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Monday, October 23, 2000

The Crane Mansion:
Rebecca is with Theresa outside Ethan's bedroom door. Gwen asks Ethan to put his arms around him so she can sleep. Ethan obliges and they kiss. Rebecca tells Theresa that Ethan is in love with Gwen and always will be. Theresa opens the bedroom door and sees them in bed together kissing. Of course, Rebecca is rubbing the situation in Theresa's face. Theresa cannot tolerate to hear what Rebecca is telling her and reminds Rebecca that Ethan is in love her. Rebecca wonders if Ethan and Gwen in bed together is how he shows Theresa he loves her? Rebecca then asks Theresa if Ethan has ever made love to her. A devastated Theresa screams out in anger. Ethan looks up and sees Theresa while Gwen has a self-satisfactory look on her face that says: NA NA NA NA NA!! Ethan tells Theresa he can explain but Theresa leaves. As Ethan tries to run after Theresa, Rebecca stops him. Ethan tells Rebecca she has set up the whole situation. Rebecca is denying it and Gwen is fuming behind his back. On her way down the stair case, Theresa is crying her heart out. She has flash backs to Ethan's pledge of love to her and many other events of the past, including Rebecca telling her she was played for a fool. As Theresa is remembering a beautiful song is playing that states, "I loved you with all of my heart." Ethan gets dressed and he tells Rebecca not to act like she does not know about setting him up. Rebecca reflects on how she set Gwen up in this situation. Ethan asks Gwen if this is the type of person she is. Gwen again tries to convince Ethan that Theresa is not right for him. Ethan stands up to Rebecca and poor Rebecca is really taken aback by his manners. Gwen is taking a fit and wonders how she will ever get Ethan back. Rebecca assures her she will end up with the Crane title. Ethan finds Theresa outside. He yells for her but she screams at him to leave her alone and she runs off...

