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Monday, August 9, 2004

Kay is mourning the loss of Miguel when Tabitha shows up with champagne wanting to celebrate Charity's departure. Kay informs Tabitha that Miguel has left town too. Tabitha is upset, but comforts Kay when she realizes she has no support for Maria. Simone shows up crying, and tells Kay her family is ruined. Simone tells Kay about Eve's past with Julian and that Liz is her aunt. Tabitha is overjoyed to hear the grim news. Simone apologizes to Kay telling her now that she's lost Chad, she knows how Kay felt about losing Miguel. Tabitha goes home to the babysitter who is freaked out by Endora's things floating in the air. As the babysitter rushes off, Tabitha and Endora watch all the happenings to the citizens of Harmony.

Julian brings Eve to the Crane mansion. Ethan and Gwen question why Eve is there and she tells them she has ruined her life. Eve tells Ethan and Gwen the truth about her past with Julian. Gwen offers to help Eve get settled and Eve thanks Julian for standing by her. Julian opens up to Ethan about all the pain he's caused Eve and how sorry he is. Eve tells Gwen to hang onto her family and cherish them because she is hurting over losing hers. Gwen confesses to Eve that she thinks Theresa is going to keep the baby once she has it, while Ethan assures Julian things will work out for him. Gwen asks Ethan if they can leave Harmony once their baby is born. Ethan agrees and Gwen is ecstatic.

Katherine and Martin bemoan the fact that they are hiding their true identities from their children. Alistair eavesdrops on the conversation and laughs. Alistair then watch as Luis and Sheridan walk into Paloma's room and see a family photo. A passerby serenades Katherine and Martin who hates the fact that Alistair has robbed them of their families love. Luis and Sheridan also listen in to the serenade and bask in their love for one another, while the hitman is in Paloma's room ready to strike at her.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

At the Crane mansion, Fox is taking a swim trying to forget about Whitney. Ethan comes in and asks why he looks like he's in pain. Fox says that he is in love and if he knew love was going to be like this he would have waited. Ethan asks if it is Theresa and Fox says no, don't worry. Ethan says he's not in love with her and Fox says he doesn't care. Ethan wants to know who it is so Fox gives in and tells him that it's Whitney. Ethan wonders how he can do this; the four of them were suppose to be best friends. Fox tells him that he's been fighting it for months but now that Whitney knows things were tense between them. They go on discussing Whitney and Chad's relationship and Fox tells him that he won't take her from Chad. Fox says that he's started work at Crane Industries and if he works 24/7 maybe he'll forget about her. Ethan warns him against becoming like Alistair. Fox says he won't be like him, but running Crane Industries is his birthright. Ethan says it was, there is now Julian's other son. Fox says he's been a Crane his whole life and Ethan says the other son has always been a Crane as well. Fox goes on to tell Ethan that the other son is also half African-American and that Alistair is racist. Ethan says that's true but if Alistair can use him to his advantage he will.

Meanwhile, Even and Julian kiss and Julian tells her that he hopes that they and their son can someday become a family. Eve tells him that she can't think about that now. She has hopes that their son will help mend the rift in her family, finding him is the only thing she has left to dream of. She gets ready for bed and then remembers that she and TC made a promise to never go to bed angry. She says that she has to talk things out with TC and starts packing her things to go home. Julian asks her not to go saying that TC is very angry and with his temper she could get hurt. Eve thinks TC has calmed down now and asks Julian to use his car. He gives her a car to use but asks if he can drive her. She says that she has to do it alone.

