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Monday, May 31, 2004

Kay and Tabitha needed to act quickly when Evil Faith started showing her true colors to Charity.

Liz pushed a guilt-ridden Eve to admit to T.C that she had been the one driving the night of his wreck. Rebecca attempted to seduce Julian, but he only wanted Eve.

Antonio's anger grew as he and Hank continued to search for Sheridan among the islands off Harmony. Meanwhile, an injured Luis convinced Sheridan not to alert Antonio to their location. Luis had memories of a past life he had shared with Sheridan in which he had been a pirate and she had been an aristocrat.

Tuesday, June 1, 2004

Evil Faith proved ineffective in convincing Charity to give up Miguel. After Kay refused to kill her cousin, Tabitha cast a spell on Kay to help her carry out the deed.

Julian reached out to a shaken Eve, who went to him for answers about the night of the accident.

As Sheridan worried about Luis' health, he dreamed of the sweepingly romantic past life they had shared as Harry and Patience in the 1700s.

Wednesday, June 2, 2004

The real Faith's ghost called upon Miguel to rescue her daughter. Kay, who had been transformed into a vicious dog with poison-coated teeth, attacked Charity at the site of her old home.

Eve was shocked and hurt when T.C admitted Liz had found out about the contents in the shed before she had. Julian was intrigued when Alistair horrified Liz by whispering in her ear the secret he knew about her.

Sheridan called out for Antonio and tried to wave down his boat. Luis fought to hold on to Sheridan and told her more about how he had won her love from Andrew -- who was Antonio -- in their past life.

Thursday, June 3, 2004

Ivy and Sam continued their romantic evening, much to the irritation of Faith's ghost. Charity fought for her life after the evil dog, who was actually Kay, chased her off a cliff. Faith desperately tried to get a message to Miguel about Charity.

While grilling Alistair about his mother, Julian learned a startling piece of information about Katherine. In Mexico, Martin and Katherine commiserated over their feelings of guilt, unaware Alistair's assassin was ready to kill them. Paloma was crushed when a case of mistaken identity caused her to think Pilar was there for her.

Luis fought to keep Sheridan away from an approaching Antonio and recalled how their situation mirrored that of the triangle between Harry, Patience, and Andrew.

Friday, June 4, 2004

Sam saved Ivy's life, much to Spectral Faith's disappointment.

Miguel fought with all his strength to save Charity from the evil dog, while Faith did her best to help.

Antonio combed the island, hell-bent on killing Luis. Fearing Luis would die either way, Sheridan struggled with whether or not to alert her hot-tempered husband to the cave, where she and a feverish Luis were hiding.

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