PS Recaps: The week of February 28, 2005 on Passions
Whitney refused to marry Fox. Whitney wanted to raise her child alone. Ethan consoled Theresa over their missing baby. Luis feared Sheridan was suicidal. Beth planned Sheridan's “suicide.” Jessica and Paloma flirted with men and unwittingly took drugs -- and Jessica got into serious trouble.
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Monday, February 28, 2005

Chad couldn't be talked out of wanting to be with Whitney. Even though Father Lonigan warned him that it was a sin, he wanted to be a part of her life. Eve and Julian were disgusted with the thought of Eve's son and daughter actually wanting to spend their lives together. Chad went too far when he offered to help raise Whitney's baby, and Fox was angry and in disbelief. Ivy told Fox that he needed to be prepared for the possibility that Whitney might accept Chad's proposal. When Chad asked Whitney if she wanted to be with him, Eve intervened and said she wouldn't let Whitney do it, and Whitney couldn't take the risk of having a second baby with her own brother.

The plane was nowhere to be found, but the good news was there had been no signs of any explosions. Sam said there had to be some sort of device on the plane to keep it from appearing on radar. Ethan took Theresa back to her house, and Rebecca was not happy that when Gwen had disappeared on a plane, Ethan was spending his time with Theresa. Pilar enjoyed Martin's pain in losing Katherine and refused to give him a divorce, saying that he needed to reconcile with his family and she needed to try to forgive him for abandoning them.

Sheridan prayed for her mother's return and confided in Father Lonigan, telling him that she knew her child was still alive. When he told her that her baby had died and offered to call Luis, she ran out of the church. Father Lonigan called Luis and said he was concerned about Sheridan and that he didn't know where she had gone.

Beth decided that she would go ahead with her plan to murder Sheridan and make it look like a suicide, except "this time," Sheridan would die at Beth's house -- so when Sheridan went to Beth on the verge of a breakdown and asked to stay there, Beth was more than happy to agree.

Tuesday, March 1, 2005

On the waterfront, Pilar and Luis talked about Sheridan. Luis was worried that she'd harm herself. He couldn't find her, and he was upset that she was so angry. Pilar didn't think it was time to worry. Luis started to realize that he was to blame for her anger.

Pilar told Luis that he might be smothering Sheridan instead of protecting her. Pilar reminded him of the lesson Father Lonigan had told Precious at the wedding about letting love go. Pilar told him that she was trying to forgive Martin and that Luis needed to forgive Katherine. He listed all the reasons why he shouldn't. He thought there were some things that were unforgivable.

Luis still didn't want anything to do with his father. Pilar reminded him that people had to love when it was really hard. Luis listed all the ways their lives would be different if Martin hadn't left, and Pilar reminded him that if Martin hadn't left, Luis would be married to Beth with several kids, and he would never have met or fallen in love with Sheridan.

At the Wallace house, Sheridan thanked Beth for letting her stay there. Beth said that was what friends were for, and Edna thought that with friends like Beth, "enemies need not apply." Edna suggested Sheridan go home to Luis, and Sheridan said she couldn't because they'd had a big fight. Beth planned to kill Sheridan in the night. Beth asked if Sheridan wanted some tea, and when Sheridan balked, Beth didn't push it.

Beth asked what the fight had been about, and Sheridan explained all the points. Beth acted sympathetic. Edna blurted out that Beth would kill Sheridan with kindness. Sheridan asked for advice. Beth asked her if Sheridan loved him, and Sheridan waxed poetic about their love. Beth started driving wedges between Sheridan and Luis by telling her that she had the right to tell Luis he could never see Pilar again if he was going to insist she never see her mother again.

Beth told Sheridan that the bond between mother and child was strong, and then Edna imagined Beth hooked up to a lie detector, being questioned by Sheridan. In the vision, the lie detector blew up when Sheridan asked Beth if she was a psychopath trying to kill her. Back in the real world, Beth told Sheridan there was only one answer to the problem: Sheridan could never see Luis again. Sheridan said she could never not see Luis. Sheridan said that she still wanted Marty in her life and that she couldn't stop thinking he was her little boy.

