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Monday, February 10, 2003

Liz subtly tried to cause more problems between Eve and TC. Eve decided to clear her work schedule to make more time for TC and the girls.

Antonio's eyes opened. However, everyone was alarmed when he didn't respond, and they realized he was still in a coma. Beth prayed Antonio stayed a vegetable for the rest of his life so she could have Luis.

Having recovered from her head injury, Kay once again tried to tell everyone the truth about Tabitha, David, and Ivy. Sam began to wonder if Tabitha really was a witch. Ivy and David feared their lives were about to be destroyed. Tabitha interrupted Kay and privately admitted to her that she was indeed a witch. Tabby then showed Kay the sad future that awaited her if she told the truth.

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Grace started digging around the Internet, looking for a new place for Ivy to live. Sam did his best to try to talk Grace out of it for the time being. Grace got upset with Sam's attitude. She was sure that he was still harboring some feelings for his first love and that was the real reason he did not want Ivy to find another place to live.

Grace then pointed out how much she loved Sam and said they couldn't grow closer with Ivy under their roof. Grace wanted all threats to their marriage out of the way so they could find their way back to each other. Sam asked Grace if that applied to David as well.

Pilar and the rest of the Lopez-Fitzgerald family were told that Antonio had slipped into a vegetative state. Sheridan was heartbroken for him as well as herself. She took Luis aside and cried in his arms that they would never be able to be together. Sheridan reminded Luis that she had made a vow to stay by Antonio and she needed to keep it. Beth overheard and was thrilled. She was certain that nothing would stop her from getting Luis.

Beth then overheard Miguel talking to Pilar. Miguel felt sure that Luis would never have a future with Beth because his heart would always belong to Sheridan. Pilar told Miguel that she prayed it was not true. She wanted Luis to move on with his life and become a father. Beth planned on making that happen for Luis.

Sheridan urged Luis to forget about her and to move on as well.

Theresa fell asleep at a very important business meeting. Ethan covered for her but then berated her for trying to do it all and burning the candle at both ends. Fox watched the scene as he studied Theresa even more closely.

Ivy returned to the mansion to collect some of her things. She found Rebecca in her room "looting." Rebecca lied that she had been helping the maid pack up Ivy's things. Gwen walked in and told Ivy that she and Ethan would be living on at the mansion. Ivy was glad. Rebecca then revealed her plan to Ivy. First, she planned to oust Theresa, marry Julian, and get Ethan reinstated. Ivy was skeptical but hopeful.
Gwen listened to Ivy, who planned on staying with Sam forever if possible. Gwen then said out loud, "Oh, my God! Ivy, do you know who you sound like? You sound exactly like Theresa." The comparison unsettled Ivy.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Sheridan tearfully told Luis that she needed to let him go. She wanted him to move on with his life and find happiness. Luis told Sheridan he couldn't let her go. Sheridan refused to accept it. Beth stood in the wings and prayed that Luis would realize that Sheridan was right -- that he needed to move on with his life and move on with her.

Sheridan took off Luis' grandmother's ring. She gave him back the ring and begged him to give the ring to someone who could make him happy. She told him to find someone who would give him a family and the type of life he deserved.

Grace explained to Sam how upsetting it was to see him with Ivy. Grace said she hurt every time she watched Sam scoop Ivy up in his arms. She told Sam about an assisted living facility that could house Ivy. Sam looked shocked and told Grace that she did not sound like the woman he had married.

Grace agreed that she was not the same woman he had married. She recounted all the pain and suffering she and the rest of the family had gone through. She vowed never to be anyone's doormat again. She was willing to fight a war to save her marriage. She told Sam that it was war, and she was fighting for her marriage and family.

Ethan went off again on Theresa about her treatment of his mother. Fox stepped in and chose Theresa's side. He made Ethan remember how favored he had been growing up and how the rest of his half-siblings had suffered. Fox tried to get Ethan to see how cold Ivy had been to her other children and how unfairly she had treated Theresa.

