PS Recaps: The week of November 11, 2002 on Passions
Liz helped Whitney and Chad out, promising to keep quiet about what she knew. Ethan struggled to choose between the two women in his life. Theresa prayed Ethan would choose to marry her, as Gwen resolved to accept his decision. Gwen became ill. Sheridan feared her relationship with Luis would be damaged no matter what happened. Luis gathered everyone together so he could tell Antonio the truth. Everyone learned that Antonio's condition was deteriorating. Eve and Liz faced off once more. Antonio thought Eve was Liz's sister.
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Monday, November 11, 2002

Antonio catches Luis and Sheridan dancing the Tango. He once again misinterprets what he sees. He cannot see that Luis and Sheridan are in love. He is sure that Luis is dancing with Sheridan to keep her mind off of the fact that Antonio is gravely ill. Luis leaves the couple at the mansion. Sheridan runs after Luis to give him his jacket. They promise each other that they will tell Antonio the truth tonight. They plan on having everyone including Eve and Beth come to the cottage for support. Antonio takes Sheridan home and hops in the shower with her. Sheridan does her best to put him off. Antonio goes on and on about how Sheridan is his reason for living. He says that she is the only thing that makes him happy and he would die without her. Sheridan has another attack of conscious and gets cold feet. She calls Luis to tell him she can't go through with confronting Antonio tonight. Luis gets the call at Beth's house after he begs Beth to come to the cottage for support. Beth is delighted that Sheridan once again postponed the news buying her more time. Mrs. Wallace moves in on Luis after hearing that he and Sheridan are back together. She tells Luis that Sheridan can't put off Antonio forever because he will for sure want to make love. Mrs. Wallace tells Luis that Antonio will surely find out the truth sooner or later and it should come from the two of them and done gently. Mrs. Wallace urges Luis to ignore Sheridan's plea and do what is best for everyone concerned. She asks Luis as a cop what does his gut feelings say? Luis says he feels telling Antonio now is the right thing to do. He happily goes off to the cottage, making Beth promise to meet him there later.

Beth explodes at her mother. She picks up a nail file and attempts to stab her with it. Beth yells, "You're going to die you nasty old bitch!"

Simone, Kay and Liz walk in on what appears to be a sleeping Whitney. Kay is suspicious that Whitney is asleep in a candle lit room with romantic music playing. Liz gets Kay and Simone to leave the room on a contrived errand. Liz knows that Chad is hiding under Whitney's bed. She covers for them so Chad can make a clean escape.

Simone and Kay later see Chad walking in the park near the Russell home. Kay tells Simone that it is too much of a coincidence. Kay is sure that Chad and Whitney were together in her bedroom. Simone tells Kay she is crazy. She keeps arguing with Kay until she spies Whitney running up to Chad. After seeing the two of them together again, Simone grudgingly admits that Kay is probably right.

TC assures Eve that nothing improper was going on between him and Liz. He laughs at the very thought. TC reminds his wife that there is no one else in the world for him except his perfect wife.

Liz and Eve meet up in the hallway. Liz shows Eve that she has a suitcase of evidence from Eve's past. She is going to use the evidence to back up her story of Eve's past when she finally breaks the news to Eve's family and friends. Eve orders Liz not to make threats to her in her own home. Liz laughs and asks her what she is going to do about it. Liz says the only way out is to tell TC the truth herself and she knows Eve won't do that. Liz smugly walks away. Eve eyes her vowing she will do whatever it takes to keep her past dead and buried.

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Pilar goes to the church to pray for her son's life. Luis finds his mother there and tells her that they are telling Antonio the truth tonight. Pilar tries her best to change Luis' mind but eventually sees that it is no use. Luis explains about the intervention. He tells Pilar that all Antonio's family and friends will be there along with Doctor Russell. Pilar grudgingly says she will go along with the idea since there is no changing his mind. Pilar goes to the cottage first to let Sheridan know what is about to happen.

Liz toys with Eve by showing TC harmless photographs. When she hands TC a package of photos showing Eve's damning past, she smiles snidely at Eve. TC's surprise revelation is interrupted by Luis who is there to ask both Eve and Liz to attend the intervention. Liz is angry over what Luis is planning but agrees to go along to help. She tells Eve that Luis' interruption only bought her a little more time. She will tell all to TC very soon.

Beth goes ballistic over how her mother maneuvered Luis into telling Antonio the truth and blowing any chance of her being happy with Luis.

