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Monday, November 13, 2000

The Bennett House:
The situation over Chad and Tiffany continues. Chad is very upset with Kay and he asks her what did he ever do to her to deserve the treatment he is now getting. Sam is terribly disappointed with Kay and informs her she is in serious trouble. The phone rings. It is Tiffany and she wants to talk to Kay. Chad looks very confused. Eve says there is a Tiffany after all. Simone is in shock but she does not believe any of it. Tiffany actually turns out to be Hecuba who is talking to Kay on the phone from upstairs in her room. Chad wants to talk to this Tiffany to find out what on earth is going on. Simone wants to put Tiffany on speakerphone so everyone can hear for themselves that Chad is innocent. Hecuba really puts on an act and has everyone convinced there not only is a Tiffany but Chad is responsible for her leaving town. Once again, Eve reacts and wants Chad out of their garage apartment. Whitney is angry at Chad, as in the back of her mind she didn't believe that Chad could use a girl in such a fashion. Tiffany tells Chad he broke her heart. Sam asks her to return to Harmony but Tiffany informs Sam she does not want anything to do with Chad Johnston again. When they hear the last name, everyone seems so embarrassed and Chad is very relieved. Tiffany says she does not know any Chad Harris. What a mix up! Sam wants Tiffany to leave her phone number and Grace would like to help Tiffany. Sam breaks the ice by telling Chad everyone owes him an apology. Eve bites back her pride and agrees with Sam. The phone rings again and it is for Sam. Sam tells Eve he needs her as they have to leave because Sheridan Crane has been murdered. TC tells Chad he is sorry, as does Kay. She apologizes for all of the trouble she caused and wonders why Whitney spread the rumor in the first place! Chad thanks Simone for standing by him and being the only one to believe in his innocence. Kay hears Hecuba. No one else is able to hear Hecuba as she tells Kay she will let her know when she wants her soul as payment for getting her out of a tight situation!

Ethan tells Theresa he does not want to sneak around with her any more. Their relationship has to be brought out in the open. Ethan admits he was not giving Luis a fair shake. Ethan and Theresa sit on the swing. Ethan says the date they just finished was perfect; just like Theresa! They see a shooting star so they each make a wish. Theresa does not tell what her wish is but Ethan says his wish is that the date could go on forever. Ethan has decided he is going to tell Luis about him and Theresa. He is very grateful to Luis for saving Sheridan's life so many times. Theresa talks about a double wedding with her and Ethan and Luis and Sheridan. Ethan wants to get married but he is so confused right now. He hopes Gwen and Theresa will not grow tired of him. He professes his love for Theresa and tells her even though he would like this night to go on forever, he has to leave. He wants to stop by to see Sheridan. Theresa will be counting the minutes until their next date. They both vow to keep each other in their hearts. Ethan leaves with the teddy bear Theresa won for him at the carnival. In the house, Theresa is writing an entry in her diary. She hopes Ethan will become friends with Luis now that everything is going so good!

Sheridan's Cottage:
Luis enters the cottage and finds Sheridan dead on the floor. He runs to her. Agent Freeman enters the cottage and finds a weeping Luis on the floor with Sheridan. Luis asks Freeman to call an ambulance. Freeman tells Luis it is too late; Sheridan is dead. Luis refuses to believe it. He tells Freeman to call the dam ambulance while he tries to revive her. Luis pleads with Sheridan to come back. He wants her to fight and not to leave him. Freeman tells Luis he has to let go. Freeman tells Luis they need the police and an ambulance because they are now at an official crime scene. Luis calls for help. Again, Freeman tells Luis there is no use in trying to revive Sheridan. She is dead. The Paramedics arrive. As they work on Sheridan, Luis begs her not to leave him. Freeman tells Luis he has to face facts. She is gone. She is dead. Sam and Eve arrive at the crime scene. Luis knows Eve can help Sheridan. He knows Eve can save her life. Sam and Freeman talk and Sam is worried that Luis has now reached his breaking point. Freeman explains how he came to take Luis to Washington and they left Sheridan with Hank. Everyone wonders where Hank is. Sam calls him on the cell phone but Hank throws it into a wall and destroys it as the phone is ringing. Ethan arrives and he sees the tape, the ambulance and police cars. He wants to know what is going on. Sam tells Ethan they need to talk and he better not go in the cottage. Eve tells Luis she is so sorry. Sheridan is now in God's hands. A sobbing Luis takes Sheridan in his arms and he sobs. He vows revenge on who ever killed her. They are going to pay.

