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Monday, February 9, 2004

As the show begins, Grace is looking out the window, remembering times of the past with Sam. David walks in and Grace just stands there looking miserable. At the Bennett house, Ivy is attempting to make dressing for her salad, and Sam walks in and saves the day with a pre-made kind.

Back at the psych ward, Dr. Ackland continues to give Sheridan shock treatments over and over again as she refuses to forget about Luis and his love for her. Antonio refuses Luis and his mother's requests, and goes as far as to say he has no family, they all turned on him. Sheridan screams from the shock treatments, but Antonio doesn't flinch as he insists she is okay. After a few mind racking shock treatments, Sheridan finally seems as if she's forgotten about Luis. However, Luis has other plans as he shoots the lock off and races down the hallway screaming Sheridan's name. She hears his voice and immediately remembers Luis and the love they share.

Eve has found Julian and Alistair, with Alistair knocked down and bleeding. Alistair threatens Julian, and makes comments about their search for Eve and Julian's child. Against Julian's warning, Eve allows Alistair to toy with her emotions and let her think she's going to see her child finally. Unfortunately for Eve, Alistair immediately replied she would never see her child again. Eve then puts the pieces together and accuses Alistair of harming Sheridan, calling him a monster and evil. Alistair finds nothing but joy from all of this.

The dinner that Ivy found in the freezer was one that Grace originally made. She ended up with Sam remembering times with Grace. Ivy, upset, leaves to her room. Sam ends up following her, and they get into a steamy kiss, which leads to the bed.

Over at the bed and breakfast, Grace learns of Charity's recent behavior and believes it is all her fault. She leaves to go out on a walk. While walking by her old house, she decides she must tell Sam she was wrong. As she turns the corner she sees Sam and Ivy kissing on the bed.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Antonio and Luis get into a huge physical fight when Luis tries to make his way to the psych ward to see Sheridan. Luis and Antonio grapple over a gun and a shot is fire. Luis is able to make his way to Sheridan's side and they have an emotional reunion. Theresa clings to Fox to forget about her heartbreak over losing Ethan.

Fox is only too happy to be there for her. Meanwhile, Rebecca is eavesdropping when Ethan is speaking to a sleeping little Ethan. She blows a gasket when she hears him say he still loves Theresa even though he cares for Gwen. Rebecca lashes out at Ethan for that.

Ivy and Sam are about to make love when news of an attack on Gwen chills the mood. Grace faces off with Ivy accusing her of taking advantage of her problems with Sam. Beth is feeling pretty proud of herself when she tells her mother and Precious that she killed Gwen, but not so fast. Gwen is still -- if barely -- alive.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Ethan, Fox and Theresa anxiously await the paramedics as Gwen lies unconscious on the garage floor. Theresa and Fox encourage Ethan not to give up hope. The paramedics arrive and rush Gwen to the hospital, as Ethan and Fox wonder how the shelf could have fallen in the first place. Ethan vows to find out how. Fox and Theresa share a moment as they overhear that Ethan and Gwen have been trying to have a baby, and Gwen may be pregnant right now. Fox lets Theresa know that he understands why it still hurts a little.

Grace is crying after her confrontation with Ivy, upset that she sent Sam running into Ivy's waiting arms. David tries his best to comfort her, to no avail. He pleads with her to give her family time to heal, to go away with him to Italy, then they can come back later and she can make peace with her kids. Grace is torn with this decision, but is saved from making it as Kay and Miguel show up. Kay proceeds to tell Grace all the nasty things Charity had done at the ski lodge, and Grace immediately started defending Charity saying she was to good for that. Jessica walks up and tells her mom she's got it all wrong; her precious niece Charity is not a good person at all. Grace tries to hug Jessica, but gets pushed away as Jessica declares her mother has walked out on her.

Sam puts the cuffs on Luis, as Alistair walks in. Luis slams Alistair against the wall as he goes on to threaten Alistair. Luis swears if Alistair does anything to hurt Sheridan that he will kill Alistair. Julian and Eve arrive as Luis accuses Alistair and Dr. Ackland of conspiring to hurt Sheridan. Eve pleads with Antonio to let her see Sheridan, let her prove Luis wrong by her judging if Sheridan is ok. Antonio refuses. Pilar tries to talk to Antonio, but he keeps saying he has no family, they all betrayed him so he will make the decisions concerning HIS wife.

As Alistair and Julian step aside for a private talk, Julian tells Alistair he doesn't care about the Crane Empire, only Eve and their child. Alistair tells Julian he will never see his child, and Julian responds by threatening to kill Alistair.

Whitney has left home for a walk, and is on the wharf, screaming and yelling about her "cheating" mother. Chad overhears, and scares Whitney by sneaking up on her. Whitney denies Chad's affection, telling him she doesn't know how to trust or believe in love anymore. Chad asks her not to shut him out, not now when she needs him so badly.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Ethan and Gwen go to see Dr. Culver hoping that they can get some advice about fertility treatments. Gwen tells the doctor that she thinks Beth has been trying to kill her and that she may have been targeting Sheridan as well. Beth is on pins and needles wondering if Culver will tell Gwen and Ethan that she faked her pregnancy.

Luis and Pilar get Eve to join them in their quest to have Sheridan released from the psych ward, but need Antonio's approval to do that. The three of them appeal to Antonio insisting that Sheridan's life is in jeopardy from the shock treatments she's had to endure there. Antonio finally agrees to sign her out of the ward.

Alistair eavesdrops on Whitney and Chad as they talk about Eve and the secrets she is keeping from TC and her family. Meanwhile, Julian is unsettled when he hears Eve tell Luis and Antonio just how hard it is to love two men. When Whitney catches Eve with Julian, again, she blows her stack.

Friday, February 13, 2004

Now that Sheridan is out of the psych ward, Luis and Antonio are prepared to have her tell them which one of them is the one she wants to be with. Meanwhile, TC finds a bouquet of roses that are from Julian and meant for Eve. Julian arrives just as TC makes this discovery. Whitney questions whether love is all it's cracked up to be, as Theresa, Fox and Chad persuade her to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Chad and Whitney and Theresa and Fox celebrate Valentine's Day with champagne, chocolate dipped strawberries, horse drawn carriage rides and passionate, romantic kisses!

Gwen thinks that Culver knows more about Beth than the doctor is letting on and looks forward to talking with Dr. Culver about Beth's lies and schemes. Beth desperately tries to stop Dr. Culver from revealing her secret, and getting her in terrible legal trouble. Beth desperately tries to stop Dr. Culver from revealing her secret

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