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Monday, December 4, 2000

Theresa is busy at home in the kitchen, preparing a meal for her brother Luis. Whitney comes calling. Theresa tells Whitney she is in the middle of a crisis. She has decided to tell Luis about her and Ethan before anyone else has the opportunity. Theresa thinks it is the only honorable things to do. Whitney tells Theresa her plan is not going to work, she is sure Luis is going to go ballistic! Whitney reminds her she has not found Prince Charming but Prince Ethan and Luis will never give Theresa his blessing. Theresa has set the mood in the house. She is going to bombard Luis is memories of their childhood and how close they are and then tell him about her and Ethan. Whitney tells Theresa nothing she can do will change Luis' mind about Ethan Crane. Theresa has set the table and admires everything thinking it is all perfect. Whitney tells her again she is just dreaming. What Theresa is going to do will tear her family apart. Whitney begs Theresa over and over again not to do this, as she is sure her family is going to suffer. Whitney reminds Theresa she can count on her family but she can't count on Ethan. Whitney tries desperately hard to get Theresa to realize what is at steak. Is Theresa really willing to hurt her mother and brother on a guy who does not know what he wants? Theresa tells Whitney she is wrong and that she worries too much, after all it is all in the presentation. Theresa is sure she can persuade Luis that Ethan and her are in love. Whitney tells Theresa she better persuade Ethan of that fact first. Theresa is going to tell Luis and she is firm on that.

Sheridan's Funeral:
Rebecca wants to talk to Luis. He asks her what it is she wants to tell him but to keep it short. Rebecca remembers sharing her plan with Julian and how much he liked it. Sam asks Pilar why on earth Julian wants to see him about at the mansion after the burial? Pilar tells Sam she does not have a clue. Ivy is worried about what Julian wants to see them about. Ivy thinks Julian has figured out her secret and knows that Sam is Ethan's father. Hank asks what it is he has done to Sheridan? Agent Freeman comes to see Hank and asks him how he is holding up. He assures Hank they will soon be making an arrest. The priest assures Ethan and Gwen that Sheridan is in a better place now. Ethan is sure that she is. Dirt continues to be shoveled on the coffin that is underground. Sheridan is alive and she screams for help! Pilar tries to reassure Ivy. She will have to stay calm. Ivy thinks Alistair found out her secret. Pilar reminds her that is impossible, as there is no evidence about Ethan's parentage. It has all been destroyed. Ivy knows Julian will destroy her and Ethan if he knows the truth. Sam asks Julian why he has to go to the mansion and wants to know if it has to do with business or personal issues. Julian tells him it is personal. Rebecca tells Luis what she has to tell him is important. Luis tells her they will have to talk later as now is not a good time. Rebecca is sure when she is finished telling Luis, Theresa will never go near Ethan again and the keys to the golden kingdom will be given to Gwen! Luis can't let go of Sheridan. He reflects on all the times they shared together. He kneels down at her grave. Hanks sees how much pain Luis is in and knows it is his fault his best friend is hurting so much. Sheridan is screaming for help and suddenly a light comes on in the casket. Julian tells Ivy to make sure Ethan returns to the mansion after the service is over. He shows Ivy the envelope containing the information Alistair sent him. Ivy tells Pilar it is all over. Sam tells Ivy she has a lot of explaining to do. Hank is worried about Luis. Luis says he waited forever for the right woman and now that he found her, he has no time left with her. Luis is sure if he and Sheridan had kids they would have be beautiful -- just like Sheridan. Hank remembers his setting Sheridan up for her murder. He told her about how she would be in the coffin and what would happen if she got buried alive. There would be a light that would come on and enough oxygen to last two hours. Sheridan was nervous about all the "what ifs." Hank and Sheridan have been in on all of this. Sheridan is really alive and not dead! Hank told Sheridan she would be drugged and it would keep her asleep. Sheridan was scared she could not be asleep through out the whole ordeal. At home, Julian answers Alistair's call. Ethan, Ivy and Sam wonder what they all have in common. Sam is not going to take any lip from Ethan but Ivy stops Ethan from taking a swing at Sam. Ivy tells Ethan everything she has ever done in her life has been for him. She tells him to remember she loves him more than anything. They leave the graveyard to go and hear what Julian has to say. Ivy is very worried. She looks pale. Luis asks Rebecca what it is she wants to tell him. Rebecca answers it is a story about a girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Hank swore to Sheridan he would not leave her down in the grave very long. Hank has to call Luis to tell him to help him get Sheridan out of the grave. Luis' phone rings while Sheridan is having a panic attack. Rebecca tells Luis to ignore his phone. Whey everyone arrives at the mansion, Ethan asks Julian what on earth is going on. Julian tells them they have to wait for Sam Bennett to get there but asks Pilar to mix everyone a drink and to make sure Ivy gets a double. She is going to need it after all! Rebecca tells Luis what she has to say is important but Luis answers his phone just as Hank hangs up. Luis asks Rebecca to tell him what ever it is she has to tell him in plain everyday English. Rebecca agrees. Pierre and Roger show up on the wharf where Hank is. They tell Hank they have so much they have to talk about -- especially why he was calling his friend Luis. Sheridan is worried she will die in her coffin. Sam shows up at the mansion. Julian is happy that the final piece of the puzzle has arrived. He tells everyone all their lives will be changed forever when they leave the library today. Rebecca tells Luis a member of his family is involved with a Crane. Luis says they are all involved with the Cranes and he has to go. Rebecca blurts out that Theresa is Ethan's mistress. Pierre pulls a gun on Hank. They know Sheridan is alive and they told Hank he did not get away with his plan. Sheridan is screaming and telling Hank he can't leave her down in the grave -- he just can't...

