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Monday, February 3, 2003

Tabitha appeals one more time to the evil ones in the basement for her powers back. She shows them all the pain and suffering that she has caused with the residents of Harmony. The evil ones show her all the mistakes she has pulled in the past. They even include Tabitha being careless enough to let Kay catch her in the act. They tell her no return of her powers yet anyway. They just tell her to take care of the baby she is carrying and that they will be giving her a helper soon. Tabitha insists she does not want a helper just her powers. Tabitha then says to herself she was stupid to lose her head that night with Julian. She says now because of Julian she is carrying his baby boy or girl. The evil ones laugh and reply maybe it's neither.

Kay keeps insisting that David and Ivy are working together. Ivy plays her ace in the hole, Eve. Ivy keeps reminding everyone that Eve took the DNA test and it would have to mean that Eve "fixed" the test. Grace of course goes on the defensive and says her best friend would never betray her that way. Both Eve and David watch Ivy manipulate her way out of the lie she created. Eve stands there looking guilty as she then examines Kay. Sam keeps telling Kay he believes her but not the part of the story about Eve having to fix the DNA tests. Kay walks up to Ivy and tells her that this is not finished, not by a long shot. Kay announces that she is not afraid of Ivy and she will be damned if she will let Ivy get close to her father. Kay then announces that the Cranes are rich enough to have a DNA test fixed or to pay someone to pretend to be Grace's husband. John goes off on Kay. He tells her to stop accusing his father of being so devious. Kay insists that she knows what she is talking about. She then shoots her credibility to shreds when she says she knows that David is guilty just like she knows Tabitha is a witch. Kay goes on about Tabitha levitating and butterflies coming out of her ears. Tabitha stands back looking smug as Ivy takes the opportunity to make Kay look foolish and delusional.

Luis tells Beth he will always be there for her. He tells her that no matter what he will never abandon her. Beth is truly grateful as Luis explains they need to discuss their future.
Sheridan and Pilar have a heart to heart. Pilar tells Sheridan that somehow she will have the strength to stand by Antonio. Eve goes home to make sure Liz is not with TC. She is fully determined to tell TC the truth about her past. She knows that it is now the only chance she has to save her marriage. Eve opens the bedroom door unaware that Liz manipulated the situation so Eve will catch her in bed with TC.

Tuesday, February 4, 2003

Eve comes home to find TC in bed with Liz. Eve screams at TC asking just what in the hell he is doing. TC jumps out of bed realizing for the first time that the woman in bed with him is not his wife. TC explains about the sleepwalking. Eve laughs at him and tells TC sleepwalking is very rare. Liz smiles and pretends to be asleep when Eve confronts TC. When Eve sees a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket, she throws the cold water on Liz. Eve tells her that she doesn't buy the sleepwalking story for one minute. Liz pleads innocent and Eve tells her to stop playing dumb.

Whitney goes to be with Chad as he sleeps on the Russell's sofa. Chad is glad to see her and wants her to spend the night. Simone walks downstairs and sees the couple. Simone is furious as she runs into the kitchen. Simone says to herself that Kay and her advice be damned, she is not going to sit back and pretend she doesn't know what is going on. Simone grabs a kitchen knife and wonders how Whitney will feel if she is the one to get stabbed in the back. Whitney then twists the knife in the air and looks menacing as she damns her sister.

Theresa, Fox, Gwen and Ethan interrupt Julian and Rebecca's latest role-playing love fest. Then demented couple plan on making whoopee in the one million dollars that Julian secured to pay off Rebecca's mystery man for information on Theresa. Theresa orders the couple to get out of the living room. She makes a veiled threat to Julian that she will put him out if he doesn't stop acting so disgusting with his over the hill mistress. Rebecca tells Fox to leave and close the door. Fox listens outside the living room to Rebecca's plan. He hears Rebecca order Gwen not to move out. She is still convinced that they can get Theresa out of the house and get Julian to adopt Ethan. Ethan can be reinstated as the head of Crane Industries. Fox plans on blowing Rebecca out of the water.

Back at Tabitha's no one believes Kay's story about Ivy and David working to together or that Tabitha is a witch. Kay refuses to go home with her parents and then puts Tabitha on notice. She will expose her no matter what it takes.

