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Monday, October 16, 2000

The Harmony Ruins:
Charity is climbing up the mineshaft. Suddenly Tabitha bolted a huge bolder down the shaft, hoping to kill Charity, Kay and Miguel. The bolder falls but it does not crush any of the intended victim! The girls are okay and Miguel is still breathing. Charity decides to keep climbing the shaft. Reese and Simone arrive on the scene. Saying they heard a loud noise, Reese wonders what happened to the huge bolder and how it got into the mine shaft. Tabitha tells Timmy if the bolder did not dislodge Charity from the mine shaft, then Reese and Simone will when she knocks them down the shaft! Suddenly, Reese and Simone feel the earth shake and they know that the shaft is starting to cave in. Tabitha falls and strikes her head and they help her up. Everyone is terrified. Charity falls from her perch and along with Kay and Miguel, are covered with dirt. Reese and Simone hope their friends are not in the mine shaft as they are sure every one would be dead. This pleases Tabitha. She looks in her mirror and it appears that everyone is dead. Timmy is elated when he sees a slight movement in Charity's arm. Tabitha sends Reese and Simone back to the campsite to see if the "lost lambs" have returned. She does not want them going to the ruins as she is scared if they find the hidden box, then all evil be gone forever from Harmony. At the bottom of the mine, Charity's pendant begins to glow and the voices are telling her to come to the dark side. She replies that she is coming! Kay questions who Charity is talking to. Tabitha is sure she is now home free and by the time anyone finds Charity she will be dead. She is wary however that the pendant is the only thing that could save Charity. Tabitha feels her full powers slowly returning to her. Charity reaches out for the pendant and the angle suddenly appears telling her to fight off evil. Tabitha is celebrating telling Timmy she has finally won! Timmy reminds her it is about time as all she has been doing for the past year and a half is screwing up every time she has tried to get rid of Charity! Tabitha tells Timmy should Charity put on the pendant she will be evil forever and they are sure to be killed as a result. Charity reaches for the pendant and puts it on. The angel screams and Tabitha knows her "goose is cooked"!

Sheridan's Cottage:
Sheridan and Hank are talking about the situation with Theresa and Ethan. They know they have to tell Luis about Theresa being the girl Ethan left Gwen at the alter for, or he will be mad! Luis walks in on them as Sheridan tells Hank; "We have to tell Luis!" Luis questions what does she have to tell him. Sheridan quickly lies and tells him it is not him she is talking about but Ethan. Sheridan leaves the room to go phone Ethan and leave Hank to tell Luis about Theresa's role in the marriage breakup. Luis tells Hank the girl who stole Ethan has to be a fool for getting involved with a Crane. Luis asks Hank if he knows her and he lies by answering NO! Luis tells Hank the girl may think Ethan is special but she will soon find out what a jerk he is. Luis pity's the girl as she is in for a world of heartaches! Hank asks Luis what if Ethan and this girl are totally in love? While Hank and Luis are talking, Sheridan over hears Luis telling Hank that he cares a great deal for her. Luis cannot believe that Sheridan will not believe him about hearing him saying he was just using her. Hank tells Luis that he believes him and Sheridan hears this as well. Hank asks Luis why he has a double standard; he can get involved with a Crane but Theresa can't? Ethan calls Sheridan. She is happy to hear his voice. She tells him she all ready knows that he has called off the wedding as Gwen had visited her all ready. She told Ethan Gwen was so distraught and angry with Theresa that she threatened to kill her. Sheridan tells Ethan she knows it is a terrible time for him. Ethan persuades his aunt that he can handle the situation but he is going to have to decide who to marry. He knows he cannot marry Gwen when he is in love with Theresa. Luis tells Hank he does not know what to do about Sheridan. Hanks cell phone rings and it is Pierre. Pierre tells Hank he has to kill Sheridan and if he does not he will go to Sam and give him all the information they have on Hank's past. Luis asks him if there is trouble and Hanks tells him he is all right but has to leave. He is going to the wharf to meet with Pierre to put an end to this once and for all! Luis tells Hank he has to put an end to the situation with Sheridan once and for all as well. Sheridan tells Ethan to be careful with Luis. Ethan tells her he has seen Luis in action but he has to be told that he is in love with his sister. Ethan asks Sheridan how things are going with Luis and she tells him she cannot get what she heard Luis say on the wharf out of her head and heart. Luis over hears the conversation. Sheridan knows she has to move on or forget about Luis all together. When Sheridan is finished on the phone, Luis lets her know that he over heard her conversation. He tells Sheridan they have to talk and clear up the situation tonight! Sheridan tells Luis they will not be able to get past their differences tonight as she heard him say what he said! Luis tells Sheridan he cannot lie to her and ask her to believe him that he never did said those things she claims. They are back to square one. Luis tells her he has an idea that could change their lives forever. Luis tells Sheridan since they cannot agree about that day just pretend that that day never happened. Wipe the slate clean and start all over. He tells Sheridan what ever she heard him say on the pay phone, he did not say. Sheridan jumped a little as she told Luis he was not on the pay phone but on his cell phone. Luis tells Sheridan if she does not want to forget about that day, just to turn away from him and they will be through forever. Luis asks Sheridan again if she is going to forget about that day. He notices that she is not moving away. FINALLY, they KISS in a passionate embrace! At the wharf, Pierre tells Hank there is still a problem. He either kills Sheridan or he can be arrested by his own brother. He cannot save Sheridan but he can save himself. Pierre tells Hank if he does not do the job, Sam is going to get a package in the mail. Hank wants to talk to Sheridan and find out what she knows about the drug cartel. Pierre does not agree to this. Finally Hank agrees that he will kill Sheridan...