Tuesday, December 5, 2000

The Crane Mansion:
Ivy is worried about what Julian wants to tell everybody. Pilar wonders how Alistair could have found out the truth about Ethan, Sam, and Ivy. Julian holds up the envelope as the phone rings. Ethan wonders what could be in that envelope and what it has to do with him and Sam Bennett. Sam tells Ivy he will not deny his past with her if it comes out. Ivy begs him to lie for her, but he will not be part of it. Julian begins by telling everyone you spend years with someone and you think you know them but you have been blinded and played for a fool! Ivy knows she is doomed and Pilar tries to keep her calm; after all they do not know what is in the envelope yet. Ivy yells at Julian to stop. She knows what is in the envelope and she will not let Julian do this to her or Ethan. Julian asks Ivy why she does not want him reading Sheridan's last will and testament. Julian reads the will and Sheridan has left money for a camp for under privileged children. The camp is to be called the Katherine Crane Camp - in honor of Sheridan's late mother. Ivy begins to get flustered. Ethan asks her why she is so emotional. She tells him she is just so proud of Sheridan for wanting to start a camp for under privileged children. Sam asks why he was called to the reading. Julian informs him and Ivy that the camp has to be headed by Ivy and the current chief of police. Ethan finds it amusing and says Sam won't head it as he is going to make sure, Sam looses his job. They are exchanging hot verbal insults and Ivy demands that they stop. They should not be disrespectful at Sheridan's reading of her will. Gwen wonders why Ethan was left out of the will, especially since Ethan and Sheridan were so close. Julian tells Ethan he was indeed mentioned in the will in an indirect way. Sheridan left provisions for Ethan and Gwen's future children in her will. Sam tells Ivy he will not serve on the board with her. He will not be put in any situation where Ivy is going to try to come on to him. Ivy persuades Sam to serve with her and to serve for the benefit of the children. Ivy tells Sam they are going to have to spend a lot of time together. Pilar wonders what the heck is wrong with Ivy. One minute she is worried sick her life is going to be destroyed and the next minute, she is coming on to Sam! Julian reads a letter left by Sheridan about Ethan and Gwen's future children. Ethan talks to Gwen but Gwen finds the situation too much. The situation has affected Ethan as well as Sheridan always knew what was best for him. Ethan and Gwen hug. Rebecca enters and tells Julian she spoke to Luis. Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald will never be a problem for them again. Julian tells Ivy she better schedule a planning meeting about the camp. Ivy asks Sam when he wants to get together with her. Sam replies that he will communicate with Ivy by e-mail and fax only. Ethan tells Gwen he will soon choose her or Theresa and will marry one of them. Julian wants to talk to Ethan. Rebecca tells Gwen that Ethan will now choose her. Gwen asks her mother what it is that she has done now. Rebecca tells Gwen Theresa will no longer be in the running...

