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Monday, January 20, 2003

Kay gets her coat and tells Grace that this is goodbye. Grace does her best to talk Kay out of leaving. Kay tells her mother that she is finally getting her wish, to be rid of her. Kay insists that she is not welcome, other than Ivy Crane she is the most unwelcome person to set foot in the Bennett home. Jessica and Charity try to talk Kay out of leaving in the middle of the snowstorm. Kay reminds Charity that she took her room from her, her boyfriend and her parents' love. Kay asks Charity why doesn't she start calling Sam and Grace "mom and dad" since they are more her parents than they are Kay's. Grace apologizes to Kay if she made her feel second best to Charity or the rest of her siblings. Grace all but admits that Kay got very little attention since Charity moved in. Listening to this puts the brakes on Kay's mad dash out of the house. Grace tells her daughter that she is here for her now. Kay listens and then asks if Grace will support her when she wants to be with the father of her child. Grace tells Kay that Miguel and Charity belong together and always will. Kay explodes and storms out into the cold.

The drama of eviction continues as Theresa orders Sam to get Ivy out of her house now. Ethan tells Theresa he can't believe how cold she is acting. Theresa reminds Ethan how cold and horrible Ivy has been and that she brought all of this on herself. Ethan and Sam begin to call hotels and Ivy tries to call her so called "friends" for a place to stay.
None of Ivy's social circle are willing to help her, especially since
she is no longer Mrs. Julian Crane. Ethan has no luck as does Sam. All the hotels are booked, even Grace's B&B. Sam has no choice, and he announces that he will take Ivy home with him. Rebecca smirks as she sees Ivy half smile. Rebecca tells Julian not to worry about his ex. She is practically drooling over the fact she can go home with Sam. Gwen takes Ethan aside. He is thrilled his father is willing to take care of his mother. Gwen reminds Ethan that when Grace hears, there will probably be an explosion.

Liz keeps putting the moves on TC. TC finally gets Liz to back off a while and gets her to lay down. He tries to sleep on the floor since he still can't unlock the bedroom door. Liz smiles as TC starts to drift off. She is fully awake and is purposely pretending to sleepwalk to get close to TC. She tells TC quietly to get some sleep because they have a steamy night ahead.
Simone takes every opportunity to get close to Chad and cut Whitney out. She keeps telling Whitney how sad it is that Jessica stole Reese from Kay. Simone tells her sister that boyfriend stealing is unforgivable. A huge snow drift falls on Simone as she, Chad and Whitney walk back to the wrecked car. Chad wants to get his recording equipment. He and Whitney pull Simone from the drift. Simone hugs Chad and says he saved her life. She tells Whitney to carry the equipment because she needs Chad's arms around her and his body heat. Chad whispers to Whitney that this situation with Simone is becoming intolerable.

Antonio flatlines twice. On the last attempt at reviving him, the nurse tells Eve that he has died. Eve does not give up until Antonio once again has a heartbeat. Sheridan keeps reliving everything that Beth told her. She remembers Eve ripping into her too for being careless enough to forget Antonio's medication. She sees Pilar telling her she killed her son. Sheridan once again cries to Luis. Luis tells her that he will leave his family if it comes to that. Beth gets closer to Pilar at every turn, which hurts Sheridan, knowing Pilar feels she killed her son.
Eve says that there is an experimental drug that could help Antonio but the side effects are grave. They all are in agreement to use the drugs. Eve says they should get Antonio's opinion. She tells them that Antonio made a tape before he got sick. They go to Eve's office to watch it. Beth knocks on the door and tells Eve she should be there too since she is engaged to Luis. Pilar welcomes Beth with open arms, which makes Sheridan look all the more hurt.
Antonio begins the tape by saying he knows what everyone tries their best to keep from him. This makes Sheridan and Luis believe he knew about their love.