Ethan left the boardroom but returned looking somber. He told Theresa he had some news. Ethan was the one who broke it to Theresa that Antonio had gone into a vegetative state. Theresa cried in Ethan's arms as Fox watched. Fox told himself that maybe Theresa was right and Ethan still did have feelings for her.

Grace cattily told Ivy that she had found a new place for Ivy to live. Ivy was hurt and angry. She asked Sam if the moving out was his idea. She wanted him to intervene and stop Grace from kicking her out.

Rebecca told Gwen that she was sure they would be rid of Theresa forever. Gwen couldn't wait to find out what dirt had been dug up on Theresa. Gwen told Rebecca that it would just be too good to be true to have Theresa out of their lives forever.

Thursday, February 13, 2003

Grace tried to get Ivy to move out of the house, but Ivy fought desperately to stay. Sam and Ivy had a heart-to-heart talk. Grace stuck to her guns.

Ethan comforted Theresa, who was devastated over Antonio not responding to the drug. Fox admired their love.

Pilar encouraged a still-unconscious Antonio to hold on. Sheridan tried to set Luis free and gave him back his engagement ring. Luis fought to keep them together. Later, Beth urged Sheridan to set him free once and for all. Luis sat by his brother's bedside and finally confessed the truth about everything. Luis begged Antonio to either get better or die, but not to leave Sheridan in limbo.

Friday, February 14, 2003

Grace and Sam dropped the bombshell on Ivy that she had to move that day. Ivy found every possible excuse to stay. Ivy was horrified at the thought of moving into what she called a nursing home. Ivy was quick to point out that she was broke. Sam and Grace had a hard time believing it. Grace suggested that Ivy sell some of her jewels. Ivy acted the poor victim and explained she couldn't part with gifts from Ethan and what little she had left of her old life. Grace told Ivy that it was no concern of hers -- Ivy was out of the house that day, one way or another.

Sheridan ordered Luis to move on with his life. She even suggested that Luis marry Beth. Beth overheard it, and she also heard Luis reply no. He told Sheridan that he would only love her all the rest of his days, and it would be useless to marry Beth.

Luis talked things over with Ethan. Luis was hoping that Ethan would come up with something that would help Ethan's Aunt Sheridan change her mind. Ethan told Luis that Sheridan would never change her mind; he knew her too well. Ethan reluctantly agreed with Sheridan and told Luis to move on with his life. Beth heard and was overjoyed.

Mrs. Wallace was wheeled into the waiting room. She tried to talk to Luis, but Beth intercepted her. Beth couldn't believe that the hospital was actually releasing her mother. The nurse told Beth that they would arrange for a visiting nurse to help out, but the burden of her mother's care would fall on Beth's shoulders.

Theresa had a new plan to expose Ivy in Ethan's eyes. Theresa showed up at the Bennetts' with Fox in tow. David couldn't take much more of Ivy and called Eve. He wanted to talk to Eve not only for himself, but he knew Eve needed a friend. They planned to meet at the Book Café.

Eve realized that she did need to talk to someone, since she'd had another blowup with TC. TC couldn't understand why Eve was working so much. He yelled at her that he was sick and tired of being second in her life. As he stormed out of Eve's office, he ran into Liz. Liz offered him a sympathetic ear as they took a walk. The pair found themselves in front of the Book Café. When they walked inside, they saw David and Eve involved in a cozy conversation. TC was angry, and Liz couldn't have been more pleased.

David tried to talk Eve into telling TC the whole truth. He said it was the only way to save her marriage. He begged Eve to tell TC about her past before Liz did. David genuinely cared for Eve and did not want to see her hurt.

Ivy swore to everyone that she only wanted to stay at Sam's because she had nowhere else to go. She assured everyone that she had no ulterior motive to be at the Bennetts'. She just wanted her old life back.

Theresa pretended an apology to Ivy. Ivy accepted. Theresa asked Ivy to move back into the mansion. Ivy knew that Theresa was only offering to spoil her chances to be in the same house with Sam.

Luis told Sheridan he would do what she asked, since there was no changing her mind. He walked away from Sheridan as she collapsed into tears.

Luis showed up on Beth's doorstep.

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