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Monday, SEPTEMBER 16, 2002

Hecuba reappears in her old lair underneath the Crane mansion. She tries to talk the new evil doll "Cracked Connie" into opening a vial. The vial will release a green smoke that will cast a spell on everyone at the party. The spell will show them what their lives "could have been." Tabitha calls the open vial a disaster. The first one to get a look into their life that might have been is Tabitha. Tabitha sees herself on the path of goodness instead of evil. It shows Tabitha as a nun. Praying and singing the praises of the lord. Tabitha is mortified. Mrs. Wallace is hell-bent on embarrassing her daughter. She soils herself at the party and ruins one of Julian's chairs. Beth swears that no matter what her mother does, she will end up with Luis. Mrs. Wallace tells her daughter to dream on.

Sheridan has a heart to heart with Gwen. Sheridan tells Gwen that she is jealous of Beth because she was Luis' first love. She also tells Gwen that in another life, Antonio was her first love.

Ethan swears his undying love and loyality to Gwen. He says he will not let anyone come between them. Gwen silently vows that Theresa will not get her hands on Ethan again.

Simone tells her parents that Chad is her whole life. She says that Chad is to her as what tennis is to Whitney. Ethan manages to get Simone away from Chad for a while. Chad thanks his friend for the break. Ethan asks Chad why he has not told Simone the truth yet. Eve remembers her past with Julian. She does not know why she came to another Crane party. She says they are always bizarre. She is worried what the night will bring.

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Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 17, 2002

The green smoke begins to cast it's spell on the party goers. Theresa sees herself as the maid at the Crane mansion. She has been working for Ethan and Gwen as the housekeeper, taking over for Pilar. She realizes that she has never married. All of a sudden Ethan has a heart attack. He tells Theresa it is too late to call for help. He also says that he does not want her to call Gwen. He says all he wants is her. He admits that he loves her and has been in love with her for years.

Ivy finds a letter that she wrote to Sam years ago. Her father intercepted the letter and hid it. Sam finds her in the library crying. He finds the letter on the floor and Ivy tells Sam about her father. The green smoke takes over. Both Sam and Ivy see them happily married. She is the perfect wife and homemaker. Ethan is grown and a cop like his father. They make a picture of the perfect family.

Sheridan sees her "what might have been." She is happily married to Antonio. They have a family. Luis and his wife Beth stop over. The couples are happy in their relationships. Sheridan sees that Antonio and Luis are as close as brothers can be before she interfered.

Theresa's vision gives her hope. She is more determined now than ever to hang onto Ethan. Theresa tells Ethan about her vision. Ethan tells Theresa he saw a vision too. Their visions match. Theresa tells Ethan that something is trying to tell them that they belong together.Ethan tells Theresa that she is wrong. He goes to find Gwen.

Chad finally gets Whitney alone for a few minutes. The green smoke starts to swirl around this couple now.

Sheridan thinks that her vision means to leave Luis and stay with Antonio. Gwen tries to tell her that this idea may save Antonio but it would destroy Luis.

Grace and Sam share a passionate kiss.

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Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 18, 2002

Tabitha warns Hecuba and Cracked Connie about the spell that they unleashed. She reminds them that there is no way to contain it. They don't seem to care as they watch the "fun" that is going on with the residents of Harmony.

The green smoke takes their toll on Sam and Ivy as they share a passionate kiss. Phyllis the maid walks in and embarrassed, they end the kiss. Ivy gets angry with Phyllis and Sam tells her that it is not the way it seems. The poor maid apologizes and leaves abruptly.

Ivy tries to tell Sam that they kissed because of all of their past love and feelings that came to the surface. Sam says no. He loves Grace. He is with Grace now and nothing is going to change that.

David tells Grace that the annulment hit a snag when he had to answer a question. He says that the annulment papers asked how he feels about his spouse now. He confesses that he still loves Grace.

Both Grace and David feel the effects of the green smoke. The spell works on them. Grace sees herself in bed, making love to David. David sees it too. He tells Grace to let her feelings for him out. They share a kiss. Sam walks in on the kiss with Ivy close behind him.

John and Charity read poetry together at the hospital. Charity has a premonition that scares her. She and John head to the Crane party.

Kay lets it slip to Simone that she is waiting for Ivy and David to wreck their parents marriage. Simone is speechless when Kay says her mother needs to suffer the way she is suffering for Miguel.

