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Monday, July 11, 2005

Ivy informs Fancy that the man she complained to Alistair about is probably going to have his life ruined, and it will be all Fancy's fault. Ivy asks what sort of trouble Fancy has been getting into, and Fancy recounts her adventures with Noah, though she doesn't exactly tell the truth about what happened in Las Vegas. Ivy gets Fancy to tell her that it was Noah Bennett who burned down the club, and Ivy is horrified. She says now Fancy has destroyed the entire Bennett family. Ivy tells Fancy that Fancy has lit a fuse and an explosion is coming that will leave the Bennett family in shambles, that even baby Maria could be caught in the crossfire. Fancy doesn't believe that this is her fault, and Ivy tells her that once when Fancy was five years old, she was bullied at the playground. Alistair learned of what happened, and he destroyed the boy's family by blacklisting his parents and foreclosing on their house. She tells Fancy to think about that family the next time she feels like complaining to Alistair, and Ivy goes to the Bennett house. When Fancy is in her room by herself, she hears about Sam being fired.

Sam agrees with Noah that his being fired has Alistair's fingerprints all over it. Ethan figures it was because they wrecked the mansion earlier, but Sam tells them the mayor said he had violated a clause in his contract, and what they did at the mansion was within his powers. Noah has deduced that this is all his fault, and he tells Ethan that it is because of Noah's involvement with Fancy that pushed Alistair over the edge. Sam overhears them talking, and Noah explains that Fancy must have told Alistair about him. Sam tells him not to blame himself and says he is surprised Alistair didn't fire him earlier. He goes to call and check on the Luis, Sheridan, and Marty situation, and while he is on the phone, Kay comments to Ethan that she doesn't know what she'd do if someone took Maria. Ethan says she would risk everything to get her back. Sam is denied the information about Luis and Sheridan. He tells his family that if one of Alistair Crane's lackeys becomes police chief, the Cranes would own Harmony. He thinks one of Alistair's people helped Beth to escape, and says he feels utterly useless. Kay tells him not to say that, because all of them love him and need him. Ivy rushes into the house and interrupts them. She asks if Sam is okay, and Sam tells her he has been fired. Ivy says that Fancy told Alistair about Noah, and Noah says he knew this was all his fault.

Alistair tells Theresa to be with him so she can get Jane back. Theresa refuses and says she can't trust Alistair, but Alistair points out she has no choice, since without him she'll never get Jane. Theresa admits that she needs his power for her child's sake-but then decides again she can't trust Alistair. She insists she can find the proof about the tabloid all by herself. Alistair agrees that it is probable that the evidence is hidden in the mansion, but says she has no hope of searching the house without Alistair. Theresa figures that Alistair knows where the proof she is searching for is, and she demands that he tell her. First, he says, he has to ask her a question. He asks her to be his "friend," so he knows she will repay him for helping get her daughter back. He wants her to sleep with him. Theresa says that would be prostituting herself, but Alistair calls it a "favor." Theresa is absolutely disgusted and tells him to shut up because he is making her sick. She says that she doesn't need him and she doesn't want anything to do with him. Theresa storms out of the mansion, and Alistair says that once she realizes how much she does need him, she'll be back.

