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Monday, March 22, 2004

Sam tries to have a "parental" chat with Charity. Sam tries to understand, but doesn't like the idea of Charity possibly flunking out of college. As understanding as Sam is trying to be, Charity refuses his help, says no one can fix things for her. Sam tells Charity she needs to pull it together or she's going to screw up her whole life.

Kay is enjoying being with Maria and Miguel, although Simone is constantly nagging her about Kay's current situation. Simone doesn't think that Kay can keep this routine up, working at the cannery, stinking like fish everyday. Kay says she can do this forever as long as she has Maria and Miguel to come home too. Miguel has a very special surprise for Kay, as he has taught Maria to say her first word. Miguel tells Maria to go ahead and tell her mommy, and as Kay listens, Maria says "mama." Kay couldn't be happier at her daughter's first word. Kay turns and says to Simone; see this is what it's all about.

Beth thinks that Pilar is on to her, although truth is Pilar understands that Beth wouldn't want Sheridan seeing the baby. After all the nursing and confusion of who's baby it was, Pilar says it's understandable that any mother would be protective. Luis and Sheridan are inside the book café, sharing a most romantic kiss. This is the Luis and Sheridan that are meant to be, as Sheridan tells Luis she wants to spend her lifetime with him, not Antonio. Luis and Sheridan look so happy together, only to have Luis snap out of his daydream. Things are awkward between him and Sheridan, as Sheridan tells Luis he needs to get on with his life and spend some time with baby Martin and Beth.

At the courthouse, the judge renders his verdict. Rebecca and Julian get sole custody of little Ethan for one year, at which time the judge will reconsider Theresa's custody request. Theresa collapses into the arms of Fox and her friends, thunderstruck by the actual loss of her son. She starts to cry to the judge, pleading for her son to be returned to her. The judge explains the temporary situation, how Theresa knows what she must do in the next year to get her son back. Chad reacts to the news, and lashes out at Ethan, asking how he can let this happen. Theresa pleads with Julian, but under Rebecca's watchful eye he has to say no. Eve can't believe all this is happening just because of her past with Julian, and has many regrets about it. However, she does nothing to stop it.

Rebecca tells Ethan to research boarding schools, as she would like to have little Ethan sent off tomorrow if possible. Ethan questions Gwen on her mother's actions, how can she be so cruel? Gwen says she totally agrees, and wants to talk to Ethan about that. Gwen says maybe they can help the whole situation by adopting little Ethan themselves. Theresa loses her balance when she hears this, crying, "No, please. No."

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Charity is pained when she spies Kay, Miguel, and baby Maria bonding as a family. Charity later confides the truth to Father Lonigan.

Luis spends time with his son, while Beth gets help from Sheridan to win Luis over.

Theresa is enraged when she overhears Gwen suggest to Ethan that they adopt Little Ethan. Theresa viciously attacks Gwen, which causes the judge to terminate her parental rights permanently.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Kay and Miguel are comfy on the couch watching a movie. As Tabitha comes in to say the babies' are asleep, Miguel gets up to make popcorn. The telephone rings, and it's for Kay, she's getting called in to work. Miguel doesn't like this, and tells Kay to call back and say she can't just come back in. Kay reconsiders, since Miguel wants to spend time with her, but then she sees Maria's medical bills lying there and says no, I can't turn down time and a half money. Miguel gets upset, saying he should be the one having to work, not Kay. Kay says it's alright, as someday he'll get a job again when the Crane's get over there revenge on Theresa, and he's more than doing his part with Maria and school right now. Kay leaves for work, saying how being a grown up sucks.

Charity is opening up to Ivy as she tells her that she didn't get past planning her life with Miguel, and them going to school and having a family. Charity explained how it didn't matter what jobs they ended up with, they just wanted to be happy and have a family. Now that she can't be with Miguel, she doesn't have a clue what she wants to do with her life. Ivy is grasping at straws trying to come up with an idea for Charity to focus on, to get her mind off of Miguel. Ivy suggests that Charity's computer could be the key to the rest of her life, at least for now. Charity doesn't understand how that could be possible. Ivy tells Charity she could get into design, and have a fun career, they could get her a scholarship from the Crane foundation. At first Charity resists, pointing out that she might not be any good at it. Ivy tells her she'll never know unless she tries, and if she doesn't try she'll end up regretting it. Charity says to herself that she can't have any more regrets in her life.

At Beth's, Luis and Beth are dancing, to a song that reminds him of Sheridan. He can't take his mind off of her and breaks off the dance. He is honest with Beth that he can't get Sheridan off of his mind. Beth freaks out on Luis, telling him how much trouble she went through for this night, to be a special night. She asks Luis what is she going to have to do to get Sheridan out of his mind. Luis apologizes to Beth, and explains that everything is reminding him of Sheridan, right down to Beth's perfume. Beth tells Luis that the dress she is wearing is Sheridan's and how Sheridan helped her to prepare this night for Luis. Now it makes sense to Luis why he kept being reminded of Sheridan, because Sheridan did all of this, not Beth. He tells Beth he's sorry but the timing is just all wrong; and leaves.

Sheridan and Antonio are making love when she calls out Luis' name. Antonio is stunned, but as usual he understands what's going on. They dance for a moment, and then Antonio goes to make some hot chocolate. Sheridan sees a fallen picture of Luis near the fireplace and picks it up. She sighs, "oh Luis", and then tosses the picture into the flames. Meanwhile, Luis is on the wharf, missing his happy times with Sheridan, and asks into the night will they ever be together? Or are they over for good, forever?

Thursday, March 25, 2004

The strain of all the problems her family is having is getting to Pilar and taking a toll on her health. When she starts to show frightening symptoms, Luis becomes concerned about his mother's constant fatigue. Sam arrives with bad news.

Theresa is devastated when the judge takes little Ethan away from her. She tries to cope with it, but can't get a handle on it. Gwen pushes Ethan to go ahead with the formal adoption of Theresa's son, little Ethan. However, Ethan is reluctant to separate a child from his mother.

Sheridan tries to drive memories of Luis and her love for him out of her heart by burning her photos and other reminders of Luis. When Gwen arrives, Sheridan suggests that Ethan and Gwen use a surrogate in order to have a child of their own rather than sign on to Gwen's plan to adopt little Ethan.

Friday, March 26, 2004

Beth tries to convince Luis not to go after Alistair, while Alistair plots to protect his empire.

Pilar receives tragic news about her health, but Eve promises to help her.

Gwen has doubts about adopting Little Ethan, but Rebecca wants to follow through with their plot.

Theresa concocts a half-baked idea to kidnap Little Ethan and skip the country. As she tells Whitney and Fox her plans, they encourage her to be rational.

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