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Monday, July 23, 2001

Determined to take care of Tabitha and Timmy with her trusty axe, Norma arrives in Harmony and sneaks into Tabitha's house. Timmy is frightened when Norma surprises him and swings her axe at him. At the police station, Grace worries to Sam that David's secret may be true. Sam insists on proof from David that he was married to Grace years ago. David claims that all of his personal items were lost at sea. He takes Grace aside and pleads with her to believe that they are husband and wife. While Julian worries about his sister's approaching death, Charity continues to fear that something terrible is about to happen to Sheridan. Upset with Theresa's lies, Ivy tries to convince Ethan that Theresa is not worthy of his love and urges him to end his relationship with her. Ethan ignores her warning and admits that he believes in Theresa's innocence. He claims that the story in the tabloid is wrong about Theresa sending them the e-mail about the family secrets. Gwen vows to prove that Theresa is a liar and is surprised when she gets some unexpected help.

Tuesday, July 24, 2001

Tabitha and Timmy desperately try to hide from Norma, who tells them that she has to kill them because her father wants them dead. Norma corners them, but Tabby distracts her, telling her that her father's head is rolling out the door. This causes Norma to turn her back to them to check on her father, and Timmy takes the opportunity to bite her leg. The pain causes her to drop her axe, which Tabby catches, and her "father", which Timmy catches. Timmy and Tabby both drop their catches and run off as Norma pauses to check on her father. Timmy tries to phone the police, but Tabby stops him, reminding him that they can't afford to draw attention to themselves. Timmy wonders what they can do to stop Norma, but Tabby assures him that she'll think of something. Tabby peeks through a doorway to check on Norma, but she seems to be nowhere in sight. Timmy and Tabby begin to celebrate with a martimmy, thinking that she has left, but she begins to chop her way through a door that Tabby neglected to look through. Timmy is sure that they are doomed, but Tabby tells him to follow her- and Timmy is horrified to learn that she is headed for the basement. She tells Timmy that she plans to trick Norma into heading into the basement, and Timmy tells her he has the perfect way to get her to go down the stairs. He loudly announces that they are headed into the basement for refuge, and then hide behind another door, leaving the basement door ajar. His plan works, and as soon as Norma is in the basement, Tabby closes and locks the door. The demons roar in the basement, and Tabby is sure they are finishing Norma off and will be sending her boots up any minute (remember the shoe collection?), but Norma emerges from the basement unharmed. Tabby is terrified when she realizes that not even her friends in the basement could finish Norma off.

David shocks Sam and Grace by accurately reciting facts about Grace's past. He tells her that her maiden name is Standish, that she has a twin sister named Faith, and that the last time he saw her, she was headed to Boston. Grace tells Sam that he must be telling the truth, but Sam still refuses to believe that Grace is David's wife. David tells Sam that he understands that Sam loves Grace, but says that he loved Grace, too- long before Sam even knew who Grace was. Grace still doesn't understand how she could be married to someone and not remember, and Sam is sure that she can't remember because it never happened, but David sticks to his story. He asks her to tell him what happened to cause her memory loss, and she reveals that she was in a horrible fire. She then remembers her sister, and tells David that he probably has her confused with Faith, but he insists that Grace is the woman he fell in love with and married. He tells her that he looked for her for years, and had given up hope of ever finding her until her saw her picture in an article. Sam wonders why he didn't just pick up a phone and call her instead, and David says that he was afraid of being rejected by Grace, since she had already rejected him once. He says that fear is nothing compared to knowing that she can't remember what they shared, and begs her to try to remember. He tells her about their honeymoon in Nantucket, but she can't remember. Sam decides that he has had enough of David's "lies" and takes her home. David shouts that he isn't lying as they leave. Later, Grace asks Sam what they will do if David's story is true, but Sam insists that it's not, and that David is just a con artist. Grace isn't convinced. Sam runs a search on the computer regarding articles that pertain to their family and Grace's past, and finds that a big news agency wrote about her amnesia, even mentioning that she had a twin sister named Faith. This is all the proof that Sam needs to be fully convinced that David is a con, and he and Grace take the news article to David to get him to confess. David is pleased to see them come back in to his cell, thinking that Grace has remembered, but Sam shows David the article and calls him a liar. David denies it, but Sam isn't buying it and he and Grace abruptly leave. Grace tells Sam she's not sure if she believes that David is lying, and suggests that their troubles may just be beginning.