After Sheridan's boat explodes, Beth speeds off towards shore and Luis races towards Sheridan's burning boat. He screams for Sheridan before he sees her floating in the water near her boat. Luis quickly jumps in the water and swims toward her. He holds her, and Sheridan wakes up and immediately starts shouting for her son and Beth. By this time, Beth has made it to the other side of the lake, where she is stopped by two men who turn out to be working for her father to help her escape. She screams that she finally won and walks off with one of the men. The other man stays behind and stalls Sheridan and Luis. They call him the sheriff, and he tells them that Beth must have escaped before he arrived. He says they don't have the manpower to set up roadblocks. Luis eventually realizes that the man is working for Alistair. He takes the sheriff's gun and shoves him into the water. While they are talking to the sheriff, Beth is taking the car keys from one of the men. She says to tell Alistair thank you for all of his help. The man warns her that Luis and Sheridan are headed this way, and Beth drives off. Luis stops a car that he assumes holds Beth, but instead holds the man who helped her escape. Luis searches the car and can't find anything, so the man drives off, but not before shouting to Sheridan that she'll never find Marty and Beth is long gone. As he drives off, Sheridan wails that they have to do something. She cries that this could be the last chance they have to get Marty. Overcome by despair, Sheridan drops to her knees and screams for her son.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Spike brought Jessica to his "crib" and told her to just dump her bag in the corner, he'd give her the tour later. She was excited that they'd become a couple, but regretted not telling her dad where she was going. Spike reassured her that telling Sam would have gotten her chained to her bed. He told her there was leftover take-out in the fridge that they could heat in the microwave and she dutifully got busy being domestic. Spike's friend Curt showed up to smoke some grass and was amazed that Spike hadn't killed Jessica. Spike told him that having her move in was just the first step. Curt told him to watch out, she might be a minor. Spike couldn't wait to show him the next step. Curt paid for the drugs and left, much to Jessica's disappointment. She told Spike that she wanted to go back home after dinner. When he gave her a harsh look, she decided she wanted to go home right then. He whined about how she was his true love and deserting him. She said they could still date and he said it wasn't good enough; she was the only reason he stayed in Harmony. Faced with losing Spike, she changed her mind. She told him she loved him. He told her to never scare him again. He whined about not having any money now that the club was gone and she volunteered to get a job to support them. He asked her if she was sure she didn't mind earning money for the two of them. She said she'd waitress because she could make a lot in tips. Spike had a better idea—she should do something she was good at because she was pretty and sexy . She simpered about how hard it was to break into modeling and he told her that a lot of his friends would think she was pretty sexy. The light dawned finally and she asked him if he wanted her to go to bed with other men for money. He told her that was exactly what he meant and if she loved him, she could prove it.

At the Bennett house, Ethan, Sam, Kay, Ivy and Noah were still reeling from the news that Sam had lost his job. Noah was sure that Alistair had fired Sam in retaliation of what happened between him and Fancy. Sam said it would have happened anyway, He only regretted not being able to help Luis and Sheridan find Marty. Ivy was distraught that Fancy had thoughtlessly brought this about. Ethan and Noah shared knowing, meaningful glances. San was upset that the whole town was under Alistair's control now. Noah was upset and went for some fresh air. Ivy apologized for her daughter screwing everything up. Ethan decided to go research Sam's contract and left. Sam told Ivy he was a great son. She said it was because he was Sam's. Sam threw it back to her saying she was a great mom. She said Fancy was proof that she was a terrible mother. Sam decided to go check on Jessica. He said the least he could do was protect her.

At the Crane estate Martin met Katherine at the hedge to say their good-bye unencumbered by the estate guards. They said that it would be hard to live without each other. She asked for a kiss good-bye and as the embraced, Pilar walked into view. Pilar was angry with both of them: Martin for breaking his vows and Katherine for asking him to. She told Katherine she was like the rest of the Cranes—she didn't care who she hurt. Martin took the blame and defended Katherine who said she was sorry. Pilar told her that Theresa was right—sometimes sorry was not enough. She told Katherine that she was just as evil as Alistair. She threatened to attack her if she ever came near Martin again.

