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Eve decided to reveal her past to T.C. Sheridan promised to stay with Antonio. Mrs. Wallace told her new nurse about Beth's misdeeds. Beth decided to kill Sheridan. Ivy tried to frame Theresa and died temporarily. Grace saw how much Sam loved Ivy. Theresa was accused of attempted murder.
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Monday, February 17, 2003

Theresa's plan to make Ivy look bad in front of Sam and Ethan backfired. At first, Ivy refused Theresa's offer to return to the mansion. When her refusal raised Sam, Grace, and Ethan's eyebrows, she relented. She silently damned Theresa for interfering with her plan to get Sam back by staying under the same roof with him. Theresa was livid that Ivy had caught onto her scheme of making Ivy look like she was trying to break up Sam and Grace.

Theresa confronted Ivy in the upstairs hallway of the Bennett home. Ivy was near the steps. Theresa put Ivy's wheelchair brake on and made Ivy turn to face her. They argued. Theresa assured Ivy that she would find some other way to get Ivy out of the mansion -- for good this time.

Ivy told Theresa she would do everything in her power to make sure Ethan hated Theresa for the rest of her life. She then got an evil idea. Ivy let Sam and the others hear their argument. Ivy acted as though Theresa was trying to push her down the steps. Then Ivy willingly let the brake of her wheelchair go. She pushed herself off of Theresa as she screamed, "Don't, Theresa!" Ivy fell backwards down the steps and crashed to the hallway floor. Theresa watched in disbelief and horror.

Luis showed up at the Wallace home to talk to Beth. Mrs. Wallace tried to tell Luis the truth about her daughter. Beth then showed Luis all the medication that her mother had to take. She told Luis she was very afraid that she would get the medications mixed up. Beth made a veiled threat to her mother to keep her mouth shut or suffer the consequences.

Luis told Beth about Sheridan's sacrifice. He told Beth that he did want to move on with his life. The visiting nurse interrupted their conversation. She took Mrs. Wallace into her room, wanting to put her to bed. Mrs. Wallace confided to the nurse that Beth was trying to steal Luis away from Sheridan Crane and was trying to kill Mrs. Wallace to keep quiet about it.

Mrs. Wallace begged the nurse to tell Luis the truth. The nurse agreed in an attempt to calm the woman down. She went out to confront Beth. When Beth inquired about her mother's well-being, the nurse replied something was very wrong, and she wanted to get to the bottom of it.

T.C. was angry seeing Eve in an intimate conversation with David. Liz smiled at the scene. T.C. and Eve went off alone to talk. David told Liz he was onto her. He knew she was trying to break up Eve and T.C. He told Liz that Eve was going to tell all to T.C., and then Liz would have no power over her sister. Eve called David and Liz over, announcing she had to tell T.C. something very important, and she wanted them to hear it as well.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Tabitha opened up to Kay about her life as a witch. She revealed all to Kay about how she had been behind the pain and suffering in Harmony for years. Kay questioned Tabitha about Timmy, guessing that he had been a doll that she had created. Tabitha confirmed it and told Kay that he had been a doll until he had made a fateful decision to become a real boy.

Kay wanted to learn all she could about being a witch. She eagerly asked Tabitha when she would get her powers. Tabitha laughed and reminded Kay that powers took a great deal of time to earn.

Eve told half the truth to T.C. and Liz. Eve related the story of Liz and her sister's past. Eve did not name the mysterious man who had ruined Liz's sister's life. Julian walked into the Book Café and heard a portion of Eve's confession. T.C. called the man who had ruined Liz's sister's life "scum." David watched Eve's confession, hoping she told the whole truth and got out from under Ivy and Liz's blackmail.

T.C. was called away from the Book Café for a few minutes. Liz took the opportunity to question Eve and ask her why she was confessing when her family was so important to her. Eve told her sister that she was just too tired to keep the secret anymore.

Mrs. Wallace's visiting nurse related the horror stories to Beth and Luis that her patient had told her. Mrs. Wallace heard Beth and Luis laugh them off. Luis assured the nurse that no one could be as devoted to their mother as Beth. He also told the nurse that Beth had tried her best to get him back together with Sheridan Crane.

Mrs. Wallace became nearly hysterical when she was not believed. The nurse told her to calm down. She also was certain that it was the old lady's condition and medication causing her to make such outlandish accusations against her only daughter. After the nurse and Luis left, Beth turned on her mother. She said that her mother had been warned. Beth filled a syringe and menacingly stepped toward her mother.

Julian tried to get Eve to change her mind about telling the truth. David called Liz despicable for blackmailing her sister into a corner. He told Liz that he couldn't wait until Eve did tell the truth, giving Liz no more power over her. Liz was sure that Eve would chicken out. Julian told Eve that he would stand by her when she broke the news to her husband. He hoped T.C. would take out his anger on Julian and not Eve.

