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Monday, November 27, 2000

Charity and Miguel have just returned home from a basketball game. Charity wonders if she is doing enough for Miguel. She sees beautiful girls who would do anything to get Miguel and she feels she is not good enough for Miguel. Charity wonders how lucky she is to have Miguel for a boyfriend. Miguel wants to know what is bothering her. She comes out and asks him if he wants more out of their relationship, meaning are they ready to take it to the next level. Miguel wonders where all of this is coming from. Charity knows that all their friends do a lot more on their dates than they do. Miguel tells Charity he does think about sex at times but a lot of their friends are blowing the sex thing way out of proportion. He tells Charity just because their friends are having sex, does not mean they have to have sex. Whenever Charity is ready for sex then Miguel will be ready also. Miguel says if a guy really loves a girl he will not force her to have sex but will wait and be patient. He does not want others to influence Charity. While Miguel is having a shower, Charity returns home to get a present for him. While she is wrapping the present, she has a premonition and sees herself making love to Miguel. She is confused and wonders why she is seeing this premonition.

Kay/Hecuba: Kay will not give Hecuba her soul. Hecuba is furious with Kay and she is choking the life out of her with vines. Hecuba tells her nobody sticks Hecuba and expects to live. Kay begs her not to let her die. Hecuba will let her live if she can have her soul. Hecuba begins a count down: Going once, going twice-GONE! Kay wakes up in Hecuba's cave and sees her image in the mirror. She is in hell. Hecuba wants to know if Kay likes her new look. She reminds Kay things could be a lot worse, she could actually be dead! Hecuba tells Kay I wanted to help you get Miguel, and still can help you get him. Kay needs definite proof of her promise. If she is going to trade her soul to get Miguel she wants proof of Hecuba's powers. Kay sees Charity and Miguel in the mirror, talking about having sex. Miguel confesses his eternal love for Charity. Hecuba reminds Kay she can have Miguel for her soul. Kay continues to watch in the mirror. Hecuba influences Miguel to go lay down and sleep. Hecuba then makes Kay look like Charity. Kay sees Charity but it will be Kay Miguel will be making love to. Kay desperately wants Miguel to make love to her and decides giving her soul to Hecuba is worth it. Hecuba tells her to go and make love to Miguel NOW! Kay is scared she is somehow going to mess things up. She wants assurances from Hecuba that nothing can go wrong. Hecuba tells her the only thing that can go wrong is if Charity returns, then the spell will be broken. Kay goes to Miguel and Charity has more visions of Miguel making love to her.

Theresa is talking to Ethan in the church. She begs Ethan not to tell Luis that they are in love. Rebecca sees Luis entering the church and she tells Gwen Sheridan's death is a great means for Gwen to get Ethan for good. Sheridan wonders where she is and why it is so dark. She cries for help but no one can hear her. Rebecca tells Gwen Luis will never accept Ethan and Theresa being together. Rebecca wants to tell Luis about Theresa and Ethan but Gwen does not think it is a good idea. She is worried that Ethan will learn that Theresa came to the mansion looking for him and that Gwen lied telling him Theresa never showed up. If Ethan finds out Gwen lied to him he will never trust her again. Theresa tells Ethan that Luis loves her so much. Ethan doubts Luis will ever approve of them dating. Father O'Hara offers Luis his deepest sympathy in the loss of Sheridan. Father tells Luis he will see Sheridan again. Sheridan wonders why no one can hear her. Ethan is talking to Sheridan's corpse and tells her how he wishes he could look into her eyes again. Sheridan remembers being shot but she knows she is alive. She moves her fingers. Father is telling Luis Sheridan's soul is alive. Luis questions why God took Sheridan away from him now. Luis keeps hoping and praying she will wake up and run to him. His heart feels that Sheridan is actually hearing him. Luis can't see his life ever moving on without Sheridan. Ethan tells Sheridan she will always remain in his heart. Sheridan wonders why Ethan can't hear her. Theresa sees Luis lighting a candle. Ethan decides to leave so Luis will not see them together. Rebecca and Gwen see Ethan leaving. Rebecca is determined to tell Luis what Theresa has been up to. Luis is paying his respects to Sheridan. Sheridan is trying to tell him she is alive! Gwen tries to talk some since to her mother. Ethan asks to speak to Gwen alone. In the church, Theresa begs Luis to stop saying that Sheridan can hear his heart. He is scarring her. Luis is so happy Theresa and he are close. He is glad their family is not like the Crane's. Theresa is trying to convince Luis that Ethan is not as bad as the rest of the Crane's. He wonders how Theresa can still dream of a future with Ethan. She asks Luis if he could be happy for her if she ever married Ethan. Luis tells Theresa it would tear him apart if she married Ethan and he would never speak to her or see her again. He knows Ethan would end up hurting her. Ethan tells Gwen he wants to get married as soon as possible. Rebecca wants him to choose Gwen. Gwen tells Ethan she loves him deeply but will not try to influence his decision as to whom he chooses to marry. Ethan knows it is not fare to keep everybody in suspense. Rebecca is determined she is now going to tell Luis about Theresa. Theresa is praying she will be able to be with Ethan and not loose Luis' love. Luis is talking to Sheridan. She wants him to save her. She is moving her fingers to send him a sign that she is alive!