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Theresa is so excited as she thinks that tonight will be perfect. Whitney is still trying to convince Theresa that the night could end in disaster. Rebecca tells Luis that Theresa is Ethan's mistress. Luis does not believe her and calls her a liar. Rebecca tells Luis that Theresa has been Ivy Crane's personal assistant for over a year. Whitney tells Theresa she is crazy. Theresa has had pictures of her and Luis blown up to poster size and places them in the living room. Whitney tells Theresa she is really cunning. Theresa is hoping to remind Luis how close they are. Whitney tells Theresa that Luis is going to blow his head off -- if she even lives at all. Theresa thinks the presentation is perfect and it is a good way to tell Luis about her and Ethan. Luis tells Rebecca there is no way Theresa would go behind his back. He does not believe that Pilar would not tell him about any of this and he again tells Rebecca she is a liar. Rebecca tells Luis Theresa went on a trip with Ethan and they were caught together in Ethan's bed. Luis doesn't believe any of what Rebecca is telling him. He tells Rebecca Theresa has a boyfriend and he and Theresa are too close for Theresa to have secrets from him. Rebecca tries to convince Luis and she gives him a number of instances where Theresa and Ethan were together. Luis remembers back and wonders what is going on. Luis starts to believe what Rebecca is telling him. He knows Theresa has lied to him about everything. He is furious and he tells Rebecca he wants to be left alone. He tells Rebecca to go to hell. Rebecca is proud of herself and hopes Luis will keep Theresa away from Ethan for good. Luis is so hurt that Theresa has lied to him. Luis comes home. Theresa runs to him and gives him a big hug. Luis sees all the pictures and asks what is going on. Theresa tells him they are going to celebrate how close they are as brother and sister. Whitney is getting ready to leave but Luis tells her to stay. Theresa might just need her. He tells Theresa he spoke to someone who made some accusations about her. He asks Theresa to tell him the truth. He wants to know if she has been seeing Ethan. Theresa finally confesses she has been seeing Ethan. Luis goes ballistic and destroys the pictures. Theresa knows she is in deep trouble...

Roger and Pierre tell Hank they know Sheridan Crane is still alive and Hank was trying to reach Luis by phone to have Sheridan dug up. Hank is worried. Sheridan is hoping Hank will call Luis so he can dig her out of her grave. Roger tells Hank he knows everything. Hank tries to run from them but Pierre pulls a gun on him. Roger and Pierre want Sheridan to rot in her grave. Hank begs them to not let that happen. They take Hank away. Sheridan is trying to stay calm. She is scared she is going to die if Hank does not get to her soon. Roger and Pierre bring Hank to a warehouse and tie him up. Hank again begs them to spare Sheridan's life. Hank promises them Sheridan will not testify against them. Roger and Pierre compare Sheridan to a cat with nine lives. They tell Hank how many times they have tried to have Sheridan murdered and how they came to get Hank involved in the picture. They are happy that Sheridan will now die -- finally! There will be no one to link them to Sheridan's death and they can resume their drug trade once again. Hank tells them he does not care what they do to him. Hank informs them he has a partner and he will make sure Sheridan will be dug up. They think Hank is just making the story up about having a partner. Hank tells them Agent Freeman of the FBI is his partner. They find out that Hank is wired. Sheridan is now starting to panic. Hank is mouthing off and he tells Roger and Pierre he can't wait until they get what they deserve. Roger tells Hank to shut up and he is going to kill him. Hank informs them the wire is also a tracking device. Suddenly we can hear sirens. Roger and Pierre run in two different directions. Sheridan is trying to convince herself the ordeal will soon be over. She does not want to die in her grave. She yells out for help. The siren they heard was only an ambulance and went right past the warehouse. Roger and Pierre show Hank they have captured agent Freeman and have him tied up in a closet. Roger and Pierre laugh as they know Sheridan Crane is finally going to die. Sheridan is screaming in her coffin, pulling the material from the top and sides of her coffin...