The Harmony Ruins:
While things may be rocking at the Crane mansion, the good people of Harmony who are at the ruins are being stoned! Luis asks Pilar how come he was not told about Theresa helping with Ethan's wedding. He is angry and says he does not want his sister near Ethan Crane. When Julian and Ivy arrive at the ruins with the maps of the tunnels, Luis attacks Julian. Sam breaks them up. Pierre tells Hank that he has to push Sheridan over the edge into a mine shaft. He uses Sheridan's love for Luis as bait to get Hank to do it. Chad insists he should go down into the mine shaft to help look for his friends. TC tells him clearly that he is not to go down in the mine. Grace has a premonition of the "box" and she says "All hope may be lost." Miguel and Kay are trying to find Charity. Kay insists that Miguel look into Charity's eyes when he finds her so he will know she is pure evil. Charity tells Tabitha and Timmy she is planning to kill the residents of Harmony one by one. Timmy falls and the box starts to shake. Tabitha and Charity order Timmy to grab it. As Timmy is approaching the box, Tabitha is remembering the appearance of St. Michael. Julian asks Sheridan why she is so concerned all of a sudden for Luis' family. Sheridan tells Julian he is to blame for what has happened at the ruins as the Crane's were to have the mines sealed years ago. Julian replies by telling Sheridan he has done his share by bringing the maps to the ruins. Julian asks Sheridan flat out if she has fallen for Luis again. Pilar asks Sam and Luis how she can help out. Luis tells her she can make sure every one has water. Sam and Luis examine the plans of the mines and hope there will be no cave ins. Chad still insists he will go into the mine shaft to save his friends. He tells TC that he has no family so no one will care if he lives or dies. Whitney tells Chad he is wrong about that. Grace continues to have premonitions about the box and says it has the power to stop all evil. The box must be opened. In the shaft, Charity and Tabitha are telling Timmy to grab the box. Timmy is the only one who can stop the box. Should they touch it, they will be finished. Timmy approaches the box but it keeps moving ahead. Grace senses that the box is trying to open but something is stopping it. Eve questions Grace about the box. Timmy finally gets to the box. Tabitha puts rocks and dirt over the box to hide it. Evil Charity senses that Grace Bennett is behind the box wanting to open so she vows she will take care of the situation. Grace suddenly has a terrible feeling that everyone is going to die. Hanks sees his chance to push Sheridan down the mineshaft. Julian once again asks Sheridan if she has fallen for Luis. Sheridan is about to answer when the ground suddenly starts to shake. Evil Charity is causing hugs rocks and boulders to fly and aims to kill the residents of Harmony. Miguel and Kay wonder what the noise is. Kay tells Miguel she is sure it is Charity and that she is trying to kill them. As the rocks fly, everyone is fighting for their lives. All of a sudden there is a cave in where Miguel and Kay are. Miguel gets covered up with dirt and debris but he manages to get up. Kay calls for Miguel's help but she gets displaced into the wall of the mine. Miguel is trying to break down the blockade that is separating him and Kay. The rocks continue to fly up above. Luis saves Sheridan's life as Hank tries to throw her in the mine shaft. Hank sees them kissing. Sam saves Eve and Grace. Julian is running away from the disaster leaving his poor Ivy alone. Sam wants to save Ivy. Julian is hiding behind a rock drinking from his flask. Sam calls Julian a coward! Miguel continues to try to find Kay. Kay is in another mineshaft. She is alone and very scared. She tries to talk herself into waking up from a bad dream. Charity decides she is going to put Sam and Ivy out of their misery as she continues to cause havoc up above. Sam risks his life for Ivy. Julian is still hiding and drinking from his flask. Grace notices that this is the second time Sam has saved Ivy's life. As a big bolder comes right at them, TC falls. Whitney screams for her dad and Chad runs to try to save him. The rock hits Chad and he falls down the mineshaft. Tabitha wonders if anyone is dead but Charity tells her everyone survived. Charity says the big rock that knocked Chad in the mine shaft will be the last thing Miguel ever sees. With no luck trying to find Kay, Miguel tries to find another was around the tunnel. As he turns, he sees the big rock coming toward him. Suddenly, a bright chandelier appears in the room where Kay is. She again wonders if she is dreaming. Suddenly a woman appears. She tells Kay she has been waiting for her for a long time. She promises Kay she will give her everything she has ever wanted. When the rocks have stooped flying, Julian is brushing himself off. Ivy comes up to him and slaps him hard across the face. She calls him a coward. He asks Ivy why should he have to save her life when Sam is always around to do it. Ivy tells Julian he is a sorry excuse for a man. Chad is unconscious on a shelf in the mineshaft. Julian wants to talk to Ivy about Sam Bennett but Ivy tells Julian to go straight to hell. He wonders why Sam saves her life if he hates the Cranes so much. Grace suddenly tells him she knows why! Luis and Sam are going to try to rescue Chad. Sheridan kisses Luis for good luck while Pierre reminds Hank that Sheridan is a sitting duck. All he has to do is sneak up behind her and shove her in the mine shaft. Chad is waking up on the ledge. Sam yells at Chad telling him not to move. As he is waking up, Chad is rolling over... Charity slams Tabitha and Timmy into the wall telling them that it is time for them to die. The rock fast approaches Miguel but he has no where to go...

Tuesday, October 24, 2000

The Crane Mansion:
Gwen thanks her mother for screwing up the situation with Ethan. She tells Rebecca Ethan thinks we set him up and Rebecca reminds her that that is indeed what they did do. Gwen rants on that she has lost Ethan as he has gone off after Theresa. Rebecca tells Gwen she has to remain focused. Rebecca and Gwen see Theresa through the window as she is crying her eyes out. Rebecca tells Gwen that the young tramp will never feel the same way about Ethan again now that she has seen them in bed. She tells her before too long the young "Cinderella" will be back scrubbing floors and Gwen will end up with the title. Again, Rebecca tells Gwen she will marry Ethan but has to stay focused. Gwen tells her mother she has always loved Ethan and Rebecca reminds her she got Ethan too easily and never had any competition. Gwen believes she has been a total fool and knows that Theresa will stop at nothing to become Ethan's bride. When Ethan gets to Theresa, she yells at him that she does not want to go through more pain. If Ethan wants Gwen then he can have her; she does not care any more! Ethan begs Theresa not to cry. He admits he does love Gwen but he also loves her too. Theresa tells Ethan that she could not love two men at the same time and wonders how he could be with Gwen? She told Ethan she was upset when she saw the two of them together in bed. Ethan tells Theresa that Rebecca set her up and wanted Theresa to see exactly what she saw. Ethan explains to Theresa how he came to be in bed with Gwen and the fact that he told Gwen he would not make love to her. Theresa tells Ethan she believes him but it still hurt so much to see him with Gwen. Ethan is furious with Rebecca and tells Theresa he could kill Rebecca if she was not Gwen's mother. Ethan is sorry for putting Theresa through so much pain and he tells her he loves her so very much. Gwen tells her mother she cannot watch the spectacular taking place. Rebecca tells her she has to watch and has to burn the image of Theresa and Ethan in her mind. Gwen tells Rebecca she hates that manipulative bitch! Gwen starts to panic wondering what if Ethan should choose Theresa over her. Rebecca tells her that will not happen as Ethan's mother would not let him marry Theresa. Ethan promises Theresa that all these problems will be resolved very soon. Theresa tells him the only way anything can be resolved is by someone getting married. Ethan agrees with her and tells her that the situation will be resolved before the evening is over...