Pilar on her way to bed warns Theresa to stay far away from Gwen. When Pilar leaves to go to bed, Theresa and Ethan are kissing. Gwen shows up at Theresa's door and sees them kiss. Watching from the window, she calls Theresa a bitch! Gwen wants to go in and confront Theresa. She is mad enough to kill her. Just as she is about to open the front door, her mother Rebecca calls. Rebecca tells Gwen she is happy that Theresa is out of the country as she used the airline ticket she had waiting for her. Gwen tells Rebecca she did not leave as she is watching Theresa and Ethan as she is speaking to her. Pilar tells Ethan he has a lot on his plate. He is going to have to deal with the families over this marriage break up. Theresa tells her mother not to worry about a thing, everything is going to be fine. Pilar told them Rebecca showed up at her house earlier in the evening. Theresa asked her what she did and Pilar told her she lost her temper and slapped the woman. Pilar tells Theresa that Rebecca hates her as does Gwen. Theresa tells her mother not to worry as she is in love with Ethan and they will be married by the end of the year! Pilar almost passes out at that comment! Pilar pleads with Theresa to be realistic. Theresa tells her mother that her dreams are realistic. Gwen is still on the phone with her mother. She tells Rebecca she is going to kill that slut once and for all. Rebecca is truly shocked. Ethan tells Pilar and Theresa he is sure Gwen is mature enough to handle anger. Pilar tells them Gwen is like a smoldering volcano. Gwen tells Rebecca she still loves Ethan and Rebecca asks her to keep a cool head as she is sure they can still make the marriage to Ethan happen. Gwen swears she will do nothing to Theresa until she can get Theresa alone. She wants her to pay, so she will wait and then tear Theresa apart. Ethan tells Theresa he should leave. Pilar again warns them of the very grave situation they find themselves in. Ethan and Theresa kiss good night ... over and over and over! Finally they make it to the door and they share one last tempting kiss good night. Gwen is hiding out behind the bushes. After Ethan leaves, Theresa is in heaven. She is dancing around the house turning off the lights and suddenly there is a knock on the door. She figures it is Ethan who has come back for more. She runs to the door but she is confronted with an angry Gwen and baseball bat. She tells Theresa that she is going to finally get what she deserves...

Tuesday, October 17, 2000

The Harmony Ruins:
Kay sees Charity doing strange things and knows that she and Miguel are in some kind of trouble. Tabitha and Timmy are hoping Charity's demons will not be looking for the "stupid" hidden box as the end of evil will come to Harmony. In the shaft, Charity is busy zapping the angel. The angel tells Charity she cannot hurt her and that she will leave but will continue to pray for Charity. Kay wishes Miguel was awake to see what his "stupid girlfriend" was up to now! When the angel leaves, Charity proclaims in a loud voice: LONG LIVE THE DARK SIDE! Kay is scared. Tabitha and Timmy see the angel come out of the mine pit. She tells them Charity's pure soul has been lost to the dark side forever. The angle also tells them she hopes they will not die because Charity is now pure evil. Charity says both Timmy and Tabitha are both going to die. Kay thinks she is talking about her and Miguel and begs for her life. Charity says it is too late for Timmy and Tabitha as they never listened to her. Timmy is scared and Tabitha tells him they have to run and get out of there. Kay again pleads for her life as Charity sends boulders flying at Timmy and Tabitha from the bottom of the mine shaft. Huge boulders are flying through the air aiming for Timmy and Tabitha. Again, Tabitha hopes Charity's demons do not run across the box. Kay moves Miguel away from Charity. As she moves him, they hit the box that is buried in the ground. Tabitha and Timmy are trapped amid the boulders. Timmy asks Tabitha what is in the box and Tabitha tells him the box contains powers not to be found any where in the universe or beyond. They start to clear some of the boulders away so they can get away. As Kay continues to drag Miguel in the mine, the box opens and an enormous beam of light sores from the box. Tabitha exclaims: "They have found the box! It is over!"

