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Monday, November 5, 2001

Julian and Rebecca's wedding comes to a halt when Theresa is asked to sign mysterious papers.

Theresa lies to Ethan that Harper only wanted Julian to sign papers and both men were asking Theresa to take them to Crane Industries. Ethan wants to see the mysterious papers but Harper interjects that Ethan is no longer a part of Crane Industries and has no right to see the papers. Ethan agrees as Theresa begs him to run away and elope. Julian yells that they cannot elope and Rebecca gets very suspicious. She tells Julian that she cannot believe that he is being so caring toward Theresa's feelings. She also tells Julian that she is going to count to ten and if the wedding does not start she is going to blow a hole through him big enough to drive a truck through.

Ivy crawls down the staircase determined to find Ethan and tell him the truth about Theresa and her marriage to Julian. Theresa is desperately trying to get Ethan to agree to elope and leave before he can talk to Ivy.

"Diana" is worried about her new hotel neighbor, unaware that it is Luis. She wants him to join her, Brian and Liz for dinner. She feels that they have a lot in common since they both lost their true loves. Luis refuses to accept the invitation when Liz lets it slip that "Diana" and Brian are just starting out in their relationship.

David eavesdrops in again on Sam and Grace as he uses his long lens telescope to keep tabs on what is going on. He is glad to hear that Grace is considering going out to dinner with him so she can find out about her past. His manipulation of Grace causes more problems in her marriage. Grace talks things over with Eve as Sam talks to TC.

"Diana" walks on the beach to find her hotel neighbor and talk with him since they both seem to have lost love in common. Luis senses Sheridan's presence and "Diana" feels something as they are both only a few yards away from each other.

At the Crane mansion, as Theresa is begging Ethan to leave the house without talking to his mother, the maid sees Ivy and screams, "Mrs. Crane is dead!" Everyone rushes to find a passed out Ivy at the bottom of the Crane staircase. Rebecca is sure Ivy is pulling a stunt to stop the wedding. Julian silently thanks god and Ivy for the interruption.

Tuesday, November 6, 2001

Grace chooses to go away with Sam on their weekend instead of going to dinner with David. She tells everyone that Sam is the most important thing in her life. She says that Sam is her future and she can live a little longer without knowing her past. Grace reminds David that she will be in touch with him over the annulment and perhaps then they can discuss her past then. David leaves upset that his plan to manipulate Grace did not work. He goes back to the Bed and Breakfast and continues to eavesdrop in on Grace and Sam, looking for another way to stop their trip.

Luis and "Diana" miss each other again as they walk the beach. Brian runs up to "Diana" and she tells him that she thought that her true love was near by. Brian reminds "Diana" that she just had a memory flash of him and that is why she felt that he was so close. Liz is having a party at the hotel. There are many couples dancing and they remind Luis of his time with Sheridan. Brian and "Diana" begin to dance. A tango starts to play and "Diana" has more memory flashes of Luis. Luis thinks he caught a glimpse of Sheridan in the mirror. As he turns, he sees that it was not Sheridan and once again he goes to his room. Both Luis and "Diana" are side by side on their balconies, even though they do not know the other one is there, they can feel each other's presence.

Julian tells Theresa to pretend to take Ivy's pulse so she can pry the fax of their marriage license out of her hand. Out of desperation, she tries only to have Gwen ask why she is trying to open Ivy's hand. Gwen calls for the paramedics after Pilar arrives on the scene and tells everyone she has been trying to get in touch with Eve. Pilar states that Ivy fell ill in her room. She does not spill the truth that Theresa wrecked Ivy's wheelchair and that is why Ivy crawled down the stairs. Ethan rides to the hospital in the ambulance with his mother. Pilar insists to Theresa that she be there for Ethan and go to the hospital. Pilar makes a desperate call to Sam as he and Grace are on their way to the train station. She tells Sam that Ivy is very ill but she is more worried about Ethan. Pilar begs Sam to go to the hospital, stating that Ethan's life is going to change tonight. She tells Sam that he must be there to steer Ethan in the right direction. Grace tells Sam to go to the hospital and then meet her at the train station. David, eavesdropping in, takes this opportunity to drop in on Grace as she is about to leave. He makes a remark to try to get Grace to feel insecure about Sam and Ivy.

Tabitha and Rabbi Timmy raid the buffet table at the wedding. One of the guests asks Tabitha what is wrong with Ivy. Tabitha lies and insinuates that Ivy has some terribly contagious disease. All the wedding guests make a mass exodus from the Crane mansion. As they leave, Rebecca tells Julian to find the Rabbi as she strokes the pistol she now has hidden in her bouquet. Julian looks out the window and sees Rabbi Timmy lose his disguise. Julian announces to Rebecca, Gwen and Harper that the Rabbi is really Tabitha's little doll and he insists that the driver is Tabitha. No one believes him and Rebecca tells him to stop acting insane so he can try to get out of marrying her. Alone in her room, with Gwen, Rebecca throws her shoes and flowers at the wall. She tells Gwen that the key is finding out what is going on between Theresa and Julian. She is also sure that the answer to the question is at the hospital with Ivy. Ivy calls to Ethan from her hospital bed. Ethan cannot figure out why she keeps saying Theresa and Julian's names over and over. She is still clutching the fax in her hand.

