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Monday, January 3, 2005

Julian, TC and Sam find Liz unconscious on the floor of the church basement. TC immediately accuses Eve of murdering her sister, as Eve is crouched over Liz holding a knife. Eve explains that Liz had collapsed and she had performed an emergency tracheotomy. Rebecca frantically calls the paramedics and they arrive and try to stabilize Liz while TC looks on. One of the EMTs pulls Sam aside and Sam declares the site a crime scene.

Sheridan is momentarily ecstatic to embrace who she believes is her mother, but Luis interrupts their reunion and convinces Sheridan that it's not possible "Mrs. Wheeler" is Katherine. Paloma manages to find a way to blame Pilar for Mrs. Wheeler's confession and sides with her father yet again. Martin and Mrs. Wheeler rush out of the church, leaving Sheridan in tears. As Sheridan sits in the sacristy by herself, she thinks over all the suspicious things Mrs. Wheeler has said to her. To Beth's delight, Sheridan realizes that Mrs. Wheeler was not lying and runs out onto the church grounds to find her.

Gwen stabs Theresa in the back two more times before Ethan manages to get the scalpel away from her and Ivy gets a nurse. The NICU nurse gets a doctor down to Theresa, who rushes her into surgery and announces that Gwen has hit a major artery. The NICU nurse calls the police but Ethan manages to convince her not to call hospital security. Ivy wants to lie to the police about what happened to try to make it seem like Gwen was acting in self-defense, but Ethan refuses. The police arrive and Gwen calmly confesses. In the operating room, the surgeon says Theresa's chance of survival is slim and Theresa flatlines!

Tuesday, January 4, 2005

In the hospital operating room, Theresa is in surgery to repair the stab wounds Gwen made in her back with a large scalpel that she stole from a tray of surgical instruments just sitting out on a cart.

In the nurses station area, the Harmony P.D. arrests and handcuffs Gwen. Ethan refuses to let them arrest her for attempted murder. He says he'll take Gwen to the station later for questioning. Gwen agrees to go with the officers. Ivy stands up for Gwen because "Theresa is the real criminal." As Theresa is wheeled out of surgery to go to recovery, Gwen woodenly says, "Theresa is still alive? I wanted her dead." She thinks it's the only way they'll get their lives back. Gwen jumps up onto Theresa and tries to strangle her. The police decide to take her immediately to the police station and Ethan says he'll go too. He wants Ivy to keep trying to call Rebecca.

At the police station, Gwen keeps babbling about why she had to kill Theresa and Ethan tells the policeman that this is all off the record and as his wife's attorney she isn't going to say anything more, but she persists in telling all the reasons why she had to kill Theresa.

In the church courtyard with Beth, Mrs. Wallace, Martin, Luis, Pilar and Paloma (and Precious) looking on, Sheridan demands that Mrs. Wheeler tell her if she is her mother. Martin and Katherine keep denying it and explaining that she was just a friend of Katherine. Mrs. Wheeler finally says she can't live this lie anymore and admits she is Katherine Crane. Pilar cautions Sheridan not to believe it and Luis tells Katherine to quit this stupid lie. He tells Sheridan, "She can't be your mother. She's a monster." Sheridan tells him to stop saying those things about her mother. Luis swears to Sheridan that Mrs. Wheeler can't be Katherine or he would have found her fingerprints in the Crane Industries computer database. Mrs. Wallace chimes in with what she remembers about Katherine's funeral. Beth cowers in the shadows biting her nails and worrying about how she can break up Luis and Sheridan with Mrs. Wheeler. Beth reminds them that everyone only went to a memorial service. There wasn't an open casket. Why not believe Mrs. Wheeler? Katherine answers, Luis accuses, Sheridan defends. Beth and Pilar pick at details about Katherine dying when Martin disappeared. Martin finally stops all the speculation by telling them not to blame Katherine. It was his idea to leave. Pilar starts accusing him of having an affair with Katherine all those years ago. He told her that he was back at the office all those times, but he must have been with Katherine instead. He denies there was an affair. He only meant to protect Katherine from Alistair. Paloma asks him to tell her that Mrs. Wheeler really isn't Katherine Crane. He tells her that it really is true.. Beth in the shadows signals, "Touchdown!" She is sure she's broken up Luis and Sheridan. Luis asks why Katherine faked her death. They explain that they were going to call everybody as soon as they were settled but, Alistair declared her dead so she couldn't come back. Alistair didn't want anybody to know his wife had run away from him. Luis keeps accusing them of being lovers and Martin insists they were just friends. Sheridan asks how she could just leave her and not get in touch. Katherine tells her how sorry she is but she wanted Sheridan to be safe from Alistair. It all becomes too much for her and Sheridan faints. Luis tries to bring Sheridan back, while shooing Precious away. Katherine tries to comfort her, but Luis tells her to not touch Sheridan. Father Lonigan arrives and apologizes for being gone so long. They tell him that Sheridan has fainted and he asks if they'll want to get back to the wedding. Beth in mock innocence declares "Oh. No! Not under the circumstances!"

