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Monday, September 29, 2003

Ethan's resolve to stand by his wife and baby may be for naught after a catfight between Gwen and Theresa results in more pregnancy problems for Gwen.

Despite protests from Hank and Pilar, Luis decides to tell Antonio the truth about his love for Sheridan.

While Sheridan fights for her life from heaven, Charlie and Beth work to ensure her death. Beth attempts to kill her partner in crime.

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Luis talks to Mr. Jackson about his boat going out to the middle of the lake so late at night. They head to the dock, but when they get there Mr. Jackson's boat has been return. He asks Luis if they were drunk thinking they saw his boat out. Luis finds a piece of cloth that might belong to Sheridan. Luis thinks they should get a team to search the dock because Sheridan kidnappers might still be there. Charlie lays a kiss on Beth. Beth thinks about all the times when Charlie mentions their future together. Charlie knows Beth still cares for Luis, and Charlie threatens to kill Beth.

Miguel and Charity show up to Tabitha's house. Charity sees Tabitha's baby real form. Charity has a premonition about Sheridan and Gwen. Miguel gives the flowers to Kay. Kay assumes they are from Miguel, and then he tells her they are from her mother. Kay throws them in the trash. Miguel prepares for a walk with Charity. Kay tells Miguel that he can't leave her. Simone talks Miguel into taking a walk with the woman he loves. Miguel is convinced that he was under a spell when Kay and he conceived their child. Charity sees death. Kay shows Simone the newspaper of Chad & Whitney. Kay reminds Simone she didn't fight for the man she loved, and that's why Chad is with Whitney. Kay says she will continue to fight for Miguel's love.

Theresa tries to explain why Gwen is unconscious. That she was trying to stop Gwen from killing her. Chad runs to call 911.Whitney tells Theresa that is her fault about Gwen's condition. Gwen wakes and wants them to keep Theresa away from her. Then she passes out again. Whitney believes that Theresa pushed Gwen on purpose, not to defend herself.

Wednesday, October 1, 2003

Julian knows that it would be in his best interest if Eve and TC broke up since he's so in love with Eve, but it's his love for Eve that prompts him to protect her feelings. He goes out of his way to sabotage Liz's plans to interrupt Eve and TC's romantic evening, and attempt at a reconciliation. Eve is determined that the kiss she shared with TC will spell the end of his marriage. TC has something to tell Eve.

Charlie realizes that Beth has turned on her and begins to attack her. Charlie lashes out at Beth for playing Charlie for a fool. Charlie knows that Beth's only interest is living happily ever after with Luis and begins to choke the life out of Beth. Beth manages to convince Charlie she's got it all wrong, and the two of them head back to the house. There, Mrs. Wallace points out a major flaw in Beth's scheme: How does she plan to convince everyone that she's given birth?

A frantic Luis searches the ocean for Sheridan. He's furious when a member of the coast guard suggests that Sheridan might already be dead, but Hank and Antonio calm him down.

At the hospital, Ethan is feeling lower than low over Gwen and the baby's medical crisis. He knows that Theresa's relationship with him is what sent Gwen over the edge, emotionally. Ethan pushes the blame to Theresa when he realizes that she and Gwen had a tussle before Gwen's accident. Ethan's anger grows as he learns more about the catfight. He can't understand why Theresa would fight with a pregnant woman, no matter how upset she was. Gwen's doctor fears that she will lose the baby if things don't improve soon.

Thursday, October 2, 2003

Julian and Liz argue while they spy on Eve and TC. Eve stops TC from admitting he kissed Liz.

Dr. Abel struggles to save Gwen and her unborn baby. A remorseful Ethan and Theresa are scolded for their actions.

Someone from Chad's past gets ready to surprise him.

Beth presents Luis with his baby boy. Meanwhile, Sheridan's body begins to rise from the bottom of the ocean floor.

Friday, October 3, 2003

Beth presents Luis with their "son." He gets emotional when he realizes that every time he looks at his little boy, he sees Sheridan. Charlie, jealous after seeing Beth and Luis bonding over the baby boy, decides to go ahead and kill Luis.

At the hospital, where Chad, Whitney, and Fox are awaiting news on Gwen's condition, Chad is confronted by a woman. She slaps him several times, and when Whitney steps in to find out what is going on, she finds out that the woman, whose name is Latonya, was involved with Chad before he came to Harmony. Latonya is the cousin of Puff Dog and the reason for the troubles between him and Chad. Whitney can not believe that Chad would ever be involved with a woman like Latonya, and when she defends his character, Latonya pushes Whitney to the ground and pulls Chad in for a kiss.

At the hospital, the staff treats Theresa coldly, and asks her to leave. After running some tests on the unconscious Gwen, the doctor has some bad news for Ethan. The doctor tells Ethan that Gwen's condition is rapidly deteriorating, and that Ethan must choose whether he wants the doctor to save either Gwen or their baby. Aghast, Ethan tells the doctor he cannot do that, and the doctor replies that if Ethan does not choose soon, both of them will die.

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