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Theresa gets upset when she hears that Sam is taking Ivy home with him. She begs him to reconsider. Sam asks Theresa if she will reconsider throwing Ivy out into the snowstorm. Theresa tells him no. Sam says then he has no choice and leaves with Ivy. Julian shows Rebecca how disastrous it would be to hastily divorce Theresa. He says she would be vicious. Even more vicious than Ivy. Rebecca tells Julian not to fret because her mystery man will be able to help rid them of Theresa. After Ivy leaves, Ethan turns on Theresa and tells her he can't believe how cruel she is acting. Gwen intervenes and reminds Theresa how close Ivy was to Pilar. Theresa jumps on her and tells Gwen that Ivy did Pilar no favors. Pilar worked her fingers to the bone for Ivy Crane. Theresa tells Ethan how vicious Ivy was acting. Ethan calls her the vicious one. Gwen tells him that since Ivy is gone, there is no reason to stay in the Crane mansion. Theresa begins to protest but Ethan tells her they are gone. Gwen smiles and walks out of the room beside Ethan. Fox asks Theresa if it was all worth it. Theresa smiles. She tells Fox she divided and now she plans on conquering. Fox likes the way she thinks.

Kay runs out into the storm. Grace runs outside after her and drags her back into the house. They begin arguing again over Kay's leaving. David and John walk in on the fight. David tells Kay she can't leave in the blizzard. Kay gets angry and calls John Grace's so called son. Grace asks her what she means by that comment. Kay suspiciously eyes David and tells Grace that she will find out soon enough. David begs Kay to listen to her mother. Kay turns to leave and Grace grabs her. They struggle and Kay pushes Grace to the ground. Everyone rallies to Grace's defense. They totally ignore Kay and she leaves the house. When Grace realizes that her daughter is gone, she puts on her coat and goes after her as does Charity, Jessica, David and John. Grace searches desperately for Kay and prays over and over that Sam were here to help. She can't imagine what could be keeping him from his family.

Sam and Ivy drive slowly through the blizzard making their way toward the Bennett home. Ivy volunteers to help Kay and maybe talk to her for Sam. Sam warns her against this. Ivy tells Sam she is grateful for his help. Sam reminds Ivy that she ended up in that wheelchair because chose to help Sam and his family. He silently prays that Grace will see that too.
Sam's car whizzes by Grace and splashes her with ice. Jessica is sure it is her dad's car but Grace says it couldn't be because there was a woman in the passenger seat.

Antonio's tape reveals he knew about the experimental drug not Luis and Sheridan's love. The tape is painful for Sheridan to watch. She begs Eve to turn off the tape. Eve says she can't do that because time is not on their side. Antonio tells Sheridan to let him go because he does not want to be a burden to her and have her take care of him in a vegetative state. Pilar and Miguel immediately say to give the drug to Antonio. Pilar says that even if there is the slightest chance that the drug could save Antonio it has to be tried. Sheridan does not jump to the same conclusion as Pilar. Pilar begs Sheridan to give permission for the drug to be given to her son. Luis tells Pilar that having his brother linger like a vegetable is not the right thing. Luis tells his mother that not only would Antonio linger away but Sheridan would as well. Pilar reminds Luis that Sheridan married Antonio for better or worse and in sickness and in health. Luis tells his mother that it is not fair to condemn Sheridan to a loveless life of servitude. Pilar promise Sheridan that she will take care of Antonio for the rest of her life if she will only agree to give Antonio the drug. Luis tells Sheridan not to be forced into agreeing. Pilar turns on him and asks if he could really with hold the drug that could save his brother's life. Luis says yes. Pilar slaps him across the face.

Kay falls and lays bleeding unconscious in the snow. Grace can't believe that Sam carried Ivy into her home. She tells Sam that while he was out helping Ivy, their daughter and unborn grandchild are out in the storm.

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Luis and Pilar have a heated argument over how to treat Antonio's condition. Pilar literally begs Sheridan to give Antonio the experimental drug that could possibly save his life. Luis stands by his decision that the drug should be withheld so Antonio won't waste away as a vegetable. Pilar slaps Luis across there face and tells him she has never been more disappointed in him as she is right now. She tells him that as a cop he has risked his life over and over for strangers but would not lift a finger to help his own brother. Then Pilar tells Luis she sees the ugly truth, he wants his brother dead so he can have his wife. Pilar shouts that she is ashamed to call Luis her son. Beth stands behind Sheridan and twists the knife. She tells Sheridan to take a good look at how she is tearing this family to shreds. Pilar makes one last appeal to Sheridan to help save Antonio's life.