The Harmony Ruins:
Kay is in a room in the mineshaft, thinking she is dreaming especially when a light comes on. A woman appears telling Kay she has been waiting for her so she can give Kay everything she has ever wanted. Kay is really confused. Chad is lying on a ledge in the mineshaft. Ivy tells Julian to go to hell as he wonders why Sam is always coming to her rescue. Luis goes to get some rope so they can rescue Chad form the ledge. Pierre tells Hank to kill Sheridan. Tabitha and Timmy are at evil Charity's mercy. Timmy wonders if the bolder will kill Miguel. Miguel tries to out run the bolder. Grace tells Julian she knows why Sam is always rescuing Ivy. It is because he cares about the people of Harmony and he is the best Chief of Police the town ever had. Ivy questions Julian as it appears he is going to help in the rescue effort. He tells her he is not going to help but only making sure that no one will be able to sue the Cranes. Eve tells Ivy she is getting too close to Sam and the truth about her past coming out. She tells her to stay away from Sam. Hank positions himself to push Sheridan into the mine shaft when Luis shows up and asks him what he thinks he is doing. Sheridan was unaware that Hank was behind her. Kay asks the women what she means by the fact that she will give her what her heart desired. Kay is confused and wonders why this woman knows her name. She tells Kay to follow her to her hearts desire. Charity tells Tabitha and Timmy to prepare to die! Tabitha asks Charity if they can have a few minutes to contemplate their lives. Timmy reflects on his life and we see a number of scenes from his life with Tabitha as a song is played with the line "You're the one for all of my life." Charity says good bye to Tabitha and Timmy as she begins to zap them. Miguel is running to try to escape the boulder. Whitney is pleading with Chad not to move. TC tells Whitney Chad probably cannot hear her as he appears to be unconscious. Hank tells Luis and Sheridan he did not realize he was so close to Sheridan, he only wanted to see what was happening with Chad. Sheridan kisses Luis and wishes him good luck in rescuing Chad. Eve sees how happy Sheridan and Luis are and she is happy for them. Sam gets ready to repel own the side of the mine shaft to bring up Chad. Sam starts going down the sides of the shaft slowly. Kay is totally amazed at the room she is in and tells the lady a person could stay there for ever. She informs Kay that she has stayed there for ever and then Kay believe her to be an old woman hiding in a bomb shelter trying to avoid the cold war. She tells Kay she is not hiding from the cold war at all. She tells Kay her true hearts desire is Miguel. Kay wonders if this woman is a psychic. She tells Kay had it not been for Charity, Miguel would be hers. Kay tells her that is what Tabitha her neighbor told her. The woman tells Kay she knows Tabitha and that they go way back. She also tells Kay that Tabitha will soon be coming to see her. She will arrive as soon as Tabitha extracts herself from the shocking situation she currently finds herself in! Miguel steps into a corner of the mine shaft while the bolder rolls right past him. Charity suddenly stops zapping Tabitha and Timmy as she realizes Miguel has avoided the bolder. Charity is very angry about this and causes a cave in. Flying debris falls and hits Miguel knocking him to the ground. Everyone is watching Sam scale down the mine shaft. Suddenly they all hear a noise and wonder what it is. It is a cave in, the same cave in that Charity is causing. Miguel is running through the falling debris while Sam is hanging in mid air. Ivy screams out Sam's name and Pilar tells her not to give away her secret past. In the hidden room, the woman shows Kay what it is she wanted to show her. It is a mirror. She tells Kay to look into the mirror and she will see her heart's desire. Kay wants to see so the woman tells her to keep looking. Kay sees herself and Miguel making love. It seems so real to Kay. The woman tells Kay tat Miguel will be in the room very soon. Suddenly, Miguel is sucked through a wall! Charity, Tabitha and Timmy hear a laugh. Tabitha realizes that Kay and Miguel have found Hecuba's cave. They have to find her cave as it is a powerful cave belonging to a powerful witch Tabitha knew from many years ago. The woman tells Kay that her name is Hecuba as Miguel comes through the wall. Miguel wonders where he is as Kay explains that it belongs to ... to ... but she cannot find the woman as she seems to have disappeared! Sam continues to try to get to Chad. The rope suddenly slips and Sam is falling. Grace screams out Sam's name. Charity, Tabitha and Timmy look for the cave. They have to find it before Miguel and Kay figure out the great power it possesses or they know they will all die. Miguel tells Kay they have to find Charity. Once again, Kay tries to convince Miguel that Charity is evil. Miguel tells Kay she is in shock due to the fall in the mineshaft. Kay asks Miguel to look in the mirror. Miguel sees Charity zapping him while Kay sees her making love to Miguel. They both see two different things and Miguel tells Kay what he sees is not possible. Kay tells him that it is indeed possible. Sam tells everyone he is all right but the ledge that Chad is on is suddenly falling away. Kay and Miguel are seeing two different images in the mirror as Hecuba states she is about to have three more visitors. Charity says that Kay and Miguel have to die now. Tabitha finds the door to the cave. Charity is preparing to kill Miguel and Kay. TC tells Whitney that Sam will save Chad. Julian thinks Sam is insane and hopes Grace does not have any ideas about suing the Cranes for wrongful death. Sam reaches for Chad but Chad and the ledge suddenly fall...

