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Monday, October 29, 2001

Brian confesses his love to "Diana." He asks her if she believes in love at first sight. He tells her that it has happened to him and kisses her. As they are kissing, Luis arrives outside of Liz's hotel.

Kay refuses to give up her plan to seduce Miguel and take him away from Charity. Simone cautions her against her plan and tells Kay that it will never work. Charity has a nightmare that she loses Miguel. She wakes up as Miguel holds her in his arms. Charity hugs him as she tries to control her mounting fear of losing Miguel forever.

Tabitha and Timmy dress in their royal best to attend Julian and Rebecca's nuptials. Tabitha makes sure she has their invitation so they can attend the festivities after they visit Hecuba's lair for the herbs that they so desperately need. As they are about to leave for the wedding, they both hear the loud rustling of leaves. A tree branch comes into the window and pins the both of the immobile to the wall. Tabitha cries out, "Damn Charity!"

Julian gets an eyeful of the pistol that Rebecca is packing in her wedding garter. Rebecca calls it insurance that he will marry her today without a hitch. Gwen shoos Julian away because she doesn't want him to see the bride before the ceremony. Theresa goes to Ivy in the hope of putting things right with her. Ivy is unrelenting in not forgiving Theresa for her previously lie to Ethan. She makes Ethan recall his promise about how he would leave Theresa is she was caught in another lie. Ethan assures his mother that the promise is unnecessary because he KNOWS that Theresa would never lie to him again.

Jerry corners the Justice of the Peace in Bermuda and buys him a few drinks. The Justice tells Jerry that he needs to unburden himself about the secret he has been keeping. Jerry's call interrupts Ivy's talk with Theresa and Ethan. Jerry informs Ivy that he got the "goods" on what has been going on between Julian and Theresa and Ivy is not going to believe it. Ivy listens to the story with a smug smile on her face.

Tuesday, October 30, 2001

Theresa is worried and unhappy when she finds out about the promise Ethan made to Ivy that he leave Theresa if she is caught deceiving him again.

"Diana" kisses Brian passionately as she dreams of Luis. She tells Brian that her true love may be dead but her love for him is too deep inside of her to ever die. Luis picks a rose from Liz's rose bush and thinks of Sheridan. He tells himself that he must let go of her. "Diana" explains to Brian why she kissed him as Brian explains that he kissed her out of love. He confesses his true love to her and tells her that he loved her on sight. Luis walks into the hotel as Brian and "Diana" walk into the courtyard. Luis meets Liz. He tells Liz that he knows that she has two other guests. He heard a man named Brian talking to a woman named Diana even though he did not see them. Luis spies Sheridan's scarf blowing in the breeze as it is caught on a tree branch. "Diana" goes to look for her scarf.

The tree that has Tabitha and Timmy pinned to the attic wall is actually helping Charity. The tree is very wise and knows that not only is Kay out to destroy Miguel and Charity but Tabitha is in on it as well. Reese spies the tree going through the attic window and everyone goes to see what has happened. Miguel wants to cut the tree down but Charity stops him. She says that she can free Timmy and Tabitha by asking the tree to let them go. The tree obeys and Tabitha and Timmy are free to go to Hecuba's lair and get the herbs to help Kay win Miguel.

Julian goes tearing through his desk looking for his gun. He tells Harper that if Rebecca can be packing heat, so can he. Harper tries to take the gun away from Julian by telling him that he is in enough trouble. Julian then begins to tell Harper that trouble always happens when he sees Tabitha's little boy doll. He tells Harper that the doll is really alive and enjoying how he is fooling everyone into thinking his is a real doll. Harper warns Julian not to let anyone hear him talk about living dolls.

Jerry tells ivy that Julian and Theresa were indeed married in Bermuda. Ivy tells Jerry to give her all the details. Jerry sends Ivy the marriage certificate and all the information over her private fax. Ivy plans on making the information a wedding gift for Julian and Rebecca.

Wednesday, October 31, 2001

Luis almost gets himself killed when he literally goes out on a limb to retrieve the woman's scarf that he sees caught in a tree. When he holds the scarf he says that it smelled like sunshine. It reminds him of Sheridan. Luis knows that he must get over her once and for all. Meanwhile, he and "Diana" keep having their paths almost cross. Liz tells Luis that he can stay in room number nine. "Diana" is staying in room number six. When she closes the door, the six turns upside-down to look like a nine.

Liz once again warns Brian that "Diana" has a life and a past. Brian is sure that he can win her love before she remembers all the facts about her life. Brian is also sure that the love of her life is dead. He intends to take his place in "Diana's" affections.