Wednesday, February 5, 2003

Eve and Liz go toe to toe over Liz's blatant attempt at seducing TC. Eve warns Liz to stay the hell way from her husband. Liz laughs in her sister's face. She tells Eve that she will eventually have an emergency at the hospital and then TC will be all hers.
Eve insists that she trusts her husband. Liz laughs again and tells Eve that's nice but next time it will be more than kissing she does with TC. Liz plans on making love all night long. Eve attempts to slap Liz across the face. Liz asks Eve how she will explain hitting the house guest. Eve promises that she will tell TC the about her past herself and then Eve will be free of Liz forever. Eve smiles at the thought and tells Liz she can't wait.

Simone decides to play the innocent. She walks in on Chad and Whitney. Whitney tries to explain away what Simone saw by saying that she accidentally fell on Chad. Simone innocently smiles and tells Whitney that of course she believes her because Whitney would never betray her like that. Neither of them would ever think of betraying her. Chad and Whitney exchange guilty looks as Simone smiles innocently.

Gwen decides to follow Rebecca's evil plan. She tells Ethan that they aren't going to move out. Gwen does not level with Ethan. She pretends that she needs to go apartment hunting since her apartment is too small for all of them. She tells Ethan she does not want to move twice. Ethan agrees to stay a while longer.

Fox tells Theresa about Rebecca and Gwen plotting to get rid of her for good. He also lets it slip that Gwen will be asking Ethan to stay on at the mansion. Theresa smiles at the news. She feels she owes Rebecca a debt of thanks.

Kay refuses to go home with her family. Grace asks her where she will stay. Kay invites herself as a house guest at Tabitha's. Tabby refuses to let Kay stay by making up as many lame excuses as possible. Kay takes her aside and threatens to expose her once and for all if Tabitha does not let her stay. Tabitha stands firm until she hiccups out another butterfly. Kay catches it in her hand and threatens to show everyone unless Tabitha lets her stay. Tabitha reluctantly agrees.

Simone and Whitney see Liz in their parent's bedroom and begin to ask questions. Liz says she sleepwalks because of emotional trauma. Trauma caused by her mean, evil uncaring sister. Liz spills the whole story to everyone about her sister. She tells everything but her sister's identity. Eve and TC kiss and Eve promises TC she will be spending more time with him and the girls. As she is making that promise, her beeper goes off and so does TC. He gets really angry and tells Eve to go since she has time for everyone but her family.

Kay warns Tabitha that she is there to get enough evidence to prove Tabitha is a witch. Kay is convinced that once she proves to be right about Tabitha, everyone will then believe her about David and Ivy. Kay smiles as she thinks about how Grace will hurt when she realizes that her precious John is not really her son.

The Bennetts return home. Sam gives Ivy Kay's room. Sam carries Ivy up to the bedroom as Grace watches jealously.

Thursday, February 6, 2003

Kay gets settled into Tabitha's place. Tabitha realizes she can't do away with her obnoxious houseguest without raising suspicions. Kay searches for ways to prove Tabby is a witch.

Grace tries to deal with Ivy living under her roof. Sam tries to get through to Grace about their relationship and wonders if she'd rather be with David. Grace is sure Ivy is after Sam, but she doesn't believe David is involved. Despite the uncomfortable accommodations, Ivy plans to stay at the Bennetts' forever.

Beth is thrilled when she believes her mother is dead. When she hears news to the contrary, Beth lashes out at her mother for living. Luis catches Beth trying to smother her mom, but she covers. Sheridan and Luis pray for a miracle. Pilar apologizes to Sheridan for her harsh words.

Friday, February 7, 2003

Grace discloses her suspicions about Ivy with David and reveals her trust in him. Grace and John share a sweet Mother-Son moment.

Ivy tries to make nice with Sam. Sam lets Ivy know that nothing could come between himself and Grace.

Tabitha discovers that Kay is to be her new partner in crime. Kay plans to use the evil in the basement to win back her family's trust and Miguel.

Antonio takes a turn for the worse. Pilar stands by his side as Luis comforts a distraught Sheridan. Luis and Sheridan consider leaving Harmony, and Beth vows not to let them go.

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