Father Lonigan takes Luis and Sheridan into his office, where he asks them if they still want to get married in light of what has happened. He doesn't want to pressure them, but he has another wedding planned. Sheridan asks him if it'd be okay for them to wait until Ethan and Theresa work things out, so that they can still get married together, and Father Lonigan assures her that it'd be fine. Luis and Sheridan agree that this is what they will do, but soon after agreeing to this, Whitney runs in looking for Luis, and tells him to come with her.

Julian is horribly nervous, and hopes that Luis and Sheridan will go ahead with the wedding, so he doesn't have to kill his sister himself.

Whitney and Chad watch as Ethan and Theresa talk outside. Whitney is sure that Theresa didn't send the email, but tells Chad that she is afraid that if Theresa and Ethan don't get married today, they never will. Ethan asks Theresa to tell him why she ran out of the church, telling her that he needs to know the truth. Theresa tells him that she never sent the email, and Chad cuts in to try to convince Ethan to believe Theresa instead of the tabloid. Ethan doesn't listen, and rephrases his question, asking her when she found out that he wasn't a Crane. Ethan and Sheridan are led outside by Whitney, but Sheridan tells Luis not to interfere because this is something that Theresa and Ethan have to work out herself.

Gwen gives Rebecca a play-by-play over the phone, but Pilar catches her and grabs the phone. Pilar demands to know who Gwen was speaking with, and when Gwen refuses to tell her, Pilar proceeds to tell Gwen off. She says that it was clear to her that Gwen was gloating about Theresa's misfortune to the person on the other line, but Gwen refuses to apologize for being pleased that Ethan hasn't married Theresa. Pilar insists that the tabloid is lying, but Ivy, who is standing behind Pilar, points out that the email address IS Theresa's. Pilar continues to defend Theresa, and Gwen points out that Pilar isn't trying to deny that Theresa knew the truth about Ethan's paternity before the tabloid revealed it. Pilar tells her that she has it all wrong, but when Ivy asks her who else could have sent the email, Pilar admits that she doesn't know- though she stares right at Gwen as she admits this. She asks Gwen how she knew so much about the tabloid when they were in the church, but Gwen tells her not to turn this around on her. She and Ivy head over to check on Ethan, thinking that he must be really hurt right now. When they get to Ethan and Theresa, Ethan tells them to leave he and Theresa alone, but before they leave, Gwen tells Ethan to look into Theresa's eyes and see if she is lying. Ethan does, and realizes that she knew. The only thing Theresa can bring herself to say is that she is sorry. She admits that she knew he was a Crane before he did, and Gwen and Ivy add their own two cents in, helping to fuel Ethan's anger. Luis is devastated to learn that she knew about Ethan's paternity and lied about it, and can't believe that she didn't tell Luis about it. Theresa tells Ethan that she knew for months before he found out, and tells him how she found out, but swears that she didn't send the email. She tells him that she didn't tell him because she didn't think that he would want to know, and that she didn't tell him AFTER the truth was revealed because she was afraid of losing him. Whitney confirms Theresa's story to Ethan, telling him that this secret has been killing Theresa for months. Chad reminds Ethan that he once told Chad he could forgive someone if they didn't tell him the truth out of love, and Ethan says he could- IF that person wasn't the same person who stabbed him in the back by releasing the news. Theresa swears that she isn't that person, but admits that she doesn't have any idea who that person really is. She begs him to realize that she kept the secret out of love, and he hugs her to show that he believes her. Luis suggests that they head back inside and finish the wedding, but Gwen isn't giving up yet. She begs Ethan not to believe Theresa, and tells him to ask her why she scanned the letter into her computer. Ethan wants to know how Gwen knows such information, but Gwen persists, telling Ethan to ask Theresa about it. Ethan asks her to tell him the truth so they can put all of these accusations behind them, and she admits that she scanned the letter into her computer. He asks her why she did it, but before she can answer, Gwen cuts in, saying that she obviously did it so that she could sell Ethan out, a fact which Theresa immediately denies. Ethan reluctantly admits that Gwen does have a point, and asks Theresa what her intentions were when she scanned the letter into her computer. She admits that she scanned it in right after his engagement party to Gwen, and Gwen suggests that she was planning to use the information to get revenge on Ethan for not choosing her. Ethan asks her if what Gwen is saying is true.