Wednesday, October 25, 2000

The Crane Mansion:
Ethan brings Theresa into the living room, telling her that he is going to get Gwen to come sit down with them and discuss the situation they find themselves in. This has to be settled. Ethan goes and asks Gwen to come down to the living room so they can all talk. Gwen is furious and tells Ethan she does not want anything to do with Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald. Rebecca tells Gwen to do as Ethan asks. Ethan tells her if she does not come downstairs, he will take it as a sign that she does not want to be a part of his life any more. When Gwen is alone with Rebecca, she again tells her mother she is not having a sit down with Theresa. In the living room, Ethan finds Theresa shaking. Theresa tells Ethan she cannot help it as her whole life is on the line. Gwen tells her mother she is not going downstairs and act like Theresa is her equal. Rebecca tells her she has to face that witch and show Ethan that she is better than Theresa. Rebecca tells her she is going to have to act vulnerable. Gwen agrees to do this if that is what her mother thinks is best. Rebecca then tells Gwen she can get revenge on Theresa once she and Ethan are finally married. Theresa tells Ethan that this is the first time she is in the Crane house as an equal. Ethan tells her she has always been an equal but asks her if she really feels that different. Theresa explains that the Crane house represents people's dreams and she is now in the house as a woman in love. At least she has come that far. Rebecca picks out an outfit for Gwen to wear so she can go downstairs. Again she tells Gwen she is going to have to be hypocritical to get Ethan back again. What ever Gwen does when she goes downstairs will determine if she will become Mrs. Ethan Crane or not!

Hecuba's Cave:
With a wave of her hand, the witch Hecuba closes the door of her cave on Charity, Tabitha and Timmy. Charity is furious and they reopen the door to the cave. Hecuba sends bats flying out at them. Kay and Miguel are still looking in the mirror and Miguel realizes that Charity is in fact trying to kill him. Kay and Miguel know they are both seeing different things in the mirror. Miguel wants desperately to get out of the cave so he can find Charity. Hecuba puts Kay and Miguel in another room as she determines it is not time for them to meet up with Charity, Tabitha and Timmy yet. Charity hears Hecuba's laugh and she is furious. Charity uses her powers to zap through the solid rock wall to find the door to the cave and they reenter the cave. Hecuba tells them that Kay and Miguel are not there because they had another engagement. Charity is frustrated and tells Hecuba she is going to pay with her life. Charity starts zapping Hecuba but nothing is touching her. Hecuba welcomes Tabitha and tells her it is nice to see her again. Tabitha puts on the sweet act and asks Hecuba if it is really her! Hecuba reminds Tabitha it has been three hundred years since they have seen each other and since Tabitha put a curse on her that closed her in the cave. Miguel and Kay are back in a tunnel of one of the mines. Kay hears the laughter and wonders what it is. Kay falls and hurts her arm and Miguel rips a piece of cloth from his pants to tie off the cut. Miguel tells Kay they have to be strong and find a way out of the mine. Hecuba's tells Charity her zapping nonsense does not work in her cave. Timmy asks Tabitha why every witch hates her. Hecuba tells Tabitha her powers are strong as she has had three hundred years to work on them. She tells Timmy she knows his future and invites him to come look in her mirror. Timmy sees himself at a book signing surrounded by beautiful women. Naturally, he is very excited. Tabitha wishes to see her future as well. What she sees really disturbs her. She sees and old decrepit woman who looks like a prune. Charity tells her she will look that way because she will not get her powers back. Charity then wants to know what the mirror can tell the evil spirits. Hecuba tells her, her mirror cannot tell Charity her future. Charity is mad. Hecuba sends Tabitha, Timmy and Charity away as she wants to take a rest. When they are back in the mine, Charity tells them it is now time to kill Miguel. Kay and Miguel have taken another path to try to find Charity. Miguel finally finds her. When Charity turns around, her eyes are glowing and Kay tells Miguel they are going to die. Miguel asks Charity if she is all right. Charity laughs and tells Miguel that the vision he saw in the mirror is about to become reality. Tabitha is excited. She tells Timmy that victory is finally theirs as Charity prepares to finish Miguel off!

