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Monday, April 16, 2001

Hecuba coaxes Tabitha to smash open her bottle but Timmy fears a double-cross. Ethan is pleasantly surprised when Theresa asks him to stay the night. At the cottage, Sheridan sheepishly shows Luis the "Magic 8 Ball" she was using to tell her fortune. Though Luis scoffs at the toy, he's startled when one of the 8-ball's predictions comes true. Unwilling to say goodnight, Whitney and Chad linger over their farewells. Though disappointed to realize that Theresa didn't intend to sleep with him, Ethan assures his flustered fiancee he's okay with waiting until their wedding night. Timmy snatches the bottle away from his princess, then splashes her with a martimmy in hopes of breaking Hecuba's spell. Enraged, Hecuba transforms Timmy into a toad. Simone berates Kay for letting Miguel return to hell. Sheridan tells Luis how she's planning to send Ethan and Theresa to Spain for their honeymoon. Hopping mad about Timmy's plight, Tabitha throws Hecuba's bottle into the basement to face the forces of evil.

Tuesday, April 17, 2001

Theresa comes to Ethan's bed late at night, cooing that she's ready to make love. At the cottage, Luis and Sheridan eagerly fall into bed once again. Meanwhile, Tabitha crows to Timmy about the chaos looming ahead for Harmony's happiest couples. Simone warns Kay that without a soul she has no chance of rescuing Miguel from the flames of hell. Reese's research turns up evidence that evil had to be invited into town by a resident of Harmony. Ignoring Simone's entreaties, Kay throws open the closet doors and marches into hell. Jessica tells Sam she knows about her long-lost half-brother. Reese tries to convince the others that Tabitha is responsible for the dark forces which have tormented them. Tabitha foretells for Timmy the arrival of a new baby in the Bennett house. As Ethan begins to caress her, Theresa remembers how she promised her mother she'd remain a virgin until her wedding night. Grace and Sam are horrified to hear the demons boasting about how they have eternal possession of Kay, Miguel and Charity. After electing not to have sex, Ethan and Theresa share a romantic dance. Kay offers to sacrifice herself if the demons will release her cousin and Miguel. Sheridan catches Luis rehearsing a marriage proposal. A massive explosion rocks the Bennett residence.

Wednesday, April 18, 2001

Ethan and Theresa stay up in the middle of the Lopez-Fitzgerald living room in their underwear, talking of love. Theresa wavers back and forth between wanting to keep her promise to her mother (to keep her virginity until her wedding night) and wanting to begin the sexual aspect of their relationship. As much as Ethan wants to do the latter, he understands that they should honor her promise, so he gently insists on abstinence until the wedding night. She loves him for it but cannot fully decide. Ethan remains firm.

Sheridan watches Luis rehearse marriage proposals. When he sees her and asks how long she has been in the living room, she chooses not to embarrass him and only admits to watching him pace. He tries to broach the subject of marriage, but the phone rings with an urgent call.

That call came from Pilar, who is in Charity's bedroom with the Bennett family, Reese, and Simone. Activities in the portal to Hell have caused an explosion in that room, but everyone survived the blast. Luis does not know what has happened, other than that there is an emergency at the Bennetts' and that his mother needs him. Sheridan goes with him.

The serpent demon clutches Miguel, Charity, and Kay, while explaining to all three and those in the bedroom that it is taking them to the tenth level of Hell, where the three shall be the slaves to evil for all eternity. Sam's attempt to enter the portal results in his being thrown back into the room. Sheridan and Luis arrive. Luis and Sam attempt to do battle with the demon, to no avail.

Meanwhile, the Friends in the Basement (FIBs) grant Tabitha limited use of her powers and her wish to see the kids one last time, so she can gloat. She conjures martimmies and Beluga caviar, but Timmy will not partake. In good spirits about the situation, Tabitha shows Timmy a demon's claw and tells him that the only way to save the kids is to throw the claw into the same portal through which Charity entered Hell. Charity will be able to use the claw to fight her way out. Timmy stares at the claw but does not let on that he intends to get it to the Bennett house as soon as he can.

A horde of winged demons flies out of Charity's closet and outside. Ethan and Theresa hear the noise and rush to the door in their underwear, to see the denizens of Hell rushing through the town of Harmony.

Thursday, April 19, 2001

Whitney and Chad talk on the Russells' roof and Whitney lies to Chad about her dream. She tells him that she was dreaming about her tennis, but really Whitney was dreaming about Chad.

Theresa and Ethan see the light coming from the Bennett's house and Theresa wants to go over and see if Miguel and Pilar are all right, but Ethan doesn't want to step foot in that house. Theresa convinces Ethan to go with her and they leave to see what is the matter.

Tabitha rejoices over the happenings over at the Bennett house and is convinced that evil has won. Timmy wants to save Charity and eyes the demon's paw, which can save everyone trapped in hell.

At the Bennett house, Grace, Sam, Jessica, Reese, Simone, Pilar, Luis and Sheridan get out of Charity's room before the walls cave in. Sam orders Reese to get all the women and children out of the house. Sheridan does not want to leave Luis because she loves him too much and doesn't want him to get hurt. Simone calls her parents and TC, Eve and Chad come over to help. Simone tries to get close to Chad and Theresa calls Whitney to warn her. Chad, TC and Ethan go in the house to help Luis and Sam save Charity, Miguel and Kay.

Luis informs Ethan that Sam is a great father and that he should be kinder to him, because Sam would risk his life for anyone, including Ethan. Sam wants to go into hell by himself and there is no stopping him. TC ties Sam up with a rope and just as Sam is about to go into hell, a demon grabs Ethan.

Friday, April 20, 2001

As TC and Sam try to pull Ethan away from the demons, Chad and Luis run to the church to find Fr. Lonigan. The blind priest gives them a vial of holy water (after startling Chad by believing their story) and instructs them to throw it at the demons. The angel statue comes to life when the Angel Girl hears Fr. Lonigan's prayers for light. Back at the house, the holy water does its job, and Ethan is rescued.

Pilar calls Ivy to tell her that Ethan is in danger. Ivy tells Julian, who is clearly moved but feigns indifference when Ivy takes yet another opportunity to insult him. When Ivy learns the story, she is incredulous but goes upstairs in time to see Ethan thank Sam for saving him. Unfortunately, Grace-who has re-entered the house to give Sam her emotional support-gets there in time to see Ivy thanking Sam for saving their son.

Moments after Reese accuses Tabitha of being a witch, the old woman invites Theresa, Sheridan, and Whitney into her house to read their tealeaves. Shock at seeing Timmy on the couch, when he had just been on a lawn chair outside, is dissipated when Tabitha convinces them that they just hadn't seen her take the doll in during the confusion. Tabitha outwardly tells Theresa that there will be a wedding, but she tells herself that the wedding will be the worst day of her life, and it will only be misery afterward.

Meanwhile, Timmy has slipped out of the room, and the Angel Girl has come to visit him. . .

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