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Monday, March 7, 2005

Katherine and Gwen arrive at the Crane compound. Katherine tries to persuade Gwen to take the baby back to Harmony, but Gwen remains convinced that "Ashley" is her daughter. Gwen says that Katherine thought she was protecting Sheridan by leaving her behind and that made Sheridan's life worse, so now Gwen is protecting Ashley by taking her along.

Pilar asks Martin for the truth about why he left Harmony. He says that he can't tell her and that he is keeping his secret because if he told her, it would put everyone in danger. Pilar accepts this and promises not to ask again. She asks him if he is going to stay in Harmony and try to rebuild his family or if he is going to leave and search for Katherine. He tells her he can't give up on Katherine.

Fox asks Whitney why she is so upset and he gets in another argument with Chad. Whitney storms off to be alone and Chad tells Fox it's all Fox's fault for pressuring her. Fox points out what a hypocrite he's being. Ivy says Whitney is only acting like this because of hormones. TC snaps that Whitney is agitated and neither Fox nor Chad is helping and Liz continues to work on turning TC against Eve by reminding him that this is partly Eve's fault.

Theresa wakes up from a dream about having her perfect family with Ethan, her son and her daughter and remembers that Jane is still with Gwen. Theresa tells Little Ethan that his sister is missing, but that he shouldn't worry because she and Ethan won't stop until they find her. Whitney comes to the house and Ethan and Theresa tell her what has happened. Whitney tries to comfort Theresa and Ethan tells them that they have the FBI and Interpol on the lookout for Jane and Gwen.

Simone and Kay can't figure out why Paloma would go back to a nightclub, and why she didn't have the common sense to know that the "stickers" she licked were really drugs. Kay worries that if Sam finds out Jessica isn't there, all hell will break loose. Jessica is on the ground outside the front door of the Bennett house, but Sam doesn't see her when he comes home from work. Kay and Simone go to intercept him before he figures out that Jessica isn't home.

Beth works on breaking the gas pipe in Sheridan's room, hoping to kill her in her sleep. She makes Mrs. Wallace take Marty downstairs and finally is able to break the pipe, but accidentally inhales the fumes herself and collapses on the floor. When she comes to, she crawls out of the room and downstairs. On the pier, Luis blames Katherine for all his problems. When Father Lonigan joins him, he asks for his advice.

Tuesday, March 8, 2005

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Ethan comforted Theresa just as Whitney walked in. They filled her in about Gwen and Katherine's getaway. Whitney told Theresa that Fox proposed and that she turned him down. Theresa told her that she would have to get over Chad and move on with her life. Whitney remarked that it was ironic that Theresa wanted her baby, but couldn't get her back, while she'd do anything to get rid of the baby she hates.

At the police department, Martin and Pilar discussed him coming back to her. He said he isn't ready to give up on Katherine, whom he loved even longer than he was with Pilar. Pilar couldn't understand why Martin couldn't just start over with her.

At the Wallace house, Beth threw open all the doors and windows to keep the gas leak in Sheridan's room from affecting them. Since it was freezing outside, even Precious got cold enough to need Beth's fur trimmed coat to keep warm. As a further insulator, Precious and Edna chugged gin by the bottle. Beth was still deluded into thinking that when she kills Sheridan, Luis will run into her arms and marry her. Upstairs, Sheridan slipped further and further under the influence of the leaking gas.

At the waterfront, Luis moaned to Father Lonigan that Sheridan is still angry with him. He couldn't understand why Sheridan wanted to forgive her mother. Father Lonigan convinced him to work it out with Sheridan. And he ran to Beth's to talk to her.

At the Crane compound on a remote island, Gwen tried to convince Katherine to leave her and go back to Harmony to be with the ones she loves. Katherine asserted that she can't go back now. She'll ruin their lives if she goes back.

At the Bennett house, Kay and Simone slipped downstairs to greet Sam and keep him away from Paloma in Jessica's room. Sam was suspicious, but before he could go upstairs to check, Ivy came in to deliver the news about Fox and Chad fighting over Whitney in the backyard. Sam agreed to break up the disturbance in his yard if Ivy would check on Jessica. She checks and thinks that a covered up Paloma is Jessica. While the discussion between Chad and Fox raged, T.C. and Liz insisted that Whitney would be going home with them where she'd get proper attention. Eve protested that she was very involved in her daughter's life. T.C. went off on a rant about Eve and her secrets. Tabitha watched in the wings and made a comment under her breath about a secret that Liz was keeping from everybody. Sam told everybody about Katherine and Gwen getting away in the Crane jet and then he convinced Chad and Fox to walk away from their constant sniping and punching. Sam returned to the living room, where he heard someone at the front door. He opened it just in time to catch a wounded, fainting Jessica.

Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Mrs. Wallace, Beth, Precious and Marty are bundled up in the kitchen with the back door open, away from the fumes. Beth is frustrated when she discovers that Sheridan isn't dead yet, and panics when Luis comes over, desperate to talk to Sheridan. Beth is almost able to talk him into leaving--and narrowly escapes their house exploding by convincing him not to light a fire--when he smells gas and sees Mrs. Wallace's bird upstairs drop dead. Luis runs into the guest room and finds Sheridan passed out from the fumes. He orders Beth to shut the heater off and breaks open the window to try to air out the room.

When Whitney continues to say she despises her unborn child, Theresa is horrified and asks Whitney why she is saying such awful things. After a while, Theresa says she has it figured out and thinks the baby is going to be born with a birth defect. Whitney tells her she is completely wrong, and admits that Chad, not Fox, is the father of her baby.

