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Monday, February 2, 2004

Ivy voices her concern to Sam about Sheridan's safety. She shares her belief that Alistair blames his daughter for Katherine's death. Sam and Ivy grow closer.

While Ethan and Gwen make love in hopes of creating a baby, Theresa sneaks into the mansion to see Little Ethan.

TC and Eve share some romantic time together, but a furious Whitney interrupts so she can tell her father about Eve's betrayal with Julian. Fox works to stop his father's secret from being revealed, while Liz fights to expose her sister.

Tuesday, February 3, 2004

Julian tries to warn Luis that Alistair poses a great danger to Sheridan and that he has to do something to save her. Luis is taken aback by Julian's passions and sees a compassionate side to him that he has never seen before. Julian tells Luis how Alistair destroyed the one love of his life and says Luis can't let history repeat itself.

Miguel sees a side to Charity that he never knew existed. She seems to have lost her innocence and sweetness. Kay tries to make him see that Charity has changed and he should let her go. Meanwhile, Charity decides to cut loose and play the part of bad girl, since it seems to be the only thing that counts in this world.

TC is puzzled and upset when he sees how hateful Whitney is acting toward her mother, Eve. Meanwhile, Whitney tells Eve that she is going to make sure TC knows how she has lied to TC. Liz is doing her best to turn TC against Eve while Eve tries to make peace with her daughter.

Wednesday, February 4, 2004

Charity is busy being "bad"- including dancing on the table in a barely-there outfit as well as kissing strange guys. Miguel is infuriated by this uncharacteristic behavior, and try as she might, Kay cannot keep him from dragging Charity out of the club. Miguel and Charity have a talk; he goes to get her something warm to drink, making her agree to stay there so they can talk. Kay walks in and berates Charity about stringing Miguel along. Kay asks her if she wants little Maria to not have a father, and Charity, remembering her deal with death, decides to leave. Naturally, Miguel is heartbroken by this.

Eve and Whitney are still going at it, Whitney constantly calling her mother names- but not letting Eve say anything in her own defense. TC comes into the argument numerous times, always defending Eve, which makes Whitney even more upset. TC and Liz get into an argument of their own- during which TC accuses Liz of confusing Eve for her own sister.

Julian and Luis are continuing their "strange" heart to heart about the women they love. Luis tries to offer Julian advice to get back the woman he lost, but as Julian explains, there is no hope, for that woman is married. Julian says he may be able to offer his lost love comfort now, in a way he never could before, and decides he will go to her house. Luis says he is going to see Dr. Russell because she can help him figure out what is going on with Sheridan in the psych ward. Julian says he'll go with Luis, much too Luis' surprise, and he asks Julian, "The woman you love is at Eve's house?" They leave together to go to the Russells'.

Thursday, February 5, 2004

Charity hates fooling Miguel by flirting and dancing with other men, but she doesn't know of any other way to convince him that she wants to break up with him -- which she really doesn't! Kay is delighted that Charity is self-destructing, but doesn't know she's only doing this because she made a deal with Death to spare the life of Kay's daughter.

Miguel fights with the men in the ski lodge and is dragged out by security just as Charity begins to strip. Julian promises to help Luis save Sheridan from the psych ward and the danger posed by Alistair. Meanwhile, Alistair pressures Dr. Ackland to continue giving Sheridan shock treatments hoping that these treatments will wipe out Sheridan's memory of Luis.

Whitney is just about to tell TC that Eve has been sneaking around to see Julian behind his back when Julian and Luis burst in. Julian won't let Eve take any abuse from Whitney or TC. That sends TC around the bend and a fight breaks out in a hurry.

Friday, February 6, 2004

Gwen is ready to spend a romantic night with Ethan, but Ethan is busy comforting little Ethan after he is separated from Theresa again. Ethan secretly promises the boy he'll see Theresa again, soon. Meanwhile, Theresa is heartbroken over leaving little Ethan again. Fox comforts her and she cries on his shoulder. They come together in a passionate kiss.

Beth makes up her mind to murder Gwen to keep her quiet and plans to attack her in the Crane garage. Meanwhile, Liz pressures Whitney to tell TC what she knows about Eve's betrayal. Then, Simone arrives and confronts Whitney about taking Chad away from her.

Eve, Luis and Julian present a three-way plan to save Sheridan. Eve tries to see Sheridan as her doctor, but Antonio refuses to let her see him. Julian confronts Alistair and demands to know what he is up to. Meanwhile, Luis is trying to reach Sheridan as she continues to receive electroshock therapy.

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