Tuesday, November 28, 2000

Kay gives Hecuba her soul as she prepares to make love to Miguel in the form of Charity. Nothing is going to stop her now. Hecuba assures Kay there will be no interruptions but should the real Charity show up, she will turn back into the real Kay. Hecuba shrinks herself and sits on the bedside table. Kay compares her to Endora. Kay is nervous, as she is still a virgin. She wakes up Miguel who tells her she looks beautiful. She tells Miguel she has decided and wants him to make love to her. They start kissing. Miguel does not want to stop but asks Kay (who looks like Charity) if she is sure about this. She replies she is sure. Miguel wonders why this is so different from what she said earlier. He thinks perhaps it is those cheerleaders Charity wondered about that has changed her mind. Kay asks what cheerleaders? He also asks her why did she say she has loved him for years? They have not known each other for years! She tells him she has loved him in her heart for years. Miguel tells her about Kay and how he thought he and Kay world have been together but Charity showed up he found true real love. Kay is upset as Miguel admits he only loves Charity. He leaves to go get protection. Hecuba returns telling Kay she was scared she was going to screw things up. Hecuba reminds her that if the real Charity shows up, she will turn into her real self -- whom is Kay! Miguel returns and Kay asks him to make love to her. The real Charity returns to Miguel's house while Miguel asks Kay if she is sure she wants him to make love to her...


Tabitha and Timmy are collecting cans and bottles so they can make money. Timmy reminds Tabitha she only has to publish her book and they will be rolling in dough. Tabitha says NO and she forbids Timmy to go behind her back and publish her book. Timmy remembers the conversation he had with the publishers. They look through the kitchen window and see Charity. Tabitha has to stop Charity from making love to Miguel. Should they consummate their love Tabitha and Timmy will be forever doomed. Charity hears cans crashing and comes outside to see what is going on. Tabitha tells her she looks troubled and wonders if it has to do with her young man. Charity wants advice but Aunt Grace is not at home. Tabitha hopes she can step in for Grace in her absence. Charity tells her about the talk she and Miguel had about sex. Tabitha wonders why Charity's visions of her making love with Miguel started after their talk about having sex. Charity feels silly because she does not think like the other girls who are always wanting to have sex. Tabitha tells Charity she should be proud of herself. Charity wonders if she is really ready to make love to Miguel. She wants to go talk to him. Tabitha convinces her she mustn't go see Miguel at the moment -- she is too confused. She wants Charity to stay and talk to her as she thought they were closer. She asks Tabitha if she thinks Miguel and her are too young to make love? She asks Tabitha how far she went at her age. Tabitha remembers her first experience and tells Charity she was still a virgin on her 30th birthday. Charity says she really does love Miguel yet Tabitha tells her she only has one virginity so hang on to it for as long as she can. Charity is confused as she feels another woman is after Miguel yet the other woman is her...!!!???

