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Monday, November 20, 2000

Due to NBC news coverage, Passions was not shown. The episode that was to have aired today will be shown in its entirety on Tuesday. Therefore, no episodes will be lost.

Tuesday, November 21, 2000

The Russell House:
Whitney is standing at the window in Chad's old apartment. She is remembering all the times she spent with Chad. She wonders out loud where Chad has gone and how could she let him go? Chad over hears her as he is standing in the door. Whitney is shocked and wants to know why he is back. Chad explains he forgot something. Wondering what Whitney is doing in his apartment, she tells Chad she was making sure he turned off all the lights before he left. Chad wants Whitney to be honest with him. He knows Whitney was crying and he knows why. Whitney says she was not crying and Chad tells her to face the truth and stop putting up walls. Chad knows what Whitney is feeling and he wants Whitney to help him understand. Chad is upset because someone started a rumor and people believe it. He really only cares about what one person thought and that person is Whitney. It hurt him deeply that Whitney did not believe him and without giving him the benefit of the doubt thought he could get a schoolgirl pregnant. Chad again tells Whitney he knows she was crying and he is the reason. He is touched as no one has ever cried over him or about him until Whitney. He begs her to talk to him and not to pull away from him. Whitney tells Chad she was not crying over him but over the situation the town of Harmony currently finds itself in over the murder of Sheridan Crane. Chad tells her that invisible wall is up again. He gives her a CD and wants her to listen to the lyrics of a song. Simone enters the apartment. She is all excited Chad is still here and she begs him not to leave. She has to take cookies out of the oven and she will be right back. Whitney tells Chad he can do what ever it is that he wants to do but if he is thinking on staying because something is going to happen between them, then he better leave. In her room, Whitney tells herself she was not crying over Chad but over Sheridan. Chad talks to himself and wonders if Whitney understands his true feeling he has for her. Simone is in the doorway and she enters telling Chad she does understand that he loves her and they will have to keep it their little secret because of her parents. Chad wants to talk about this now but Simone says it will have to be later. She has some errands to do for her mother. Chad is looking very frustrated!

The Crane Mansion:
Theresa is crying as she finds the bear she gave Ethan all torn up. She remembers what Luis said about the Lopez-Fitzgerald's not welcome at the Crane mansion any more. Theresa feels she has lost Ethan forever. Gwen is watching her from the steps. When Ethan comes out of the bath, he looks for Gwen and figures she must have gone to get him a brandy. He looks at a picture of Sheridan and can't believe she is dead. Ethan falls asleep and he dreams of Sheridan. He tells her he is so confused and wants to know whom he should marry. Sheridan tells him he should marry Gwen. Gwen comes downstairs and asks Theresa what she is doing at the mansion. Theresa wants to see Ethan but Gwen tells her she is the only person he needs now. Gwen asks Theresa to go home and leave Ethan alone. She tells Theresa if Ethan needed her, he would not have torn up the stupid bear she gave him. It just goes to show Ethan does not love Theresa. Gwen opens the door as she heads back upstairs. Theresa only has to walk through it. Theresa does not believe a word that Gwen told her and is going to head upstairs to see Ethan herself. Julian and Rebecca intercept her. Ethan told Gwen he was dreaming and Sheridan was in his dream. He told Gwen he asked Sheridan for advice and she told him to marry Gwen! Gwen remembers how the two of them were like sisters. Sheridan wanted Ethan and Gwen to get married. Ethan finds it strange that Theresa hasn't called him. Gwen lies to Ethan saying she finds Theresa very cold because she did not try to contact Ethan. Julian tells Theresa she is not going upstairs. Rebecca states that Ethan now knows where his heart belongs. Julian tells Theresa she was nothing but a mere distraction for Ethan. He will never marry the housekeeper's daughter. Ethan thinks he hears someone call his name from downstairs. Gwen tells him he is tired and puts on music so he can relax. Theresa tells Julian he can threaten her all he wants but she is in love with Ethan and she is going to go see him. When Julian tells Theresa he will call Luis, Theresa knows she has to leave. Ethan insists he hears someone call his name. He goes downstairs to find out who it is. He calls Theresa's name, as he is sure it was her voice that he heard. Julian and Rebecca tell Ethan Theresa was not at the house. Ethan wonders why Theresa did not call him. Rebecca uses the occasion to tell Ethan he has finally seen how self centered Theresa really is. Ethan tells Rebecca he does not believe that. Rebecca reminds him Gwen is here for him and always will be. Ethan wonders if Theresa is sick. He is going to call her to find out. Gwen tries to talk him out of calling her but it does not work. He calls any way. Gwen tells Ethan Theresa is just the way her mother and Julian said she is. Ethan hangs up the phone and does not leave a message in case Luis hears it. Theresa walks in her house as the phone is ringing. She picks it up just as Ethan is hanging up. Ethan finds it so strange he has not heard from Theresa. Rebecca tells him she is probably off some where having a goo