At the Russell house TC sits in the dark thinking about Eve telling him about her son. Liz comes in and tries to comfort him, telling him that he deserves better. He tells her he can't believe all the lies that Eve has told him. TC tells her that he loves his girls but that he wanted a son. Liz is shocked and asks him if he is going to take Eve back. TC says no, but he can't forget their marriage, it's going to take time to adjust to everything. They go on discussing Whitney and her dreams to sing, and how he'd like a son to pass on his passion for tennis. Liz tells him he can't give up on his dreams. TC says that he has to with Eve gone. Liz tells him that she's not the only woman around, that someone else can give him a son. TC says he doesn't have time to date, but Liz says she's right there, what about her? TC thinks she is just trying to make him feel better. She tells him that they're attracted to each other and TC goes to his room. Later, as TC sleeps Liz slips into bed with him and starts kissing him. He wakes up and asks what she's doing there. She tells him not to fight it even though he protests that it's wrong. She tells him that Eve is probably in bed with Julian. TC doesn't want to believe it, but Liz says they've been sneaking around for months and that Whitney knew and kept their secret. Liz said that she called Eve's phone to find out where she was and the number was that of the Crane mansion. She goes on to say that she's there, and Eve is gone and starts kissing him again. She asks him to make love to her; TC gives in and starts kissing her back. Unknown to him Eve is standing at the door watching. Liz sees her and tells TC how much she wants him; he says he wants her too!

In Mexico, Paloma is struggling with the henchman. From the next room, Luis hears a crash from Paloma's room. Meanwhile Paloma has finally passed out. Luis and Sheridan arrive to check on her unaware that the henchman is in the closet hiding. Maria, Martin and Katherine show up and they all see Paloma asleep in bed. As they are leaving the room Luis finds a necklace on the floor with the Crane logo on it. Out in the hall Martin tells them that some stranger gave it to her the previous week. Luis says that it must have come from Alistair and that Paloma was in danger. Martin agrees with Luis and Luis wonders why since he doesn't even know him. Martin tells him he knows him by reputation. Maria goes in to lock Paloma's windows while the others discuss all the horrible things Alistair has done. A bit later, Katherine and Sheridan are talking and Sheridan tells her that Alistair has tried to kill her on several occasions. Katherine tells her he's a monster. She tells Sheridan that she's lucky she has a good man to look out for her. Sheridan says that everything that Luis's family is going through is because of her. Katherine tries to convince her that it's not her fault. Meanwhile, Martin and Luis stand guard at Paloma's door and Luis tells him that he's going to keep his family safe from Alistair. Martin says that he will help him but Luis tells him not to get involved, he doesn't deserve the wrath of Alistair. Martin tells himself that if anybody is going to stop Alistair it's going to be him. Inside her room, the henchman picks up Paloma and says that once Alistair was done with her nobody would ever see her again!

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

At the Crane mansion, Fox is thanking Ethan for being a brother to him and talking with him earlier. Ethan tells him if he ever needs to talk about Chad and Whitney he's there for him. Fox tells him that the same goes for him and his love triangle. Ethan says that there isn't a triangle; he's in love with Gwen. Ethan goes to be with Gwen and feeds her some strawberries. A bit later they're looking through a book of baby names and Ethan asks her what her name means. Gwen says it means Fair, and she looked up his name and Ethan means Firm. Ethan says "son of a gun" and they make love.

Meanwhile, Theresa sits in with Little Ethan watching him sleep. She's gets a call from Pilar in the hospital who asks if she and the baby are ok. Theresa assures her that she's fine and wonders why she's asking? Pilar says that she'd been startled awake with the feeling something was wrong with her daughter. She goes on to say she thought it was Paloma, but she'd called and talked to Sheridan and she said that Paloma was asleep. Theresa reassures her that everything is fine. Pilar tells her that she's worried about the plans Theresa has. Theresa says everything is going to be fine, when Gwen finds out the truth about the baby she won't want it or Ethan. Pilar says she is going to pray for her and they hang up. Suddenly Theresa cries out in pain!

Ethan and Gwen finish making love and they hear Theresa's scream. They rush into her room and ask what's wrong. Theresa tells them about the pains and wants them to take Little Ethan out of the room so he won't see her and get scared. Gwen tells Theresa that she has a fever and runs to get Eve. Meanwhile, Rebecca shows up and wonders why Theresa is there. Gwen explains to her and Rebecca says that she's insane. They argue for a bit and Gwen tells her they don't have time for this and tells her to go off and find her husband because a lot has happened in her absence. Gwen tells Ethan to get Theresa to the car and she'll tell Eve what's going on.