Hank and Pierre are on the docks. Pierre tells Hanks he did not think he had the guts to kill Sheridan. He is an excellent killer. Hank is on the verge of breaking down; "You made me kill her" he yells at Pierre. Pierre admits that if Hank did not kill Sheridan then his dossier would have went to the chief of police. Pierre hands over the dossier to Hank as the job is over and Hank did as he was asked. Hanks wishes he could take back killing Sheridan. Pierre is leaving at once for Paris. Hank is going to have to confuse the investigation and play out his role carefully. If Luis ever found out Hank killed Sheridan, Hank would pay with his life. Hank cries that he killed the woman he loved in cold blood. He knows he has hurt Luis. Pierre urges him to pull himself together. He has to get rid of the weapon. Hank throws it in the water. Pierre tells Hank to work on his alibi. Hank cries out; "My God what have I done?" Pierre tells him he did the right thing as his own life could have been ruined. Hank will never forget killing Sheridan. It will haunt him forever.

A publisher from Harper Collins in New York is talking to Timmy on the phone about Tabitha's manuscript. The publisher is very excited; after all it is full of dirty secrets about the famous Crane family! Timmy uses dry humor. He is excited about the possibility of the manuscript becoming a mini-series or television program. He wants NBC to have the exclusive rights, as they are not scared to take chances! He tells the publisher when she calls him back, should an old woman answer the phone not to say it has anything to do with her memoirs. While Timmy is on the phone, Tabitha is outside the Bennett house spying on them. Timmy joins her and he is intrigued that Kay has lied about SEX! Timmy is taking notes so he can include everything in his novel. He is going to become a best selling author. Tabitha tells him he can write his book but he can't steal a word from her book. Timmy agrees that he will not steal "A" word! Tabitha wonders how Kay got herself out of the pickle she found herself in? She knows that Kay would not be capable of getting herself out of the lie. Something has happened and Tabitha does not like it. Back in the house, Tabitha and Timmy figure out it was Hecuba who helped Kay. Tabitha tells Timmy Hecuba is so evil it makes her look like one of the good guys. Suddenly a strange feeling has come over Tabitha. She asks Timmy if he is doing anything behind her back. She then senses that someone in Harmony has been murdered. Who ever has been murdered, everybody in Harmony will be affected by it.

Tuesday, November 14, 2000

Timmy is busy at work writing his book on his lap top computer. He can't believe what is contained in Tabitha's memoirs. He is sure Harmony is going to be torn apart by what Tabitha has written! Timmy hopes that once the book is published, Tabitha will understand. Tabitha enters the room wondering whom Timmy is talking too. He tells her he is writing his book. Tabitha laughs at him telling him it takes more than one day to write a book. Timmy encourages Tabitha to publish her memoirs. Once again Tabitha refuses saying should she publish her memoirs it would be the end of her. Timmy remembers what Hecuba showed him in the mirror when he was to become a best selling author. Tabitha does not want Timmy to get sucked in by the old witch. Tabitha wants to read what Timmy is writing and is taken a back by his words. Timmy explains that he remembers Tabitha talking about things so he is writing down what he heard her say. Tabitha is sure the book will never sell, as it will be full of scandal. Again she tells Timmy to forget about what Hecuba told him as it would only bring him grief.