Meanwhile, inside the mansion Alistair toasted Theresa, the object of his desire. Fancy joined him and told him that she may have hurt someone more than she meant to. She asked him if she were the reason Chief Bennett lost his job and Alistair blew it off saying that she shouldn't even bring up the blue-collar, low-life Bennetts. She told him it wasn't fair to punish Sam for what Noah did and Ivy had shaken her up by telling her that this was her fault. He dismissed Ivy because she wasn't a Crane anymore. Fancy said her mother had compared him to Tony Soprano. He retorted angrily that "that idiot almost cost you your life twice." She said she'd hate herself if an innocent man lost his job because there was friction. Alistair said he was just teaching Sam a lesson that he'd deserved for a long time. Fancy wanted to be clear about whether or not it was her fault, and Alistair told her that Sam had given him grief for years and his firing had nothing to do with her. She grabbed the door knob to leave and told him that was a weight off her mind just as Noah blew through the door and knocked her behind it in his haste. She stayed behind the door as Noah confronted her grandfather about firing his father. Alistair wanted to know who let him in and he refused to say so they couldn't get fired. Alistair said he'd just fire them all. Noah wanted to know what kind of monster he was. Noah said that Sam made a difference for the real people of Harmony and Alistair mocked him with, "blah, blah, blah." He asked what Noah could possibly have to say to him. He said that he had to teach Sam a lesson, "Boy!" Noah told him not to call him that and Alistair told him to learn that he had utter power, "Boy!" Noah told him that he wasn't a play by the book guy like his father. Alistair remarked on his arson and Noah said it wasn't beyond him to commit murder if necessary then started punching Alistair. Security came in and grabbed Noah. Alistair asked him if this made him feel any better. Alistair called the Bennetts losers saying that the security guards earned four times the amount Sam did and Noah called him a miserable old goat. Alistair said the Bennett family misery had just started. Noah asked him what else was in store for them. Alistair said it wouldn't take much for the Bennetts to fall apart now that they had even less than before. Alistair falsely worried about how it would be for them to be broke, Noah asked him how he lived with himself. Alistair told him he did fine and if Noah had any more questions about his family, to ask his granddaughter directly (as Fancy shook her head no.) Noah said he didn't even know where she was and Alistair called her out from behind the door. She looked sheepish.

At the waterfront, Theresa stood looking out over the water and contemplated what she could do to keep Alistair at bay while still getting Jane back. She flashed back to her meeting with him and started crying and wailing about what she was going to do. Ethan came running by and saw her crying. He asked what was wrong and apologized for making her leave the mansion. She told him that Alistair had touched her. Ethan screamed that he'd kill him. He asked if she'd called the police. She said he'd only forced kisses on her, and then told him all about Alistair's indecent proposal. He asked if she'd accepted and Theresa was disappointed that he'd even think she would. He reminded her that she was desperate and did crazy things when she was backed into a corner. She told him Pilar said the same thing. She told him that she'd find the proof that Gwen and Rebecca sent the story to the tabloid and he told her that Gwen would never do that. Theresa reminded him that it was the one thing that had kept him from being with her. He told her she had to get over it because they were not going to be together. Theresa told him that they'd see. He didn't believe Gwen would deceive him and Theresa had.

At the lake, Sheridan and Luis now realized that Alistair was still helping Beth. They were stuck without a car or working phone and Sheridan stood there berating Luis for letting Beth get away with Marty once again. He protested that he'd had to save her in the lake and she angrily yelled at him that he should have gone after Beth and Marty. The sheriff ran up and demanded his gun back .Luis demanded the sheriff give him a car and then amended it to be his car. The sheriff had a remorseful look on his face and whether it was for the part he played in helping Beth or because Luis forced his hand, he finally gave in and let them take his cruiser. Beth had quite a lead on them and sped along the lakeside highway to a small airport where the skinny man was already waiting for her. He escorted her onto a private jet where she crowed to Marty that this was the life that they were going to get used to living. She said if they were lucky, Luis would come to them after Sheridan dumped him. Luis and Sheridan arrived at the airport after speeding along with siren blaring. On the way, he'd promised to get Marty back and Sheridan angrily told him to stop making promises he couldn't keep. They saw the skinny man and taunted them that they were too late unless they had wings. The airport clerk stonewalled them saying that he had no idea if Beth had been there, what planes had taken off, nor where any of them were going. Sheridan despaired of ever seeing Marty again.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Pilar calls Katherine a slut and tells her to leave Martin alone. Katherine apologizes, and Pilar demands that Katherine stay away from Pilar and Martin. Katherine and Martin say goodbye to each other, and Katherine walks off. Martin asks Pilar if calling Katherine names was really necessary. Pilar seems to think it was, and replies that Katherine is a selfish bitch. She tells Martin to start honoring his wedding vows. Martin is surprised; he says he never heard Pilar talk this way before. Pilar says that she has learned to stand up for herself. She tells him to get over Katherine, and says that she would kill Katherine before she let her get in the way of her and Martin rebuilding their marriage. Martin promises that he is devoted to their family and says he'll be true to his word.