The Church:
Ethan tells Gwen everything will soon be over. He will choose whom he is going to marry very soon. Rebecca wants to tell Luis about Theresa and Ethan. In the church, Theresa is praying for a way to be with Ethan and not loose her brother's love. At the casket, Luis tells Sheridan she looks beautiful in death. Sheridan begs Luis to save her but no one can hear Sheridan. Ethan is sure that Gwen must hate him. Gwen replies that she could never hate him. Gwen wants a solid marriage so she does not blame Ethan for wanting to sort through his emotions before he commits to a woman. Ethan asks Gwen not to blame Theresa for what has happened. He also does not want any thing to backfire and cause more mess for Theresa. Ethan's wants Gwen to promise him she will not tell Luis and spill the beans on Theresa. In the background, Rebecca is eavesdropping and she promises herself she will tell Luis. Pilar is worried about Luis. She has never seen him like this. She tells Theresa if Luis finds out about her and Ethan, it will tear apart their family. Pilar wants Theresa to walk away from Ethan. Sheridan wonders if she is in a coffin. Hanks show up at the church. Gwen tells Ethan she wants to be with him for the right reasons. Ethan is happy Gwen understands and is giving him time to sort out his feelings. Ethan returns to the church and Rebecca tells Gwen Luis must know that Theresa has the hots for Luis's worse enemy. Pilar tells Theresa if she won't give Ethan up for her then give him up for Luis' sake. Sheridan wonders why she is not moving. Luis tells Hank he wants to find Sheridan's killer. He has a picture of Pierre and Luis hopes to have five minutes with him so he can kill him after he tells Luis who shot Sheridan. Pierre shows up at the church. Theresa is leaving the church and Ethan wonders why. Theresa realizes how impossible the situation is and time will not make a difference as the situation is sure to tear Theresa's family apart. Ethan tells Theresa they should end their relationship now. Hanks asks Luis if he is sure Pierre is involved with Sheridan's murder. Luis is positive and has no doubts in his mind. Pierre is the only one who can tell him who killed Sheridan in cold blood. Theresa tells Ethan she does not want to break up. Ethan admits that sooner or later Theresa is going to have to make a choice between him and Luis. Rebecca and Gwen watch Theresa and Ethan together and Rebecca is sickened by how cute they look. Hank talks to Pilar. He tells her Luis wants to kill the man who killed Sheridan. Pilar has to get Luis out of the church now. Should the killer show up, Luis is going to loose it. Pilar try's to persuade Luis to leave. He will go outside to get a bit of fresh air but then he is coming back inside. Pierre talks to Sheridan and asks her if she has nine lives like a cat. Gwen forbids Rebecca from telling Luis. Ethan tells Theresa he can never see Luis changing his mind about them. He tells Theresa he hopes no one will tell Luis about them before she is ready to tell him herself. Rebecca decides she will take matters in her own hands. Pilar persuades Luis to go home with her. Luis returns to go get his jacket. Pierre wants to make sure Sheridan is dead so he is going to poke her with a pin. Luis wonders who is at the coffin and what he is doing to Sheridan. Luis realizes it is Pierre. He grabs him telling him he will kill him and the two fall to the floor...

Wednesday, November 29, 2000

The Book Cafe:
Chad refreshes Whitney's coffee. Simone sees them together and wonders if they are in love. Simone tells Chad that Kay thinks Whitney is in love with him. She saw the look on Whitney's face when Chad was playing "their" song. Simone is worried. Tabitha flies into the cafE wondering if anyone has seen Charity. Tabitha rants and raves about young people having sex. The "old lady" is crazy -- so says Chad! Whitney believes Tabitha is right. Young people today only want sex. It is every where; in music, on TV, in books. Chad tells her she is wrong. Simone watches Whitney and Chad interact. Chad wants to set Whitney out as she thinks love is not realistic. Whitney thinks Chad uses music only to talk about sex; he uses his music to get girls in the mood. Chad wants to understand Whitney's view. Simone knows there is something going on, she is going to call Kay to ask for help. Chad tells Whitney she is wrong about her "rules" she seems to live by. Chad wants to play her a song to help him say the words he can't say on his own. Perhaps she will hear what he is trying to tell her. Simone lets Kay hear the song over the phone. Kay and Simone both realize they are loosing their men. Chat tells Whitney to let herself go. Why can't she let herself go for love he wonders? Simone is crying. She leads for Kay's help.

Tabitha hopes she has persuaded Charity not to make love to Miguel. When they call Charity to ask her for help sorting out cans they picked up for recycling, she does not answer. Charity is gone and they have to find her. If they don't find Charity before she and Miguel make love they are toast. Tabitha is wondering where the kids could be. She searches for them everywhere. Wondering where they would go to make love, Timmy tells her they re probably in bed. Tabitha figures they must be at Miguel's house. They have to get there or be destroyed if they make love!