Pilar catches Julian and Rebecca sneaking around the church premises. They say that they are there to support Sheridan, but Pilar doesn't buy it, and says that she is sure that they are involved in the tabloid scandal. Rebecca and Julian feign ignorance, but Pilar thinks that Rebecca and Gwen know a lot more about the tabloid than they are willing to admit. Julian drags Rebecca away from Pilar, so that they can convince Sheridan to go ahead with the wedding. Pilar finds Rebecca waiting for Julian, and demands to know where he is. Rebecca refuses to tell Pilar, and insults Theresa again, saying that deception is what should be expected from the daughter of a servant. Pilar has had enough, and pushes Rebecca into the fountain that she is standing in front of. Meanwhile, Julian tells Sheridan that he has come to the church to beg for her forgiveness, and asks Sheridan if she still plans to marry Luis today. Sheridan doesn't believe Julian, and demands to know what he is up to.

Wednesday, July 25, 2001

Norma escapes unscathed from Tabitha's basement and resumes her pursuit of her terrified enemies. As Rebecca emerges squealing from the fountain, an incensed Pilar pushes her head under the water once again. Though Whitney and Chad urge Ethan to understand that Theresa acted out of love, Gwen insists her rival was motivated by nothing but hateful spite and jealousy. Sheridan eyes with suspicion Julian's "sincere" hope that she and Luis will tie the knot that very day. Desperate to prove that they were once a happily married couple, David reminds Grace how she used to love honey in her tea. Tabitha temporarily throws Norma off the scent but the ax murderer soon goes back on the hunt. Theresa begs Ethan to believe in her innocence but Ivy icily advises her son to dump the scheming hussy immediately. Eve suggests to Grace that David could be telling the truth after all. Theresa is floored to overhear Ethan admitting to Chad that he can't get married.

Thursday, July 26, 2001

Julian and Rebecca are delighted to hear that Sheridan and Luis are planning to go through with the wedding. Father Lonigan assures the couple that he can still perform the ceremony that night, and they begin to gather the guests. Rebecca once again asks Julian what he and Alistair are trying to hide from Luis, but Julian tells her that it's best if she doesn't know. He does, however, admit that Luis would kill Julian and Alistair if he ever learned the truth.

Whitney tries to assure Pilar that Ethan and Theresa will work things out, but Pilar wants to find Theresa and offer her their support, just in case. Unfortunately, Ivy and Gwen stop them, and continue to insult Theresa. Pilar tells Ivy and Gwen that Luis has always said that the person who commits a crime is the person who has the most to gain, and it is obvious that she is directing this comment at Gwen. Gwen tells Pilar that she is tired of her accusations, and calls Pilar a disgrace for pushing Rebecca into the fountain. Pilar refuses to apologize, calling Gwen a disgrace (for sending the email) and Ivy a hypocrite (for being angry at Theresa over something that Ivy herself kept a secret for twenty years). Ivy admits that Pilar is right, and tells Pilar that she doesn't want to fight with her, since she is Ivy's closest friend. She tells Pilar that even she must admit that scanning that letter into her computer was a suspicious move on Theresa's part, and says that she did it to hurt Ethan. Before Pilar can respond, Miguel interrupts to tell her that Sheridan and Luis are still getting married.

Theresa listens as Chad tries to convince Ethan to forgive Theresa. He tells Chad that he can't marry Theresa now, and she is devastated. He admits to Chad that he cannot marry Theresa until he can be sure that she is telling him the truth about everything. Theresa hears this and realizes that she has lost him forever. Ethan admits to Chad that he's still going to talk to Theresa and try to work things out- information that Theresa doesn't get to hear before she runs off in tears. As Pilar is about to head back to the chapel, Theresa runs into the room in tears, explaining that Ethan will never marry her now. Gwen is pleased, and she and Ivy tell Theresa that they aren't surprised. They begin to recite all of the things that have happened as a result of her deceit, and Theresa realizes that Grace wouldn't have lost her baby if Theresa hadn't lied. Pilar tries to convince her that it's not her fault and that she is a good person, but Theresa doesn't want to listen and runs out of the church in tears.

Norma prepares to kill Timmy and Tabby, and asks them where they would like their ashes to be sent. Tabitha hopes that Norma will drop one of them when she tries to pick up her ax, but Norma throws them both across the yard instead. Before they can recover, Norma sits on them both, and this time she has her ax with her. Tabby encourages Timmy to try to free himself, but Norma stands up before he has a chance to. She drops her "father" in the process, and he lands in Timmy's hands. Timmy throws the skull across the yard in disgust, which angers Norma. She is about to kill Timmy and Tabby when Theresa runs by in tears and knocks her down. Timmy and Tabby take the opportunity to escape, with Norma close behind. Tabby and Timmy seek refuge in the sewer, but Norma follows them down there.