The Harmony Ruins:
Sam managed to get Chad before he falls in the mineshaft. Luis, Hank and TC are pulling Sam and Chad up but the rope is starting to fray. Julian looks suspiciously at Ivy as she is so concerned for Sam. Pilar reminds Ivy not to ruin her life so she had better act normal. Hanks tells Sam to grab his hand as the rope finally snaps. He manages to pull Sam and Chad to safety. Ivy sees Sam and Grace share a tender moment. Sam tells Grace nothing could ever take him away from her. Sam tells Hank that he is very proud of him and their father would be proud as well. Hank tells Sam there is a lot about him that he doesn't know about. Chad is unconscious. Grace and Pilar know they need water but they do not want to leave the site in case one of their children are rescued. They ask Sheridan if she could go to the spring not far from the original settlement to get water. Pierre orders Hanks to follow Sheridan and kill her while nobody is around. Eve examines Chad and tells Whitney that he is going to be okay and she asks her to watch him. Eve is upset at how Whitney seems to care for Chad and she tells her she hopes she is not falling for Chad. He is not the kind of boy her daughter should become involved with. Luis wonders where Sheridan is and finds out she went up to the spring. He cannot find Hank and knows he probably went with Sheridan. Luis says he feels okay if Sheridan is with Hank as he will protect her. TC and Sam have an idea of another rescue attempt. Sheridan is looking for the spring. She walks into a branch of a tree and falls down. She hears voices of the spirits of the original settlement. They are telling her to beware and be careful. Sheridan sees the spirits and she wants to know what is going on! She tells the spirits she knows them; they are Sam, Grace and Charity. She asks them who wants to kill her. They tell her now that she has found Luis they will kill her. Pierre gives Hank a gun and tells him to shoot her. Chad is still unconscious and he is dreaming. He is telling Eve and TC that he is in love with Whitney but her parents are totally against it. Chad starts talking in his sleep and tells Whitney that he loves her but they can never be together because of her parents. Whitney is crying. Sam wants to go down in the mine but Ivy screams. Julian again wonders about Ivy and Sam. Ivy asks Julian to go down in the mine but naturally, Julian will not even hear of it. Charity becomes aware of another rescue attempt and uses her powers to destroy the latest effort. Sam is safe but everyone is concerned about him ~ especially Ivy. The spirits again warn Sheridan that they are coming to kill her. She faints. Chad tells Whitney in his sleep that he will always love her. Whitney kisses Chad. Everyone asks Sam what they are going to do next to try to rescue the kids. Julian tells Sam he wishes there was something Crane Industries could do. Sam tells him he had better come through or he will be spending time in jail. Julian looks worried...