Wednesday, December 6, 2000

Rebecca gleefully promises Julian that Theresa will never be a part of his son's life. Meanwhile, at the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, an outraged Luis forces his trembling sister to confess that she's been dating Ethan and lying about it to boot. After Luis stalks out, a sobbing Theresa wonders who could have spilled the beans. Irked to find her husband conspiring with Rebecca, Ivy warns the terrible twosome she won't stand for them meddling in Ethan's life. Roger and Pierre gloat about capturing Hal and Hank and leaving Sheridan to expire underground in her own coffin. Buoyed by the clause in Sheridan's will, Gwen tells Ethan she's never removed his ring because she knows they were always meant to be married. Roger informs Hank that he and his FBI playmate will soon be sleeping with the fishes.

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Thursday, December 7, 2000
by Soap Central

Fluffy the cat is in his huge crate and he wants out. He is hissing and taking fits as Tabitha and Timmy are packing up to leave town. Tabitha is mad at Timmy for selling her manuscript. It contains information from all her three hundred years in Harmony. Tabitha is scared she will be burned at the steak. Timmy tells her they do not burn witches any more, they only do autopsies on witches as they do on aliens. Tabitha daydreams about Doctor Evil, who is Eve, doing an autopsy on her. Eve is going to saw into Tabitha's head with a hand saw as witches are supposed to feel pain. When she returns to reality, Tabitha drops what is in her hands. She can't think of what is going to happen when the people from HarperCollins find out she is a witch and Timmy is a doll. Timmy feels he is being torn in two pieces. He too day dreams of Eve who wants to dissect him to find out if he is alive. Both Timmy and Tabitha imagined the same things. They have to get out of Harmony before they are discovered. Timmy finds a bag in the fireplace. Tabitha doesn't know what it is and figures it has been there for at least two hundred years. Tabitha looks at it and remembers it is a bag of forgetful dust. If she can throw the dust in the faces of the people from HarperCollins, then they will forget that she is a witch. The dust has to be mixed with dirt from someone's grave who has just been buried. Timmy knows he has to dig the grave. Tabitha tells him if he doesn't dig, they will end up in an alien autopsy. They leave for the cemetery. They search for a fresh grave. They find one and Timmy admires the flowers. Who ever is buried there, must have been well loved, as there are so many flowers. Timmy is scared and he wants to return to the cemetery in the morning. Tabitha tells him it is his fault that they have to do this so he better start digging. They do not know that they are at Sheridan's grave...

