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Monday, September 22, 2003

In Harmony, Charlie stands outside the kitchen waiting for Luis to come out, so she can kill him. Mrs. Wallace tells Luis to check the hallway just to be safe. Beth tells Charlie to hide, and Luis hears her talking to someone. Luis jumps through the doors with his gun, but he sees only Beth. Charlie busts through the door expecting Luis, Antonio, and Hank to be there, so she can kill all three of them. Luis, Antonio, and Hank look for someone to identify the woman on the sketch. A woman identifies Charlie in her neighborhood. Luis says that is the same neighborhood Beth lives in. Beth tells Charlie they are going to dump Sheridan in the lake, so they won't leave a lot of clues. Julian reminisces about his past with Eve. Julian convinces Eve to fight for her marriage no matter what Liz says. TC and Liz think that they spot Eve and Julian kissing, but it's another couple. TC surprises Eve with a romantic evening.

In L.A., Whitney runs back to be with Chad because she doesn't want Puff Dogg and his thugs to hurt Chad. Dr. Abel calls Ethan about Gwen who is putting the baby in danger by leaving without permission. Dr. Abel tells Ethan that Gwen is in worst shape then she thinks. Gwen assumes that Ethan is trying to get rid of her. Fox goes back to the apartment and yells Theresa's name, but Ethan is there with Gwen.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Antonio thinks that showing people in the community the woman in the sketch is a waste of time. Meanwhile Luis hears a baby cry.

Charlie pulls Sheridan out of the pit. Beth tells her mother that she raised her to be the way she is. Beth thinks about her future with Luis and Sheridan's baby.

Puff Dogg tells Chad he can have Whitney but he's going to have Sid.

Fox tells Gwen he was calling another girl by the name of Theresa.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

An all-out brawl breaks out between Chad and Puff Dog and his thugs. Whitney and Syd jump into the fray to help Chad.

Ethan takes Gwen back to the hospital, where she needs to stay until the end of her pregnancy. Ethan is confused by the cool treatment he receives from the nurses, who have seen him kissing Theresa on TV.

Luis and the others head back out in search of Sheridan. After saying a tearful farewell to her baby, Sheridan is dragged off to the ocean where Charlie and Beth plan to drown her. Beth and Charlie's plan hits a snag.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Theresa tells Ethan to stay at the apartment, and Gwen will not find out that she is in L.A. Ethan tells Theresa that he and Gwen are looking for a house in L.A. The people voted Theresa and Ethan the hottest couple. Gwen rage has the will to leave the hospital to go after Theresa. Ethan tells Theresa, and he wants to move far away from her. Ethan tells Chad he is protecting Gwen by moving to a hotel. Gwen thinks that Ethan might have been lying to her. The nurse comes in and tells Gwen she can't go for a walk. After the nurse leaves the room, Gwen heads to the apartment. Whitney tells Theresa that Ethan has to do right by his wife and baby, and that she is driving Ethan away. Fox tells Whitney, he still wants her to help him win Theresa's heart. Gwen tries to convince herself someone would have told her Theresa was in L.A. Theresa wishes Ethan will come to his senses. Fox tells Whitney that he is in love with most beautiful girl in the world. Gwen sees Theresa sitting on the steps.

Antonio tells Luis thanks for caring for his wife. Luis sees a boat leaving the dock, and he wants to check it out. Beth starts the boat and heads out. Hank recognizes the boat. Luis yells out to the boat. Beth hears Luis voice and panics. Luis thinks it is a fisherman name Mr. Jackson. Charlie pulls out the gun and points it to the dock. Beth tells her not to kill Luis. Luis, Antonio, and Hank head to the police station. Charlie takes the blindfold off Sheridan, but she faints again. Charlie wants to buy an R.V. for her and Beth. Charlie raps Sheridan up before she throws her overboard. Beth and Charlie throw Sheridan overboard.

Friday, September 26, 2003

Ethan decides to move himself and Gwen out of the Crane apartment to protect Gwen and their unborn baby. Upset, Theresa flees the room, and sits and cries at the entrance of the apartment. Fox and Ethan discuss Ethan's commitment to Gwen and his love for Theresa. Ethan restates his love for Gwen, and says Fox wouldn't understand his responsibility for the baby. Fox surprises Ethan when he makes a profound statement about the woman he is in love with.

Gwen sneaks out of the hospital to confront Ethan about seeing him and Theresa kissing on television. She runs into Theresa, sitting at the entrance of the apartment. Things turn ugly between the two of them as Gwen accuses Theresa of following her and Ethan to LA to once again attempt to break them up. Theresa tries to keep Gwen calm for the sake of the baby, but Gwen is very angry. Charlie and Beth dump Sheridan overboard, and begin to head back to shore. Beth realizes that she may not have another good chance to kill Charlie, and looks around for a weapon of some kind. Sheridan's mother comes to her to lead her to heaven, and Sheridan refuses to go, saying she is not ready to die, and that she wants to be with her baby. She sees visions of what her life with Luis and their baby would have been like. Luis has a feeling that it may be too late to save Sheridan, and Antonio is suspicious of Luis' personal involvement in the case.

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