Tabitha's spell bowl fascinated Kay. Tabitha warned her not to read the inscription. Kay did not heed the warning, and as she bent over to read the inside of the bowl, hands grabbed Kay by the neck.

Sam called an ambulance for an unconscious Ivy. Ivy had a weak pulse. Theresa told Fox to check the brake on Ivy's wheelchair. She swore that she had set it to prevent Ivy from falling. Fox found the brake not set. Theresa told Fox she had been sure she could expose Ivy.

Ethan overheard and lashed out at Theresa. He called her evil and scheming. Theresa tried to explain to Ethan and Fox that Ivy had framed her, but no one would listen. The paramedics finally arrived. Ivy had no pulse, and they needed to try to revive her. Ethan swore to Theresa that if his mother died, it would be murder, and Theresa would be made to pay.

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Tabitha's spell bowl continued to strangle Kay. Tabitha was reluctant to help Kay until she got a message from Timmy. Timmy still wanted his princess to join him in heaven. Tabitha relented and finally went to help Kay. She grabbed the electric mixer and pushed it in the bowl. The evil hands let go of Kay as Kay fell to the floor, gasping for air.

Tabitha told Kay that the bowl could sense her Standish goodness and power. The dark side did not realize that Kay was there to use her powers for evil instead of good. Kay told Tabitha there was no way. She had had nothing but bad run-ins with using the evil forces. Tabitha told her that it was the only way to get Miguel. Kay was worried that Miguel would see through her and know she was evil.

Tabitha laughed in Kay's face. She reminded Kay that no one had seen through her sweet old lady act for generations. Tabitha then told Kay that she was getting a news bulletin. They looked into Tabitha's spell bowl and saw that Ivy Crane had died.

The paramedics tried desperately to revive Ivy, to no avail. Sam and Ethan refused to give up, even after the paramedics said it was no use. Ivy then had an out-of-body experience. She saw Sam working on her lifeless body. She realized that she did not want to die. She claimed that all she wanted was to be under Sam's roof and to drive a bigger wedge between Ethan and Theresa.

Ivy glared at Theresa and then tried to slap her. Ivy's hand went through Theresa. She then realized that she was dying. Ivy demanded that if she couldn't go back to Sam, she wanted to see the bright light she needed to walk toward. She demanded to be taken immediately.

A funnel cloud appeared and shot lightning at Ivy. She appeared to begin to fade as the lightning continued. Sam cradled Ivy's lifeless body in his arms and begged her not to leave him. Grace watched and realized that all her fears were being realized. Sam still loved Ivy.

Julian walked in on Eve's confession. He told T.C. that the real culprit in the whole sad tale was the man who had ruined Liz's sister's life. He told T.C. that he was sure the man had real remorse over what he had done. Eve was touched by Julian's confession.

Eve asked Julian if he were the man, whether he would confess, knowing that the woman's husband would beat him to a pulp. He said yes. Liz watched in curiosity. Eve then asked T.C. if the husband should forgive his wife's past transgressions. She waited for T.C.'s reply.

The nurse interrupted Beth's latest attempt to kill her mother. Beth got the nurse out of the way by asking her to run to the store for her. She then began to try to kill her mother one more time. Mrs. Wallace babbled on, trying to get Beth to change her mind. Mrs. Wallace pointed out that it would do no good to kill her because that wouldn't guarantee Sheridan wouldn't ever try to get Luis back.

Beth realized that what her mother said was true. She then decided to kill Sheridan and be rid of her for good. Mrs. Wallace all but read her daughter's mind. At that very moment, Sheridan showed up at Beth's door.

Thursday, February 20, 2003

Tabitha and Kay used the spell bowl to watch Ivy being sucked into the vortex of hell. They then saw the fight between Ivy and Theresa. Kay watched as Ivy pushed herself down the stairs. She said, "Oh, my God! Ivy is responsible for her own death." Tabitha was quite pleased to see Ivy suffering the fires of eternal hell until her friends in the basement showed their disappointment.

Tabitha was ordered to do something to save Ivy. Kay asked why the evil forces wanted Ivy saved. Tabitha explained that Ivy would do more harm than good on earth. She had the power to destroy the Bennett marriage. Kay wanted to know why it was so important that her parents' marriage be destroyed. Tabitha explained that it was the most loving one in Harmony, and the evil forces wanted it destroyed.

Tabitha told Kay that they needed to save Ivy. They put their hands in the spell bowl and began pulling Ivy back to life. Grace saw the lights flash and looked up to see Ivy struggling to stay out of hell. She told Theresa what she saw. Grace then saw Ivy being pulled back and knew that Ivy would live.

Sam and Ethan refused to give up on Ivy, even though the paramedics told them it was no use. Ivy returned from the netherworld. She smiled at Sam, thanking him for saving her life. Sam said he'd had nothing to do with it. He told her to thank God. Grace blessed herself and said God had had nothing to do with it. Evil had.