Charity enters Miguel's house and she has an image of her making love with Miguel. She believes the image is talking place now but she knows it can't be. Kay remembers what Hecuba told her; should the real Charity show up she will return to herself. Charity has to talk to Miguel to find out what is happening. Miguel wants to fix the bed so it is more comfortable. Kay looks in the mirror and sees that she has returned to herself. Kay tells Miguel to lie on the bed and shut his eyes. Charity is at the door. When Miguel opens his eyes, he sees Charity and tells her she has changed clothes! They both wonder what is going on? Miguel wants to know why Charity took off her nightgown. Charity tells Miguel she was not wearing a nightgown. She was in her room, wrapping a gift for him. Kay is hiding in Miguel's closet. Charity gives Miguel his gift. It is a picture of the two of them. Miguel is convinced what happened was so real. Charity is telling Miguel about the premonitions she had of them making love and Kay is damming Charity's premonitions! Miguel says he must have been dreaming but it was so real. Charity tells him his dream and her visions are telling them to take their relationship to another level. Charity wants to share everything with Miguel. Kay is stuck in the closet and is disgusted as Charity and Miguel are about to do it! Suddenly, Kay's cell phone rings. It sounds like it is coming from the closet. Just as they're about to open the closet door, the ringing stops. Miguel figures it is Theresa's phone in the next room. Miguel wants to know if Charity is serious about moving to the next level? Simone is pleading with Kay for her help. Charity is crying as she is so touched by Miguel's love. Tabitha arrives at Miguel's house and sees Charity and Miguel in bed. She knows she and Timmy are finished!

The Church:
Theresa tells Ethan she will do what ever she has to do to convince Luis Ethan is a good man worthy of her love. Ethan reminds Theresa that Luis hates the Crane family. Theresa knows this but she can't loose Ethan. She asks him what would happen if he were not a Crane? Julian meets Rebecca at the church. She tells him she has a plan to keep Theresa away from Ethan for good. Ivy sees Sam at the church and wishes she could tell Sam Ethan is his son. Pilar tells Sam she is scared Luis will kill Pierre should he show up at the church. Luis sees Pierre stick a pin into Sheridan to make sure she is dead. He is going to kill Pierre. Ethan hears a noise and wonders what is going on. Everyone enters the church and sees Luis choking Pierre; asking him who killed Sheridan. Hank watches and looks worried that Pierre will tell on him. Luis strikes Sam by accident when Sam tries to separate Luis and Pierre. Pilar tells Ivy not to yell out Sam's name. Ethan wants to know why Pierre is on the streets and not behind bars. Hanks takes the pin out of Sheridan's hand. Ethan wants Sam to arrest Pierre but Sam tells Ethan he can't do anything. Ethan is angry and tells Sam he hates him and he will loose his job. Theresa sees that Ethan really does hate Luis. Rebecca wonders what Ivy and Pilar are whispering about. Ivy yells out telling Ethan he can't hate Sam. Ethan wants to know why Ivy is defending Sam Bennett. Ivy reminds Ethan today is a day to remember Sheridan and he is not showing respect by going after Sam. Ethan asks everyone who was not invited to the funeral to leave the church. Ethan tells Sam Bennett this is not over. Pilar asks Luis to leave with her. Ethan is taking comfort in Gwen's arms. Rebecca is wondering why Ivy came to Sam's defense. She is going to find out what Ivy is hiding. Sheridan is crying for help. Pilar tells Theresa to put Ethan being Sam Bennett's son out of her mind. Luis dams the Cranes. Ethan delivers the eulogy during Sheridan's service. He tells the mourners Sheridan will be a part of their lives forever. Rebecca and Julian are sitting together hoping Sheridan's death will drive a stake between Ethan and Theresa. When he is finished his eulogy, Ethan asks for the coffin to be closed. Sheridan does not want them to close the casket, as she will be trapped. Theresa prays to the Blessed Virgin and asks for guidance about what to do. Theresa can't loose her family for the man she loves. She is scared she will loose Luis' love if he finds out about her and Ethan. Sheridan cries out for help. She does not want the lid closed. Luis seems to since something. Pilar begs Luis to believe Sheridan is now with God. Luis runs into the church and interrupts the service. Every one looks at Luis in disbelief, wondering what he is doing when he tells them not to close the casket!

