but Kay convinces her. Endora casts a spell, and Fox staggers into the house a moment later, looking confused. He says he thinks he lost track of time and asks what they were talking about before. Kay lies that they were talking about what happened at the mansion last night.

Sam gives Alistair a pen and paper so he can write down the name of his attacker. Alistair is very weak, however, and is only able to draw a vertical line. A few of the guests take this to mean Theresa. Alistair's monitors start beeping and Eve goes to work on him. Rebecca points out that everyone hates Alistair (except for Fancy), so why should they try to save him or pretend to mourn for him? Katherine agrees. Fancy sobs that she can't believe no one will even pray for Alistair. Theresa says she is praying for him to pull through so he can tell Ethan the truth about who sent his paternity papers to the tabloid. Liz complains that she just wants to get out of here. Martin does too, and Sam is allowed to question them first so they can leave the mansion. He takes them back to the library. Alistair is about to be transported to the hospital when his heart stops! Theresa goes crazy, screaming and jumping on Alistair. She starts pounding his chest with her fists, yelling that he has to stay alive so he can tell Ethan the truth. Amazingly, this revives Alistair, and Theresa demands that he reveal Gwen and Rebecca's big secret.

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