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Monday, April 9, 2001

Sam convinces T.C. to tell Eve about his suspicions. Meanwhile, Grace finally persuades a tearful Eve to come clean with her husband and face the consequences. At the House of Noodles, Hecuba takes a spill when Julian accidentally knocks her bottle off the table. Across the room, Chad tries to reassure Whitney that his fortune cookie was just someone's lousy idea of a practical joke. Luis and Sheridan encounter a wedding party in the park and offer the happy couple their hearty congratulations. T.C. inadvertently silences Eve when he apologizes profusely for suspecting her of keeping such a dark secret. After spotting the bride and groom cavorting in the park, Theresa tells Ethan she's just had a flash of inspiration about the couple who will share their wedding day. Traipsing the length of the wharf, Timmy and Tabitha conduct a weary and futile search for Hecuba's bottle. Eve again elects to keep mum when T.C. tells her he would have killed Julian if Chad had indeed turned out to be her son. Whitney and Chad laughingly reminisce about the day they met. Hecuba puts a curse on three loving couples.

Tuesday, April 10, 2001

As Kay secretly hopes that her cousin never returns to the land of the living, Miguel steels himself for another descent into hell to rescue the girl he loves. Ivy harangues the Cranes' chief of security after he sheepishly admits that he still has no idea who leaked the story about Ethan's paternity. Excited about finalizing wedding plans, Theresa enlists assistance from her brother and Sheridan. Ivy snarls at Rebecca after the future Mrs. Crane begins moving her own furniture into the mansion. As Ethan realizes he needs to get cracking on finding gainful employment, Theresa offers to help him write a resume. Luis confides to Pilar how upset Sheridan became following the doomed love noodle test. Afterwards, Pilar asks her son if he's truly ready to make a genuine commitment to Sheridan. Bolstered by the little angel's message, Miguel returns to Charity's closet and orders the demons to reopen the gates of hell. Theresa is dismayed to learn that her laptop automatically makes copies of any deleted files.

Wednesday, April 11, 2001

Sam tries yet again to get Grace to talk about what happened involving Ethan, Ivy, and Baby Jack. He thinks she is putting him off, but she is actually getting a strong feeling that something is wrong in the house. Once inside, they hear screams coming from Charity's bedroom, and they run upstairs to discover a serpent demon with Miguel in its maw. Both Reese and Sam try to fight it off, and when Sam is also trying to escape it, the Angel Girl arrives to tell Grace about her power. Between Grace and the Angel Girl, both Sam and Miguel are released, and the demon is banished. The portal to Hell is closed again. Sam opens an unconscious Miguel's shirt to reveal injuries across the boy's torso.

Ethan finds and reads a love poem by Theresa on her laptop. Theresa is afraid, because she has just learned that the computer was designed to back up all files, in case of accidental deletion, which means that her copy of Ivy's letter to Sam is still extant.

Seconds after Luis and Sheridan agree (in the kitchen) to take things slowly, Theresa (in the living room) realizes that her dream wedding can still be affordable if her brother agrees to a double wedding. If they don't agree to it, the wedding will take place at the Church, with the reception at the Youth Center (as opposed to the Country Club). Luis tries to explain that they're not ready to get married, but Theresa sees the look on Sheridan's face, which would suggest otherwise.

Since Chad and Whitney can't date at night, which would ruin her sleep schedule and tournament activities, they agree to date in the afternoons. The money saved on matinees will be put aside for the future.

As Chad and Eve make sandwiches for Whitney and TC, the boy tells the doctor that he imagines her face when he tries to picture his unknown mother. He hopes his own mother is even half as nice as she. She is honored and shares similar sentiments about him. He tells her that if she'd had a son, that boy would have adored her.

Thursday, April 12, 2001

Luis is surprised that Sheridan isn't agreeing with him on the issue of marriage. He thought that she wanted to wait to get married as much as he did. Luis was wrong. Sheridan says she wants to get married sooner rather than later, because she wants to have children and start a family. Luis is stunned by this information and needs some time to think. Sheridan and Theresa talk in the kitchen about their relationships, and Theresa says that Luis will come around and he will realize he wants to get married just as badly as Sheridan does. In the other room, Luis and Ethan talk and Luis assures Ethan that Sheridan is the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. Theresa tells Luis to ask Sheridan to marry him now! Ethan then tells Sheridan there may be a double wedding after all!

Meanwhile, Pilar has a feeling that something is wrong with her little mejo Miguel and rushes over to the Bennetts. At the Bennett house, Miguel regains consciousness and they are all relieved, especially Kay. Miguel wants to go back to Hell and save Charity, but he is badly injured - but that won't stop Miguel from saving the woman he loves. Pilar rushes to comfort her son, but he still wants to save Charity. Pilar, the Bennetts, Reese and Simone go into the kitchen and leave Miguel to rest. He starts to go upstairs to Charity's closet, but Kay stops him!

Poor Timmy witnesses Rebecca and Julian's sexcapades while trying to get the bottle in which Hecuba is trapped inside. This time Julian is dressed as Aladdin, while Rebecca is a genie willing to grant him three wishes. Timmy sees them taking off their clothes or as he calls it, "All these scarves are falling off Rebecca. No, there are none left!" He wonders what they are doing without any clothing on, but soon the doll figures it out. Tabitha pretends to be a cat that will not shut up in order for Julian to throw the bottle out of the window. Julian unwittingly plays to Tabitha's plan and throws the bottle. Tabitha grabs it, making a perfect catch! Tabitha thinks she and Timmy are home free with control over Hecuba.

Friday, April 13, 2001

In the Lopez-Fitzgerald kitchen, Ethan and Sheridan talk about her feelings for Luis. The upshot is that, while she wants very much for him to propose, she does not want him to feel pressured to do so. Meanwhile, Theresa is in the living room, pressuring Luis to do exactly that. Ultimately, Luis explains to his little sister that he is not getting married on her timetable, just because she says he should.

When Kay tells Miguel that there is someone she would die for, as he would die for Charity, she must set him straight when he assumes it to be Reese. When she says that it is Miguel himself, he assumes that she means "as a friend." She finally resigns herself to letting him go back into Hell, but she gives him a St. Michael medal, noting that not only is Miguel a namesake, but it was St. Michael's box that helped them in the mine shaft, that first time. As he prepares to step into Charity's closet/the portal to Hell, he kisses the medal.

Hecuba tells Tabitha that, since Tabby has won and "Hecky" is going to be buried in the bottle soon, Tabitha may as well open the bottle, so she can see what Hecuba's handiwork has wrought in Harmony. Hecuba takes credit for pushing Julian closer to murdering Sheridan, for summoning the serpent demon that attacked Miguel, and for making Grace doubt Sam's word every time they come close to reconciling. Against Timmy's insistent protest, Tabitha agrees to open the bottle, but the cork has not yet been opened.

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