Sheridan asked Bath for forgiveness. Sheridan started to call Luis, and a quaking Beth insisted she couldn't. Beth stammered that Sheridan should get a good night's sleep first. Sheridan agreed, and Beth told her to get settled in the guest room, and Beth would get her some tea. Beth planned out how she would give Sheridan the sleeping pill overdose; they'd wake up in the morning, go into the guest room, and find Sheridan and her suicide note. Then, she had Edna and Precious practice looking shocked.

While Ivy made coffee for Tabitha at the Bennett house, Fox and Ivy marveled that Chad still wanted to be with Whitney. Ivy remarked that "this whole thing has Larry Winger written all over it." Fox thought he could just go outside and propose to Whitney again, and everything would be all right. Meanwhile, outside, Tabitha looked on while Eve stuck her foot in her mouth as she told Whitney that she'd put herself at risk for having a second baby with her own half-brother. Whitney and Julian stopped her before she dug her hole too deep, but Chad asked if she meant he was the father of Whitney's baby.

Ivy and Fox noticed the commotion and raced outside to find out what was going on. Chad repeated what Eve had said. Ivy dropped the coffee tray, causing Tabitha to complain that she had really been looking forward to that cup of coffee, so Endora zapped one up for her. Eve managed to cover for herself. Fox told Chad to stop saying he wanted to be with Whitney.

Julian tried to convince Chad that it would be wrong to live with Whitney. Eve tried to convince Whitney to just be with Fox. Fox asked Whitney all over again to marry him. He told her all the reasons why he loved her. Whitney told him she couldn't marry him.

Wednesday, March 2, 2005

At the club, Jessica and Paloma were high, and Randy took Jessica to a back room, where he gave her another "sticker" to lick and got ready to take advantage of her. Kay and Simone found the club. They stumbled across Paloma but couldn't find Jessica. They decided she had probably already left, so they took Paloma and went home.

Pilar tried to make Luis believe that he actually should be grateful to Martin, because if Martin hadn't left, Luis would never have fallen in love with Sheridan. Pilar said she was disappointed he could not deal with his father leaving and called it a test of faith. She told him God knew what was best for them, and the path to happiness was forgiveness. Luis refused to forgive his father for abandoning them. Luis left to look for Sheridan at the café, while Pilar went to see Theresa.

Theresa was waiting with Ethan for an update at the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, but there was still no news on the plane's whereabouts. Pilar arrived to check up on them and told Little Ethan, who had woken up again, that his little sister was on an "exciting plane ride." Ethan thought he should go home for the night, but Little Ethan asked him to stay and asked Theresa and Ethan to put him to sleep. Ethan hesitated, but Theresa, Ethan, and Little Ethan ended up falling asleep together.

Beth drugged another cup of tea, but Sheridan politely declined when Beth offered it to her, saying that tea kept her up at night. Sheridan went upstairs to go to bed, and Beth devised another plan. She called Luis and said that Sheridan was at her house, but she didn't think he should go over because Sheridan had said she didn't want to see or speak to Luis. Beth told Luis to stay where he was, and she'd go there to talk about Sheridan.

When Beth left, Mrs. Wallace took Marty to Sheridan's room and said Marty could spend the night with Sheridan. At the café, Beth said that Sheridan had been adamant that she hadn't wanted to see him, and she was furious with him. Beth convinced him that if he were to go try to talk to her, it would make things worse. She told him if Sheridan knew how he felt about Katherine and wanted to have a relationship with her anyway, Beth thought it meant she had already told him that her mother was more important than him.

Thursday, March 3, 2005

At the Harmony Police Station, Martin and Sam checked out airports on the computer to see if the Crane jet had landed. It appeared that with Crane money, the jet and its occupants might land anywhere without detection or that Alistair could cover up the landing. Martin lamented the loss of his love -- Katherine -- and Pilar walked in just in time to hear him rant about her leaving without any way for him to find her. Pilar told him that should help him know how it felt.