Sam thinks Jessica is sleeping, but when he goes into her room to check on her, he discovers that she snuck out. He realizes that she must have left home to be with Spike. Sam tells Ivy he doesn't know what to do. He thinks that if he was still the police chief he could do something, but now he can't. He can't even get an APB out for Jessica. Sam says what if Jessica gets into a situation that will scar her for life? Meanwhile, at Spike's place, Jessica is at first unwilling to prostitute herself, but Spike sweet-talks her until she reluctantly agrees. We see her standing on the sidewalk in a skintight dress, thinking this isn't the way she thought it would be.

Noah says "damn you" to Fancy for ragging on him to her all-powerful grandfather. Fancy seems surprised at Alistair's cold behavior. Alistair receives a phone call from the man at the airport, who tells him that Beth has escaped successfully on one of the ten private jets that Alistair set up to confuse the police, and the man assures him that the flight plan is destroyed. Alistair hangs up. Noah is furious with Fancy, and won't listen when she tries to tell him that she didn't hurt his family on purpose. Alistair steps in and reveals that he knows everything that has happened to Noah and Fancy, causing Noah to think that Fancy told her grandfather about Las Vegas, too. Noah thinks that he is a dead man for sure now that Alistair knows about them finding the body, but Alistair says he won't tell. He says the reason he fired Sam was because Sam obviously couldn't teach Noah to treat a lady like Fancy with respect, so how could he be in charge of the police force? Noah says Fancy disgusts him. He saved her life, and this is how she repays him? She says she didn't mean to hurt him, but he doesn't believe her. He tells Alistair this isn't over, and walks out into the hall, where he takes out his anger on a portrait of Alistair by ripping it apart. Back in Alistair's study, Fancy asks why Alistair was so mean to Noah, and Alistair asks if Fancy has feelings for Noah. Fancy says of course she doesn't. She says she is getting tired, and walks out of the room.

Ethan and Theresa talk on the pier. Ethan tries to tell her that he is not going to leave Gwen to be with her, but she doesn't want to hear it. She tells him that he if he cares enough to want to kill Alistair when he thought Alistair raped Theresa, he must want to be with her. Ethan says it is scary how she can turn everything he says into a reason for them to get back together. He says he got so upset about Alistair because Alistair just fired Sam. Theresa says she's sorry and she knows what that feels like since Rebecca had her entire family fired. Ethan says he was just on his way to tell off Alistair. Theresa begs him to leave Gwen and be a family with her, Jane, and Little Ethan. She says being away from Theresa is "killing his soul" and breaking his heart. Ethan is fed up and asks what it will take to get through to her, to make her see that she is not going to get him back. He tells her to stop plotting and move on, but Theresa says she only wants him. He starts to walk off, but Theresa stops him and says they belong together. He tells her to leave him alone and forget about her schemes, and then he walks away. Theresa stands alone on the wharf and says she can't and won't lose Ethan and Jane. She gets out her cell phone, says God forgive her, and calls Alistair. She tells him they need to talk about the offer he made her.

At the airport, Sheridan is in shock and cries for Marty. Luis tells her he is not giving up. She asks how they track Beth and Marty down, and Luis admits there is no way to. Sheridan asks if that's it, Beth got away and she'll never see Marty again? Luis says for now, they have to wait for Beth to make a mistake so he can track her down. Sheridan suddenly becomes enraged and screams that he promised her he would get their son back. She calls him a miserable failure and tells him to shut the hell up when he tries to speak. He says he is sorry, and Sheridan says that it's his fault she doesn't have her son. She tells him to take her home. At the cottage, Sheridan yells at Luis that their son is with a crazy kidnapper because Luis didn't believe her. Martin, Pilar, and Katherine all hear them arguing and come to see what's going on. They are told by Sheridan that Luis let Beth and Marty get away, though Luis says that Alistair helped Beth. Luis and Sheridan argue some more, and Luis says that he will find Marty and Beth. Sheridan is furious at Luis, and says the very sight of him makes her sick right now. She screams for him to get out and stay out. Katherine says she can't mean that, but Sheridan insists that she does. She tells Luis that if he wants them to have a future, he will bring Marty home. Otherwise, she never wants to see him again.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