Sheridan's Cottage:
Sheridan and Luis are kissing passionately. Sheridan tells Luis she wants him. They fall down on the bed kissing. Sheridan tells Luis she has to write a thank you note to the F.B.I. to thank them for letting him be her body guard. Suddenly, Luis stops kissing Sheridan and he tells her he has to protect her and he must act like a professional. He tells her he better go to bed and he will sleep in the living room, where he is supposed to. As Luis leaves Sheridan's bedroom he smiles and seems pleased with what happened between them. Sheridan falls on the bed in despair as Luis is standing on the other side of Sheridan's closed bedroom door -- also in despair! Luis tosses and turns on the couch; he cannot sleep! He thinks back to when he and Sheridan agreed to forget the past between them and start all over in new. He is very frustrated so he talks to himself. He really wants to go to Sheridan so to take his mind of that goal, he starts doing sit ups. Sheridan gets out of bed as she too is restless. When she walks in the living room, she cannot see Luis and finds him on the floor doing push ups! Luis tells Sheridan she better hurry up and get that cup of tea she came for. She told him she would settle for warm milk and it was less strenuous than what she has in mind! She watches Luis do sit ups. They share a laugh about how they met a year ago. Sheridan asks Luis if he has changed his mind about that "professional business"? She tells him no one would know, but he reminds her that they would know. He asks her if he can turn on the radio to check the scores. A song is playing. The electricity between them is burning. Luis tells Sheridan that he is a cop. she replies that she is a Crane. He tells her he hates Cranes! They start kissing once again. As their theme song is playing in the background, Luis takes off Sheridan's robe ...

The Crane Mansion:
Ivy is pouring herself a drink after coming downstairs. Julian enters and wonders what secrets are keeping his poison Ivy up so late? Ivy tells Julian he is the one responsible for Ethan calling off the wedding as he taunted Ethan into going to bed with Theresa months earlier. Julian is upset that Ethan is ruining the business merger. Ivy is sure Theresa will give up on Ethan. Julian tells Ivy Theresa has gone off far away using the ticket Rebecca left for her. He admitted they had Theresa's name taken off any passenger list at the airport so no one would ever know where Theresa went! Ethan walks in after hearing Julian telling Ivy the information. Ethan tells his father he is not going to manipulate his life any more. Ethan is angry at his father that he helped Rebecca send Theresa out of the country. He is standing up to his parents. Ivy asks Ethan why he had to cancel the wedding to Gwen as Julian inquires about the merger. Ethan tells his dad this wedding is not about money and stocks. He informs them he does not care about money but only what is right in his life at this time. He needs time to find out which girl he really loves. Ethan tells his parents he will speak to Gwen in the morning as he knows she is a decent and loving woman. Julian warns him that there is no furry like a woman who has been scorned. Suddenly, there is a knock at the mansion door -- in the middle of the night. As Julian goes to answer the door, very upset that no staff are around, Ethan tells his mother he though she would understand why he is doing what he is doing. Ivy tells Ethan Theresa is so far beneath him. Rebecca enters the living room and tells Ethan he is not going to get away with breaking her daughter's heart. Ethan tells Rebecca to stop making threats. Any more talk of what happened will be between him and Gwen. He tries to call Gwen on her cell phone. Rebecca tells Ivy and Julian that Gwen is at Theresa's giving her "tit for tat." Rebecca tells the Cranes Gwen does not want any one to know that she is at Theresa's house. A worried Ivy asks Rebecca if Gwen would hurt Theresa. Rebecca replies that Theresa is not in any real danger ~ she hopes but before the night is over, Theresa is going to know what it is like to deal with Gwen! Ethan returns to the living room saying that Gwen would not answer his call. He then says he has one more call to make. The Crane's and Rebecca persuade Ethan that he should not call Theresa's house now as it is really too late in the night. Ethan then goes up to bed. Rebecca tells the Crane's that they have to wait for Gwen to talk some sense into to Theresa. Ivy replies that she hopes she can...

