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Monday, September 1, 2003

Ethan insists to Chad that Theresa is not the type of woman Fox goes for and warns his friend not to trust his half-brother. Chad once again becomes convinced that Fox is after Whitney. Gwen tries to enlist Whitney's help in hooking up Fox and Theresa in order to get her rival away from Ethan. Meanwhile, Theresa and Fox make a deal to help each other get what they want.

Charlie, Beth and Mrs. Wallace struggle to get Luis to leave so they can deliver Sheridan's baby. Sheridan calls upon all of her strength to try to escape.

Tuesday, September 2, 2003

Tabitha taunts Kay with the news that Charity and Miguel have planned an evening together. Kay schemes to ruin ruins their plans and asks Simone to help, but Simone refuses. Kay begs Dr. Russell to release her early so she can go home. When Eve agrees, Kay asks Miguel to help her get settled back in at Tabitha's. Miguel agrees, but is forced to cancel his plans with Charity.

Theresa enlists Fox to help her in her latest plot to break up Gwen and Ethan. Theresa believes she can make Ethan jealous by having Fox pretending to be falling in love with and pursuing her. Fox is unwilling to go along with the plan, but only until Whitney, thinking he is in love with Theresa, tells him she thinks it a good idea. Whitney, who has no idea Fox is really in love with her, is excited about playing matchmaker bet, but Chad tells her to back off and let things happen naturally. Gwen tells Ethan how worried she is about Sheridan, and how strange she thinks it is that Sheridan has not contacted anyone. After Ethan admits to Gwen that he is a little worried as well, she tells him that she is beginning to agree with Luis that Sheridan was kidnapped.

Sheridan, in labor, hears Luis' voice through a vent, and manages to crawl up Beth's basement stairs and get the door open. Upstairs, Charlie, hiding in the pantry, prepares to stab Luis as he puts up groceries for Beth. He is distracted, however, when he hears his name being called, but doesn't realize it is Sheridan calling for him. Despite Beth's objections, Luis goes to investigate.

Wednesday, September 3, 2003

Tabitha runs into trouble at the hospital. Kay manipulates Miguel into spending the evening with her.

A frustrated Theresa attempts to think of a new plan after Fox declines to help. Meanwhile, Whitney tries to talk Fox into going along with Theresa's plan in order to make her fall in love with him. Fox warms up to the idea as Whitney points out she'd be working closely with him to provide tips about winning over Theresa.

Gwen tries to convince a still-unsure Ethan that Sheridan truly is in danger. Gwen realizes Theresa may be in L.A.

At Beth's, Luis comes increasingly close to finding Sheridan as Charlie plans to kill him.

Thursday, September 4, 2003

Fox decides to help Theresa with her plan to get Ethan back. He agrees to act as though he is falling in love with her to make Ethan jealous. Whitney, playing matchmaker for Fox and Theresa against Chad's wishes, makes plans for the four of them to double date at a fancy restaurant.

Gwen and Ethan discuss the idea of Fox and Theresa as a couple. Ethan hates the idea, which Gwen can not understand. Gwen tells Ethan she feels as though Theresa is near, but admits she trusts him completely and does not really believe Theresa can steal him away from her. Seeing how tired of sitting at the hospital Ethan is, Gwen urges him to get out for a little while and go eat. She calls Chad and asks him if Ethan can tag along with him, Whitney, and Fox for the night, not knowing Theresa will be with them. Fox and Theresa decide to put their plan into action at the restaurant that night. Luis tries to open Beth's basement door to look for whoever is calling him, but it is locked. Beth lies and tells him she can not find the key, but Precious brings it to them. Charlie prepares to kill Luis as he tries to open the basement door, so he doesn't see Sheridan in labor on the other side. There is a knock on Beth's door, and Pilar is outside with others to throw a surprise baby shower for Beth. Pilar tells Luis that she was calling his name from outside, and Luis assumes that was the voice he heard.

Charity is unsure whether or not her and Miguel should spend the evening alone instead of with Kay. Miguel assures her Kay will be fine because Simone and Tabitha are there to take care of her. Kay refuses to tell Tabitha or Simone what her plan is to keep Miguel at home with her all afternoon. When Charity and Miguel begin to leave, Kay forces Miguel to reminisce about going to baseball games together when they were younger. She then asks Simone to help her up to her room, and forces the two of them to fall down the stairs.

Friday, September 5, 2003

After Kay "accidentally" falls down the stairs, she manages to get Miguel to fuss over her and delay his date with Charity.

Theresa starts up her plan to make Ethan jealous. Gwen unknowingly pushes Ethan right into Theresa's trap. Chad warns Whitney to be careful what she wishes for.

Beth tries to enjoy her baby shower as Luis continues to miss Sheridan. Charlie tries to stop a determined Sheridan from escaping. With all the party guests in the house, Mrs. Wallace is sure Beth is about to get caught.

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