At Sheridan's cottage Luis apologized and Sheridan angrily told him to stay away. She stormed out of the room. Pilar, Martin and Katherine tried to console him, but he admitted his failure. He was remorseful that he hadn't believed Sheridan in the first place. He called Sam to contact the FAA and Sam told him about his firing. They were all incredulous. He was sure that the Harmony PD wouldn't be there to help him much longer if they were now in Alistair's back pocket. Luis vowed to get Marty back and save his relationship with Sheridan. Sheridan sat dejectedly looking at a photo of Marty. Gwen came in to console her. Sheridan blamed Luis for everything and Gwen stuck up for him, telling her not to lash out at Luis. Sheridan swore that she'd never forget that he was to blame for her losing her child. Sheridan (in a robe) and Gwen returned to the living room after she'd had a shower. She asked Luis in an irritated voice if Sam had called the FAA. He told her about Sam and told her that didn't have the authority to work with the FAA either. He tersely told her he'd think of something, that they could search together and then started to call for help. She told him they couldn't search together. He asked why and she went on a quiet tirade about how she couldn't stand to even be in the same room with him, hear his voice, etc. She told him to get out of the house and leave her alone. Luis stupidly told her that she didn't mean it and that only enraged her more. He told her he'd promised and Sheridan interrupted him because he hadn't followed through on past promises, so she didn't want to hear it. She venomously spit out, "I can't bear the sight of you!" He mother went to calm her down and Pilar told her how heartbroken Luis was. This added more fuel to her fire. He wished he could give his right arm to go have Marty back. She told him he couldn't and she couldn't ever forgive him. She unloaded with all barrels on him about his lack of belief in her. He stood there defeated. He admitted all the blame. Pilar tried to soften it and he agreed that Sheridan was right for blaming him. He told her tried to believe her, but there wasn't any PROOF until the second DNA test. She asked him if he had enough proof yet, now that Beth had taken Marty. She was angry that he hadn't shot Beth and he'd let her get away. Sheridan told him to get out of her house and she never wanted to lay eyes on him again. He quietly told he'd leave; he'd leave Harmony and he wouldn't be back until he found Marty. She stood there with her arms crossed and didn't even watch him as he left the cottage. His parting shot was that she'd never know how sorry he was. Everybody stood around watching her seethe. Gwen and Katherine tried to talk sense into Sheridan telling her that she shouldn't let her hurt and anger separate her from the man she loves. She whined that it's because of him that she's in pain. Katherine told her to focus her anger on Beth and Alistair. She was angry that Luis didn't pull the trigger and shoot Beth. Outside, Martin and Pilar tried to console Luis. He said he was afraid of hitting Sheridan, so he didn't fire. Then he admitted that he just couldn't shoot Beth. He thought he could reason with her. He didn't think she'd get away. Martin told him to blame Alistair instead, but Luis admitted that he let Sheridan down. He decided that he needs to leave and never come back. Martin and Pilar told him he did everything he could. Luis admitted that he let her down. Martin admitted that it was the same reason he'd left all those years ago—to protect his family, but he was wrong. He encouraged Luis to not make the same mistake. Luis told him not to equate the two situations because he'd never abandon Sheridan the way Martin did to his family. Pilar told him not to attack his father, but to listen to him and not to leave in anger. Martin said it would be a mistake he'd always regret. Sheridan told Katherine and Gwen that she didn't regret sending Luis away. They stuck up for Luis. Gwen told her that after she lost Sarah, she was very angry with Ethan for not staying away from Theresa. She didn't think she could ever forgive Ethan, but she did and she was glad they were together to help each other heal after they lost Sarah. Sheridan was adamant that she wanted to be apart from Luis since he caused her grief. They tried to talk her out of it so she didn't regret it for the rest of her life. Martin and Pilar said that he should work with Sheridan because he didn't even have a clue where to start. He reminded them that Sheridan didn't even want to see him. She walked out on the porch glowering at him.