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Theresa answers the door thinking Ethan has come back to give her another good night kiss! Gwen storms into the house with a baseball bat. Theresa is shocked but tries to clam down the vicious Gwen telling her she knows she has had a terrible night. Gwen replies by smashing everything that is on the mantle. Theresa lets out a blood-curdling scream for her mother but Pilar cannot hear her as she is in the shower! Gwen is angry with Theresa. She calls her many names and tells her she has a lying slut mouth and that she is as transparent as rain! Theresa is trying to stay clear of Gwen and her bat. Gwen swings at her and destroys everything on the hutch and buffet. Theresa runs to try to find Pilar and Gwen is in close pursuit. Gwen accuses Pilar of being in on the plan with Theresa of trying to steal Ethan away from her. Gwen admits that she pushed Theresa at Ethan thinking she was their biggest fan and best friend. She wants Theresa to call Ethan and tell him she will never see him again. Theresa refuses. Gwen smashes Theresa's picture collection of Ethan and she finds the sketch of Theresa in her bride's dress. She tells Theresa she has figured out the truth; Theresa was never helping her plan her wedding but her own! Pilar runs into Theresa's bedroom Theresa and Gwen are fighting. Gwen pushes Pilar into Theresa's closet and locks the door. Theresa becomes very angry and fights to gain control of the bat. She tells Gwen nobody treats her mother rudely! When Gwen's phone rings, Theresa sees that it is Ethan who is calling. The girls fight over the phone. Gwen tells Theresa she does not want any one to know she is at her house as she is going to kill her. Theresa grabs the phone and answers, but it is Gwen who has the phone. Theresa begs Gwen not to hurt her. Gwen tells Theresa she saw her other side and now it is time for Theresa to see Gwen's other side. Pilar is screaming from the closet, banging on the door trying desperately to get out. Gwen tells Theresa after she kills her, she will not go to jail as her family has enough connections and money to keep her out of jail. Pilar yells from the closet that if Gwen hurts Theresa and lays a hand on her daughter she will kill her. Gwen is choking Theresa. She tells her that pay back is rich as Theresa slowly slides out of consciousness...!

Wednesday, October 18, 2000
by NBC

Hank finally gives in and tells Pierre he will kill Sheridan. Pierre ducks out of sight just as Sam shows up. Sam informs his brother that the FBI has agreed to relieve Luis of his duties as Sheridan's bodyguard. Meanwhile, months of pent up desire give way as Luis and Sheridan begin to make love.

As Kay drags an unconscious Miguel away from Evil Charity, his foot knocks open the mysterious box. As a bright light shoots out, Evil Charity lets out a terrifying roar. Kay can hardly believe her eyes as Evil Charity is helplessly drawn towards the light. Above ground, Tabitha is horrified when she realizes the power has been unleashed from the box. She and Timmy can't stop themselves from looking at the light, and suddenly, they disappear.

Knowing Gwen is "taking care" of Theresa, Rebecca has Ivy and Julian persuade Ethan to wait until morning to call Theresa. Ethan begins to suspect Rebecca, Ivy and Julian are up to something and calls Theresa anyway. He's perplexed when no one answers. Meanwhile, an enraged Gwen chokes Theresa while Pilar, locked in the closet, begs her to stop. Theresa manages to escape Gwen's grip. Gwen grills the young girl about her betrayal. She then begins to strangle Theresa again just as Ethan bursts into the room, astonished by the scene before him.

Thursday, October 19, 2000

The Russell House:
Whitney has a dream about Chad coming into her room and taking off his shirt. In the dream he tells her to follow her heart and they start to kiss. Whitney tells Chad that it is not right, but he gets her to kiss him anyway. While she is dreaming, Chad is outside her window looking in. He opens the window and sneaks in. Chad walks up to her bed and sits down. He strokes her hair and wonders why she won't give them a chance. He puts his hand over her mouth and she wakes up. He tells her he will move her hand if she won't scream. She demands to know what he wants. He says he came to see her. She says he parents are down the hall and if her dad catches him, he will skin Chad alive. Chad says it is a chance he's willing to take. Whitney gets out of bed and tells him that if he doesn't have a good reason to be in her room, she wants him to leave. Chad explains that he saw someone sneaking around the shed. He says he doesn't have a phone in his room, so he came over to her to call the police. He goes over to the window and sees that light on. He says whoever broke in is still there. Whitney stops him from calling because she says she knows who is out there, it's her daddy. Chad wants to know what he's doing out there but Whitney says they don't know. Whitney tells him it was nice of him to be worried about her family. They hear someone outside in the hall and Whitney says it's her parents. Chad tries to leave but the window won't open. The doorknob starts to turn as they look on in horror.

