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Monday, November 12, 2001

Grace is upset when her train is called to board and Sam is still not there. David flat out tells Grace that this trip means much more to her than it does to Sam. Sam, on route to the hospital hears the report on his police radio that there has been an explosion at Harmony hospital. Sam hears that the blast was centered around the emergency room. Right away he thinks of Ivy and has to turn the car around. David tells Grace that they should go to the hospital and he will prove that Sam is with Ivy because she means more to him than Grace does.

"Diana" has a cramp as she is swimming. The cramp helps to pull her under the water and she cries for help. Luis hears and tries to find her. Brian tells Liz that he has been thinking of "Diana" and asks Liz to check on her. Luis feels that his Sheridan is so close by and tries to make himself accept it. At first Luis thinks the voice he hears is his imagination. He then hears the voice again and realizes that someone is actually crying out for help.

Julian is excited about finally being free. The explosion causes all three women, Ivy, Theresa and Rebecca to be knocked out. Eve sees that the oxygen caused the explosion but cannot figure out how it happened. Rebecca comes to and calls Theresa a tramp and says it was all her fault. Pilar finds Theresa who is slowly regaining consciousness. Sam worries about Ivy and rushes in to help her. Both Sam and Ethan lift Ivy off the floor. Eve says that Ivy will be alright.

The men from the zoo have the panther in their sights. Charity feels that the panther is not from the zoo but is the evil that is out to destroy her and Miguel's love. The real zoo panther has been leashed by Tabitha and Timmy as they try to drag it back to Tabitha's house.

Sam is trying to get to the bottom of why the oxygen exploded. He tells his deputy to find out if it was ignited on purpose. Julian mumbles to Sam that all three women are gone and says something about oxygen causing the explosion. Sam gets suspicious and asks Julian what he knows about everything that is going on. Julian lies his way out of it and then finds out that the women are still alive. Harper tells Julian that he better find his lighter or he will be under even more suspicion.

Panther Kay gets shot and falls on Tabitha and Timmy. The paws have turned back into Kay's hands as she falls lifeless to the ground. Rebecca tells Gwen that Julian and Theresa are married. Grace sees Sam and Ivy together.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2001

Ethan tells Theresa that he can forgive her anything unless it is a deep dark secret. Theresa fears the worst when Ethan says he must keep the promise that he made to his mother about breaking their engagement if Theresa were to lie to him again.

Gwen is delighted at hearing the news about Julian and Theresa's nuptials. Rebecca tells Gwen that they are about to "take the little tramp down." Rebecca also says that they will both be getting everything that they want.

Luis goes to rescue "Diana" but Brian beats him to it. "Diana" thinks she is being saved by her long lost love. They rush her to Doc because she is unconscious.

Tabitha and Timmy try to get Panther Kay back to Tabitha's house and put her to bed until the panther spell wears off. The men from the zoo have the real panther cornered. Charity says that the zoo panther was not the evil that she felt. The panther that they chased was evil. Charity assures Miguel that the panther that they were chasing wants to tear them apart forever.

The policeman saw Julian remove his lighter from the scene of the explosion. He calls Julian on it. The police officer finds it interesting that Julian is trying to remove a lighter with his initials from the crime scene. Rebecca baits Ethan about honesty. Rebecca tells Ethan she knows something about honesty that will rock his world. The zoo panther is taken down with a dart. The men from the zoo cannot understand where the first dart went, unaware that it is in Kay. Reese and the others follow tracks back to Tabitha's house as Tabitha and Timmy drag Panther Kay back home. Kay reappears as herself. Everyone asks Tabitha about a second panther. They are angry at Kay for being asleep. Tabitha says their imaginations are working overtime.

David and Grace walk in on Sam and Ivy. David makes accusations that Sam cares more for Ivy than he does for Grace. Grace tries to be understanding towards Sam but David keeps driving home the point that Sam still cares for Ivy. Sam hears Julian arguing with the police officer over his lighter. Sam intervenes and Julian assures him that he and Harper were far away from Ivy when the explosion occurred. Rebecca tells Sam that Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald caused the explosion that almost killed Ivy and her as well. Rebecca implies that Theresa had a reason to get rid of Ivy. Sam blames the explosion on Rebecca. He says that all her metal jewelry could have sparked an explosion. Sam says that it would have been suicide for Theresa to have flicked Julian's lighter. Sam closes the case.

David questions Sam as to who he was worrying more about when he heard of the explosion, Ethan or Ivy. Sam remembers how worried over Ivy he was and Grace can read the truth in his face. Ivy wakes up and tells Ethan the truth. She says that Theresa has a reason to want to kill her. Ivy says "Julian and Theresa were married in Bermuda. Your fiancé is Julian's wife!"

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Wednesday, November 14, 2001

David accuses Sam of caring more for Ivy than he does for Grace. He insists that Sam loves Ivy more. Grace tries to understand why Sam worried about Ivy since she was paralyzed and in the center of the explosion.

Tabitha and Timmy see the scroll float into the air. The scroll has pictures of Luis and Sheridan from their past lives. Tabitha says that they are in for more pain and suffering. Tabitha recounts the tragic story of Luis and Sheridan's lost past love. We learn that Tabitha put a spell on a young naval officer who is destined to come between Sheridan and Luis for all eternity. We see the officer's face and it is Brian.