At the waterfront, Theresa called Alistair to take him up on his offer of dinner. He expressed surprise because of her earlier rudeness and asked why she changed her mind, Theresa told him she'd thought it over and decided it could be good for both of them if the offer was still open. He replied in an oily voice that he'd like nothing better than to have dinner with her. He promised to show her an evening she'd never forget. Theresa reminded him that she was only agreeing to dinner. He told her it was up to her what happened after dinner. She repeated her refusal to anything more than dinner. When she hung up, she worried that she was making a deal with the devil.

Whitney ran into Ethan near Chad's studio. She was out for a walk while Miles was suffering a bout of colic. She said she felt helpless, but then, Miles is Chad's responsibility now, so he could deal with it. She asked Ethan about Jane and he told her that Jane and Gwen were fine. She dug at him about Theresa being her mother and he exasperatedly started to reply. Whit interrupted and tried to defend Theresa. He reminded her that it was only temporary custody and she told him how torn apart Theresa was. He told her that no matter what, he was worried at how desperate Theresa was getting. Whit told him to do something before Theresa did something crazy.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house Whitney was sitting on the front porch waiting for Theresa who asked her why she wasn't with Miles. Whit told her that she couldn't handle the crying anymore. Theresa asked if nursing didn't help and Whitney agreed that it helped him to keep the food down, but didn't do anything about the colic. Theresa chided her for whimping out. Whit said she'd only nursed him because Chad was at a loss and asked Theresa to not make it harder than it already was. She admitted that she loved Miles, but that was why she put him up for adoption. She was still worried that he has something worse than colic that's a result of being a child of incest. She feels guilty that it's her fault. She was glad that Eve was treating him because she didn't want anybody to ever find out the truth that Chad is his father. Miles would be stigmatized, tortured and ridiculed. Theresa told her she knew exactly how she felt. They went inside and Theresa checked her phone messages. There was one from Alistair telling her that his secretary would call and give her details about when his car would pick her up and that he was looking forward to their evening together. Whitney was on it faster than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Theresa couldn't speak and Whit demanded to know what she'd gotten herself into now. She pried further asking if she was really going on a date with him. Theresa said "it's dinner." Whitney asked her if she lost her mind and Theresa said it's just dinner. Whitney reminded her that it's never just anything with Alistair. She told her to look at all his done to Theresa's family, to her family, to Ethan, to his own daughter Sheridan. Whitney asked her what she was thinking and Theresa told her that she's upset, desperate and can't live like she is. Whitney asked her when she was going to get it through her head that she'd already lost Ethan. Theresa told her that Alistair was going to help her get Ethan and Jane back. She's doing what she has to do to protect her baby. Whitney asked her what it was going to cost her even if she did get them back. She reminded her that whatever Alistair wants, it's going to be something she doesn't want to give. She asked her if she was going to have cocktails with Satan next. Theresa pled that she wasn't thinking and Whit retorted sarcastically, "oh for a change." Theresa told her that Alistair had come onto her, but she'd run into Ethan and he said he'd never leave Gwen. It made her so angry that she called Alistair and told him she'd changed her mind. Whitney told her that she knows what Alistair wants and eventually, Ethan will find out about it. Theresa cried and protested that Ethan would never find out about it. Whitney told her that she'd run into Ethan earlier and he was already worried that she'd do something crazy. She said she was worried too, but she never thought Theresa would do anything this insane. All Theresa could ask was. "What have I done?"