Sam carries Jessica into the house. He is frantic when he can't wake her up and yells for Eve, who tells him that Jessica has been using drugs. Kay and Simone come downstairs and relate their story to Sam. Eve examines Jessica and breaks the news to Sam that Jessica has had sex, and she found no evidence of rape. She suggests that Jessica is suffering from post-traumatic shock from her mother leaving and that is why she has been acting out lately. Ivy overhears Julian saying to Tabitha that he wants to be more involved in Endora's life, as her father, and wonders how to make the most of his secret. Kay and Simone tell Sam the whole story about what happened at the club and Kay tells him about her visions. Sam is enraged and is determined to find the scum that did this to Jessica and kill him!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

At the Crane compound, Gwen studied a map, trying to decide where she was going to disappear with baby Jane/Ashley. Now it was Katherine's turn to quiz Gwen about why she didn't go back to Harmony to be with Ethan. Gwen insisted that Katherine remember to call the baby Ashley. She said that legally the baby is hers because Theresa signed over her rights. She told Katherine that she could slip into any number of European countries and blend right in since she speaks a half dozen languages. Whenever Katherine brought up Ethan, Gwen momentarily froze and looked as if her "crazy mask" was ready to slip back into place.

At the Bennett house, the paramedics got Jessica and Paloma stabilized and then transported them to the hospital. Sam sent Kay and Simone to be there for the girls so that he could concentrate on revenge. He threw down his badge and asked Chad and Fox for help. He asked the two of them to call Ethan to tell him what had happened to his sister Jessica. Fox asked if he wanted them to take out the club and Sam said that he couldn't ask them to do anything illegal. Julian said that if a man attacked any of his daughters, he'd be tempted to do worse. Ivy told Julian she liked that about the new and improved Julian. She told him she knew that Endora was his daughter. She was repulsed by the thought of him making love to Tabitha. He asked her what she was going to do with that information and Ivy told him she wasn't sure yet. Ivy then stared out the window to Tabitha's window.

At the Wallace house, Luis roused Sheridan from her gas-induced stupor. Beth was upset that Sheridan escaped certain death once again. While the paramedics treated her with oxygen, Sheridan wanted to hold Marty. She told Luis that she dreamt that the three of them were a family again. As they got ready to take her in the ambulance, Luis instructed Beth to bring Marty to be checked out at the hospital too. Beth huffed that she didn't think anything was wrong with Marty.

At the hospital, Sheridan kept drifting in and out of consciousness, and when she was awake she wanted her baby. A baby was born and crying in the next emergency room cubicle and Sheridan kept begging Luis to bring her the baby since he was crying. After Eve examined her, she told Luis that Sheridan may never be well again.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house Whitney started to leave and Theresa told her she couldn't just say that Chad is the baby's father and then walk out. She wanted her to stay and talk. Theresa asked her if her mom knew and Whitney said she knew and it was her fault. Theresa explained how ludicrous that line of reasoning was. Even if Eve had known that her baby was still alive, even if she told her family that there was a son somewhere out in the world, would Whitney have asked every boy she dated for a DNA sample? That stopped Whitney in her tracks. She said she still could never tell Chad and Fox the truth. Ethan came into the room and wanted to know what couldn't be told. He said he was tired of all the secrets in Harmony. Theresa covered for her and then Ethan got an urgent phone call from Fox.

At the underground club, Chad and Fox set aside their differences to work with Ethan on clearing the joint. After all the customers booked, they set to smashing the place with baseball bats and clubs. The club owner and a couple of strong arms squared off with the three of them.

At Randy's apartment, he admired his collection of Jessica Poloroids that he'd taped in a chaotic array on the wall beside his bed. Sam burst through his door and when Randy wanted to know who he thought he was, he said he was the Chief of Police and Jessica's father. Randy played dumb, then broke a bottle and charged Sam. When the fight was over, Randy was still cracking wise and Sam pointed his gun at Randy who whined that Sam couldn't shoot him because he's the police.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Julian comes to see Endora and Tabitha and says again that he wants to be more involved in Endora's life. He tells Tabitha he wants custody of his daughter.

Gwen has decided to take "Ashley" with her to Paris or Venice and disappear. Katherine tries again to convince Gwen to return the baby to her mother, but Gwen says that even if the baby really is Theresa's, Gwen is doing the exact same thing that Katherine did with Paloma. Gwen admires Katherine for being willing to stay at the Crane compound by herself and subject herself to visits from Alistair in order to save Sheridan and Luis's relationship.

Theresa tries to talk Whitney out of living with Chad. Whitney says that Theresa has always told her that she should be with the man she loves. Theresa points out that she wasn't including Whitney's own brother in that statement. She tells Whitney she would only be inviting temptation by living with Chad and warns her to stay away from him.

Sam arrests Randy and heads to the club when he gets a call about a fight there. Ethan, Chad and Fox continue to destroy the "Basement" club while the club owner and his thugs try to stop them. Finally the club owner pulls out a gun. Fox turns out the lights, and when they come back on, Ethan is collapsed on the floor. Fox tackles the owner just as Sam arrives. Sam tells Chad, Fox and Ethan to go home before he arrests them and threatens the club owner, saying that if he ever opens another club like this, he'll have to deal with Sam.

Martin and Pilar arrive at the hospital and rush to Paloma's side. Pilar is angry with Martin and is convinced that, under Katherine's bad influence, Paloma was doing drugs while she was in Mexico. Martin says that is why he is hesitant to rebuild their relationship; Pilar still has so much anger toward him. Pilar apologizes and Paloma starts seizing. Pilar shouts for Eve, who helps with Paloma until the seizure stops. Paloma comes to and is desperate for more of the "stickers." Kay and Simone come to the hospital to see Jessica and go in to visit her after the doctors have finished examining her. Kay hopes Sam won't do something he will regret. Luis checks on Sheridan and Eve tells him that she is afraid if Sheridan doesn't have another child soon, she will lose her mind.

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