The Wharf:
Luis is so happy. He is with Sheridan. They hug, laugh and kiss. He is walking on air! Hank is devastated and wonders what he is going to do. He can't live with himself. He has to find Luis and talk to him. Luis asks Sheridan if she is really in his arms. He vows he will never loose. Luis was terrified he would never be able to hold her again. Luis told her everyone is saying she is dead and wants to know who shot her? Sheridan hears a noise and is scared. She asks who is there. Hank sees Luis and he talks to him. Luis is glad to see Hank and told him that we heard a noise and wondered who it was. Hank looks confused. He wonders who the "we" is Luis is talking about. Luis tells Hank Sheridan is alive and is with him. Hank really thinks Luis has lost it. Sheridan is not to be found. Luis tries to convince Hank that Sheridan was with him. Hank insists she is dead. Luis says she is not dead but very much alive. He wonders where she is. He is not loosing his mind -- he knows she was with him. Luis spots Sheridan and asks her why she ran off. It is not Sheridan at all but Agent Freeman. Luis wants to know if Freeman saw Sheridan. Luis was holding her and then she heard a noise and left. Luis goes to look for Sheridan and Freeman and Hank admit Luis just will not believe Sheridan is dead. Luis is sad. He really wanted her to be with him but he must have imagined it. She was so real. Luis willed her to be alive. Freeman and Hank tell Luis to go home and get some rest. He can't leave. He goes off in search of Sheridan. Freeman tells Hank they have to get the guy who killed Sheridan for Luis' sake. They feel Luis will be all right after some times passes. Luis looking for Sheridan admits it was so real. He was sure Sheridan was with him.

Wednesday, November 22, 2000

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House/The Crane Mansion:
Pilar calls Sam wondering where Luis is. She wants him to come home. Theresa is on her lap top computer and she wants to send Ethan proof that he is not a Crane. She is going to e-mail him the information. Pilar comes to get her. She is very angry and worried that Luis has not returned home. Theresa tells Pilar she did not get to see Ethan when she went to the mansion. She shows her mother the teddy bear Ethan ripped apart. Theresa sees the morning paper. Theresa has to go and talk to Ethan at once as she feels what he is doing to Luis is not right. Pilar forbids her to go to the Crane mansion. The break between the two families will never heal and Theresa has to stay away as Luis has suffered enough and does not need the added stress of finding out Theresa is in a relationship with Ethan. Ethan is in bed and he is dreaming. He sees Theresa but she is slipping away from him. He yells out to her not to leave. Gwen, who is asleep in a chair, wakes Ethan up saying she will never leave him! Rebecca shows up at the mansion. She shows Julian the morning paper's headlines about the Lopez-Fitzgerald's. Gwen thinks Ethan was dreaming about Sheridan. Ethan says he was dreaming about Theresa and he wonders if she called. Rebecca is reading the article to Julian. They laugh as Julian tells her Ethan controls the press. Ivy shows up in the living room wondering what is wrong with Julian and Rebecca. Ivy sees the paper as Rebecca wonders how soon they can book the church for Gwen and Ethan's wedding. Julian wonders why Ivy is so concerned about Sam Bennett. He is beginning to suspect what he saw in Hecuba's mirror was true. Ivy tells them Ethan can't go around slamming men like he is doing to Sam. It could end his political career. It kills Ivy to see Ethan treating Sam with no respect. Ethan and Gwen come downstairs. Ethan sees the morning paper and Ethan wants to know where the quote came from. Ethan is glad that Julian is filing a lawsuit against the Harmony Police Department. Ethan wants to force Sam and Luis off the Police Department. Ivy finds no degree of justice in their plan and tells them doing this will not bring Sheridan back. Rebecca wonders about Ivy's big secret. She wonders if Julian's vision has to do with Ivy's secret. Julian is sure Ethan figures somehow in the secret but he has not figured it out yet. Pilar arrives at work and she tells Ivy she saw the morning paper. Ivy is troubled that Ethan is treating his "natural" father so bad. Ethan asks Julian if Theresa called the mansion. Julian lies and tells him she did not call as he remembers exactly what it was he told her on the phone. Gwen also remembers her encounter with Theresa at the mansion as Ethan wonders if she came to see him. In a panic, Ivy tells Pilar she should just tell Ethan the truth about Sam Bennett. Pilar persuades her not to do that as it would make matters much worse than they currently are. Julian wonders what Ivy and Pilar are whispering about now? Julian demands that Pilar keep Theresa away from Ethan. Pilar asks Julian if he