Sam badgers Grace as to how she could have let Kay go out in the storm. Jessica and David come to Grace's defense by telling Sam that Grace did everything she could have possibly done to stop Kay. Grace tells Sam that she even dropped the whole "tough love" thing and begged Kay to stay. Grace is convinced that if Sam were there Kay would have never gone out. Grace is livid that Sam was helping Ivy instead of their daughter. Grace insists that Sam deliberately lied about where he was going. Grace holds Sam personally responsible for whatever happens to Kay. Grace threatens Ivy. She tells Ivy that if anything happens to Kay, she will regret it for the rest of her life. Grace says Ivy may have Sam fooled but she can see right through her. This threat seems to have no effect on Ivy. She sits with David, pleased with herself over the trouble she is causing between Sam and Grace. Grace accuses Sam of wanting Ivy to be warm and safe more than he wants his own daughter to be. Charity has a terrible premonition. Sam has the entire Harmony police force looking for Kay.

Pilar apologizes to Luis. Luis says he only wants to with hold the drug from Antonio because it was Antonio's last wish, not to be a burden to his family.

Gwen gets a little angry with Ethan when he seems to soften his attitude toward Theresa. Gwen explodes when she sees this and tells her husband that no matter what, Theresa acted unconscionably when she threw a cripple woman in a wheelchair out into a raging blizzard. Gwen wants Ethan to sees Theresa in this new, ugly light and get as far away from her as possible.

Fox and Theresa discuss Ivy. Fox says he can't figure out why he felt bad that Theresa was kicking Ivy out. Fox tells Theresa how Ivy favored Ethan and pushed him and his other siblings away. He is bewildered by his feelings.

Sam gets a call that the police found a girl matching Kay's description laying dead in the snow. Grace screams to Sam that he killed their daughter.

Thursday, January 23, 2003

Mrs. Wallace hobbles over to Beth as she watches the drama concerning Antonio unfold. Beth is sure that in the end Sheridan will give Antonio the experimental drug and that Antonio will go into a vegetative state then she will be tied to him forever. Beth says that things are working out nicely for her. Mrs. Wallace calls her daughter wicked. Then she reminds Beth that there is a chance that the drug will save Antonio. If he lives, then Luis and Sheridan can tell him the truth about their love. Beth laughs this off. She informs her mother that the drug has only a miniscule chance of helping Antonio. Beth then says if he does get better, Sheridan is so consumed with guilt that she just may stay with him. Antonio goes into another minor crisis and Eve puts the pressure on that a decision has to be made. Pilar again appeals to Sheridan. Sheridan gets some backbone and tells everyone to back off. She explains that this decision is hers and hers alone. She can't make it under alll this pressure. She needs peace and quiet to think things through. Pilar tells Sheridan there is no time. She wonders if Sheridan is thinking of her future and not what is best for Antonio.

Ethan and Gwen are alone in bed. Gwen needs reassurance from her husband that he is over Theresa. Ethan tells Gwen that he made his decision and he is sticking to it. Gwen gets upset over his choice of words. Ethan explains that he is sorry if he did not put her mind at rest. He then looks Gwen in the eye and tells her she is the one carrying his baby and the one in his heart. Ethan and Gwen begin to make love.

Fox and Theresa discuss the Cranes as they share some more champagne. Fox tells Theresa how Ivy always favored Ethan as did Julian and Alistair. He shares some of the stories he lived through while away at school. Theresa can see that some of the pranks pulled on him because he is a Crane really hurt him though he tries not to let on. Fox then asks Theresa if it was all worth it. Theresa asks what he is talking about. Fox tells Theresa that she lost Ethan tonight by kicking his mother out of the mansion and into a blizzard. Theresa thinks this over for a moment and tells Fox that she will get Ethan back. Fox reminds Theresa that Ethan is married to Gwen. Theresa smiles and calls Gwen a "detour on the road of their true love."