She tries to attack her mother with a nail file. Mrs. Wallace manages to escape her daughter and lock herself in the closet. Beth warns her mother that she is going to kill her so she can be rid of her once and for all. Mrs. Wallace refuses to open the door. Beth begins to break it down with an ax. She swears that she will kill her mother as soon as she can get the door open. Luis saves Mrs. Wallace from an untimely death by showing up. Beth stops her tirade. She agrees to go to the mansion for the intervention. Mrs. Wallace manages to talk Luis into taking her along so she can give Pilar support. She then whispers to Beth that she is going to make sure Beth doesn't ruin Luis' chance to be with Sheridan. Everyone meets at the mansion.

Ethan sits outside trying to decide who he will spend the rest of his life with. Both Gwen and Theresa watch him struggle to make a decision. Ethan knocks on Theresa's door. Theresa knows he is going to change her life forever by either asking her to marry him or by telling her he is going to marry Gwen. Gwen sees Ethan go to Theresa's room and thinks the worst. She calls a friend and agrees to take a job offer in New York City.

Liz blames Eve for her losing Antonio.

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Everyone shows up at the Crane mansion so Antonio can finally be told the truth about Luis and Sheridan being in love. When Antonio shows up and sees Eve, he feels that everyone is there because Eve told them the unvarnished truth about his condition getting worse. He feels that everyone knows his time is growing shorter. Antonio goes to each of his family members and friends, telling them goodbye and asking for forgiveness. Antonio tells his mother he is so sorry for leaving all those years ago. Pilar hugs her son and tells him that it is alright. He goes to Liz and hugs her. Antonio admits to everyone that he and Liz were in love but she was the one to call it off. Eve remembers what Liz told her about not being able to trust and because of Eve she pushed Antonio away. Antonio admits he never would have survived the first car crash if it weren't for Liz. Liz tells Antonio that they weathered storms, hurricanes and loneliness together and she would have never traded a minute of it. Antonio reminds Liz that she called it off saying that there was someone else out there for each of them. He thanks her for this because he says he then found Sheridan, his soul mate.

Antonio turns to Beth. He asks her forgiveness. He says if it weren't for him, she would have been Mrs. Luis Lopez- Fitzgerald a long time ago. Beth embraces Antonio and tells him that there is nothing to forgive. Antonio then turns to his brother Luis. He begs Luis' forgiveness for dumping all the family responsibilities on his shoulders. He vows to make it up to Luis if not in this world, then in the next. Antonio hugs his brother. He then turns to Sheridan. He tells her that she is the only thing that will get him through the rough times ahead. He says he would die right here and now without her. Sheridan breaks down. She tells Luis that there is no way they can tell Antonio the truth. She says it would be too cruel. Luis insists that keeping him in the dark is just as cruel.

Beth is happy over Sheridan's cold feet. Mrs. Wallace tells Beth that it is only a matter of time that Antonio finds out the truth. If that doesn't happen then he will be gone soon and Beth still loses. Beth whispers to her mother that she will marry Luis. Mrs. Wallace smirks that the only thing Beth will be married to is one of her bedpans.

Ethan goes to Theresa. Theresa tearfully tells Ethan that she is sorry for all her past mistakes. She bares her soul to him. He says he is very close to feeling that he can trust her once again. With tears in her eyes, Theresa says she loves him and would do anything for him. Ethan admits that this is true. He recounts the times Theresa put her life on the line for him. She went to death row and threw herself down an elevator shaft to save him. She tells him that even if he chooses Gwen, she had to clear the air, apologize once again and tell him for the last time how much she loves him.

Ethan tells Theresa to look into his eyes. He says he is not with Gwen, he is here with her. Gwen hears this as she listens outside Theresa's door. She takes this statement to mean that Ethan choose Theresa. She feels she lost once again. Rebecca is livid that Gwen won't go in and fight for Ethan. She begs her daughter to fight for her man. Rebecca then flippantly suggests that Gwen and Theresa got mixed up in the hospital and switched at birth. Rebecca feels that Theresa is a fighter like her and Gwen is passive like Pilar. Rebecca then tries to fake a heart attack so Ethan will rush to Gwen's side and leave Theresa. Gwen won't hear of it. She tells her mother that she is going to finish packing so she can move to New York.

Thursday, November 14, 2002

Gwen continues to pack for New York as Rebecca tries her best to convince her daughter to stay and fight for Ethan. Gwen gets ill and falls to her knees. Rebecca thinks that it is a great act for Ethan's sake. She is just about to fetch Ethan when Gwen cries out for her not to. Gwen then passes out completely. Rebecca panics when she realizes that her daughter is not faking. She rushes to Gwen's side as Gwen groggily comes to. She warns her mother not to breathe a word of this to Ethan. Gwen tells Rebecca one last time that she is through with the fight for Ethan. She cannot live her whole life wondering if he wants to be with Theresa. Gwen says it is over and she doesn't care to fight anymore.