In the church basement with Julian, Rebecca, Sam, and paramedics in attendance, T.C. exclaims that Eve has killed her sister. Eve explains that Liz just collapsed when they were talking. Eve wants to go with Liz in the ambulance, but T.C. won't hear of it and Sam says he'll ride with her.

Out on the waterfront, Whitney and Fox go for coffee. Whitney reflects on the value of telling Fox the truth. Chad and Valerie walk up. Valerie forgot her coat in the car so she rushes back to get it. Chad stays to commiserate. Fox returns with the coffee and derides Chad about not being in charge of that important project anymore. That must be why he isn't working late at the office (smirk, smirk). Valerie comes running up and tells them that she heard on the radio that Whitney's Aunt Liz has been rushed to the hospital.

Liz and crew arrive at the emergency room. T.C. wants a doctor different from Eve to treat Liz. Eve can't believe people think she'd really try to kill Liz. Sam asks everybody to tell what happened and Rebecca colors the tale to look like Eve was brutally fighting with Liz. Sam gets the tox screen info and tells T.C. and Eve that Liz was poisoned. T.C. says that proves it. Eve had access to poison. Julian swears Eve wouldn't kill Liz. Fox, and Whitney arrive. T.C. says "everybody drank out of that punchbowl and nobody else is sick." Sam gets information that the poison is the same one that was used to attack Alistair. Rebecca encourages Whitney with, "just because your mother is an adulterer doesn't make her a murderer." Rebecca thinks to herself that this could still all work out to her advantage. Julian wants to know why anybody would want Liz dead. He understands why people wanted Alistair dead, but why Liz? T.C. says that absolutely seals it! Eve is the only one who hated her sister and she already said she wanted to kill her in front of everybody at the church before the wedding,

Ivy finally gets through to Rebecca. She tells her all the news about Gwen and Theresa. Rebecca is stricken. Everybody looks on as she asks, "Well tell me that at least she killed Theresa?" When she hangs up her cell phone, a bedraggled Rebecca tells them that the baby is Theresa's, that Gwen stabbed her, she's clinging to life and that Gwen has been arrested.

Whitney gasps and runs to the E.R. to be with Theresa. The doctor tells her she can talk to her, but she's in a coma. Whitney tells her she needs to wake up. Her children need her and Whitney needs her.

At the police station, Gwen is put in a holding cell. Ethan tells her he'll get her out as soon as he can. Rebecca blows in telling her this is a complete travesty of justice. Theresa is the real criminal.

Eve asks Julian if she believes her. He tells her that he knows she's being railroaded.

Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Pilar lets Martin have it when Father Lonigan confirms that "Mrs. Wheeler" is Katherine. Katherine tries to explain that she and Martin left because Alistair's abuse had gotten so bad, but Luis and Pilar don't buy it, saying he could have at least let them know he was alive. Luis warns Katherine to stay away from Sheridan. Beth, who is still convinced Luis will come back to her, looks on as Sheridan mutters in her sleep that she hates her mother. Luis tells Sheridan that they can still get married tonight. Pilar hears about Theresa being stabbed and rushes to the hospital.

Rebecca slips up and asks aloud why Gwen didn't come to her for help in murdering Theresa, making Ethan suspicious. Gwen thinks that Ethan will go back to Theresa now that she has his baby, but he does his best to assure her that he won't. Ethan asks the guard to put Gwen on suicide watch and goes to the hospital to try to convince Theresa not to press charges. It scares Rebecca to think of what might happen to Gwen and she ends up praying for God to save Gwen.