The Bennett House:
Miguel and Charity are returning home from the movie they saw. Miguel loved the moved because he was with Charity. Miguel wondered if things were ever going to be the same between him and Charity after being in the mineshaft and remembering what took place there. Miguel knows true love always wins. It has happened to Theresa and Luis and now him. Simone asks Kay why she told lies about Chad. Chad is angry with Whitney saying he told her over and over he did not know anything about what Kay was talking about yet she choose to believe it was all true. Chad tells Whitney it is too late for apologies. Simone tells Kay she stood by Chad because she believes in him and he is kind, sweet and a wonderful guy. Chad finds no point in talking to Whitney about this and tells her sorry just does not cut it. Charity and Miguel return and heard the story of what happened with Chad and Whitney. Kay feels terrible about everything. Charity takes Kay aside and tells her she remembers her telling her that she lied in the mineshaft. Kay should tell people the truth. Kay tells Charity it was an honest mistake. Chad is very upset with Whitney and he tells Simone he just does not understand her. Kay goes to her room and Hecuba shows up. Kay is angry as Miguel is still stuck on Charity. Hecuba reminds Kay she sold her, her soul. She wants Kay to throw her conscious out the window and Hecuba will destroy Charity. They agree to the initial agreement yet Kay does not know what Hecuba is going to go with her soul. When Kay returns to go downstairs, Hecuba is excited as she is going to have so much fun. Kay sees Miguel and Charity dancing. Simone asks Chad if he wants to dance but he says no. He reflects back when he was dancing with Whitney to the song that is playing on the radio.

Theresa is writing in her diary about her date with Ethan and winning the teddy bears. Ethan is now on his way to Sheridan's and he will talk to Luis about being in love with Theresa. Theresa misses Ethan very much and she writes she will soon become Mrs. Ethan Crane. Whitney comes to see Theresa and she tells her about what happened with Chad and that he just will not forgive her. Theresa assures Whitney she was meant to be with Chad but she is going to have to work in order to make their relationship work. She knows Whitney is in love with Chad as it is written all over her face. Whitney is very worried, as Chad just will not accept her apology. Theresa explains to Whitney she has to face up to her feelings for Chad. Theresa is hoping Ethan will have a chance to talk to Luis. She plans on cooking a nice hot Latin meal for Sheridan and Luis so she can make sure Luis is really in love with Sheridan and she feels this will help Luis accept her relationship with Ethan. Whitney turns on the radio and she remembers dancing with Chad to the song that is playing when they were at the wedding benefit.

Hank is in shock. He will never be able to forgive himself for killing Sheridan. He tells Pierre this is personal to him. A woman who did not deserve to dies is gone. He ripped the heart out of his best friend. Pierre tells Hank he should return to the cottage and face Luis and the others. The longer he stays away the more suspicious they will become of him. Hank agrees and is headed back to the cottage.

Sheridan's Cottage:
Ethan wants to know what has happened to his Aunt Sheridan. Luis weeps and sobs as he holds Sheridan. Eve tells him he has to leave her, as there is nothing more anyone can do. Luis wonders why it has taken him so long to realize how much he loves her. Luis kisses Sheridan. Ethan will not wait and enters the cottage. He sees Sheridan lying dead on the floor. He can't believe his eyes. Kneeling over her body, Ethan wants to know what happened? He begs with Sheridan not to die. Angry, Ethan charges at Luis and tells him he is going to die as he killed his Aunt Sheridan. He wants to know why Luis let her die when he was supposed to be protecting her? Ethan is outraged and is taking a fit. Luis tells Ethan what happened but Ethan blames Luis, as he was not here to protect Sheridan. Eve covers Sheridan with a white sheet as Ethan is shaking with raw grief. Ethan leaves the cottage in a state of shock. Sam apologizes to Luis. Luis feels like a light has gone off in his life and wants to know who killed Sheridan. He wonders where Hank is and worries that perhaps his best friend is shot as well. Perhaps Hank has gone after the killer. He could not handle loosing his best firmed. Ethan tells his father he wants Sam and Luis ruined. They murdered Sheridan and they are going to have to pay. Hank returns to the cottage with a bag of ice cream. Luis asks him where he was when this happened. Hank wants to know what went on. Luis tells him he killed Sheridan. Hank looks confused.