Sheridan runs out of the living room. Luis catches up with her in the hallway, insisting that they can still tell Antonio the truth. Sheridan refuses and runs upstairs to Ethan. She bursts into the room when it looked like Ethan was about to propose to Theresa. Sheridan begs Ethan to help her. Sheridan explains about the "intervention" to Ethan and Theresa. Theresa goes on about how important honesty is at any cost. She goes to her brother. While alone, Sheridan apologizes to Ethan for barging in on him. She asks if she interrupted anything. Ethan admits he was about to ask Theresa to marry him. Ethan tells Sheridan he is taking advice from both Sam and Julian. He is following his heart.

Rebecca catches Theresa alone in the hallway and throws a pitcher of ice water on her. Rebecca yells, "Take that you two timing tramp!" Theresa warns Rebecca she can't force Ethan to marry Gwen when he loves her. Rebecca is happy to hear that Ethan has not yet popped the question. Theresa tells Rebecca to give it up. She then gets a strangle hold on Theresa. Pilar sees her and tries to break it up.

Antonio gets another "spell." It passes soon as Liz sits by him. They discuss their past romantic relationship and how Liz pushed him away. He asks her why she won't let anyone get close to her. Liz explains to Antonio that she was badly hurt by someone she loved and considered a friend. She is talking about Eve as Eve listens in on the sad tale. Liz talks about the betrayal in her own family and how there was only one person she could depend on. Liz says that her family was dysfunctional and she was left all alone in that horrible family all by herself. She tells Antonio that after she was betrayed by the one person she loved and trusted her life got worse. Liz admits that the person who hurt her so badly was her own sister. Eve looks sad and guilty at this revelation. Liz says she prayed that her sister would come back and take her out of the horrible situation she was living in. She tells everyone that she found her sister singing in a bar. That she was messed up on drugs and was a common tramp. Liz admits she approached her sister and begged her to get out of the trashy life and start over with her. Her sister would not leave the life she was in. Liz says that the second time was a worse betrayal. She says that her sister robbed her then of all her future happiness. Liz tells every one she wants revenge on her sister and she will get it. Antonio insists that Liz should have told him this story when they were together. He says he would still be with her now if he knew.

TC can't believe how evil Liz's sister must be. He does not blame Liz for wanting revenge. He hopes she gets her revenge.

Mrs. Wallace goes looting the Crane mansion of small treasures as everyone worries over Antonio. Beth sees her and tries to stop her. Beth then does her best to convince Luis not to tell Antonio.

Sheridan tells Ethan to go to Gwen and break the news to her before he asks Theresa to marry her. Gwen is physically sick and emotionally sick as well. She wishes out loud that god would put her out of her misery.

Friday, November 15, 2002

Gwen laments losing Ethan a second time to Theresa. She cries in her mother's arms as she gets sicker. Gwen passes out as the pains in her stomach get worse. Rebecca panics as her daughter's condition gets worse. Gwen grits her teeth and orders her mother not to tell Ethan. Gwen says she does not want to fight for Ethan anymore. Rebecca then says she will never give up the fight for Ethan even if Gwen does. Rebecca refuses to see Theresa win. Ethan goes to break the bad news to Gwen. They get interrupted by a phone call. Gwen's pains get worse and Rebecca calls Eve for help. When Ethan sees Eve rush to Gwen's room he follows her.

Ethan and Sheridan discuss their true loves and the loves they don't want to see hurt. Sheridan explains to Ethan that she does love Antonio but it is not with the same kind of heartfelt passion that she feels for Luis. Ethan says the same about Gwen. He truly hates the fact that she will be hurt by his decision to marry Theresa.

Liz goes on and on about the evil sister that hurt her and ruined her life. She keeps saying that her sister is "here." When Antonio hears this he asks Eve point blank if she is the sister that hurt Eve. Before Eve can decide to confess or not, TC steps in. He gets angry with Antonio for accusing his perfect wife of being so evil and cold hearted.
Antonio quickly apologizes. Eve goes to check on Liz. Liz does not want her concern. She turns on Eve once again and tells Eve that she better enjoy her upstanding life for the few hours she has left because she will blow her life apart very soon.
Beth keeps trying to change Luis' mind about telling Antonio the truth. Sheridan, Pilar and Luis reluctantly agree to break the news to Antonio. They are frightened but feel that they need to be honest with him. Sheridan begs god on her knees to guide her to do the right thing.
Liz tells everyone that her sister is in Harmony but not in the Crane mansion. Eve asks Liz why she let her off the hook. Liz replies she loves to see her squirm. Mrs. Wallace picks up a vibe between the two women. She knows that something is up between the two.

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