Everyone is against Eve and only Julian and Chad stand by her side. The evidence shows Eve's fingerprints on the punch glass and they confirm the poison came from the hospital pharmacy, but Sam still doesn't arrest Eve. Liz's health is steadily declining as her vital organs begin to shut down. Whitney stays by Theresa's bedside, talking to her, hoping to pull her out of the coma. Chad comes to see Theresa and overhears Whitney telling Theresa the truth about her baby, but Whitney manages to cover it up. Ethan and a hysterical Pilar arrive to see Theresa. Pilar swears she will make Gwen pay if Theresa dies.

Thursday, January 6, 2005

At the hospital, Theresa is still in a coma. Pilar tries to wake her by talking to her about her baby and little Ethan. She tells her she doesn't have to be afraid because Gwen is in jail. Ethan arrives from being with Gwen at the jail. He has to find a way to convince Theresa not to press charges against Gwen for stabbing her. Ethan also tries to wake her by talking to her. Ivy walks in and sees an emotional Ethan clinging to Theresa's hand. She pulls him aside and asks him why he cares so much for Theresa. "Gwen needs you now, not Theresa!" He reassures his mother that Gwen is the one he loves, but he needs to plead Gwen's case with Theresa so Gwen doesn't wind up in prison. Pilar hears him and declares that if Theresa doesn't live to press charges, Theresa's poor children will be motherless and that she will see to it personally that Gwen pays for what she's done to Theresa. Ivy defends Gwen for being out of her mind with grief when she stabbed Theresa.

The doctor tells them that she doesn't seem to be responding and if she doesn't come out of her coma in the next hour, her body will probably start shutting down.

Meanwhile, in Liz's room, her vital signs are dropping and the doctor worries that her body is shutting down. Out in the hospital corridor, Sam is still trying to untangle what happened to Liz in the church basement. Julian is supporting Eve. Rebecca flounces in from visiting Gwen in jail and wants to know why Sam hasn't arrested "Dr. Kevorkian." Whitney, Chad, and Fox enter in a little clump. They ask T.C. if Eve is still a suspect. He tells them in a voice of bitter acrimony raised against Eve that her fingerprints were all over Liz's glass and she had access to the hospital closet from which the poison came. Rebecca skulks in the background hoping to throw in barbs as needed and then recede from the spotlight. Sam says he ordered a printout of whose swipe cards were used to enter the closet in the last 24 hours. Eve is sure it will clear her because she hasn't been in the closet in days. We flashback to Rebecca using Eve's card to steal the poison. T.C. accuses Eve with a flourish "You have the proof! Arrest her now! She couldn't stand the fact that I asked Liz to marry me and she hated her."

In the church sacristy, Sheridan starts to come to from her faint. Beth asks her mother why they are still going to get married and Edna says, "Because true love wins out." Luis tells Sheridan to forget about her mother and he'll forget about his father. They can still get married. Sheridan agrees that all she needs is Luis. Beth runs over and tells Sheridan she doesn't look well and should go home. Luis says they should postpone. Beth smirks at her mother. Beth tells her mother that she has to get Sheridan to bond with Katherine. "Then it will be good bye Sheridan, hello Beth." Edna shakes her head.

In a mock sincerity, Beth tells Luis and Sheridan that she's sorry they had to cancel their wedding, but it's for the best. Then she loads on all how horrible it must be to find out about Katherine. Then she sends Luis off to get Sheridan a drink because she's probably dehydrated. Now that she separated them, Beth runs over and rips Sheridan's dress with her high heels. She sends her mother to the Bride's Room to get Sheridan something to wear. "Her dress is useless now. Probably just as well that you aren't getting married." Beth convinces Sheridan to go out and talk to Katherine outside. She's all alone and it would be a good time to talk. "She looks really sad."

Martin arrives at the hospital from the church only to have Pilar venomously spit out that Theresa doesn't want him there. She slaps him across the face. They don't need him, so why did he come now-twenty years too late. Martin swears that he loves Theresa and all his children. She tells him to go back to his mistress. Martin leaves in tears.