The Crane Mansion:
Pilar asks Ivy if she is okay. Ivy wonders where on earth Julian came up with the image of her and Sam making love. Julian is too close to finding out Ethan is not his son. In the library, Julian is sure he knows what he saw and he remembers it has to be true but he needs proof. Julian calls in Ivy and Pilar and tells them he wants to play a game of cops and robbers. If Ivy admits to him that she had and affair with Sam he will not be as hard on her but should he find proof and then he will destroy her. Pilar tells Julian when Miguel and the others were trapped in the mineshaft they were all hallucinating. Julian tells Pilar to shut up he certainly was not hallucinating. Ivy wants to know how Julian is going to get to the bottom of this. He answers he is going to tell Alistair. Ivy encourages him to call his father as she would love to watch Julian fall on his face when he tells Alistair as he will find all of this so amusing. Julian decides to back off especially when he knows he will no longer have any bimbos available to him as Alistair will take away his jet privileges to fly to the Islands. Pilar is leaving for the night. Ivy tells her they had enough close class for one night. Alistair calls and wants to be put on the speakerphone. He tells Julian and Ivy that Sheridan is dead. She has been shot to death and the police do not know who has done it yet. He feels sure that Lopez-Fitzgerald has dropped the ball. Alistair knows he can play this against Ethan and Theresa so Ethan will end up marrying Gwen. He is sure Ethan will now never marry the housekeeper's daughter. Ivy is furious. She tells Alistair his daughter is dead and he does not care. She thought Julian was bad but compared to Alistair, Julian is an angel! She calls Alistair a cold-hearted man. He tells Ivy to grow up. It is power and money that make the world go around. Not love. She tells Alistair Ethan could never be like him. Ethan is too much like her side of the family. Alistair tells Ivy Ethan has Crane blood running through him. Ethan enters the library. He takes a stiff drink and tells his father and grandfather he wants the Cranes to crush Sam and Luis. They killed Sheridan and they are going to pay.

Wednesday, November 15, 2000

Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Theresa and Whitney are in the kitchen. Theresa is busy chopping vegetables as she is preparing to make a romantic dinner for Luis and Sheridan. She is sure if they get together then it will help her and Ethan get together and Luis will not have any objections. Whitney thinks there are too many "ifs" in the equation. Luis may not react how Theresa thinks he will and Luis could even end up sending her away. Theresa is not really worried, as she is use to obstructions standing in her way. She is sure she will find a way to be with Ethan in the end. Theresa starts to daydream about her wedding to Ethan and Luis' wedding to Sheridan. It is a double wedding ceremony and it is beautiful! As Father is pronouncing the couples men and wives, Pilar walks through the door and wants to know what is going on. Theresa tells her to prepare for a big double wedding! Pilar tells Theresa to stay out of her brother's life and to get the notion out of her head that she will marry Ethan. The Crane's will never allow a Lopez-Fitzgerald to marry into the family. Pilar begs Theresa never to tell Ethan he is not a Crane. Julian is very suspicious of Ivy at the moment and if he ever finds out Ethan is Sam Bennett's son, she is sure Julian would throw both Ivy and Ethan out on the street. Theresa agrees that she will not tell Ethan but there is nothing that will ever take Ethan away from her. Theresa turns on the radio to listen to some music. A news bulletin comes across the air saying that Sheridan Crane has been murdered. Everyone is in shock. Pilar says Sheridan was like her own child. Sheridan had much unhappiness in her life and now she will never know what it feels like to have the true joy of love. Theresa is worried about Luis and knows he must be devastated. She has to go to see Ethan. Pilar will not allow this. She tells Theresa to stay away. Theresa calls the Crane mansion to speak to Ethan. Julian answers the phone and lets it be knows that she has no right to call and never to call again. Ethan is with Gwen and that is the way it should be. Theresa is crushed.

