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Monday, March 24, 2003

Liz reminds Eve how she's disgraced yet another set of family members just as she did years ago. T.C. and Sam nearly catch Chad sneaking in through Whitney's bedroom window. The news of Sheridan's pregnancy brings a smile to Antonio's face but sends shock waves through the rest of the Lopez-Fitzgerald clan. Liz continues to taunt Eve about her daughters' complete lack of trust in their absentee mother. Beth hopes that Sheridan's dilemma will drive a permanent wedge between her and Luis. Certain she's lost Chad forever, Simone complains bitterly to Kay about her misfortune. Sam warns an enraged T.C. to stop uttering death threats all over town. Though Whitney tries to dissuade him, Chad insists on clearing the air with her dad. As Antonio celebrates impending fatherhood, Luis realizes that his brother might be an uncle instead. T.C. viciously attacks Chad as Whitney screams for him to stop. Bruce explains to Alistair and the others how he staged a fake wedding to trick Julian and Theresa into thinking they were married.

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Watching through the window as T.C. mercilessly pummels Chad, a gleeful Liz informs Eve that her happy little family life is completely kaput. Stunned by Bruce's admission, Theresa reels to think that her marriage to Julian was nothing more than an elaborate practical joke. Luis quietly admits to Pilar and Miguel that Sheridan's baby might also be his. Meanwhile, Antonio guesses that Sheridan's pregnancy was the big secret his brother and his wife were hiding. Certain Julian paid Bruce off to lie, Ethan assures Theresa he'll make some calls to the island for confirmation of the legality of her wedding. Liz reminds Eve how her scandalous behavior destroyed their poor mother years ago.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

As the awful truth sinks in, Theresa faints dead away into Ethan's arms while Gwen rolls her eyes in disgust. Luis throws a damper on Sheridan's bliss by reminding her that her baby's paternity is in question. Meanwhile, Beth reels to overhear their conversation but a clueless Antonio tells his mother his happiness is complete now that he's about to become a dad. Eve and Sam finally step between T.C. and Chad but the combatants continue to shout at one another. After convincing Chad to go, Whitney screeches at her father for his brutal behavior. Miguel uneasily plays along when an exuberant Antonio talks of their children growing up together. Theresa's day gets even worse when Alistair informs her she no longer has a job at Crane Industries. Simone spits out her hatred for Whitney while T.C. rips into Eve for neglecting their children. Julian repeats his demand that Theresa leave the mansion immediately. Luis assures Sheridan nothing will change the way he feels about her.

Thursday, MARCH 27, 2003

Eve receives word of a major emergency at the hospital but elects not to go in when she watches Liz moving even closer to T.C. and the girls. Antonio begins calling everyone he knows to share the good news of his impending fatherhood. Theresa is outraged when Julian bars her from removing baby Ethan. Although both Fox and Ethan raise their voices in support of the young mother's parental rights, Julian announces that he's legally obtained temporary custody of his infant son. T.C. is pleased by Eve's decision to put her family over her career but Liz glares at her sister from across the room. After perusing the writ, Ethan regretfully informs Theresa that she must leave her baby in Julian's care. The Russells hold a family meeting to clear the air but Simone continues to lash out at Whitney in a blind rage. Antonio takes Sheridan to the hospital nursery to view the newborns. Later, Luis overhears his brother and Sheridan dreamily discussing possible names for the baby. A second frantic call from the hospital forces Eve into a difficult decision.

Friday, MARCH 28, 2003

Sheridan begins to crack under the strain of keeping such an enormous secret from Antonio. Liz lends T.C. a sympathetic ear as he bemoans the fact that his wife's career has driven such a wedge between them. Tabitha goes for a spin when her pregnancy sets off another bizarre symptom. Julian orders his security men to break down the door to Theresa's bedroom. Meanwhile, Ethan tries to gain access through an adjoining room but Theresa knocks him cold. As she treats burn victims from the accident at the refinery, Eve can't stop worrying that Liz is taking advantage of her absence to move closer to T.C. At the studio, Chad and Whitney's consoling embrace quickly turns to passion. Kay invokes a spell to stop Tabitha's twirling. Liz assures T.C. that his neglectful wife is solely responsible for their daughters' current dilemma. Pilar phones Luis for help as Theresa continues to fend off Julian's efforts to evict her. Later, Julian threatens to fire Ethan unless he lets the security guards in. Simone catches a shocking glimpse of her sister and Chad when she peers into Tabitha's magic bowl.

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