To Eve's relief, T.C. said he would forgive Liz's sister if he were the husband. Eve was overjoyed and ready to confess to T.C. that she was Liz's sister. Liz spoke up in disbelief. She did her best to get T.C. to change his mind. She said that the poor husband had been lied to for years. She insisted that the marriage had been a lie. T.C. still stated if the man loved his wife like he loved Eve, he could forgive her.

Eve was ready to confess when her cell phone went off. Grace wanted Eve to go see Ivy. Eve told everyone about Ivy "dying." They all wanted to rush to the Bennett home. David ushered Liz outside and asked her when she had become a mean, evil shrew. He laughed at her, saying very soon she would have no power over Eve, and her days of blackmailing her sister were over.

Beth stashed her mother in the bedroom as Sheridan visited. Sheridan asked if Luis had been by. Beth said yes and told Sheridan that Luis had seemed happy and relieved to be free to move on with his life. Sparks of tension began to fly between the two women. Sheridan kept claiming she wanted to see Luis move on and be happy. Sheridan did say, however, she would not want to see him go his whole life being miserable without her.

Beth got angry at that last statement. She told Sheridan that she was not the only woman in the world who could make Luis happy. Beth reminded her rival that she and Luis had been happy before Sheridan had happened along. They had been happy when Sheridan had been presumed dead, and they could be happy again if Sheridan would just stay out of the picture.

Sheridan insisted that she was out of the picture. She asked how much more "out" of the picture Beth wanted her to be. Beth grabbed the deadly syringe and intended to tell Sheridan just how out of the picture she wanted her.

Friday, February 21, 2003

Outside the Bennett home, Liz verbally attacked Julian Crane. She kept telling him that he had helped to ruin her life. Julian insisted that he had never laid eyes on Liz until she had arrived in Harmony a few months before. Liz told Julian that might be true, but he had still left his mark and ruined her life.

Liz guessed that Julian was the man who had taken her beloved sister away form her. She told Julian that he was responsible for taking her sister away from her and turning her into a "drugged-out slut." She swore revenge. David tried to appeal to Liz. He told her that it would be for the best if she just let go of the past.

Ivy awoke and waited to hear if she needed to go to the hospital. Grace was hurt by the deep love Sam had shown his first love. She told Eve that if Ivy had to go to the hospital, it would be best. Grace wanted to fight for her marriage. She said that she and Sam had a chance with Ivy gone.

Eve told Grace that Ivy needed to be checked out at the hospital. Ivy overheard and threatened Eve with more blackmail to keep her in Sam's house. Eve laughed at the latest blackmail threat. Eve smiled that she was planning on exposing her past to T.C. herself. Eve then reminded Ivy that when that happened, all of Ivy's secrets would be exposed, too.

Ivy did not believe Eve until Eve revealed that Liz, who was her sister, was blackmailing her. Eve told Ivy that when the truth was revealed, Ethan and Sam would know all her dirty secrets and hate her forever. Ivy closed her eyes in defeat. Liz urged Julian to run for his life when T.C. finally heard the truth. Julian bravely stated he was not running "this time."

Hank and Luis shot hoops at the youth center. Luis talked to Hank about his future. Hank reluctantly agreed with Sheridan. He told Luis that he needed to move on with his life. He needed to move on with Beth. Hank told Luis to pretend Sheridan was dead. He explained that Sheridan was dead to him. Luis was angry when he heard that. He said that Sheridan was his life, and he couldn't let her go.

Beth had a sick fantasy that she killed Sheridan with the syringe. She was almost ready to do Sheridan in when the visiting nurse interrupted her. Beth told Sheridan that she needed to stay as far away from Luis as possible. Sheridan needed to leave for a meeting. Before she left, Mrs. Wallace told her that Beth wanted her to stay away from Luis, and that Beth wanted to see them broken up forever. Beth tried to explain that her poor mother had hallucinations.

Sheridan left, and Mrs. Wallace retired to her bedroom. Beth and the nurse went to the kitchen. Sheridan went back into the house to get her keys. Mrs. Wallace saw Sheridan and warned her that Beth wanted Luis and would stop at nothing to get him. She even warned Sheridan that Beth wanted her dead.

David showed up at the Bennetts'. Grace confided to him that she had seen Ivy being sucked into hell. She told David how concerned Sam was about Ivy. She doubted Sam had enough love left in his heart for her and for wanting to make their marriage work.

Sam questioned Theresa about the "attempted murder" of Ivy Crane. Theresa insisted that she had not pushed Ivy down the steps. She said it would be foolish to try to kill someone in the chief of police's house. Everyone believed the worst of Theresa except Fox. He was the only one who did not suspect Theresa of trying to kill Ivy.

Sam told Ivy he needed to ask her some questions. He asked Ivy to tell the truth about her accident. Ivy lied and claimed, "Theresa tried to kill me!"

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