Brian breathes life back into "Diana" and saves her life again. Luis is worried sick over "Diana" because he says that he cannot bear to see another woman drown like his fiancé did. Liz spends time with Luis and he tells Liz about Sheridan's belief that they were star crossed lovers that lived before. He even admits that they were passengers on the Titanic.

Ivy tells an unbelieving Ethan once again that his fiancée Theresa is married to Julian, the man he thought for years was his father. As Ivy is about to show Ethan the proof, she goes into a painful spell and Eve is called. She agrees to buy Theresa sometime only if she promises to tell Ethan the truth first. Ethan believes that Ivy is hallucinating because of the blast. Rebecca tells Ethan to wake up and see Theresa for the two timing tart that she is. Rebecca tells Ethan that Julian confessed to the marriage and it is not Ivy's imagination. Eve confesses to Ivy that she is buying time for Theresa. Eve tells Ivy that they both know what kind of man Julian is. Ivy blames all her problems on Theresa and Eve says everything that has happened to Ivy is her own fault. Ethan confronts Julian. Ethan is convinced that Julian is a weasel and tells Rebecca that he is lying about being married to Theresa to get out of marrying her. Rebecca has serious doubts as does Gwen. Everybody is about to believe that Julian is lying but Ivy rolls in with proof. She shows Ethan the fax of the marriage license. Theresa begs Ethan to let her explain and Ethan says that he can see the truth in her face. Ethan tells Julian not to think of leaving. Ethan then goes into a rage and attacks Julian. He grabs him by the throat and tries to strangle him.

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Thursday, November 15, 2001

Luis tells Liz of his past life experience as Liam and his love Susan. As he recounts the tale of his past experience on the Titanic, Tabitha tells Timmy her version and of all the chaos she caused.

As Susan and Liam are dancing in steerage, a young office is put under a spell by Tabitha. He falls instantly in love with Susan. She can feel it when she looks at him staring at her. This unsettles Susan who views the young officer as a threat to her relationship with Liam. The officer was sent to take her back to her mother. As the Titanic strikes the iceberg, Susan and Liam desperately try to find each other. The officer tries to get Susan in a lifeboat but she is determined to find Liam. They finally reach each other on the deck and fall overboard before they can get into a lifeboat. They fall into the frigid water. Later, the young officer who is in love with Susan finds her in the water and pulls her into his lifeboat. Liam dies in the water and Susan is heartbroken. She cries on the young officer's shoulder. She is unaware that the young officer is destined to come between her and Liam for all eternity. The young officer is Brian. As history states, he is still coming between the young lovers. Only this time it is Luis and Sheridan.

David tries to get Grace to get angry with Sam. Grace won't take the bait and accuses David of trying to undermine her relationship with Sam. David leaves and vows that he cannot and will not let Sam and Grace reconcile.

Sam and another officer have to pull Ethan off of Julian so he won't murder him. Ethan lashes out at everyone. He tells Theresa that she has never been truthful with him. He turns on Pilar and tells her she lied and kept the truth from him and he thought of her as a second mother. He yells at Ivy for lying to him his whole life. He warns Julian to stay away from him because he would rather kill Julian than look at him. He leaves the hospital before he hurts someone. Theresa calls after him but Pilar tells her to let Ethan go. She also tells Theresa that she broke his heart. Rebecca and Gwen stand back and watch the scene unfold. Rebecca tells Gwen to be there for Ethan and soon they will all live happily ever after in the Crane mansion.

After hearing Luis' story, Liz gets suspicious when she hears "Diana" mumble something about the Titanic.

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Friday, November 16, 2001

Theresa goes to the chapel to pray. She feels sure that she has lost Ethan forever. Whitney goes to comfort Theresa. Theresa tells Whitney that even if she reconciles with Ethan, Ivy made him promise to break off the engagement if she were ever caught lying to him again.

Ethan is at the docks, remembering the times he had with Theresa. Ethan is hurt and angry as he lashes out, with no one around to hear.

Liz tells her suspicions to Brian about who she thinks "Diana" really is. When Liz mentions past lives, Brian thinks she is crazy. Liz says that they cannot discount the story since "Diana" keeps mumbling in her sleep about the Titanic. Brian refuses to believe it.

Hank sees David at the Book Cafe. He tells David that he is glad to see that he is leaving town. Hank also voices his suspicions to David of how he could have found Grace if he really tried all those years ago. Hank insists that David's story is full of holes. David insinuates that since Hank has a shady past, Sam may not be on the up side either.

Grace is furious at finding Sam and Ivy together. Sam tells Grace that Ethan almost killed Julian. Grace cannot believe her ears that Theresa actually married Julian. Sam tells Grace what bad shape Ethan is in and he begs Grace to understand. Grace says she is trying to be understanding. Ivy thanks Grace but Grace lays it on the line... she does not trust Ivy. She says that Ivy is on notice. She will not let anyone or anything come between her and Sam. She will not let Ivy use Ethan as a ploy to get Sam back. Liz wants "Diana" to meet the neighbor in number nine. She tells Brian that if he doesn't believe the story about "Diana" and Luis being on the Titanic in a past life, then he has nothing to worry about. Theresa and Whitney return to Theresa's house to find Ethan there waiting. "Diana" goes into Luis' room and kisses him. David reports to an unknown person on the phone that he has tried everything to break up Sam and Grace and nothing is working. David is being paid to break up Sam and Grace by the person he is reporting to. We then see that it is Ivy, more determined than ever to break up Sam and Grace forever!

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