The Warehouse:
Doctor Russell wonders where Hank and Agent Freeman are. She thinks back on the meeting they had with her, about the plan to stage Sheridan's murder. Eve is worried that Hank has not called and she does not want Sheridan to die. Roger and Pierre are waiting for the boat to come and get Hank and Freeman. Hank and Freeman are hoping Eve will call Luis and tell him about the plan. Sheridan realizes that Luis does not know that she is alive. Sheridan accepted Hank's plan to show Luis she was worthy and to help him nail Roger and Pierre. She knows how much he wants to become a detective. She knows Luis will never know she was willing to die for him. Eve feels something is not right. She thinks back on the original meeting and remembers Sheridan wanting to tell Luis about the plan. Hank told her Luis' grief has to be convincing. The more Luis will grieve the more Roger and Pierre will buy into her death. Freeman tells her they will finally have Roger and Pierre's confession, as Hank will be wired. Finally Sheridan will testify against them and they will be put away for good. Sheridan is worried that she is really going to die after all. She is running out of air. She thinks back on the meeting when she asked Hank what would happen if his plan did not work. They told her they would get her out of the coffin before she comes to. Sheridan hopes Luis will rescue her as she and Luis have a right to be happy. She is scared she will never see him again and have a family of her own. Eve phones the nurses' desk and asks if there are any messages for her. There are none. She knows she can't wait any longer. She has to phone Luis. Suddenly her phone rings. The caller gives her an address and tells her to come right away. It has to do with Sheridan. She grabs her medical bag and leaves. Pierre meets her at the warehouse. She asks him if he was the one who called and if he is from Interpol. He tells her that he indeed was the one who called. Pierre is going to take her to see Freeman and Hank. She tells him to hurry as time is running out on Sheridan. Pierre tells her he knows and smiles. Hank hopes Eve is at Sheridan's grave, digging her out. Roger wants to know what Hank and Freeman are talking about. Hank tells Roger he has finally been beaten. Roger tells them he knows about their other accomplice. Hank acts like he does not know what Roger is talking about, until he hears Eve's voice. Roger tells Hank that Doctor Russell never phoned Luis. Hank knows Sheridan will now die for sure. Sheridan can feel herself slipping away. She misses Luis and the future they could have had together. She also misses Ethan. She knows they both hate each other but both men have great hearts. She knows it is too late for any of them.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Luis is very upset with Theresa. Pilar comes home and wants to know what is gong on. Luis tells her he knows about Theresa and Ethan. Luis tells Theresa she and Ethan are finished. Theresa yells NO at her brother. She will not give up Ethan. Luis asks Theresa if Gwen knows Ethan loves Theresa? He compares Ethan to his father and his grandfather. Pilar wants everyone to go to bed and cool off. They can continue this talk tomorrow. Luis wants the complete truth to come out tonight. He asks Pilar if she thinks Ethan and Theresa belong together. Theresa begs her mother to tell Luis that they do belong together. He tells Pilar if she feels they belong together then he does not belong here any longer. He would have failed as a son, a brother and as a man. Luis tells Theresa she is too young to be in love and certainly too young to understand men. He wants Theresa to stop the act. Theresa tells her brother it is no act. Ethan loves her and he will marry her. Luis then asks her how come the ring is on Gwen's finger instead of hers? Ethan is just using Theresa. Theresa again tells Luis that Ethan will come to realize that he loves her. Pilar tells Theresa about the reading of Sheridan's will and the provision for Gwen and Ethan's future children. Pilar feels Sheridan is speaking to Ethan from the grave. Pilar knows Sheridan's wishes will lead Ethan to marry Gwen. Theresa is stunned and can't believe what she is hearing. Luis hates to see his sister so upset. Theresa tells him her life is not worth living if she does not marry Ethan. She wants Luis to give him a chance. Luis tells her he will not give him a chance. Theresa tells Luis Ethan is not like the Crane men. He did not get Julian and Alistair's genes. He is not a Crane. Luis wants to know what she means. Pilar explains that Ethan is different. Luis does not care. Ethan will not be stepping into the Lopez-Fitzgerald house. Luis will kill him for what he did to his sister. Suddenly there is a knock on the door. Luis answers and it is Ethan. The two of them are face to face...

The Grave Site:
Ethan is at Sheridan's grave. He is so sad. He asks God why He took her away from him. Chad comes with a bouquet of flowers and to pay his respects to Sheridan. Ethan calls Chad a true friend. Ethan tells Chad Theresa is telling Luis about them as they speak. Ethan does not want to hurt Theresa or Gwen but he knows he is gong to have to make a decision as to who he will marry. Ethan needs Sheridan to help him, like she always has. Ethan knows he can't keep Theresa and Gwen waiting forever. Chad asks Ethan what would Sheridan tell him. Ethan tells Chad Sheridan told him what to do in her will. He knows Sheridan wrote the will before she knew Ethan was in love with Theresa, however. Ethan does not want to ignore Sheridan's last wishes. He again wishes she were here to give him her advice. Ethan is morning. He tells Chad he knows he will never be a friend with Luis and Luis failed Sheridan and she ended up paying with her life. Chad asks him about all the times Luis saved her in the past. Ethan tells him they do not matter now. Chad asks if Ethan's hatred for Luis will hurt his relationship with Theresa. Chad tries to talk Ethan into going home to get some rest. He can go see Theresa tomorrow. Chad will even walk Ethan home and not go see Doctor Russell as he was planning. If he wants, Chad will even go with Ethan to Theresa's house. Ethan tells Chad he has to do this on his own. No matter what happens, Ethan knows he has to be there for Theresa. Before Ethan leaves, he goes to Sheridan's grave and places his hand on it.

