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Monday, October 14, 2002

Liz says she is alright after she was checked into Harmony Hospital. Liz does her best to try to talk Antonio out of eloping. Luis gets angrier and angrier as he listens to Antonio talk about his future and his honeymoon with Sheridan. Antonio goes to call the justice of the peace. Luis asks Sheridan just how much more is he supposed to take.

Sheridan says if she does not marry Antonio he could die. Beth is happy at hearing this news. Luis is about to go off again when Sam calls him. He explains what is happening at the Crane building.

Sam asks Luis for help. He tells Luis to call Hank and Sheridan wants to rush off to see how Ethan is. Antonio once again reluctantly puts off the wedding. Beth can tell Liz loves Antonio. Beth says that if Antonio marries Sheridan, Luis will need her more than ever. She also is glad to hear that if Antonio is told the truth Liz will be there for Antonio.

At the Crane building, the elevator cable finally snaps. The elevator car begins to fall. It is awkward and shaky and stops wedged between two floors with an unconscious Ethan laying on top of the car.
Whitney and Julian survive the fall. Julian rips his shirt apart to make a bandage for Whitney's bleeding hand.

Charity does not want Miguel to leave her side. She is still pretty shaken after seeing the strange baby running all over the hospital. She begs Miguel not to let anything come between them. She fears this baby is a sign of that. Simone berates Kay for her attitude. She cannot believe Kay wants to see her parent's marriage suffer.

Grace tries to get Eve and Theresa to calm down. Grace tells Eve to give Theresa a mild sedative. When Theresa is alone with Ivy, Ivy goes after her verbally. Ivy blames Theresa for Ethan's condition. She says that if Ethan dies, it is her fault. She tells Theresa that ever since the day her son met Theresa she has systematically ruined Ethan's life. Ivy says not to compare Theresa's love for Ethan with her love for Sam. Ivy tells Theresa she saw what her life would have been like if she married Sam and it was wonderful. Grace overhears and glares at Ivy. Ivy goes off on Grace and everybody else. She throws hints to Theresa that TC was not Eve's first love or lover.

Whitney asks Julian why he is being so nice to her. She feels that there is an ulterior motive other than kindness. Whitney tells Julian that both her father and her mother hate him. Julian seems hurt at hearing this and flashes back to his meeting with Eve in the library. He remembers Eve confessing that she once loved him. Julian tells Whitney that like it or not, she is just going to have to trust him. Luis and Sheridan make it to the Crane building.

Whitney sees that Julian is bleeding and he got hurt trying to protect her. She finally realizes that Julian's concern is sincere.

Theresa and the others doubt that Ethan can hold on until the rescue team arrives. Theresa realizes that Ethan does not have much time left. She knows she does not weigh as much as the men so she jumps onto the main cable, intent on rescuing Ethan. Ivy says, "That stupid little bitch is going to get everyone killed!"