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Thursday, October 26, 2000

The Crane Mansion:
Ethan is calling for Gwen to come downstairs and talk to him and Theresa. She tells Rebecca she does not want to do this. Rebecca tells her she has to show Ethan that she is the one woman to stand by him. Rebecca continues by saying there is no way that Ethan will choose Theresa over Gwen as he is really in love with Gwen and he hardly knows Theresa. Should Ethan compare Gwen to Theresa, he will not spend the rest of his life with Theresa. Ethan is telling Theresa that Gwen is hurt and angry right now. Theresa finds a photo album full of pictures of Ethan and Gwen that go way back. Theresa asks Ethan why he fell in love with her? He tells her that she is wonderful. Theresa tells Ethan that she has never done anything important and she is a "doesn't kind of matter girl." She believes she is just fooling herself as Gwen is a perfect fit in Ethan's world. Ethan tells Theresa that when he marries it will be out of love and not social status. He admits that he does still love Gwen. He tells Theresa he is being as honest as he can be and he just cannot erase his past and the fact that he has been in love with Gwen for so long. He again tells Theresa that in spite of everything, he loves her and Gwen does not want to share him with Theresa. Ethan stresses again that they are going to work things out tonight. Ethan gives Theresa a hug as Rebecca and Gwen walk into the living room. Ethan tells Gwen he is glad that she came down. He asks Rebecca to leave as he wants to be alone with Gwen and Theresa and he has had more than enough of her meddling. He continues to tell off Rebecca by stating that what happened was not Theresa's fault and she set Theresa up. Rebecca calls Theresa names and Ethan tells her not to do that. Rebecca continues to tell Ethan that Gwen is the one who really has a good reason to be angry. Ethan tells her he is sick of her excuses and he wants her to leave NOW! Ethan tells the ladies that he is sorry he has put them in this horrible position. He needs time to resolve the problem and figure out what to do about it. In the back ground, Rebecca is eavesdropping and says Ethan had better choose Gwen or he won't live to see thirty. Ethan tells the girls he is at fault for hurting both of them. Gwen tells Ethan he needs time to think so he should go away for a while. Perhaps Europe would be good. Theresa tells Ethan he can't go away as she will die without him. Ethan continues to speak from his heart and says he stands to loose both of them. He does not want to follow in his father's footsteps or those of all the Crane men that came before him. His marriage has to be based on honesty. He is not like Julian in that way. He wants to fight the Crane DNA and not do what all the Crane men before him have done. Ethan is aware that his family is disgusted with him for not doing that and they probably think he is less than a Crane. Gwen tells Ethan that is why they belong together as they are form the same world, the same social class. Ethan continues to say that if he was not a Crane he expects his life would be much easier. Theresa remembers having a conversation with Pilar about Ethan's parentage. Theresa tells Ethan she wants to tell him something ... something he should know .

The Harmony Ruins:
Chad is talking while he is unconscious and Whitney is listening. Sam tells Julian he can and will send him to jail unless he helps them rescue Tabitha and the children who are trapped in the mines. Grace has another premonition and proclaims that the children are going to die. As Whitney is kissing Chad, he opens his eyes. Sam tell Julian that he has to bring in a crew from Crane Industries. Julian refuses to do that. Pilar pleads with him and again Julian tells them he cannot do what they are asking of him. Sam and the others tell Ivy that her husband is a most despicable kind of man. Ivy agrees with them. Eve tries to clam Grace. She tells Eve that she senses a different kind of danger that the children are in. It is danger from pure evil. Her premonition shows that something evil is going to happen. Chad asks Whitney what happened. They were in the middle of something special and as soon as he opened his eyes, Whitney is turning her back on him -- again. Whitney tells him it has to do with Tiffany and she does not want anything to do with a guy who would put a girl in the situation Chad put her in. Pilar begs Ivy to try to persuade Julian. Ivy says she does not think she could make a difference but she does agree to try. Ivy asks Julian how he cannot do what Sam asks of him. Julian replies yet again that the request is impossible. He would have to call in crews off other jobs and that would cost a small fortune! Everyone realizes that Julian will not accommodate their request as it has to do with money! Sam tells Julian he will cite him under the good Samaritan law. He orders him to get a construction crew up to the mines now! He also reminds him that he committed a crime by not sealing up the mines as he was supposed to do in the first place. Julian tells Sam he is a public servant and he does not take orders from him. Sam reminds him that at the moment he is a father with a daughter and a niece who are lost in the mine. He is trying to save lives and Julian is refusing to help. Pilar tells Julian that God will reward him if he does this deed. Julian becomes very irritated and tells everyone they are all a bunch of hypocrites. They all go around bad mouthing the Cranes and now they want his help. Grace looks Julian directly in the eyes and ask him if he is going to help them or not. Chad is telling Whitney he never met any girl by the name of Tiffany and if he had got her pregnant he would stand by her as he does not run away from his responsibilities. He cannot do the same thing to a baby as his mother did to him. He tells Whitney he has been more open with her and he really thought Whitney knew him better than that. He asks her if she really thinks he would do something like that. Whitney tells him it does not matter as he is better. She starts to walk away. Chad begs her not to walk away from him. Chad begs Whitney to believe him and not to run out on her feelings. He asks her point blank if she feels the same way about him as he feels about her. Grace asks Julian again to please help them. Ivy tells him that he finally has a chance to make other people see him is a different light. Pilar begs him as well. Julian tells them he cannot do what they want him to do. The crowd is getting mad at Julian and Sam tells him he hopes he rots in hell. Again Julian tells them he will not help them because he cannot. Suddenly, Julian is sucked down the mineshaft and everyone is just staring in disbelief... Will he help them now?...