Kay watches Miguel and Charity, and Jessica tries desperately to dissuade Kay from doing anything to try to break up the couple. She reminds Kay that doing so could endanger their entire family. Kay shrugs it off, but Jessica is convinced that Kay will bring evil back to Harmony if she continues to pursue Miguel. Later, Kay runs into Reese, who has been gathering facts about Warlock Island. She reluctantly listens as he tells her about a legend involving cousins who are in love with the same man. When she realizes that the story sounds a lot like her situation, she gets Reese to tell her the entire story, which Reese is more than happy to do. He tells her that the cousin who is dating the boy has special powers, and that she dies on the island. The girl who is in love with the boy ends up having him fall in love with her as well, and they live happily ever after. Kay is intrigued by this story, and Reese makes her promise not to tell Charity about it, since the girl with the special powers sounds so much like Charity. Kay realizes that she may not have to "be bad" to get Miguel, after all. Meanwhile, Miguel tries to assure Charity that her premonitions concerning Sheridan aren't going to come true, but Charity isn't convinced. Luis interrupts the couple, and reveals that he and Sheridan are going to go ahead with the marriage. Miguel is thrilled, and tells Charity the good news, but she is still unable to shake the feeling that Sheridan is in danger. As Sheridan and Luis share an intimate moment of celebration, Charity yells out that they can't go through with the wedding. Miguel tries to convince her not to tell Luis and Sheridan about the premonitions, but Charity insists and tells Sheridan that if she goes through with the wedding, she will die. Julian and Rebecca are within earshot, and Julian is terrified that Charity may convince Sheridan to call off the wedding. He and Rebecca rush over to do damage control, but Luis realizes that Hank has the rings. Hank took Francisco and Cristina to the airport, but Miguel reveals that Hank gave him the rings before he left, which Julian plays off as a sign to go through with the wedding. Ethan arrives on the scene at that time, and Julian uses that as another sign of encouragement. Pilar arrives with Whitney, Ivy, and Gwen, and tells Luis that Theresa won't be able to attend the wedding. She tells Ethan the story, and he realizes that she must have left before he said that he wanted to work things out with her. Gwen and Ivy try to convince him to give up on her, but he tells them that she is the woman that he loves and runs off with Chad to find her. Gwen is shocked. Luis is reluctant about going through with the wedding in his sister's absence, but Pilar convinces him that there is nothing more he can do. Sheridan tells Luis that she doesn't feel like celebrating under the circumstances, so Luis and Sheridan apologize to Father Lonigan and postpone the wedding. Rebecca stops Julian from trying to convince them to change their minds, reminding him that he is drawing attention to himself. She asks him when he's going to kill Sheridan, and he says it will have to be soon. Gwen is afraid that she has lost Ethan for good, despite her best efforts, but Rebecca assures her that Theresa will never be able to gain Ethan's trust back. Julian speaks with Alistair on the phone and assures him that Sheridan will die. Charity is still convinced that death is near, even though Sheridan and Luis have postponed the wedding. While Sheridan and Luis discuss their decision to postpone the ceremony, Sheridan gets the feeling that someone is walking over her grave. Meanwhile, Ethan, Whitney, and Chad arrive at the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, but Theresa is nowhere to be found. Ethan tells Whitney and Chad to stay there in case she comes back, and heads out to search for her. Elsewhere, Theresa collapses on the street in tears.

Friday, July 27, 2001

Charity tells Reese and Jessica she sees death in the near future. Theresa's friends and family wait on pins and needles for the runaway bride to return home. Dodging rats and raw sewage, Tabitha and Timmy scurry through the underground pipes with Norma in hot pursuit. Miguel tells Kay he may not be able to accompany the gang to Warlock Island if his sister remains missing much longer. As Simone is released from the hospital, Sam asks Eve to do a psychological work-up on David. Eager to recreate the legend Reese related, Kay encourages Miguel to come to the island with Charity. Curious about the strange noises emanating from Tabitha's basement, Grace, Reese and Charity decide to check it out. Timmy and Tabitha climb out of the sewer and flee back to their house. Sheridan assures a grateful Luis that she can wait to tie the knot until Theresa is found safe and sound. Tabitha prevents her houseguests from peeking into the basement. Norma promises her "father" she won't rest until she's chopped off their enemies' heads. Ethan and Pilar fear the worst after hearing a news report about a young Jane Doe being found dead.

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