Wednesday, November 7, 2001

Reese runs into Timmy and Tabitha in their disguises and once again claims that Tabitha is a witch and Timmy is alive. Tabitha explains that they are dressed for a costume party. She excuses herself and she and Timmy go to the woods where Tabitha prepares a spell. The spell plants the book "Spells of Pain" where she can find it. Kay finds the book is calling to her after Charity has a premonition that Grace will leave the house forever with David.

Theresa tries to get the fax out of Ivy's hand but is interrupted by Ethan as she insists they get married immediately. Sam comes to Ivy's side and Ethan is so glad to see him, he calls Sam Dad. Eve assures everyone that Ivy will make a full recovery. Sam is still puzzled by Pilar's attitude as she begs him not to go on his trip but stay for Ethan. All she tells Sam is that if he leaves now, he will probably get a call later to arrest Ethan for murder.

Alistair calls Julian, furious about his marriage to Theresa. Alistair orders Julian to get an annulment immediately and marry Rebecca or there will be grave consequences. He also tells Julian to shut Ivy up. He says that she's a bitch who has been a thorn in their side long enough. He tells Julian to do whatever it takes. At the hospital, Julian corners Theresa to sign the annulment papers. She refuses until Julian gets the fax from Ivy and comes up with a way to keep her from talking. Julian looks menacingly at his lighter and Ivy's oxygen tank.

Thursday, November 8, 2001

While at the hospital, Julian gets a call from Alistair demanding that he get himself out of the mess he is in. Alistair says to get rid of Ivy. Then he says, better yet get rid of all three problems, Ivy, Theresa and Rebecca. Julian tries to get Theresa to take his lighter into Ivy's room to cause an explosion that will get rid of both of them. He tells Theresa that Ivy will never willingly let go of the fax of their marriage license. He coaxes her to burn Ivy's hand a little so she will drop the fax. Theresa is appalled at the idea and walks away from Julian.

Theresa goes to Ethan. Ethan is sure that Theresa has reconciled with his mother and as soon as Ivy wakes up, she will bless their union. As Ethan is talking, Theresa is reliving the horrible fight that she and Ivy had, where she disabled Ivy's wheelchair.

Pilar begs Sam not to leave Ethan and warns Sam that if he leaves, he will probably get a phone call that Ethan has committed murder. Sam demands more information from Pilar. Pilar remains vague so Sam goes to talk to Ethan. Ethan assures him that he has no plans to kill anyone. He tells Sam he has no real problems with anyone except Julian. As Sam walks away Ethan says to himself nothing would get him to commit murder unless someone hurt Theresa. Meanwhile, Grace is still at the train station waiting for Sam as David keeps fueling her insecurities over her marriage. Grace relives some of the times she saw Sam and Ivy together. Charity warns everyone that there is an evil book in the house and they must stay away from it or be destroyed. Then the four of them, Miguel, Charity, Reese and Simone make a pact, to root out evil in Harmony and destroy it. Reese insists that Tabitha is the root of all the evil. Miguel tells Reese that he is nuts. Charity gets a premonition that there is a monster coming out of the evil book. As she says that, Kay while reading the evil book, accidentally turns herself into a black panther. A frightened Kay runs out of the house. The others decide to follow the cat and capture it. Tabitha wants to find Kay first. She is sure that Reese and the others will catch on that she is a witch if they discover the cat is really Kay. As panther Kay is on the loose, a real black panther from the Harmony Zoo escapes! Rebecca demands that Julian fly off with her to Las Vegas in order to get married. She threatens to kill him if he refuses. Julian makes a last ditch effort to get Theresa to go into Ivy's room with his lighter. Theresa reluctantly agrees.

Friday, November 9, 2001

Theresa is in Ivy's cubicle at the hospital trying to reason with her, even though Ivy remains in an unconscious state. Theresa desperately tries to get Ivy to unhand the fax by assuring her once again that she really loves Ethan and would not hurt him for the world. As she is about to light Julian's lighter to get Ivy to drop the fax, Sam walks in. He wants assurance from Theresa that she will stand by Ethan if he needs her. Theresa tells Sam that she loves Ethan with all her heart and would do anything for him. Feeling better about Ethan, Sam leaves for the train station with the lights on his squad car flashing. He is late and knows that Grace is worrying about him. David is still at Grace's side, trying to get her to doubt Sam's love.

Luis and "Diana" both decide to take a late night swim. Neither one knows that the other is there but both feel the presence of their true love. "Diana" gets a cramp and then calls for help. Luis hears her and tries to find who is calling out.

Julian, being greedy comes up with a plan to be free of not only Ivy and Theresa but Rebecca as well. When Rebecca demands that Julian take off with her immediately for a quickie wedding in Las Vegas, Julian drops a bombshell. He admits to Rebecca that he is stalling because he is already married to Theresa. Rebecca goes crazy and begins to hit Julian. Then she pulls out her pistol and aims at "Little Julian" and tells Julian that he will never two-time another woman again. Julian paints Theresa as a scheming gold-digger. He gets Rebecca so furious that she decides to go after Theresa. Julian is delighted and tells Harper they better leave because Theresa is about to unknowingly get rid of all there of Julian's problems. As Ethan is heading toward his mother's cubicle, Rebecca enters and there is an explosion!

Everyone is still running after "Panther Kay." The men from the zoo are on her trail and they run into Miguel and the others. Charity claims that the panther is pure evil. The men from the zoo ask the kids what have they been smoking. They say that it is an escaped panther and it is their problem. They tell them that it is dangerous and it is going to be put down. Meanwhile, Tabitha and Timmy have the vicious zoo panther cornered and are trying to leash it.

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