Back at the corridor outside Liz's room at the hospital, Eve says she hasn't been in that room. San tells her not to lie because the same poison was used on Alistair. Whitney asks her mom if she did this. She's already ruined all of their lives. Eve tells her, "Whitney you know me" and Whitney declares that she doesn't know her anymore that her whole life is a lie. Liz starts to flat line and Chad thinks to himself that he can't lose his newly found Aunt Liz. Rebecca thinks to herself that she didn't mean to kill Liz. T.C.. damns Eve for doing this. Julian says there is no evidence. T.C. angrily reiterates all the evidence against Eve. The doctor comes out and Whitney jumps to the conclusion that Liz is dead and her mother murdered her. Sam asks the doctor if Liz is dead and he says that they've stabilized her. She's unconscious and very sick. Eve asks to see her and Sam won't let her. Sam gets the printout and Eve says, "Now you'll see I'm right" Julian asks Sam who is on the list and Sam says the last person to use the swipe card is Dr. Eve Russell.

Ethan has an idea - bring the baby to Theresa. It isn't thriving in the NICU eating formula, and needs to nurse from Theresa. Maybe it will wake up Theresa. They need each other. After time passes, the doctor gives up and starts to send the baby back. Ethan pleads with him for just a little more time. The baby begins crying in earnest and Pilar desperately prays Theresa wakes up. Theresa is all smooshy about how beautiful the baby is and asks Ethan to touch her.

Sheridan goes outside to talk to Katherine (Beth is sure that Luis will explode). She asks her how she could just leave her. Sheridan needs to know everything. Katherine tells her she is sorry. Sheridan recounts the hell she went through because she was told her mother died. "Was I that bad of a child? Did you really hate me so much?" Katherine and Sheridan hug and Beth watches from inside. She can't contain herself and jumps up and down on a sofa in her glee. If Luis sees this reunion, he'll hate Sheridan and they will be separated forever! Edna tells Beth that God is going to punish her. Beth says everything will be fine unless Luis walks in on them, which he does. He asks where Sheridan is and Beth tells him she's sleeping. Then she tells him if there's anything he needs...He insists that what Sheridan needs is for Beth to be nice. Sheridan and Katherine embrace and cry. Katherine tells her that she thought it better if she stayed away and Sheridan tells her how Alistair accused her of being the reason her mother died. Then Sheridan remembers her awful nightmares and all the doctors who tried to stop her nightmares. "You left me! And everybody blamed me for it!" Luis hears Sheridan scream and checks the room Beth said she was in then looks outside. "What the hell's wrong with that woman?" He tells Katherine to leave Sheridan alone. She's done enough to hurt her already. In the shadows, Beth asks her mother why Luis isn't mad at Sheridan yet and Edna tells her to ask her shrink. Just as Martin returns, Luis tells Katherine to go back to being his father's whore. Martin tells him to never call her that again! Luis asks him what he's going to do about it. Martin says it's time to tell the whole truth about why they had to leave Alistair.

Friday, January 7, 2005

Ethan asks Theresa not to press charges against Gwen and tries to justify what Gwen did to Theresa. Theresa agrees, much to Pilar's dismay. Theresa says she is ending the feud between Gwen, Rebecca and the Lopez-Fitzgeralds right now because she has to think about her children's future. She tries to get out of bed to go to the NICU and see her baby, but says the doctor strapped her legs down and asks Ethan to un-strap them. Ethan pulls back the blankets...but there are no straps and Theresa can't move her legs.

Simone arrives at the hospital, concerned about Liz, and soon becomes convinced that her mother tried to kill her aunt. Sam tells Eve that all the evidence is against her, but Eve still insists she is innocent, and when she discovers her security card is missing, says that she is being framed. TC attacks Julian and while they are fighting Rebecca slips the card back into Eve's purse and points it out to Sam. Liz regains consciousness and calls out for TC.

Martin decides to tell Luis and Sheridan the truth about why they left Harmony, even though Katherine begs him not to. Luis and Sheridan don't want to hear it and storm off, but Katherine stops them by telling them that Alistair raped her, and Martin says that Alistair would have killed her and stabbed him in the back when he tried to save Katherine-if they didn't leave Harmony, Alistair would have murdered them. Martin assures Luis that he and Katherine were never romantically involved until well after they fled Harmony, and Katherine begs them for forgiveness.

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