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Thursday, November 30, 2000
by Soap Central

Timmy and Tabitha are looking in Miguel's bedroom window. Timmy is upset that his woman is in the arms of another man. Tabitha is worried because if Miguel and Charity make love, Charity will spread her powers of goodness all over Harmony and it will destroy evil forever. Kay is still hiding in Miguel's bedroom closet. She is disgusted that they are about to make love. Tabitha can't let them do the deed, and she has to put a stop to it somehow. They have to kill the mood before the mood kills them. Tabitha and Timmy begin knocking at the bedroom window but they do not hear the noise. Tabitha is desperate and she tries to pry open the bedroom window. While doing this, Tabitha falls in Miguel's bedroom! Hearing the racket, Kay wonders what on earth is going on. Tabitha tells Charity and Miguel she is collecting cans for recycling and as she reached for one she tumbled, falling through Miguel's window. Kay is elated that her neighbor showed up to save the day. Tabitha prepares to leave but suddenly she experiences a dizzy spell. She asks Charity to help her and Charity takes her to the living room. Miguel is going to get dressed and join them in a minute. Tabitha apologizes to Charity for interrupting an intimate moment, but she thought for sure Charity would take her advice and not make love to Miguel. Charity explains to Tabitha that she really feels it is time to take their relationship to the next level. Tabitha wonders what her dearly departed mother would think about Charity making love at such a young tender age. Miguel opens his closet and is shocked. All the clothes he hung up earlier are on the floor ~ of course, Kay is underneath them! Miguel gets dressed and joins Tabitha and Charity in the living room. Kay makes her escape through Miguel's bedroom window. She never though she would be so happy to get out of Miguel's bedroom in her life! Back at home, Tabitha gets a tax bill and wonders how it will matter when she and Timmy are living on the street. Timmy again tells Tabitha he has an idea to make money but she forbids him from selling her manuscript. Timmy wants a life of luxury. He phones HarperCollins asking for an advance on his book. Charity tells Miguel she is glad Tabitha dropped in as she feels that perhaps they are not really ready to make love. Miguel tells her he will make love to her only when she is completely ready. HarperCollins tells Timmy they are going to come to Harmony to get him to sign some contracts. Tabitha wonders what Timmy is up to. Timmy knows if HarperCollins shows up in Harmony, he is one dead doll!

The Book Cafe:
Chad asks Whitney to let herself fall in love. Simone has to put a stop to Whitney and Chad talking, so she approaches her sister telling her they have to talk. Chad tells her to wait as they are having an important discussion. Whitney informs Chad their talk is over, she is finished talking to him. TC, Eve and Grace enter the café. Chad asks the Russell's if they found the note he left them about staying in the garage apartment a bit longer. TC tells him they did and he is welcome to stay as long as he wants. Chad tells them he really thinks his first decision to leave Harmony was the best as there is nothing keeping him in Harmony. Simone is telling Whitney she always gets what she wants. She is the perfect one at every thing. Simone finally gets a man of her own and Whitney wants him. She tells her sister to stay away from him or she will never talk to her again and they won't be sisters any more! TC wants Chad to stay in Harmony for Christmas and TC has an idea on how to find Chad's birth parents. Kay has entered the café and she is worried that Charity and Miguel are back in bed, making love. TC tells Chad, Eve and Grace he knows how to find Chad's parents. He asks Eve if they can run a DNA test at the hospital and run it through the computer to find matches in the database. Chad is excited about the possibilities. He could find his parents before Christmas. Grace wonders if Chad's parents may think he is dead. Eve remembers talking to Ivy when she told him Chad Harris was her son and she told her that her baby boy died. Miguel and Charity show up at the book café. Kay is overjoyed, as she knows they did not make love and she still may have a chance to bed Miguel.

