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Monday, September 7, 2002

Antonio and Sheridan get the plans in order for their marriage ceremony. Antonio can tell that his bride to be is less than thrilled about the plans. He is sure it is the details that have Sheridan looking so down. He feels that Sheridan does not feel comfortable with the elopement. He tells her not to worry about his family. He promises that they will have a big wedding soon and invite all of Harmony if she wants to. He tells her that the elopement is just for them because he cannot wait to make her his wife.

As Whitney tells Theresa it was Chad who called off their relationship he walks into Theresa's office and calls Whitney a liar.

He tells Theresa that Whitney choose her father's dream over their love. Whitney follows Chad out of the office and wants to try to talk things out.

Liz and Luis worry about Sheridan and Antonio's whereabouts. They ask Beth to try to look up the inn that the couple went to on the internet. Beth tries to hide her irritation. She does her best to stall them as they do their detective work. They tracked the couple to the restaurant and the hostess tells Luis over the phone that they went down to Pelican Harbor to get married. Luis drops the phone and tells both Liz and Beth that he has to stop the wedding.

The jewelry store owner remembers Ethan when he bought Theresa's engagement ring. She cannot believe that he is there wanting to buy a ring for another woman. She does her best to try talking him out of it. Ethan gets a little angry with the saleswoman as she almost refuses to sell him an engagement ring for another woman.

Ethan then goes to Theresa's office. He says he has some things to move and takes off his jacket. Theresa finds the engagement ring and feels sure that it is for her. She flashes back to the promise she made to "Little Ethan." She promised the baby that Ethan would be his dad and now she feels it is finally going to happen.

Liz, Luis and Beth enter the wedding chapel as a couple is pronounced man and wife.

Tuesday, September 8, 2002

Ivy and David meet once again to plan their next step in ruining Sam and Grace's marriage. Ivy wants David to fill out the annulment papers the way she suggests so that the annulment can be halted. David has an attack of conscience. He regrets hurting Grace by trying to break up her marriage. He refuses once again to help Ivy and wants out of their deal. Ivy gets down and dirty. She says that all she lives for is to get Sam back. She reminds David that she will do whatever it takes. She does not care if she has to lie, cheat, steal or god help her even kill if it came to that. She tells David that she will have no qualms about ruining his life and his son's life if David chooses not to cooperate.

David goes to see Grace with the annulment papers. Sam guesses that David signed the papers saying that he still loves Grace. Sam gets angry and punches David. Grace yells at Sam. Sam worries that Grace is happy with her vision of her life with David. Grace turns the tables and asks Sam if he loved his vision of his life with Ivy.

Theresa tells Whitney that she found an engagement ring in Ethan's pocket and soon they will be married. Whitney gets hurt and angry. She asks Theresa what makes her so sure the ring is for her since it is Gwen Ethan sleeps with every night. She also tells her friend to get her head out of the clouds and be there for her since she is always there for Theresa. Theresa tells Whitney not to worry. She knows that Chad will have a change of heart and they will be together.
Chad starts to help Ethan move his things out of Crane Industries. Ethan tries to talk Chad out of throwing his relationship with Whitney away. Chad says that Whitney is the one who did that. Chad goes to the elevator. Since it is running too slow, he decides not to wait.

The maintenance worker at Crane Industries inspects the elevator and sees that that the cables are frayed to the point of being deadly. He calls one of his co workers to make out of order signs and put them up immediately. Unfortunately Whitney gets on the elevator before the signs can be posted.

Luis walks in on a wedding. Luckily it is not Sheridan's and Antonio's. He is livid and Antonio thinks it is because of the elopement. Antonio is glad to see Liz and they go for a walk, giving Luis and Sheridan time to talk. Sheridan calms Luis down telling him she had no choice but to go along with Antonio. He rrealizes that she is right and tells Sheridan it's not like she actually singed a marriage license or anything. At that moment Beth pushes Antonio and Sheridan's marriage license to the floor for Luis to find. When he sees Sheridan's signature he gets angry all over again.

Wednesday, September 9, 2002

Sheridan and Luis have it out over her impending marriage to his brother. Luis feels that Antonio is strong enough to handle the truth. Sheridan fears that the truth will kill Antonio. She does not want that dark cloud hovering over her relationship with Luis. Luis does not understand how she can marry his brother when she claims to love him with all of her heart. Sheridan says she has to marry Antonio to save his life. Beth is standing in the background and she smiles when she hears Sheridan's confession.

Liz and Antonio have a talk. Liz can see how happy Antonio is. He then has a dizzy spell. Liz looks worried but Antonio assures her that the spells are really nothing and that he has been checked out at the hospital and they found nothing wrong with him. Liz toyed with the idea of telling Antonio the truth herself but his dizzy spell put and end to that. Antonio looks at Liz and tells she does not realize how happy he is that she is there. He calls her his very best friend. Liz's eyes fill with tears as she hugs Antonio.

