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Monday, July 16, 2001

Whitney has trouble hiding her anxiety from Theresa as the hour draws near for the double wedding. Meanwhile, Chad hesitates when Ethan asks him directly if he found the name of the person who sent the damaging e-mail to the tabloid. Rebecca waits eagerly for a bombshell to drop on Ivy, while at the cottage Gwen begins to feel dizzy as she helps Sheridan dress for the ceremony. Watching Kay try on Theresa's new mantilla, Charity asks her cousin how she pictures her own perfect wedding. Uncle Francisco teases a flustered Luis about how he expects to support his glamorous new bride on a cop's salary. Whitney phones Chad and entreats him once again not to reveal the truth to Ethan. Sheridan panics when Gwen passes out. Rebecca arrives with Julian and realizes in horror that her daughter tried on the poisoned ring. Gasping to see the cover of "Daily Private Lives", an enraged Ivy vows to kill Theresa with her bare hands.

Tuesday, July 17, 2001

Tabby and Timmy talk to one of the demons about the double wedding, and the demon assures her that Sheridan will die from the poisoned ring, Theresa and Ethan will be torn apart by the headline, and Ivy will be driven to murder. Timmy says it could be worse, and the demon confirms his fear when he reveals another prophecy- Grace will be torn from her family by David. Tabitha is thrilled by the news, and decides to celebrate with a wedding reception of her own. She and Timmy feast on Devil's Food cake, and tells Timmy that with all of the doom and gloom that is going to strike everyone else in Harmony, she's hoping that there won't be any left to strike Timmy and Tabby. The wind chimes start to moan, and Timmy recognizes the voice- it's Norma, from the motel that they stayed at. Tabby thinks that Norma is probably locked up in an asylum by now, but at that moment, Norma is actually in her house, talking to her father about getting revenge on Timmy and Tabby for hurting her father. While Timmy and Tabby celebrate, the demon comes back to warn them that their death is getting closer by the minute. At the motel, Norma checks the guest registry for Timmy and Tabitha's address, and decides to head to Harmony. When the telephone rings, Timmy answers it, unaware that it's Norma on the other end. She tells him that she is headed to Harmony to pay them a visit, and then hangs up and begins to pack. Tabby thinks it was just a wrong number, but the demon appears again to warn her of danger, and the wind chimes begin to moan again. This time the voice screaming in pain is Tabitha's.

Grace tells Eve that she can't forget about David because she keeps having a premonition of him tearing her away from her family. Eve tells her to let Sam deal with David, but Grace wants to talk to David herself. In prison, David uses his one phone call to call the person he's been keeping in contact with since arriving in Harmony, and tells the person that he's going to take Grace far away from Harmony.

Sam tells T.C. about David, and tells T.C. that David will only agree to talk to Grace. Later, Sam tells Ethan that he wants to sit down and talk with him after the wedding, so that he can get to know his son better, and lets Ethan know that he has Sam's full support. Ethan asks Sam if he was conceived out of love, and Sam assures him that he was. He then tells Ethan to fight anything that ever threatens his marriage. Grace overhears this, which convinces her once and for all to talk to David. At the prison, Grace asks David to tell her who he is.

Everyone is busy making last-minute preparations for the wedding, and Charity and Miguel dream about their own wedding while Kay watches. Charity remembers her premonition of Sheridan writhing in pain, but decides not to tell Miguel about it. Sheridan and Theresa are sure that their day will be absolutely perfect, but Gwen is secretly awaiting the moment when Theresa's secret is finally revealed. She calls Rebecca to see if Ivy has seen the tabloid yet, and a nearby statue taunts her, saying that her plot will bring evil back to Harmony. When she looks, the man has turned back into a statue, and she assures herself that there isn't anything wrong with trying to win Ethan back. Elsewhere, Luis welcomes Ethan to the family, and Whitney tells Chad that he did the right thing by not telling Ethan about the tabloid. Chad tries to convince Whitney again to give their love another chance, but she is too upset to discuss it.

Rebecca and Julian are a bit shaken after the close call Gwen had with the poisoned ring, and Julian is still plagued with guilt for playing a part in the murder of his sister. Rebecca is anxious for Ivy to see the tabloid, but doesn't tell Julian about it. She does, however, tell Julian that the tabloid is running a story on Theresa being the person who revealed Ivy's secret- she just leaves out the part about Ivy having the tabloid in her hands at the moment. Alistair calls, and Julian is surprised to learn that he already knows about Theresa's secret AND Gwen's near-death experience. He warns Julian and Rebecca that Sheridan had better die at the wedding, because if she doesn't, their lives could be ruined. After Alistair hangs up, Rebecca tells Julian that Ivy has a copy of the tabloid. Julian is sure that Ivy will kill Theresa when she sees the headline.

Ivy is furious when she sees the tabloid, and swears to kill Theresa. She even stabs Theresa's picture with a letter opener. Julian and Rebecca can hear her screaming all the way downstairs, and Julian begins to think he may not have to pay her a single penny in the divorce- he's convinced she may end up in prison for murdering Theresa. Ivy heads to the church, determined to kill Theresa, but when she tries to leave her room, the doorknob falls off- a prank caused by Julian- and traps her inside.

Back at the church, Charity finally decides to tell Jessica about her premonition, but Jessica is sure that Sheridan will be fine. Later, when Charity touches the wedding ring, she has another premonition and drops it. Hank walks in looking for the rings, and he can tell that something is wrong, but he doesn't know what. Jessica tries to convince Charity that everything will be fine, but Charity can't shake the feeling that something terrible is going to happen. The wedding is about to begin, but everyone is waiting on Ivy to arrive. Back in her room, she starts to pick the lock with a letter opener, desperate to escape so she can kill Theresa.