The Church:
Pilar looks worried and she tells Theresa Luis has gone back into the church. Ethan wants Luis out of the church. Sheridan is happy Luis has returned, as she knows the connection between them is strong. Luis must know she is alive. Luis looks at Sheridan and admits he had to see her one last time. Ethan is angry and is going to throw Luis out. Ivy stops Ethan as she reminds him Luis and Sheridan were in love. Luis takes a rose and places it on Sheridan in the coffin. He tells her she will be forever in his heart. Sheridan wishes she wasn't so tired so she could open her eyes to show Luis she is still alive. Luis kisses her and he senses something. He says her name in a question ... Sheridan is sure Luis felt she was alive. Rebecca asks Julian how on earth they can drive a steak between Ethan and Theresa with Luis in the church making such a public display of his grief. Julian tells Luis he wants him out. Sam and Hank try to get Luis out of the church but Luis tells them he feels Sheridan is still here. Luis tells Julian he has every right to be at the church. He tells Julian all Sheridan ever wanted was to be loved by her family but there is no love in the room and even her own father could not be at his daughter's funeral. Luis refuses to leave. Sheridan feels so tired. She wants to remember what happened to her. Hank tells Sheridan he is sorry but he had to kill her; he had no choice. Sheridan remembers it was Hank who shot her. Gwen is disgusted with the lies Luis just told about Sheridan. Ethan tells Gwen what Luis said was the truth. He feels no love in the room either. Ethan feels so different from the rest of his family. He does not feel like a Crane. Rebecca of course is eavesdropping as usual. Pilar and Theresa fell so sorry for Ethan. Theresa wants to tell Ethan he isn't a Crane. Ethan truly feels his qualities are not those of Julian or Alistair. Pilar forbids Theresa from telling Ethan. Rebecca wonders what is going on between Ivy and Sam. Julian suspects Rebecca is up to something. Julian wishes he ended up with Rebecca instead of Ivy. Rebecca tells him he could get his wish yet. Theresa asks Father if she can talk to him. She tells him the story of her friend who has a different father and wants to know what she should do. Should she tell her friend about his real father? Father tells her she must first talk to the boy's mother, as it is her secret. Theresa decides she is going to talk to Ivy. Sheridan remembers begging Hank to help her after she was shot. Luis tells Hank he is glad his best buddy is with him, helping him get through this terrible time. Sheridan wants to tell Luis that it was Hank who shot her and that she is still alive. Ivy tells Theresa she is surprised she showed up at the church, after all her new love has cause problems for her family. Ivy tells Theresa she will not stand in her way. If Ethan truly loves her then it is okay Pilar asks what is going on. Theresa wants to discuss Ethan's happiness with Ivy. Theresa asks Ivy she Ethan has a right to know who he truly is. Ivy tells her he is a true Crane and will be head of the Crane empire someday. That is what she has worked so hard for all of her life. Julian tells Sam to get Luis out of the church. He also demands that the casket be closed. Sam does not listen to Julian and Julian is about to swear as Father shows up. Father asks Julian to give the people more time to grieve. Julian replies he wants the casket closed now. Sheridan is worried she will not be able to breathe. Father tells Julian he does not take orders from him and he will give everyone time to say good-bye. Rebecca tells Ivy she saw her talking to Theresa. She hopes she told that little gold digger to leave Ethan alone. The two women are scrapping over the situation as Ivy says she is not going to tell Ethan what to do. Rebecca warns Ivy not to get on she bad side. Pilar knows what Theresa was trying to do. She warns her daughter to stay away from the Cranes. Ivy will be sure to destroy her if Ethan finds out he is Sam Bennett's son. Every one says a final good-bye to Sheridan. Luis kisses her good-bye. The casket is closed. Sheridan is begging for the casket not to close. She will not be able to breathe if it does close and she will really die. As the lid comes down, Sheridan screams...

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Friday, December 1, 2000
by Soap Central

Tabitha bemoans her financial woes, but dismisses Timmy's suggestion to publish her memoirs. Timmy fears what Tabitha will do when she finds out he's already sold them. Tabitha panics when the taxman shows up to collect her debt. Later, Tabitha attempts to seduce the taxman.

Pilar tells Theresa that revealing Ethan's parentage would devastate Ivy. But Theresa insists she will tell Sam the truth when she deems the time right, which greatly upsets Pilar. Meanwhile, Rebecca remembers Ivy dating a mystery man when they were younger, and wonders if it could have been Sam Bennett.

Theresa and Ethan discuss how disastrous it would be if Luis found out about them from someone else. At the same time, Rebecca decides to expose Ethan and Theresa's relationship to Luis.

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