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Monday, April 14, 2003

Kay and Simone show up at the movies. No one looks particularly thrilled to see Kay. Simone did her best to try to talk Kay out of barging in on Miguel and Charity. Kay tells Simone she will have Miguel by the end of the movie. Kay slips the anti-love potion into the popcorn she gives Miguel. Kay is sure that the potion will work in her favor and get Miguel to fall out of love with her cousin.

TC can't be happier that Chad is moving to L.A. He tells Chad that it is about time he went back to the streets he came from. Chad takes offense to that comment and tells the coach he is going to do better than the streets. He promises TC that he will be more successful than him some day. He also tells TC that Whitney is going to L.A. with him.
TC gets angry and tells her no way. Eve reminds her husband that Whitney is an adult and they can't do anything to stop her. Eve calms everyone down by saying that Whitney does not have to rush out there now. She begs her daughter to take some time. Finish a semester of school. Visit Chad in the summer and then see once he is settled if she really still wants to be with Chad. Whitney thinks what her mother suggested makes sense. TC is still outraged that Eve could even consider letting Whitney go to L.A. for any lenghth of time.
Chad sees it as a plan to split them apart.

Julian begins to bait Liz. He tells her that it is true Eve has secrets but so what, everyone does. He is sure TC has some dark secrets himself. He mentions TC's private shed and gets Liz curious all over again. He then turns on her and says he bets she has some secrets herself. She tells Julian that her secrets are buried and locked away. Julian smiles and casually tells Liz that all secrets can be uncovered.

Liz returns to the Russell home alone. She goes to her sister's bathroom and uses her tub. She sprays herself down with Eve's designer perfume and rummages through her closets and puts on Eve's satin nightgowns. She then fantasizes that she is the one making love to TC in the gown,not Eve.
Tabitha decides to spread more havoc in Harmony. She shows up at the Russells' knowing full well that Liz is there alone. She gives Liz a candle that she made. The fragrance is supposed to cause the havoc. Liz lights the candle and admires the scent.
As Liz relaxes she closes her eyes. A husky voice comes out of nowhere saying that Liz can have TC. She can have the life she wants and revenge on her sister. The voice tells her that the answers can be found in the shed. Liz searches for the key to the shed. She goes to the shed and unlocks it. Once inside she scans the tiny room and exclaims, "Oh my God!"

Miguel and Charity see themselves on the movie screen. They both want to be with the other. At the end of the movie they pledge their love to each other and reconcile.

Rebecca finds Julian standing on the dock thinking silently to himself. She can see that Julian is bothered by something. Julian goes on about how true love is the only thing that matters. He calls the rest just filler. Rebecca can see that Julian is talking about some other love, not the raw passion that he shares with Rebecca. Rebecca asks Julian who he is talking about. Julian tells Rebecca that the woman he is talking about is his business. It is his secret that he will guard very closely. Rebecca wonders what else Julian is keeping secret. She then suggests they role play with her girl scout uniform. Julian is just getting in the mood when Rebecca sees Tabitha on the dock. As she walks past, Rebecca asks Julian if he noticed the old woman's stomach. He asks why. Rebecca claims that if she did not know better she would swear that Tabitha was pregnant.
Julian's mind rushes back to the wild night he spent with Tabby. He is is total disbelief.