The spell starts to work on Kay and Miguel. They share a vision of the two of them getting engaged. Kay and Miguel kiss, just as Charity and John walk into the party. Charity sees the kiss.

Whitney sees herself as a rich tennis star. She comes home from a match to find Simone and Chad married and raising a daughter. Chad tells Whitney that the vision won't come true. He is determined to tell Simone the truth tonight.

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Thursday, SEPTEMBER 19, 2002

Sam goes ballistic when he sees David kissing Grace. He punches David out and tells him to stay the hell away from his wife. He also tells David that he is damn lucky that Grace was around to protect him.

Ivy is delighted at the sight and feels for the first time that David is actually earning his pay for helping her break up Sam and Grace. Ivy is sure that Sam will not forgive Grace this time. Grace tells Sam about her vision.

Simone sees Whitney and Chad together and goes off on her sister. She says she cannot believe how stupid she was for not seeing what was right in front of her face all the time. Simone tells Whitney and Chad that she hates them. She then turns to Whitney and tells her that she will hate her for the rest of her life.

Sheridan tells Luis privately that she had a vision and she feels that she is keeping him from his true love. Luis tells Sheridan that she is his true love. Sheridan keeps pointing out the fact that Beth was his first love. Luis tells Sheridan that he loves her. He then gets worried and turns everything around. He asks Sheridan if her feelings for him may have changed. Luis worries that maybe Sheridan wants Antonio.

Ethan tells Theresa he does not care about the vision of their undying love. He says to let go of her silly fantasy of the two of them getting back together. After Ethan leaves, Gwen walks in and warns Theresa off. Theresa turns on Gwen. She tells her that Ethan is hers. He turned to her when he was happy and he came looking for her now. She tells Gwen that Ethan is lost to her. Theresa says that Gwen is just too stupid to realize it.

Phyllis the maid apologizes for walking in on Ivy and Sam kissing. Grace overhears. She gets angry with Sam for kissing Ivy and having the gall to get mad at her for kissing David.

Kay gets annoyed when Charity shows up at the Cranes. She sees Miguel and Kay kissing and says that it is just part of the evil that is surrounding them. Charity tries to understand and Miguel apologizes. Charity blames what she saw on the evil forces. She tells everyone that the only way to combat the evil is too be totally honest with each other. Kay plans on telling Charity that she slept with Miguel, in the hopes of breaking them up.

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Friday, SEPTEMBER 20, 2002

Beth does her best to get Antonio to agree to marry Sheridan tonight. She puts the idea of a Vegas elopement in his head. Mrs. Wallace keeps undermining Beth's handiwork by telling Antonio how disappointed his mother and the rest of his family would be if they were not at his wedding. Both Beth and her mother have the same vision. Beth is an old slovenly drunk. Her mother gets to live to be 120 years old. Beth has to take care of her for all those years and never marries.

Sheridan and Luis put aside all of their doubts and pledge their undying love to each other.

Simone tells Whitney she hates her and will hate her for the rest of her life. She takes off in a car and crashes it into the side of one of the Crane garages. Kay, Miguel, Charity and John hear the commotion. They rush to the scene of the accident. This temporarily stops Kay from telling Charity that she slept with Miguel.

Simone walks away from the wreck. She tells Kay and the rest that she hates Chad and her sister. She says that she saw them in each other's arms. Both Charity and Kay tell Simone that something strange has been happening to everyone. They all keep seeing strange visions that are not true. Whitney then tells Simone that she saw her happily married to Chad and raising a daughter. After, Simone rages at Kay for putting the stupid idea in her head that Whitney wants Chad. Kay tells her that it is true but she is just too stupid to see it. Kay says for Simone to put herself and her sister in mortal danger and see which one Chad rescues first.

Sam and Grace admit that they love each other. Grace tells Sam to apologize to David. They blame evil for their fight and their unsettling visions that made them kiss Ivy and David. They go to check on the kids. Ivy is satisfied that another wedge has been driven between Sam and Grace.

Mrs. Wallace sees Luis and Sheridan together. She sets Antonio up to find them so the truth will come out and Beth will not have a chance to keep Luis. Antonio comes upon the couple kissing. He says that he can't believe what he is seeing.

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