The Wharf:
Luis will not go home. He can't get Sheridan out of his mind. He is upset that it took him so long to realize how much he loved Sheridan. Pilar calls Sam looking fro Luis and she wants him to come home. Hank sees the morning newspaper. Hank and Sam find Luis and ask him how he is doing. Luis admits that he probably just saw and illusion of Sheridan on the wharf. Sam talks Luis into going home and getting some rest. Sam vows they will find the killer. Hank remembers talking about the gun and throwing it in the water. Luis vows he will kill who ever murdered Sheridan. Luis thanks Sam for being there for him. He finally leaves to go home. Hank asks Sam why didn't he show Luis the morning newspaper? Sam is worried how Luis will react when he sees the headlines. Hank knows loosing someone you love really hurts. Sam wants to know what is going on with Hank. He looks distant. Sam knows Hank is nervous and he is hiding something. Sam thinks Hank is blaming himself for Sheridan's death. Hank admits he will never get over her death. At the police station, Sam wonders if the prints have been identified off the gun that murdered Sheridan. Sam wants to find Pierre. Hank tells Sam Pierre is probably long gone. Sam wants to know why Hank thinks that way? Sam calls an officer to bring in the suspect. He walks in with Pierre! Sam figures now that they have Pierre, he will tell them who killed Sheridan. Hanks eyes are bigger than saucers... Will Pierre tell them it was Hank who killed Sheridan...!?!?

Thursday, November 23, 2000

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, "It's a Wonderful Life" will air in the place of Passions. This preemption was written into the show and there will be no lost episodes.

Friday, November 24, 2000

The Russell House:
Whitney returns home while Simone is eating breakfast. Whitney lost her tennis match and Simone is surprised, as Whitney is the best at everything she does. Simone says she is the dud of the family but then again, she is the one with a boyfriend. Whitney asks her how can she think of Chad as her boyfriend? Simone explains Chad is her boyfriend because he is the one she wants! Showing Chad that she believed him when Kay told the lies about him shows Chad that she is the perfect girl for him. Simone finishes her breakfast and is about to leave for the book café as Chad's shift has just started. Alone at the house, Whitney listens to the song Chad wanted her to listen to the night before. Whitney feels the song was written especially for "them." Whitney wonders if the song is trying to tell her that Chad loves her!

The Book Cafe:
Kay is at a table reading a book. Chad comes over to talk to her. He notices that Kay is reading books like "SOUL FOR SALE." Kay is jumpy and she asks Chad who said she was selling her soul? Kay realizes she is talking about selling souls, and says she must be learning from Charity. Chad tells her that reputations are like souls and he doesn't like his reputation being messed with. He continues telling Kay that he did some investigation, and he could not find a girl named Tiffany who got pregnant last year. Simone enters the café. She tells Chad she thought about the song he played for her last night. She promises to keep their song a secret. She is so happy Chad played that song for "them." Simone sees Kay sitting down and she is talking to herself. Simone goes to see her and tells her she makes Charity look like the poster girl for sane people. Kay admits to Simone she made up the lie about Chad and Tiffany so Simone could have a chance with Chad; after all everyone can see that Chad is interested in Whitney. Simone tells Kay she is lame. Kay is scared to death about Hecuba and asks Simone not to desert her. Simone made a promise to help her get Miguel once she got Chad. She tells Simone she made a promise to Hecuba and she doesn't know how to take it back. Hecuba appears to her at the magazine rack and tells her she can't take back her promise. Her soul now belongs to her. Simone turns to see Hecuba at the rack but she sees no one. Kay leaves the book café and is very upset. She tells Simone she hopes she will have a guilty conscience when they find her dead! Kay is walking through the woods. She read in a book the only way to save herself is to pray to God. She gets down on her knees and starts praying. She tells God she does not want to end up like Hecuba. Hecuba suddenly shows up. She tells her it is too late not to be involved with her -- after all; she does own her soul. Hecuba calls her sweet heart and blows her kisses! Hecuba tells Kay her life is about to be over. Kay starts backing up from Hecuba, going faster and faster. Vines come out of a tree and start to strangle Kay. Simone tells Chad that everything that has been coming out of Kay's mouth is trash. Whitney shows up just as Simone is playing the song she thinks Chad played for her last night. Simone sees the way Whitney and Chad look at each other. She wonders if Kay was right - Chad and Whitney are in love.