At Chad's apartment, Whitney is thinking about the problems with her family. Chad wants to take her mind off of things by making love to her. They start to make love and Whitney finds herself thinking of Fox and pulls away from Chad. Chad wants to know what's wrong and doesn't she want to be with him? She says of course she does, she was just thinking about her parents. Chad says that what happened to her parents isn't going to happen to them. Later, as they lie in bed, Simone walks in and says that she came to try to talk to Whitney about helping things between their parents. She goes on to say she was crazy to think that a slut like Whitney could help with the mess their slut mother had made. Whitney asks her not to leave - that she wants her to stay and talk. Simone calls her a whore and tells her she doesn't want to talk to her. Chad tells Simone not to say those things about Whitney; she loves her and wants to work things out. Simone responds by saying Whitney only cares about winning and that was why she stole him from her. Whitney tells her they need each other. Just then Fox shows up with some comfort food, but says he'll leave when he realizes it's a bad time. Chad thanks him for the gesture and asks him to stay and eat with them.

At the Russell house, Eve watches Liz and TC in bed and realizes that it's too late, that Liz had taken everything from her. She leaves the house and finds Julian outside. He tells her that he knows she told him not to come but he was worried about her. Eve tells him about seeing TC and Liz in bed. Meanwhile, back in the bedroom, TC pulls away from Liz telling her that what they are doing is wrong. They talk for a while, Liz telling him that she can give him a son, etc., and TC saying that he's still a married man, etc. Liz convinces him that Eve doesn't care about him anymore and they make love. Later TC tells her that he doesn't feel better; he just did this to get back at Eve. TC says that he hates the fact that Julian and Eve have a son together, but they had a 20-year marriage together. He gets out of bed and Liz asks him where he's going. He tells her he's going to find his wife, if she's in bed with Julian, then their marriage is over.

Back at the Crane mansion, Julian and Eve make love. As they lie in bed afterwards Julian tells Eve that he loves her and always would. She tells him that she loves him too. He understands that she still loves TC, but says he'll always be there for her. Just then, TC storms into the room and says Liz was right, she said you'd run to Julian. Eve realizes that Liz has set her up and tries to tell TC as much. He doesn't listen and goes on calling her a slut. Eve tells him he shouldn't be talking since an hour earlier she caught him in bed with Liz. TC wants to know if she made love with Julian to get even?! Julian interrupts and tells TC to blame him, not Eve. They all start arguing and TC said he's heard enough and decides to leave. Rebecca enters the room and realizes that Eve's secrets are out in the open. Julian drags her out of the room and Rebecca tells him that she wants the two whores out of her house. Julian asks, or what? Rebecca threatens to reveal all of Eve's secrets. Julian tells her that TC knows and so does the whole town, that he and Eve have a son and he's going to be with the woman he loves - and it's certainly not HER! Back in the bedroom TC and Eve talk about the mess their lives are and TC asks her if she really doesn't know where her son is. She tells him no.

In Mexico, Luis tries to check on Paloma but the door is locked. He and Martin break down the door and find her gone! Sheridan finds one of Alistair's calling cards and realizes he's had Paloma kidnapped. Luis and Martin rush out to search for Paloma, and despite her desire to help, Sheridan remains behind. She receives a call from Pilar in Harmony asking if Paloma is ok. She tells her everything is fine. When Pilar asks to speak to her Sheridan tells her she doesn't want to wake her. Pilar says that maybe Sheridan is right and if she says Paloma is ok she trusts her. Sheridan tells Pilar to relax and she says she'll try. Meanwhile, in the jungle, Martin and Luis hear screaming. Luis wants to follow deep into the jungle but Martin hesitates and says they don't have the proper supplies. Martin convinces Luis to rest the night and head out in the morning to search. In the jungle, the henchman ties up Paloma and calls Alistair. He tells him that he has them right where he wants them. Alistair says they'll use Paloma to lure the others into a trap and they'll all pay the price!

