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Monday, April 2, 2001

Certain they're holding the upper hand, Tabitha and Timmy taunt their tiny prisoner as a seething Hecuba vows revenge. Ethan assures Gwen that she'll be welcome at his wedding. A shaken Julian confides to Rebecca how his father is pressuring him to perform an odious task he'd rather not undertake. Eve stalls for time as T.C. and the others impatiently wait for the results of the DNA test. Still locked in the bottle, Hecuba casts a spell to change Timmy into a French poodle as punishment for playing turncoat. T.C. tells Sam he'll kill Julian if his hunch about Chad's parentage turns out to be true. Gwen hints to Ethan and a tense Theresa that her gift to them will be unforgettable. Timmy screeches in dismay as Hecuba morphs him from a rabbit into a goat and then a monkey. Egged on by Rebecca, Julian informs his enraged father that he won't commit murder. Ethan is puzzled when Theresa insists on keeping Gwen and her mother away from their nuptials. T.C.'s suspicions intensify after he learns that Eve and Chad share the same blood type. Hecuba manages to escape from Tabitha as Timmy reverts back to form. Luis and Sheridan discuss making a serious commitment. Alistair orders his operative to disrupt Eve's computer search. Father Lonigan urges Julian to fight evil.

Tuesday, April 3, 2001

Tabitha and Timmy try to fish Hecuba's bottle out of the sea. Father Lonigan warns Julian not to succumb to the evil which his crooked father has cooked up. Meanwhile, Alistair orders his operative at the hospital to delete the file on Chad's DNA. Luis tells an amused Sheridan about the Harmony tradition which claims that couple can test their chances for eternal happiness by sharing a "love noodle" at a local Chinese restaurant. Eyed closely by a wary T.C., Eve nervously begins to scroll down to the end of the DNA match results. Julian hears Hecuba chortling as she floats by the wharf. Under pressure from his boss, Alistair's henchman reluctantly shuts off the electricity at the hospital and Chad watches helplessly as the computer screen suddenly goes blank. Hecuba coaxes Julian to retrieve her bottle from the water. After the auxiliary generator kicks in, power is restored to the hospital but the DNA results disappear. Later, Eve shudders to overhear T.C. confiding his darkest suspicions to Sam. Sheridan is distraught after she fails the love noodle test.

Wednesday, April 4, 2001

Hecuba has Julian under her spell, but she has to pull back for a minute, as Tabitha and Timmy approach him about the missing bottle. Hecuba has had the foresight to make Julian hide the bottle, and his greed becomes an internalized excuse. He denies knowledge of the bottle to Tabitha. He also insists that he knows Timmy is alive. For her own amusement, Hecuba conjures up two women, and their presence inspires Timmy to break from "doll mode" and lech-bond with Julian. After Tabby & Timmy leave, Tabby insisting that Julian is just drunk, Julian is given intense cravings for Chinese food and urged to go to the restaurant where Ethan, Theresa, Sheridan, and Luis are having dinner.

Inside the restaurant, the owner offers the foursome a complimentary meal, to make up for the disappointment of Sheridan's failing the love noodle test. Ethan politely refuses, but Luis and Theresa explain to him that he can no longer afford to turn down free food. At the end of dinner, Theresa's fortune cookie tells of multiple brides. She takes this to mean a double wedding. Sheridan's fortune, altered by Hecuba, states that she will never see children with the one she loves.

Alistair barks at his henchman in the hospital, demanding that he delete Chad's DNA file faster. Grace pushes Eve to tell TC the truth now. Eve slowly enters her password and begins scrolling down the screen, as nearly everyone in the room urges her to do it faster. Eve expresses shock, but we do not see why.

Thursday, April 5, 2001

Unaware that he's being manipulated by Hecuba, Julian suddenly has an insatiable craving for a dish of chop suey. Meanwhile, Sheridan's afternoon at the House of Noodles gets even worse when her fortune cookie reveals that she will never have children with the man she loves. As Eve stares at her computer screen, the tears trickling down her cheek convince her husband that his suspicions were correct. Alistair vows to blow up the entire hospital if necessary in order to prevent Chad from learning that he has Crane blood. At the Book Cafe, Miguel and his friends brainstorm about how to rescue Charity from the jaws of hell while Reese casts a wary eye on Tabitha and her ever-present doll. Sally decides to play a little trick on her obnoxious landlord after spotting Julian entering her restaurant. Eve tells a devastated Chad that the computer search produced not one match for his DNA. Hecuba instructs "evil Julian" to murder his sister and Luis. Kay confides to an astounded Simone how she happened to lose her soul. Theresa and Ethan take the love noodle test but Hecuba gleefully dashes the hopes of a second young couple.

Friday, April 6, 2001

Grace continues to advise Eve to tell TC the truth about Julian. Sam advises TC to clear the air and ask Eve about Julian. Eve and TC continue avoiding the subject.

A tearful Eve tells Grace that a part of her wished Chad would be her son. She loves the boy, and she misses her baby.

As Julian eats me-ow pork (cat food), Hecuba causes Ethan and Theresa to fail the love noodle test. Sally, the restaurateur, expresses horror that the extra-sturdy noodle broke. Chad and Whitney join them, and they get odd fortunes that have been tampered with by Hecuba. Whitney's says that she will experience the love of a brother. Chad's tells him that his love will destroy the one he loves. Hecuba fantasizes that she is a waitress in the restaurant, breaking the news to a very pregnant Whitney that she's carrying her brother's baby. Meanwhile, Julian, who is on his third plate of cat food, looks out the window and sees Timmy walking around.

Kay prays for forgiveness and the return of her soul, while Tabitha hangs onto a lamp post to avoid letting the vial around her neck propel her back to the book café. A flickering lamp convinces Kay that God will not forgive her, so she stops praying. As Miguel prays for the safe return of Charity, the Angel Girl appears to him for encouragement. When Miguel tells Reese what happened, Reese believes him immediately. After all, with all the evil going on at the Bennett house, why not believe that angels exist, too? Miguel tells Kay and Simone that he'll need all their faith in him, so he can rescue the girl he loves.

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