Pilar begged Martin to tell why he had left. She had gone there because she had been unable to sleep, had gone for a walk, and had seen Sam working through the window. A cop walked by and told Martin he hoped he found his wife. Pilar took exception to that, reminding him that she was his wife. Pilar begged him again to tell her why he had left. He said it was worse than she could imagine. Sam told Martin that he should tell, especially if there was information that could help convict Alistair of a crime.

As Pilar left, Sam and Martin talked about Sam's marital history and how he was back with his first love. Martin said Sam was lucky. It appeared that Sam could see that Pilar was still within earshot when he asked if Martin wanted to be back with his first love. Martin never directly answered but danced all around the issue.

When Martin and Sam discussed their troubles with their kids, Martin told Sam how proud he was of his kids and how much he admired the way Pilar had raised them. Sam told him that Miguel sent regular checks home to take care of baby Maria. Sam told Martin how worried he was about Jessica's wild ways. He said the only reason she was at home was because he had grounded her.

At the club, the sex room gatekeeper admonished Randy to hurry up and finish. Randy handed him some more money, and when a drugged Jessica told him she didn't want any more sex because she didn't feel good, he had her lick one of the drug stickers. After the gatekeeper yelled at him again, Randy played a live version of "dress the Barbie." He led Jessica out to the main club and sat her in a chair so he could make eyes at more women.

When Randy got back to the chair, Jessica had wandered out the door and vanished from his sight. Jessica bumped into a couple of young women entering the club, and one of them commented that she looked like she was suffering from "sticker shock." Jessica wandered the streets toward home and bumped her head on a telephone pole, which knocked her to the ground. She opened her eyes and shielded them just as a car, driven by a man under the influence, careened her way.

At the Bennett house, Kay and Simone tended to a drugged-out Paloma and wrung their hands, worrying about where Jessica could possibly be. They bemoaned their mothers' less-than-admirable job and postulated that it would be good to have grandmothers. While visualizing the perfect grandmother, Kay had a Charity-like vision of Jessica lying on the ground with blood on her face. Simone bemoaned Liz trying to step in to be her mother and realized her dad didn't know about the circus going on in the yard below, so she called him and told him he needed to go to the Bennetts' because Whitney was having problems. She told him about Fox and Chad's proposals, and T.C. swore he'd kill Chad.

Simone told T.C. to stay home if he was going to be violent. He and Liz hurried right over to see what was wrong. Fox whined to Ivy about why Whitney had turned him down. Eve moaned to Julian about Whitney, and Chad said it was because she loved him that she wouldn't marry Fox. Julian tried to talk sense into Chad. Fox and Chad started arguing, and Whitney broke them up. When T.C. arrived, he berated Eve for not involving him. Liz immediately asked Whitney to sit down and discuss things rationally.

T.C asked what was going on. Chad said that he loved Whitney, and they were going to be together. T.C. and Chad got into a knockdown fight, but Julian and Fox pulled them apart before there was any real damage. Tabitha was disappointed about the lack of blood, so Endora made each of their noses bleed. T.C. then went off on the Cranes for ruining his wife and daughter and all the women with whom they had relationships. Fox and Chad each made their claims for Whitney, and she decreed that she'd never get married to anyone.

Friday, March 4, 2005

While tending to Paloma, Kay was frightened when she had a disturbing vision of Jessica. As her sister worried, a dazed Jessica roamed the streets, getting herself into even more trouble.

Whitney stunned everyone when she announced she had turned down Fox's proposal because she never wanted to get married. Explaining that every marriage in Harmony had ended in disaster, Whitney declared she was going to raise her child by herself.

As a distraught Sheridan settled into bed at Beth's. She tried to convince herself that Marty was not her child. Meanwhile, Beth met with Luis and attempted to convince him that Sheridan wanted nothing to do with him.

Pilar was affected when she overheard Martin telling Sam how hard it had been to leave and that he had never stopped loving his wife. Sam encouraged Martin to reveal his secret to his family, but a pained Martin insisted it would destroy them to know the truth. Pilar stopped eavesdropping and confronted her husband.

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