The Police Station:
The Harmony Police Department have Pierre in custody. Sam asks Hank if he knows Pierre? He tells him this is the man who killed Sheridan Crane. They caught him when they received a call from a suspicious boarder guard at the Canadian boarder. Sam tells Pierre he is going to get everyone who is responsible for Sheridan's death. Sam shows Pierre the gun used to kill Sheridan. Pierre tells Sam he won't find his prints on the gun and he is innocent. Sam leaves for a minute and Hank grabs Pierre. Sam has to separate them. Hank can't take it any more. Sam knows Hank is under stress, as Hank feels responsible for Sheridan's death. Pierre demands to be released. Sam tells Pierre he killed Sheridan in cold blood. Pierre asks Sam to check his fingerprints and he will find the prints on the gun do not match his prints. Sam asks an officer to bring in the fisherman who was a witness on the wharf. He heard Pierre and another man talking about killing Sheridan Crane. He recognized Pierre's voice right off. Suddenly, the phone on Sam's desk rings. Sam asks Hank to answer it. Hank is petrified with fear -- the fisherman will recognize his voice if he answers! Another officer answers the phone. Sam tells Pierre he is going to spend the rest of his life in jail; but if he gives Sam the name of the triggerman he will make sure the judge reduces his sentence. Pierre does not want to make a deal. Sam tells Pierre he thinks he knows the accomplice and is describing him in a psychological profile. Hank yells at Sam to stop. He can't take it any more. Sam wants Hank to go home and rest. He has been though a lot. An officer calls Sam over and gives him a wire from Interpol. Hank thought he could deal with it but he can't. Pierre tells Hank to keep his mouth shut. Interpol has dropped all charges against Pierre's boss and the drug cartel. Everything was on Sheridan Crane's shoulders, and now that she is dead, they have no witnesses. Pierre is realized. Hank leaves to return home. Sam tells Hank he can count on him to catch the murderers of Sheridan Crane. Hank catches up with Pierre and tells him to return to Paris. Pierre tells him he is not returning to Paris until he is sure Sheridan Crane is buried six feet under ground.

The Church:
Ethan and Gwen walk into the church. They see Luis and Theresa and Ethan asks what they are doing there? Luis tells Ethan he is there because of Sheridan. Ethan wants to go outside to talk. Gwen tells Theresa to go home and stay away from the Cranes. Theresa tells Gwen she does not take orders from her. Ethan tells Luis he wants him to leave. Ethan is holding Luis fully responsible for the death of his aunt. Ethan tells Luis the "if only" scenes just do not seem to cut it. Luis finds this funny coming from a man who dumped his bride just before his wedding for another chick. This makes Ethan very angry. In the church, Theresa tells Gwen she is not leaving. They are in a church and it is a public place. Gwen reads the paper to Theresa and shows her that Ethan does not want to talk to Theresa or any member of her family. Luis tells Ethan he does not give a dam about the Crane family. He also tells Ethan he does not want Theresa anywhere near Ethan. Ethan tells Luis to be invisible and leave his family alone. Gwen brings Theresa to the coffin to see Sheridan's body. She asks her what she hears and Theresa tells her she doesn't hear a thing. Gwen tells her if she listened closely she could hear Sheridan say that Ethan has to marry Gwen! Gwen also tells her about the dream Ethan had about Sheridan telling him to marry Gwen. She tells Theresa she has lost and to leave her and Ethan alone. Luis returns to the wharf where he saw Sheridan the other night. He feels Sheridan is close to him. Theresa tells Gwen she is out of her mind. When Ethan returns, Gwen is blaming Luis for Sheridan's death. Theresa stands up for her brother saying he would have put his life ahead of Sheridan's. Ethan wants to talk to Theresa alone and asks Gwen to wait outside. Theresa is scared Ethan is going to tell her he is about to marry Gwen. He tells Theresa that Gwen is a comfort right now but he has not picked her over Theresa. He still loves Theresa. He also tells Theresa he was misquoted in the newspaper. Theresa tells Ethan she went to see him at the house and called the mansion. Ethan is angry with his father for not telling him. He felt that Theresa really did not care for him. Ethan looks at Sheridan's body and tells Theresa he is sure Sheridan would have really liked her. Ethan asks Theresa to be strong for the next few days as it is going to be a rough ride. She tells Ethan she is scared that Sheridan's death is going to pull them apart. Outside, Gwen is on the phone talking to her mother. Luis hears her telling Rebecca Theresa is not going to have anything to do with Ethan's life ever again. Luis who overheard this asks her what she is talking about. Ethan told Theresa he almost told Luis about them when Luis talked about leaving Gwen the day before they were to get married. Luis tells Gwen he wants to make sure Theresa stays away from Ethan and the Crane's. He asks if the wedding is back on and she tells him not officially but she feel it soon will be! Gwen tells Luis Sheridan cared a great deal for him. He is honored to hear

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