Wednesday, July 18, 2001

Eve frets when Grace decides to slip away from the church to go question David. As Julian and Rebecca stare at the video feed, Alistair orders his sniveling son to accept the fact that Sheridan must die. Ethan wonders why his mother still hasn't appeared at the church. Meanwhile, Ivy is enraged to discover that she's trapped in her room without a working phone. At the jail, Grace pleads with David to reveal how he knows her. Eve confides to T.C. why Sam's wife took off. Alistair issues an ominous warning to a jittery Rebecca. As the delay drags on, Father Lonigan gently reminds Sheridan and Theresa that another wedding is scheduled to follow their double ceremony. Later, Ethan agrees not to wait for Ivy any longer and the nuptials finally begin. Desperate to stop her son's wedding, Ivy appeals to Rebecca to help her escape. David tells a shocked Grace that he is her husband.

Thursday, July 19, 2001

The wedding begins, with no sign of Grace or Ivy. Sam is worried, but Eve refuses to tell him where his wife is. The wedding starts with a Hispanic tradition that involves placing a lasso over the two couples to symbolize their everlasting bond.

At the PD, David drops a bombshell on Grace, claiming he is her husband. She refuses to believe him, but he insists that, deep down, she knows he is telling the truth. He tells her that he came to Harmony to find her, but she becomes very distressed and faints. David frantically calls for the guards, who get Grace onto a bed and call Sam. When he gets there, Grace is still unconscious, and Sam blames David for what happened. He demands to know what David did to Grace, but David refuses to speak. Grace regains consciousness, and asks Grace to tell him what happened. She doesn't want to tell him about what David said, and gets upset when David tries to force her to tell Sam. She tells Sam that she can't bring herself to repeat what he said, but David says that if she doesn't tell Sam, he will. Grace and Sam try to leave, but before they can, David blurts out that he is Grace's husband.

Julian watches the wedding from a live feed that Alistair has set up in the library. Alistair reminds Julian once again that the poison on the ring is untraceable, but Julian is too distraught to care. Rebecca chooses not to tell Julian about Ivy being locked in the bedroom, and sits down with Julian to watch the wedding ceremony. Alistair tells Julian and Rebecca to stop being such cowards and deal with the fact that Sheridan is going to die.

Ivy heads to the church, determined to stop the wedding. Unfortunately, she gets held up in traffic due to an accident. One of the cops on duty recognizes her, and promises her that she will be the first person through when the accident is cleared from the road. Rebecca calls to "check" on her, and is just in time to hear the officer tell Ivy that they have cleared a way for her to drive through.

Back at the church, Charity is still worried that something horrible is going to happen, and Gwen wonders why Ivy hasn't shown up at the church yet. When Jessica mentions Ivy, Charity has a second premonition, this time of Ivy trapped in her bedroom. While the lasso is being placed on the two couples, Chad again asks Whitney to reconsider her decision to end their relationship. She tells him that it's impossible for them to be together. Another tradition, the "arras", takes place; it involves the couples placing gold coins into each other's hands to symbolize their willingness to provide for each other. Sheridan and Theresa surprise their grooms with special wedding vows, which brings the ceremony to the traditional exchange of wedding vows. As the wedding draws closer to the end, Gwen starts to get worried that Ivy may not arrive in time. Alistair, however, is glad to see that the ring is about to be placed on Ivy's finger. As Father Lonigan begins to recite the vows, the engine of a car is heard nearing the church, and everyone watches in horror as Ivy drives right into the church, as "Going to the Chapel" plays on her radio (she says she didn't have time to park). She tells Ethan that he has to stop the wedding- NOW. Ethan tells her that she's already taken care of that by crashing into the church, and Father Lonigan suggests that they continue the ceremony. Whitney and Chad find the whole situation quite odd, and Chad thinks that he sees a copy of the tabloid in Ivy's hand. Whitney tells Chad that if Ivy does have a copy of the tabloid, she'll probably kill Theresa with her bare hands. Ethan tries to show Ivy to her seat, but she remains standing near the altar. Julian asks Alistair what he plans to do if Ivy stops the wedding, and Alistair tells him that if that happens, Julian will have to shoot Sheridan, because one way or another, she will die today. Charity tells Miguel that something terrible is about to occur, and Ivy tells Ethan that she has something important to tell him. He tells her that it will have to wait until after the ceremony, but Ivy doesn't listen and tells the guests that she has an announcement to make.

Friday, July 20, 2001

Rebecca is delighted to discover that the tabloid has messengered over to the Crane mansion an advance copy of the latest edition. Meanwhile, Chad again reminds Whitney why he needs to get to Ethan before the tabloid hits the newsstands that evening. Thinking about his sister's imminent death, a shuddering Julian wishes Sheridan's wedding day was already history. At the precinct house, Grace tells Sam she doesn't recall ever having laid eyes on David before. Certain her best friend could not be guilty of sending the e-mail, Whitney begs Chad not to break Theresa's heart. David refuses to answer any of the police chief's questions about his reasons for coming to Harmony. Chad finally promises Whitney he'll keep mum. Kay grits her teeth to see Charity and Miguel growing even closer. Pilar warns Rebecca to remember that she is not welcome at the wedding. David urges Grace to unlock his handcuffs so they can have a private chat.

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