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Liz is trying to make the moves on T.C. who is still reeling from finding Eve in bed with Julian the previous night. Sam shows up with Father Lonigan to try to talk T.C. into saving his marriage. Liz tries to interfere, but both Sam and Father tell her to butt out. Father tells Liz that he knows about her molestation and that she blames Eve. T.C. refuses to put his marriage back on track and admits he found Julian and Eve in bed together. Sam in shocked until Father forces T.C. to admit that he slept with Liz too. Father asks T.C. if he'd have married Eve if she had confessed her past to him years ago. Liz tries to think of a way to get rid of Sam and Father before they convince T.C. to go back to Eve. T.C. thinks about taking Eve back when he realizes the only reason Eve slept with Julian was because he slept with Liz, and Liz becomes furious. T.C. admits he feels he turned his back on Eve to quickly. Liz tries to make T.C. hate Eve, but he wants to find a way to make it work. T.C. asks Liz to leave the Russell home.

Eve wakes up at the mansion next to Julian. She gets dressed for work and begs Julian to find their son. Whitney begs Chad to make love to her to get her mind off Fox. Chad tries to get Whitney to open up about her mother, but she changes the subject to their future. When Chad mentions starting a family, Whitney gets stomach pains, which she dismisses as hunger. She and Chad go to the hospital to check on Theresa when they run into Eve. Whitney slaps her mother and tells her she was a drug addicted slut and that is why she couldn't raise the baby she had with Julian. Whitney is fighting with her mother when she gets sick. Eve tells Chad about her baby being kidnapped. Whitney runs into Fox while she's leaving the restroom and Fox insists upon talking to Whitney now.

Julian goes to Crane Industries and runs into Fox who is at work early. Fox tells Julian he has every intention of taking over the family business. He also lets Julian know his half-brother isn't welcome in the family business, but Julian warns him that his unknown son could become Fox's greatest ally. Fox refuses to share his inheritance and Julian notices that Fox has given up on Whitney. Julian recalls the similarity between Fox/Whitney and he and Eve, and begs Fox to make careful choices.

Martin hires a guide to take him and Luis into the jungle to search for Paloma. Sheridan insists upon going with them, but Luis forces her to stay. Martin feels guilty when Luis questions why Alistair hates their family. Luis begs Katherine to watch out for Sheridan because he knows she is going to sneak away and follow them into the jungle. Alistair calls Sheridan and tells her that Luis has walked into a trap. She takes off after Luis, and Alistair calls Katherine. He tells her that Sheridan, Martin, and Luis are all going to die. Paloma works the ropes off of her and attempts to escape.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Chad reassures Eve that her family will come around. T.C. tells Liz that he wants to make his marriage to Eve work and this infuriates Liz. Liz begs T.C. not to take Eve back and tells him she loves him. When T.C. calls Eve and asks her to come over so they can talk, Liz decides to tell T.C. the truth about his accident. T.C. learns Eve was behind his accident, just as she arrives to talk to him.

Martin and Luis are searching the jungle for Paloma who is trapped in a shack by a snake. Paloma whacks the snake with a huge limb and escapes right before the hitman returns. Sheridan is lost in the jungle and going around in circles. Katherine scares her when she saves her life. Luis and Martin find the shack where Paloma was being held and realize she was there. Luis runs after Paloma when he hears her calling out, and Martin runs into Sheridan and Katherine. The hitman grabs Paloma before Luis finds her, but he is hot on their trail. The hitman drags Paloma back to the shack and Luis follows. The shack explodes just as Luis enters.

Ethan and Gwen are at the hospital worried about their baby, when Theresa confides to Pilar that she is going to keep both her children no matter what. Theresa is examined by a doctor and learns her pregnancy is fine and she is carrying twins. Gwen is outside Theresa's room, a nervous wreck. She and Ethan head back into the room as Theresa learns she is carrying fraternal twins. Theresa is more determined than ever to keep both her babies.

Fox forces Whitney to confront her feelings for him and pulls her into a kiss. They pull away as Chad finds them. Chad notices that Whitney isn't feeling well and suggests she see a doctor. Whitney realizes she could be pregnant. She buys a home pregnancy test and is shocked to learn she is pregnant.

Julian confronts Alistair and wants to know who his and Eve's son with. Alistair warns Julian that once he knows who his son is, he'll understand why Alistair kept it secret. Fox shows up ad eavesdrops on the conversation. Both Fox and Julian are shocked when Alistair reveals Chad to be Julian and Eve's son. Julian and Fox are both stunned.

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