The Crane Mansion:
Ethan is furious and says Sam Bennett must be broken and pay for his Aunt's death. Ivy knows Ethan is upset but tries to make him see he is wrong about Sam. Alistair who is on the speakerphone asks Ivy why she is so concerned about Sam's reputation? She tells Alistair that Sam had nothing to do with Sheridan's murder; it is all Luis' fault. Julian wants to know why Ivy is always jumping to Sam's defense. He insists Sam and Ivy are lovers and that is her big secret. Ivy asks Eve to tell Julian he is hallucinating. Eve tells Julian his hallucinations are causing him to imagine things. Ivy tells Julian Ethan is grieving his Aunt but he has a future in politics and along the way he is going to need Sam Bennett. Ethan can't go around degrading the police department. Ivy continues to tell Julian the Crane's stole Bennett land and if push comes to shove, everything will come out in the open. Alistair tells Ethan to remember he is a Crane and Ethan should now be with someone he truly wants to be with. Gwen and Rebecca are talking about the date Gwen had the other evening with Ethan when they went to the basketball game. Julian tells Ivy Ethan has every right to be angry with Sam Bennett. Ivy admits to Eve she is going to have to find some way to patch things up between Sam and Ethan. Alistair continues to say that if Sheridan had taken his advice she would still be alive. Julian agrees and states they loved her so much. Alistair wants Julian to make a call. Sheridan's death could finally give them everything they want for Ethan. Julian calls Rebecca and tells her of Sheridan's death. Ethan now needs Gwen and Rebecca also knows this could be just the thing to drive Gwen back into Ethan's arms. Ivy begs Ethan not to let grief get in the way of his political career. Ethan tells her he has no political career at the moment as everything is on hold until the people who killed Sheridan pay. Eve leaves to return to the cottage. Ethan wants to go with her but Eve says it is best not too. Ivy agrees. Ethan wonders why his father and grandfather show no emotion over the death of Sheridan. It makes him think he is not a Crane. Gwen and Rebecca arrive at the mansion. Gwen is in shock and she comforts Ethan. Gwen says the Crane's have once again been crushed by the Lopez-Fitzgerald's. Theresa stole Ethan and now Luis did not protect Sheridan and she is dead. Ethan vows again that Sam will pay for Sheridan's death. Alistair and Julian want to use the situation with Sheridan's death as a wedge between Theresa and Ethan. Gwen tells Ethan she will never leave him in his hour of need. Rebecca goes to see Julian in the library. She comforts him and gives her deepest sympathy. Julian tells her the only comfort he will get from all of this is getting Ethan and Gwen back together again. The phone rings. It is Theresa who is calling to talk to Ethan. Julian tells her it is not her place to call here and never call again. He is glad he put that "little gold digger" in her place. Rebecca needs to get Ivy on their side. Entering the library, Ethan asks who was on the phone. Julian told him it was no one important. Rebecca reminds Ivy that what happened to Sheridan could end up happening to Ethan unless he marries Gwen ... Ethan has to fall in love and marry Gwen!

Sheridan's Cottage:
Hank enters the cottage and sees Sheridan's body on the floor. Hank drops the bag of ice cream as if he is in shock. Luis attacks Hank saying he killed Sheridan. When Hank left Sheridan alone to go get the ice cream he signed her death certificate. Luis wants to know why Hank left her. He wants to know everything that happened. Hank admits it is his entire fault -- if he didn't go get the ice cream she would still be alive. Hank told Luis Sheridan argued with him to go. Hank admits he is just as guilty as the scum who pulled the trigger and killed Sheridan. Sam accidentally turns on the radio. Sheridan and Luis' song is playing. Luis is having a hard time to keep it together. He remembers the last night they had together and how they said good-bye. When the song it over, Luis turns off the radio and charges Hank. He calls him a bastard and is trying to kill him. Sam separates the two men. Luis tells Hank he is going to pay. Sam takes Luis in another room to talk to him. He feels Luis is totally out of control. He reminds him Hank is not a trained cop. Luis does not care. It is his fault that Sheridan is dead. Luis is not going to stop until he finds out who shot and killed Sheridan. Luis is going to kill who ever is responsible. Sam tells Luis the FBI and Interpol will find the killers. He asks for Luis' badge and his gun. Luis tells Sam he can have them but it is not going to stop him from tracking down the killers. In the living room, Hanks cries as he remembers Sheridan asking why he shot her. Hank yells as Luis enters the living room. Hank tells Luis he has to tell him something as it is killing him. Luis wants to know what it is he wants to tell him. It is about Sheridan. Before Hank can say anything, Eve enters the cottage ready to have the body removed. Luis yells NO - no one is going to touch Sheridan...?