Sam beats David up. Eve and TC walk in and TC tries to stop Sam who has gone completely over the edge. Sam screams out that David deliberately sabotaged the annulment by claiming to still be in love with Grace. Eve and Grace look over the annulment papers and see that Sam is wrong. David lied for Grace's sake. He claims not to still be in love with her so she can get the annulment. Sam apologizes and goes out with TC for some air.

Father Lonigan arrives. He tells everyone that the annulment won't take long. He just needs to read over the papers and have both parties swear under oath. Grace begs David to tell the truth. She tells him not to lie under oath to god. David breaks down and confesses that he loves her. Sam is speechless.

Whitney and Julian are trapped in the deadly elevator. The cable snaps and the elevator is sent rocking. Julian makes an attempt to call Theresa for help. They get cut off when the elevator car starts to sway. He reconnects with Theresa. She does not take his pleas for help seriously until she hears Whitney scream and realizes her friend is in danger too. She rushes to the elevator with Ethan and Chad. Chad is blaming the whole mess on himself. The maintenance man tells the trio that no one should be in the elevator because the situation is deadly. Theresa begins to panic.

Thursday, September 10, 2002

Tabitha and Cracked Connie watch the residents of Harmony as they go through their hardships on a big screen TV in Tabby's living room. They see Whitney and Julian trapped in the death elevator. Their lives literately hanging by a frayed thread. Whitney seems to be coming a part. She is worried and sure they are going to die. Julian tries to reassure Whitney. He tells her that they are going to make it. He said Eve would never forgive him if he let anything happen to her daughter. He is kind to Whitney and she seems to be less afraid for a while. She tells Julian that she has some regrets. She tells Julian that because of her father, she let go of someone she loved. Julian thinks back to how he lost Eve because of his father. Julian begs Whitney not to listen to her father but follow her heart.

Roy the maintenance man tells Ethan and Chad that he can go down the shaft on a rope to free Julian and Whitney. Ethan says that he will go because he was an expert rock climber in college. They all warn Ethan to stay away from the wires in the shaft because he could get electrocuted. Theresa kisses Ethan for good luck.

Sam is angry over the annulment being stalled. He turns on Grace. Sam tells Grace that she pressed David into confessing his love for her because she has feelings for him. Sam asks Grace to tell him from her heart that she does not feel any love for David.

Luis does his best to talk Antonio out of the elopement. Antonio does not listen. He suggests a double wedding and asks Luis to marry Beth now. Sheridan looks worriedly at Luis.

Ethan has an accident in the elevator shaft. The cables start to give way. Electric sparks start flying and Ethan's rope catches fire and breaks apart. Ethan falls unconscious in the elevator shaft. Theresa and Chad scream his name but he does not respond.

Sheridan and Antonio's wedding starts. When the Justice of the Peace asks if anyone objects, Luis stands up and says "I do!"

Friday, September 11, 2002

Tabitha and Cracked Connie make popcorn and sit by the big screen TV as they watch Ethan almost fall to his death. Sparks keep falling on top of Ethan. Chad says that they must get more help. Inside the elevator Julian stays calm and never gives up the hope of being rescued. He does his best to bolster Whitney's spirits. She seems genuinely grateful for his concern. Whitney asks Julian about the woman he loved and lost because of his father. Julian tells Whitney that his lost love was a wonderful singer. Whitney tells Julian that she sings too. She tells him that Chad thinks she has real talent. She tells Julian that her mother never sings and she would hate Whitney to even think about singing as a career. Julian feels guilty at hearing this.

Grace admits to Sam that she does have feelings for David. She says how could she not? Grace reminds Sam that she and David have a son together. When Grace says this, Eve looks guiltily at David. She tells TC that she is going to get Grace a mild sedative and he is to try to get Sam to calm down. Outside the Bennett home, Eve sees Ivy snooping around and listening by the window. She is livid at the sight and says that she is going to wheel Ivy inside and put an end to the charade right now. Ivy warns Eve that she will blow the whistle on her and tell her precious friend Grace that John's DNA tests results were faked. Eve takes Ivy into the Bennett home for a confession. Ivy is saved by the the ring of the telephone. Theresa calls Sam and tells him about the accident at Crane Industries. Sam tells Ivy and the others about the accident and that Ethan may have been electrocuted. Ivy immediately blames Ethan's condition on Theresa.

Luis' attempt at stopping the wedding fails. The couple are about to say their I do's when Liz passes out. After being checked over, they conclude she has acute appendicitis. They stop the wedding and rush Liz to Harmony Hospital. Whitney almost succumbs to Julian's kindness until she remembers what Julian did to Theresa and her father. She tells him that she cannot ever forgive him. The elevator lurches and begins to fall. Whitney and Julian grab onto each other for support.

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