Fancy popped in to Alistair's office as he was finishing his call with Theresa and started to leave, but he waved her in, so she waited. He apologized and she giddily asked if he was still up for playing gin. He was happy to play cards with his favorite granddaughter. He told her to go ahead and set up the game; he had one thing to take care of first. He walked out into the hall, gloating that he knew Theresa would change her mind. He said he'd have her where he wanted her by the end of the first course. He returned to Fancy and apologized that he'd had to make arrangements. She knowingly asked if they were arrangements about the phone call she'd overheard. He agreed. She wanted to know who he was having a date with and he replied that rather than tell her who she was he'd tell her what she was. He told her to turn around and pointed to a moth circling a candle's flame. He said it got close to the flame then moved away, but it would eventually succumb to the flame and then the flame would win. Fancy correctly surmised that he was the flame and the woman was the moth. Ethan walked in asking to talk to him. Alistair tried to delay him saying they were in the middle of a card game. Ethan told him he knew what he did to his father and asked if it was because Sam wouldn't do his dirty work. Alistair said he fired Sam because he was neglectful of his duties. Ethan said that it was a lie—that he gets rid of anybody who won't follow his orders, because he wants to control everybody. He hollered at Alistair for helping Beth take Sheridan's baby. Alistair responded that Sheridan is delusional. Ethan stood up to him saying that Sheridan knew what he did and was devastated. He demanded to know what was wrong with him to treat his own daughter that way. Alistair asked him. How he dared to come into his house and treat him like that He'd been very gracious in allowing Ethan and Gwen to live there and charitable to allow him to keep his job even though he wasn't a Crane. Ethan told him he wasn't at all charitable but that he'd been groomed to take over the empire. Alistair told him that he isn't his grandson, he's Sam Bennett's bastard son. Ethan told him that he knew more about running the company than anybody and if it weren't for him Alistair would be in trouble. Alistair said he was overestimating his self worth. Ethan retorted that Alistair overestimated his own worth and that of Crane Industries. He told him that his empire was on the verge of collapse. Alistair laughed at him. Ethan told him that when he dies (and everybody dies) there'll be nobody to take over: Fox has been a playboy [Alistair smirked and said he'd catch up], and Julian isn't ready [Alistair acknowledged that Julian had lost any power he'd ever had] and that leaves Chad [Alistair sneered as he said, "you mean Julian's black bastard? Hell would freeze over first.]. Ethan didn't think Chad would want to take over the reins. Ethan reiterated that when Alistair dies, the company will crumble, and he doesn't even know because he's too busy destroying other peoples' lives. Ethan told him he'd been neglecting the company. Alistair told him he was on top of everything and the most powerful person there. Ethan asked, "But for how long?" Alistair spit out that he's not dead yet. Ethan got in his face and told him would be and there wouldn't be anybody to take over. As Ethan calmly walked away, Alistair yelled "Never!" and then gasping for air, he keeled over in pain unable to breathe. Fancy yelled at Ethan to stop hurting her grampy.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Sam informed Noah that Jessica slipped out for the night again. On the streets, Spike checked up on Jessica, who was trying to nab her first John. He gave her some drugs to help chill out and relax. As Ethan lambasted Alistair, Alistair collapsed with an apparent heart attack. Fancy wanted to call 911 but Alistair refused. Ethan accused him of faking, and while Fancy tended to Alistair Ethan continued his invective against Alistair. Alistair and Ethan traded parting threats before Ethan left. Ethan caught up with Noah and Sam, and helped them look for Jessica. Spike grew impatient as he watched Jessica rebuff potential clients. He gave her more drugs to relax her before leaving to call Alistair, who ordered Spike to do whatever it takes to destroy the Bennetts. Alistair then quizzed Fancy about her interest in Noah. Alistair conceded that Ethan had a point about Alistair not having any successors groomed to take over the Crane empire after he dies. Fancy offered herself to be Alistair's new heir. Alistair laughed at her suggestion, and gave Fancy some money for a shopping spree. Fancy inquired as to who Alistair would pick as his successor. After thinking a moment, Alistair came up with a devilish idea. Meanwhile, Sam, Noah and Ethan were aghast when they found Jessica whoring herself on the wharf. An enraged Sam threatened to kill Jessica's would-be John if he caught him with Jessica ever again.

Luis reiterated his promise to Sheridan to find Beth and return Marty. Sheridan got a phone call from Marty — thanks to Beth, who relished taunting Sheridan from her airplane. Beth declared that would be the last time Sheridan would ever hear Marty's voice again, and told Sheridan the only reason Sheridan doesn't have her son is because Luis loved Beth too much to shoot her when he had the opportunity. Beth told Sheridan she was weak and needy and didn't deserve to be Marty's mom. Luis frantically tried to have the call traced, but to no avail — Beth blew a final kiss to Luis over the phone before hanging up on him.

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