The Mineshaft:
Evil Charity is telling Miguel that she is going to kill him. Charity starts to zap Miguel. Kay yells at Charity to please leave Miguel alone. Miguel asks Charity why she is doing this? He is pleading with her and Charity is fighting with her good and evil spirits. Miguel tells Charity he wants to help her because he loves her. Charity tells Miguel she will not hurt him but when she turns around to face him, her eyes are glowing. He tells Charity they will be out of the mine soon. Charity goes to Miguel and starts to choke him, crushing the life out of his lungs... As Charity is killing Miguel, Kay asks Tabitha for help. Tabitha refuses and calls her a spoiled little brat. Charity throws Miguel into the wall. He gets up as he fights for air. Charity is spazzing again as the pendant shines. Timmy is encouraging the good Charity to win over the evil Charity. Charity suddenly falls to the ground and Timmy is worried that she is dead. Suddenly, the pendant is shining and Charity wakes up. Kay tells Miguel they have to get out of there now. Miguel can make no sense out of anything. He tells Kay he cannot leave Charity but Kay insists they leave and they will come back for her when they get help. Tabitha walks over to Charity who is on the ground and tells her that Kay and Miguel are getting away. Charity says they will never get away. Kay and Miguel find an old mine cart and they try to get it to move but the breaks are stuck. Charity tells them they cannot escape from her. Miguel finally gets the break off and he jumps inside the moving car. Charity yells after them that she will find them and kill them...

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Friday, October 27, 2000

The Crane Mansion:
Theresa tells Ethan that there may be a way to resolve the situation between her and Gwen by telling him there is something he should know. As she starts to tell Ethan, the phone rings. It is Pilar. Ethan tells Theresa to take the call in the foyer. Theresa is all excited with hope of telling Ethan he is not a real Crane. Pilar asks her how she plans to get Ethan to marry her and Theresa tells Pilar she is going to tell Ethan he is Sam Bennett's son. Luis takes the phone from Pilar as she almost faints at what Theresa is planning on doing. Pilar recovers and tells Theresa she cannot tell Ethan he is not a Crane, she prohibits Theresa from telling him. Gwen asks Rebecca what on earth Theresa is up to? Again Theresa tells Pilar that Ethan can be with her if he is not a Crane. Knowing the truth would take him away from Gwen forever. Pilar tells Theresa Ivy will make sure Theresa will never see Ethan again and she will deny that Ethan is Sam's son. All the papers proving Ethan's paternity have been destroyed. Pilar even tells her daughter she will even tell people Theresa is lying if she goes through with her plan; especially since Theresa has no way of proving Ethan's parentage. Asking for a promise not to do this, Theresa tells her mother she will do the right thing. Ethan come to the foyer to see Theresa. He wants to finish the talk they are having with Gwen. He knows Theresa wants to resolve the situation as well. Theresa tells him she wants it resolved more than he would ever know as she clutches her lap top computer that contains scans of all the papers that have been destroyed. When Ethan and Theresa return to the living room Ethan again asks Rebecca to leave. She goes around the corner to eavesdrop. Ethan again states that if he was not a Crane he is sure things would be different. Theresa then asks him if he wasn't a Crane what would happen because of that? Rebecca is suddenly confused by Theresa's question and Gwen just glares at Theresa with her evil eye...