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Thursday, November 16, 2000

The Crane Mansion:
Rebecca wants Gwen to use Sheridan's death as a means of getting back together with Ethan so she can end up marrying him. How Sheridan loved Gwen and wanted her to marry her nephew. Gwen tells her mother that she will grieve with Ethan but will not use the situation to get close to him. Rebecca says it will be a good window to help get rid of Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald from Ethan's life. Rebecca is amazed at Julian's stroke of genus when he told Theresa to stay away from the Crane's. That little tramp certainly has her nerve phoning the Crane mansion wanting to talk to Ethan. Julian and Rebecca see the road paved for a wedding to take place finally for Gwen and Ethan. Rebecca tells Gwen she would honor Sheridan's memory by marrying Ethan. She wants Gwen to sit with Ethan and look at old pictures of Sheridan. Julian is on the phone taking care of his personal financial business. Ivy tells him he has neither heart nor soul. Julian smiles at Rebecca. Ethan and Gwen are sitting on the couch looking at pictures and Julian and Rebecca are so happy. Rebecca tries to make Ivy understand that Gwen is the only woman who truly understands Ethan. Sheridan is dead because of the "mixing" of the classes and a similar situation should not happen to Ethan. Julian wants to find a way to put a permanent wedge between Ethan and Luis. Julian asks Ethan to accompany him to the cottage hoping that it will stir a confrontation between Ethan and Luis. Rebecca is sure by doing this, Ethan will soon forget about Theresa. When they are alone in the library, Rebecca tells Gwen everything is going so well. Gwen feels terrible she is using Sheridan's death to get to Ethan. Gwen is sure Ethan will be able to see through the plan and won't be easily fooled. When Ethan and Julian return, Gwen wants to know what is wrong. He tells her he had a run in with Luis. Gwen pleads with Ethan to let her take care of him. She wants him to go upstairs with her and draw him a bath. As they leave the library, Ethan picks up and looks at a picture of Sheridan. His heart is breaking; he misses her so much. Rebecca and Julian are sure everything is going according to their plan and they are sure Ethan will soon forget about Theresa. They drink and toast their plan. Ivy is in the hall and she hears Julian telling Rebecca that Ethan will not stop until Sam Bennett is destroyed. Julian is very happy about that as he feels Sam is a thorn in his side. Ivy looks worried...

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Pilar is talking to Theresa. She is trying to make Theresa understand she has no business going to see Ethan while he is mourning his Aunt. She forbids Theresa to tell Ethan he is not a Crane. Theresa has to forget she ever read Ivy's secret papers. Theresa is so sure everything would be different if Ethan knew he was not a Crane. He would be with her right now instead of Gwen. Pilar again forbids her to go see Ethan. He just does not need the tension of dealing with Theresa and Gwen. Theresa is sure Rebecca and Gwen are using the situation to get Ethan back. They are trying to use Sheridan's death for their own purposes. Theresa is in a fight of her life with Gwen and Rebecca. Theresa wants to go check on Ethan. Pilar would not allow this and yells NO in an extremely loud voice. She accuses Theresa of having no regard for what she would do to Luis. Theresa is sure that Luis and Ethan are crying together over Sheridan and they have probably grown close. Luis returns home. Everyone is so happy to see him and they know he is hurting. They all share his grief. Luis tells them Julian Crane has ice running through his veins. Theresa asks him how Ethan is doing and if they talked. Luis tells her they talked about many things. Ethan wants the Lopez-Fitzgerald's top stay away from the Crane's as Ethan blames Luis for Sheridan's death. Theresa is devastated by this news.