Grace accuses Sam of killing their daughter. Everyone is in tears believing that Kay is the dead girl that was found by Harmony P.D. The phone rings and Sam finds out that the deceased is not Kay. Everyone is relieved. David whispers to Ivy that she is probably not happy over Kay being alive because he could see she planned on using the teenager's death to her advantage. Sam, David and John all go out to search for Kay. After they leave the house, Grace corners Ivy and asks her just what the hell she is doing in her house. Kay begins to stumble through the park, calling weakly for help. Kay then once again falls unconscious.

Friday, January 24, 2003

Tabitha goes to the evil forces in her basement and begs for her powers back. They tell her to stop bothering them and to take care of her unborn child. She explains that she deserves her powers back and could cause more pain and suffering with them. The evil forces order her to stop bothering them. Tabitha then hiccups and butterflies fly out of her mouth. She says "Oh no." and runs upstairs to get her pregnancy book. Before she leaves the evil forces tell Tabby that they have a new helper on the way for her. Tabitha tells them that she does not want another helper especially after being around Cracked Connie and Cecil. They tell her that she will be getting one none the less.

Grace and Ivy face off. Grace tells Ivy she doesn't care what Ivy's story is, she knows that Ivy is there to steal her husband and it is not going to work. Ivy laughs in Grace's face and tells her that she is wrong on a few points. Ivy says she will only be too happy to point them out. Number one, Sam is not Grace's husband. Number two, their marriage is in trouble because they have not shared a bed in months. Ivy then tells Grace that she can see by the look on her face that she has deep feelings for David. Grace does her best not to let Ivy unnerve her. She smiles and says, "You really are a piece of work. You deserve the name this town calls you behind your back....Poison Ivy." Grace informs her foe that she and Sam will weather the storm and their marriage will come out intact. They have been married for over 20 years and Ivy can't do anything to change that. Jessica then walks in and tactfully asks Grace to help her in the kitchen.

Ethan calls his mother and Ivy assures him that everything is fine in the Bennett house. Ivy ask Ethan if he finally can see Theresa for the evil witch that she is. Ethan rushes to Theresa's defense by saying that there are two sides to the story. Ivy then confessed that if she can't be in the mansion, Sam's home is the next best place to be. Ethan hangs up as Gwen asks why he looked a little strange at one point. She wants to know what Ivy said. Ethan does not tell Gwen he defended Theresa yet again. He lies and says Ivy was talking about Gwen. They make love again.

Sheridan still can't come to a decision about Antonio's fate. Beth corners her and tells her she has to give her husband that drug. Beth then goes to Pilar's side and earns some brownie points by telling Pilar that she would give Antonio the drug if it were up to her. She says she would do anything to help save Antonio's life. Pilar hugs her and tells Beth that she is a wonderful girl. Mrs. Wallace watches in horror, knowing that Beth's motives are only selfish ones. Pilar appeals to Sheridan once again. Sheridan tells everyone she needs time to think. Eve suggests she mix the drug "cocktail" so it will be ready incase Sheridan decides Antonio should have it. Sheridan goes to the hospital chapel to pray for guidance.

Sam, David and John keep searching for Kay. Kay regains consciousness and begins to wander away from the park that the men are searching. Sam and the others find Kay's scarf in the snow. Sam gets scared when he sees a puddle of blood in the snow. He orders everyone to keep searching. Kay stumbles toward the Bennett home. She realizes where she is but insists she will not go back to her mother. She walks up on Tabitha's front porch. As she peeks in the window, she witnesses the latest of Tabby's pregnancy problems. The witch is helplessly levitating as she hiccups more butterflies. Kay takes one look and says out loud, "Oh my God! Reese was right. She is a witch!" Kay rubs her wounded head and says again, "I know that I am not hallucinating from my accident. She really is a witch!"

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