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Monday, April 26, 2004

Sam promises Ivy a night to remember as she anticipates going to the Founders' Day Dance with him. Charity prepares to ask Miguel to the dance, but she misses her opportunity when Kay arrives with good news.

Ethan is stunned by how Gwen wants to solve their predicament with Theresa. Gwen angrily accuses her husband of siding with his ex once again. Meanwhile, Theresa gloats to an unconvinced Fox and Whitney that she's won.

Luis decodes another one of Alistair's shocking secrets, but he is distraught when Sheridan announces she's moving back to St. Lisa's with Antonio.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

In anticipation of all the incriminating evidence from the CD-ROMs, Sam forces Alistair and Julian to hand over their passports. Eve admits to Pilar she still loves Julian.

Sheridan is determined to learn the truth about what her father has done to her, while Antonio fears she's still in love with his brother.

Gwen and Theresa face off in the courtroom.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Grace calls Sam from Italy, but an awkward conversation ensues as they both hold back their true feelings.

Theresa continues questioning Ethan in court and urges him to drop the case. Ethan once again finds himself caught between Theresa and Gwen.

After confronting her father over the evidence against him, a confused Sheridan runs to Luis.

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Even though Charity and Miguel have had their problems over the past few months, there is something about their latest encounter that brings them back together -- if only in the interest of Miguel encouraging her and helping her make plans to launch her fashion career.

Kay is beside herself with anger when she spies them together.

Chaos breaks out in the courtroom when Theresa and Gwen face off against each other. Rebecca creates a scene when she blasts Theresa and appeals to the judge to throw the book at her. The hearing comes to an abrupt halt when Pilar is found unconscious in the ladies room.

Eve and Julian meet in the park and fall into each other's arms. They are concerned that the revelations about the Crane family misdeeds will force them apart again. Luis and Julian discuss the damaging information about Alistair on the CD-ROMs and what the future holds.

Friday, April 30, 2004

Kay fears losing Miguel and Maria but quickly formulates a plan to get rid of Charity. Miguel and Charity work on her fashion line, but both privately wish they could work on their relationship.

TC is urged on by his late father to get revenge on Julian. Julian has a shocking plan to protect Eve when the truth comes out, but she refuses to go along with it.

After the judge rules in Theresa's favor, Gwen tries to choke the life out of her nemesis. Gwen realizes Theresa may not have won after all, causing Theresa much concern. Fox has a plan to help Theresa be with Little Ethan.

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