Sheridan's Cottage:
Luis will not allow Sheridan's body to be put in the body bag. Luis tells everyone Sheridan was a good person and would never hurt anyone. Hank reflects as Luis is talking and he tells Sam he wants to talk to him; he has something he wants to confess. Sam tells Luis he has to let them take Sheridan. Luis will let no one near her. Eve talks to Luis telling him Sheridan's body should be shown the respect it deserves. Luis kisses Sheridan good-bye. They take Sheridan's body and close the black body bag. Luis again tells them to wait. He kisses Sheridan on the lips and tells her he will miss her. Hank is feeling like a heel. Luis then asks Hank what it was he wanted to confess. Hank says Sheridan's death is his entire fault. He is the one who killed her. Everyone is looking confused at Hanks statement. Luis apologizes to Hank saying it was his fault that he lashed out at him. He needed someone to blame and Hank was the scapegoat. Again, Hank admits that Sheridan's death is his entire fault and he can't live with himself because of it. Eve tells Hanks he is not to blame. Agent Freeman from the FBI comes to get Sam to talk out back. He wants a search carried out of the area for any evidence. Luis watches Sheridan leave. Luis vows he will destroy who ever killed Sheridan. Sam calls the station and wants as many officers available as they can spare at the Crane estate. Hearing a noise, Sam draws his gun. He is relieved to find it is only Ivy who is out for a walk. Ivy wants to talk to Sam about "them." Ivy will do what ever it takes to get Sam back into her life. Eve is leaving for the hospital and Hank and Luis are going to go with her. Luis hears Julian Crane demanding an explanation as to what they are doing with Sheridan. He goes outside to see what the commotion is all about. Sam tells Ivy they have no future. He tells Ivy she is a true Crane and is only interested in her personal gain and profit. He says Ethan is like all the Cranes and he despises him. Ivy tells him: "You can't despise our son!" Ivy explains she meant her and Julian's son. Sam hears Julian screaming and he goes to see what is going on. Julian is holding Luis responsible for Sheridan's death. Ethan tells Sam he is gong to see him run out of town on a rail. Luis admits he is at fault. Ethan accuses him of failing in his job. Luis admits he should not have left for Washington. Julian smiles as Ethan tells Luis Sheridan's death is his fault and no one else's. Ethan continues telling Luis he was willing to give him a chance but he is responsible for his aunts death. Ethan orders Luis and his family stay away from the Crane's forever. Sam tells Julian to go back to his martinis at the main house and let them do their work. Sam orders Luis to go home and grieve in private. Sam promises to call him should they find out any news about the murder. Hanks has to go to the hospital with Sam. He will talk to Luis later. When Luis leaves, Sam tells Hank he would love to look the monster who killed Sheridan in cold blood in his eyes. Hank can't look at Sam. At the hospital, Eve wants to begin the autopsy. Agent Freeman is talking to a witness who heard two people talking on the wharf. They were talking of Sheridan's death. He told Freeman the story of the gun being thrown in the water. Freeman orders a search for the weapon. He describes the voices for Agent Freeman. One has a French accent while he can't describe the other but he would know it again if he heard it. The witness hears Hank's voice and tells everyone; that's him; that's the voice! He looks at Hank and says: "IT'S YOU!!"

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Friday, November 17, 2000

An adamant Chad declares he is leaving Harmony for good, which causes Simone to accuse him of wanting Whitney. Both TC and Simone try to convince Chad to stay, but to no avail. Chad begins packing, hurt and bitter over Whitney. Meanwhile, Simone lashes out and blames Eve and her bad treatment of Chad for his wanting to leave. Whitney attempts to convince Theresa not to ask Luis about his fight with Ethan, but Theresa is desperate to know what is going on. When Luis badmouths Ethan, Theresa blurts out that Ethan isn't really a Crane. She manages to cover by explaining he doesn't act like the other members of his family. Later, Theresa promises to remind Ethan of the special bond they share. Meanwhile, Gwen states she can not loose Ethan. She begins giving him a massage and promises he will sleep well that night.

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