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Monday, February 16, 2004

Love is in the air when Fox and Chad try to have a little fun, and decide to be a little playful and go skinny-dipping in the Crane pool. Theresa and Whitney are amused, but Rebecca is anything but thrilled. She puts a stop to it immediately. Meanwhile, Precious has a fantasy of getting out of the jungle and Beth dying.

Luis holds his breath, as Sheridan is about to announce which man she wants to be with -- Antonio or Luis. Alistair is delighted when Sheridan chooses Antonio, which makes him believe that the shock treatments have worked and erased Sheridan's love for Luis. Luis is shocked by her choice and wants Sheridan not to be so hasty.

Gwen has no idea what she is walking into as she waits to see Dr. Culver. She's sure that Culver will confirm for her that Beth was lying about her pregnancy and could have caused problems for Sheridan. Instead, Culver stuns Ethan and Gwen by telling them there is bad news in the offing for them.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

A heartbroken Luis watches Sheridan go home with Antonio, while Beth happily consoles him. Luis is convinced Alistair and Dr. Ackland did something to Sheridan while she was in the psych ward.

After Theresa blurts out that she hopes Gwen never has children, she and Rebecca engage in a vicious catfight. Later, Fox comforts a remorseful Theresa, who explains she only lashed out in response to Rebecca's cruel taunts about Little Ethan. Meanwhile, Gwen and Ethan receive devastating news from Dr. Culver.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Gwen flips out when she finds Theresa in the nursery with Little Ethan. Gwen is acting as if Little Ethan is her own little boy. Ethan only sees Theresa and Gwen at odds again, and lashes out at Theresa once more. Later, Rebecca urges Gwen to throw off all doubt and step up plans to adopt Little Ethan.

Alistair is concerned that the effects of the shock treatments are only temporary, and fears Sheridan will eventually remember she is in love with Luis, not Antonio. He hires an assassin to kill Sheridan, but she narrowly escapes death once again.

Luis refuses to accept the fact that Sheridan chose Antonio over him, and Luis decides that seeing little Martin may jog Sheridan's memory. Meanwhile, Beth tries to convince a wary Antonio that Alistair and Dr. Ackland had nothing to do with Sheridan choosing him over Luis.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Luis goes to Antonio and issues a challenge to him. If he has any doubts about Sheridan's state of mind, he should allow her to see little Martin. Perhaps it will restore her memory. Antonio is unsure what to do, but both Beth and Antonio know that once Sheridan holds little Martin, she might remember he's her baby and that it's Luis she loves. When Luis pushes the issue, Antonio gets upset.

Ivy tries to warn Charity not to flaunt her new free love lifestyle, but Charity is anything but discrete about this. There's a revolving door of men coming and going in Charity's life. Then, after Ivy tries to convince Jessica not to be so hard on Reese, Reese is one of Charity's gentlemen callers. Kay works on Miguel trying to make him see that he and Charity will never get back together.

Theresa feels terrible about what she said, and tries to apologize to Gwen for it. However, it only makes matters worse. Gwen lunges for Theresa and they have a violent fight. The fight ends badly with Theresa crashing through a window and lying lifeless in the snow below.

Friday, February 20, 2004

Whitney's hatred for her mother grows as she thinks about how Eve betrayed her father by being with Julian. She wants to tell TC the truth about Eve's betrayal and tells Chad about her feelings. Later, things go from bad to worse when she walks in on Eve in Julian's arms. Jessica walks in on Reese and Charity in a compromising position and completely loses it.

The entire Bennett clan has a meltdown over this. Reese tries to talk his way out this situation, Jessica is further inflamed. Grace tries to defend Charity, sure this is one major misunderstanding, but Kay and Jessica don't agree.

After taking that nasty spill, Theresa suffers some bumps and bruises and is checked out by Eve. Although she doesn't need a hospital stay, Eve insists that Theresa spend the night at the Crane mansion, just to make sure she's OK. Rebecca and Gwen are concerned that Theresa will make trouble by claiming she was pushed through the window by Gwen.

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