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Friday, December 8, 2000
by Soap Central

Chad/The Warehouse:
Chad is at the hospital wanting to see Doctor Russell. He sees a mother and her son interacting with a nurse. He thinks about finding his own parents. The nurse tells Chad Doctor Russell is not in. She received a phone call and left immediately. Dr. Russell wrote down the address on a pad and the nurse noticed she forgot to take an "important" envelope with her. Once again, Chad sees the mother and the son and he has to find Doctor Russell so he can get his DNA tests run so he can find his own parents. He returns to the Doctor's office and etches the address on the pad of paper that Eve used. He writes down the address and takes the envelope and is off to find the Doctor.

Hank is feeling bad. He knows there is no hope for Sheridan. He is sure she is going to die. Pierre brings Eve into the warehouse and she sees Hank and Agent Freeman. Eve figures out that Roger and Pierre are from the drug cartel. Eve tries to run but they tie her to a chair along with Hank and Freeman. There is absolutely no hope for Sheridan now. In her coffin, Sheridan is getting weaker and she is pleading for Luis to save her. Sheridan remembers seeing Luis on the wharf after she was shot. She wishes she told him she was really alive. Had Hank not come along, Sheridan would have told Luis the whole plan. Roger and Pierre tell Eve to save her breath; there is nothing she can do for Sheridan now. Eve realizes they are going to kill her along with Hank and Freeman. They fill Eve in on the plan of how a boat will be coming to pick them up, and bring them to the open Atlantic Ocean. They will be dropped overboard allowing the sharks to eat them. Roger and Pierre will continue to meet a ship and return to Paris to resume their drug business. Roger even says he may return to the United States at some time as Sheridan will be dead and no one will be able to identify him and Pierre. Hank fells badly but Freeman and Eve tell him it is not his fault. What is done is done. They somehow have to get Eve out of the warehouse so she can save Sheridan's life. Hank tells Eve if he gets her untied; she has to reach Luis. Eve is worried that the drug she gave Sheridan to put her asleep may have worn off. Hank is scared Sheridan will loose it if she wakes up in her coffin. Sheridan is now gasping for oxygen in her underground grave. She goes unconscious. Pierre leaves the warehouse to go see if the boat has arrived yet. Roger is sending an e-mail on his palm computer saying that their drug operation is very much alive once again. Eve is telling Hank and Freeman what could be happening to Sheridan. She could be slipping in and out of consciousness, imagining Luis is saving her and then panic. Eventually she will give up and die. Sheridan does have fantasies about Luis saving her. He opens the coffin to save her but it is not true. Sheridan is banging on her coffin pleading for help. Chad arrives at the warehouse and can't figure out what Doctor Russell would be doing at such a place. He thinks he must have the wrong address. He looks in the window and sees Hank, Eve and Agent Freeman being held hostage by Roger. Chad throws a lid from a metal garbage can against the building. Hank screams for help and Roger slaps him with the gun. Roger goes out to find out what is going on. Chad knocks Roger out and he takes his gun. He enters the warehouse and he unties Eve. He does not know what is going on but Eve tells him there is no time to waste. Pierre finds Roger and he enters the warehouse. Chad shoots at Pierre but Pierre takes aim at Chad, and he shoots him. Chad falls to the floor and Eve runs to him.