The Harmony Ruins:
Sheridan wakes up after fainting from seeing the spirits that are warning her about evil things that will happen to her. She wonders if she has been seeing things. The spirits return and warn Sheridan that someone is coming to kill her. Hank has a gun. Pierre tells him to shoot her now that he has a clear shot at her. Julian falls in the mine shaft. Ivy runs over to the spot where Julian fell in and we see that Julian is unconscious laying on the ground. Julian hears a voice telling him to "come to me..." Miguel and Kay escape from evil Charity in the mine cart. The spirits are telling Sheridan to beware of the danger. Eve tells Ivy she should not worry. Ivy seeks refuge in Sam's arms and tells him this is a nightmare. Eve sees thins and knows Ivy will do anything to get Sam to look at her. Kay tells Miguel that Charity is beyond evil as the mine cart goes faster on the track. Julian is laying on the track and Kay and Miguel see him. They cannot stop the cart. It is headed straight for Julian ... he lets out a yell! Sheridan screams and yells. She wants the voices to go away. Pierre tells Hank to kill her so Sam will find out about Hank's unsorted past. He wants her dead because Sheridan can destroy their business. Hank points the gun at Sheridan. Hearing the plea from the spirits again, Sheridan begins running. Pierre orders Hank to go after her and kill her. Sheridan suddenly falls. Hank is calling her name and he suddenly grabs her and gags her mouth with his hand. Ivy is telling Sam she has nothing to do with Crane Industries but she will see what she can do about getting a crew up at the mine site. Grace tells Ivy what she is doing is very noble especially going against Julian's wishes. Ivy needs to know if Julian is all right and Grace asks Sam to take care of Ivy. As the cart comes bounding upon Julian he declares he is too rich to die and he jumps out of the way of the cart! Miguel finally manages to stop the cart. He tells Kay he loves her. He tells Kay he is confused by Charity but he had to get away as he knew Charity would have killed him. They know there has to be a way out of the mine. Kay tells Miguel she has something to tell him. She wants him to know what is in her heart in case they never get out of the mine alive. She admits her love for him. Miguel tells Kay he loves her too but she tells him that she is in love with him and always has been. Julian is stumbling around and he falls in Hecuba's cave. Hecuba calls out his name and tells him she has been waiting for him. Sam tells Ivy he is glad she called for a crew to come to the mine site and Julian could die. Suddenly the idea of being a widow appeals to Ivy. She tells the crew from Crane Industries there is no real hurry for them to get there. Julian wonders who he is speaking to. He sees a beautiful room and realizes it is Crane property. He hides from Hecuba when he first sees her and wants to know who she is. Hecuba bids Julian a fair welcome. Kay tells Miguel what she saw in Hecuba's mirror and asks Miguel if he could have loved her. Timmy comes up with a bright idea and wants to make a deal with evil Charity. He asks if they can forget everything that has happened and call it even. Charity has a better idea. By the time she is finished she tells Tabitha and Timmy there will not be any one alive in Harmony. Miguel tells Kay he loves Charity but if she never came to Harmony then he would have loved her. Sheridan sees Hanks and she tells him he scared her. She recounted the story of the ghosts and the spirits and how they told her to run as someone is trying to kill her. Hank looks at the ground and sees the gun he dropped. As Pilar hangs up from talking to Theresa on the phone, she hopes Theresa will not go through with her plan to tell Ethan about his parentage. Luis wonders where Sheridan is and tells Pilar they have found each other again. Pilar almost has a heart attack and mentions oh no -- all this and what is going on with Ethan too. Luis wonders what Ethan has to do with anything. Of course, Pilar does not tell him. Miguel tells Kay that just before Charity came to town he was going to start dating her. He could have loved her. They hug in the cart. They kiss passionately and the cart starts going again. Tabitha and Timmy are walking down the track and she tells Timmy they are in worse trouble they have been before. She tells Timmy when Charity is around to zip his lip! The cart is coming down the track. Timmy and Tabitha are in the way and Charity is coming towards the cart waiting to destroy Miguel and Kay as they continue to kiss. Hecuba tells Julian that she lives here. Julian reminds her this is Crane property and so he should charge her rent. Hecuba tells Julian she admires the Cranes. She brings him to the mirror and tells him to look carefully. He sees two people making love and is excited about his own private porn movie. It is Sam and Ivy making love. Ivy tells Sam there is a crew on the way. She tells Sam to save the children and Tabitha first. If Julian dies, he will never know about Sam and Ivy. Pilar tells Luis Hank is going to be angry with him as he is taking Sheridan from him. He was always angry as a child and probably will act the same way as an adult Sheridan tells Hank the ghosts scared her. She realizes that it was Hank who was calling her name. He was coming after her and she asks him if he is trying to kill her...!

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