Tabitha and Timmy show up for the Crane wedding. Julian is appalled to see them. He warns Harper that whenever Timmy is around, something terrible happens. Harper tells Tabitha that the wedding is a private affair. Tabitha shows Harper that she has an invitation. Harper says that her getting an invitation was a mistake and politely asks Tabitha to leave. As she and Timmy are leaving, they learn that the minister who was to officiate cannot make it to the ceremony. Julian and Harper are scrambling to find someone else. This gives Tabitha an idea.

Ivy baits Theresa as she anxiously awaits the fax from Jerry. Theresa swears that she would never do anything to hurt Ethan. As Theresa goes to leave she says goodbye to Ivy and calls her Mrs. Crane. Ivy turns on Theresa and tells her not to call her that because she knows that Theresa really is the Mrs. Julian Crane. Ivy is thankful for this information, claiming that it is her ace in the hole. She plans on using the information to gain back what was stolen from her during the divorce from Julian.

Thursday, November 1, 2001

Julian assures Rebecca that even though the judge who was to marry them backed out, he will find someone else. Rebecca threatens to put "Little Julian" out of commission forever with her pistol if he doesn't come up with someone. Tabitha calls Harper, disguising her voice. She tells Harper that she has someone that will perform the ceremony. Timmy is dressed as a rabbi and Tabitha as his driver. Tabitha plans on using the disguises to enter the Crane mansion so they can get into Hecuba's lair and see the "fireworks" that will be going off at Julian's wedding.

Brian plans a romantic dinner for "Diana." "Diana" feels that her life is about to chance forever. Luis unknowingly goes into Sheridan's room. Everything he sees reminds him of Sheridan. Liz finds the room number mistake and gets Luis to leave before "Diana" can see him. He leaves behind a photo of himself with Sheridan.

Ivy confronts Theresa about her marriage to Julian. Theresa gets so upset that she faints and dreams that Ethan finds out. When Theresa comes to, she begs Ivy on her knees not to tell Ethan. Ivy tells "Cinderella" that it is all over and she will not be marrying the prince.

Gwen is down about the wedding between her mother and Julian. She feels that something is not quite right. When she talks to her mother, Rebecca tells her to be patient because she will get Ethan back. Rebecca says that eventually Theresa will slip up and Ethan will leave her forever. Rebecca is sure that Theresa has done something already. She tells Gwen that all they have to do is sniff out the secret.

Theresa tries to explain her actions to Ivy who is skeptical. Ivy tells Theresa that all of her actions could have been part of a master plan to dethrone Ethan, get Ivy kicked out of the Crane family so she could have Julian and all the money for herself.

Rebecca sends Julian a fake newspaper with the headline reading "Julian Crane Kills His Sister!" She warns Julian and Harper that she has the real USA Today on speed dial if she doesn't hear the Wedding March soon. Rabbi Timmy sneaks into Julian's study and makes a Martimmy. Julian finds it and tells Harper that this is the doll's drink. Julian begins to search for Timmy.

Theresa gets mean and violent toward Ivy. She unplugs Ivy's wheelchair as well as the phone. She tells Ivy that nothing will stop her from marrying Ethan. Theresa then informs Ivy that the annulment papers are downstairs. She says all she has to do is sign them and leave with Ethan so they can elope. Tabitha enters the lair. A face in one of the bottles of herbs asks Tabitha what she is doing. Tabitha confesses that she is taking the herbs to help spread pain and suffering in Harmony. Theresa smashes Ivy's wheelchair until it is immovable. Theresa apologizes but says nothing will stop her from marrying Ethan. Ivy screams that she will stop her because she will never allow Theresa to marry her son. "Diana" realizes that she saw the photo of her and Luis that Luis left in the room. She tells Brain that she was too busy to realize it before and rushes back to look at it.

Friday, November 2, 2001

Grace surprises Sam with a special gift as David secretly listens in. Julian is rattled to meet the pint-sized rabbi who's been enlisted to perform his wedding ceremony. Enraged to find herself immobilized, Ivy redoubles her grim vow to take revenge on Theresa. "Diana" hurries back to her room to show Brian the strange photo she found but is puzzled to discover that the picture has vanished. Meanwhile, Luis confides to a sympathetic Liz how close he still feels to his late fiancee. Clueless about how to proceed, "Rabbi Timmy" wings it as the band strikes up a medley from "Fiddler on the Roof." Jessica catches David spying on her parents. Ethan tells Pilar about the promise he gave his mother. Liz decides to cheer up her new guest by inviting Luis to meet a couple of her friends. Following a set-to with Theresa, Rebecca finally begins her stroll down the aisle.

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