Timmy is digging for dirt so Tabitha can mix it with her forgetful powder and use it on the people from HarperCollins so they will never find out that she is a witch. Tabitha tells Timmy the dirt has to come from the top of a casket. Tabitha is very upset with Timmy. It is his fault she has to make him dig for the dirt as he sold her manuscript. Timmy is complaining as he is getting tired. Timmy asks Tabitha to have her book published under another name. Tabitha knows that will not work, as the Crane's will dig until they find out who the real author is. If Timmy does not want to end up on Alien Autopsy, he better keep digging. Sheridan is banging on her coffin. Timmy is afraid. He has almost reached the top of the coffin. Timmy is sure he hears a sound but Tabitha can't hear a thing. Timmy thinks the sound is coming from the coffin. Tabitha tells him the Cranes are probably looking for revenge and could come out of the coffin with buggy eyes. Tabitha wants to hear no more excuses from Timmy. She needs that dirt from the top of the coffin. Sheridan has stopped knocking and Timmy gets back to digging. Timmy is finally on top of the coffin. Tabitha is sound asleep against a tombstone and Timmy figures the dirt he now has will be good enough. Timmy puts the dirt in a plastic bag and drops his shovel. The shovel hits the lock on the coffin and it opens. Timmy sees that it is Sheridan Crane in the casket and he calls out for Tabitha. Poor Timmy, he falls in the casket next to Sheridan. Timmy thinks Sheridan is so beautiful and says she looks like Sleeping Beauty. He thinks that if he kisses her she may wake up. Timmy kisses the beautiful Sheridan and she opens her eyes. Timmy is scared to death and his hair stands on end!

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Theresa is begging her brother Luis, telling him she needs Ethan. She does not want Luis to make her stay away from him. Ethan knocks at the door. Theresa screams out his name as Luis grabs him and says he is going to kill him. The men start fighting. Pilar demands that they stop. Luis tells Ethan to stay away from Theresa or so help him God. He accuses Ethan of wanting to keep his relationship with Theresa a secret. Theresa tells Luis that is not true. Ethan wanted to tell him many times and it was only because of her that he did not tell Luis. Luis does not believe Theresa. Pilar tells Luis to listen to his sister. Theresa tries to make Luis see that Ethan is everything he likes in a man. He is admirable just like Sam Bennett. Pilar begs Theresa to be careful. Theresa tells Luis she loves him and she would be lost without her family but she would die without Ethan. She begs Luis not to keep her and Ethan apart. She does not want to choose between her family and the man that she loves. Luis tells Ethan to keep her hands off of her. He hates the Cranes and tells Ethan they think they own everything. Theresa was only in high school when Ethan first met her. Ethan replies that when he first met Theresa, she was in high school but he never gave her a second thought. Ethan was not trying to buy her, even though that's the way it look to Luis. Whitney is sticking up for Theresa, as does Pilar. Whitney tells Luis Theresa is her best friend and they share everything. Ethan never used Theresa. Luis tells his sister Ethan will never marry her. He tells Ethan he knows about Sheridan's will and the provisions for Ethan and Gwen's future children. Theresa begs Ethan to tell Luis he wants to marry her and that he does not love Gwen. Theresa asks her brother not to hate Ethan. She does not want them to fight. Again, Luis tells Ethan to stay away from his sister. He figures all the Crane men are the same. Ethan does not want Luis talking badly of his family. Luis replies he will not allow Ethan to hurt Theresa. He is going to protect her. Ethan asks if he will protect Theresa the same way he protected Sheridan. Luis looses it, and he strikes Ethan. The men start fighting. They crash into furniture. Theresa, Pilar and Whitney beg them to stop. Theresa jumps on top of her brother. She hits him demanding he stop the fight. Pilar has had enough. She asks Ethan to leave. If he truly loves Theresa he will never see her again. She was so scared this would tear apart her family and it is now happening before her very eyes. Ethan apologizes to Pilar. He does not want to cause a rift in her family. He knows his love for Theresa is tearing her family apart. Luis of course adds the last word telling Ethan he is damned right. He wants him to go and stay away for good. Ethan tells Theresa he loves her and that is why he has to leave. Ethan leaves and Theresa is doubled over in pain. She is heart broken and sobbing. Pilar tells Luis to go to his sister. Luis tries to talk to Theresa. She tells him she does not want to talk to him and there is no doubt she will not stop seeing Ethan. She runs out of the house calling Ethan's name. Ethan returns and hugs Theresa. He tells her he is so sorry and says good-bye.

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