The Mineshaft:
Tabitha and Timmy try to figure out how to stop St. Michael from destroying all evil. Tabitha tells Timmy to go over and close the box. That would shut out the light and maybe they won't be destroyed. Timmy goes over to close the box. Kay can't believe everything she is seeing. She says that Miguel is lucky to be out of it. St. Michael says that evil will be vanquished and that goodness will reign forever and ever. Meanwhile Reese and Simone search for Tabitha. When they can't find her, they wonder where everyone went. They see the light coming out of the mineshaft. They can't see anything, but they hear voices. They call Sam and tell him what's going on. Inside Tabitha tells Timmy she will miss him as she begins to disappear. She then begs him to try to close the box again. He does and he closes it. St. Michael disappears and Tabitha reappears. Tabitha, Timmy, and Evil Charity go further into the mineshaft. Kay says that she will need years of therapy after all of this. Miguel comes to. Kay tells him everything that has happened and Miguel says she must have hit her head harder than he did. Miguel goes to look for Charity and Kay follows. Evil Charity says that she will have to take care of Timmy and Tabitha since St. Michael didn't. Tabitha tells her that they have to make sure the box stays shut. They come back to where they were and find that Miguel and Kay are gone. Evil Charity decides that they must find him and kill him. Kay tries to get Miguel to go back to where they were, but Miguel wants to find Charity.

Sheridan's Cottage:
Sheridan and Luis are involved in a steamy kiss. Sheridan stops the kiss and asks Luis if he realizes the implications of throwing his badge away. He tells her right now he is a man; a man that wants her more than he has ever wanted anything before. Sheridan tells him that she wants him too. Sheridan wants to make sure Luis is sure, but Luis says that all that matters is what is happening right now. She asks him about Sam or Julian finding him, but he says she is worth the risk. They begin to kiss again and the phone starts to ring. It's Sam and Luis picks up. Sam explains what is going on at the mineshaft. Luis tells Sheridan that he has to go and she talks him into letting her go too. They both get ready and leave.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Gwen tells Ethan to ask Theresa if she has been scheming all along to get him. Ethan says he can't believe it. Gwen says she is not the sweet little girl he thought she was. Ethan tells her that he knows she is looking for someone to blame. He tells her to blame him, not Theresa. Gwen says that Theresa wants to be Mrs. Ethan Crane and she might just pull it off because Ethan is to blind to see the truth. Ethan points out that trashing Theresa's house and strangling her was crazy. Gwen says she is not crazy. She says that Theresa is the conniving little gold digger that her mother said she was. Ethan tells her to calm down, but Gwen is adamant on making Theresa suffer the same way she has. Gwen says she is a scheming, lying bitch. Pilar tells Gwen that maybe she should go home and rest. Gwen says not until she gets her say. Ethan tries to explain to Gwen that Theresa didn't have ulterior motives. He tells her that he thought that she was the only woman he loved until realized he had slowly fallen in love with Theresa. Gwen sticks to her beliefs and she brings up all of the suspicious incidents that happened. She asks Ethan if she proves that she is right about Theresa, will he still marry her. She says they still have the church tomorrow and they can still get married, and Theresa can go to hell. Gwen tells him that she can prove that Theresa has been lying and that Pilar was in cahoots with her. She shows him the pictures and the wedding sketches. She asks him if he believes her now. Ethan doesn't believe it and he still defends Theresa. Gwen leaves and Ethan follows. Pilar warns Theresa to be careful. Theresa believes she is home free, but Pilar tells her not to count Gwen out yet. Downstairs Ethan tries to tell Gwen that he loves both of them. He says he needs time to sort out his feelings. Gwen says that he is just infatuated with Theresa, but he doesn't get sex from her. She says that Theresa can't do for him what she does in bed. Ethan says it's not about sex. Gwen is infuriated with the whole situation and she leaves. Pilar and Theresa come downstairs. Ethan tells them that he doesn't know what to do anymore. Outside Gwen calls Rebecca and tells her she lost him. Rebecca tells her that she tried to warn her that Ethan was coming. Gwen tells her that Ethan caught her with her hands around Theresa's scrawny little neck. Gwen says that Theresa then went into victim mode and Ethan bought it. Gwen says she doesn't know what to do to get him back, but Rebecca says she does. Gwen says she will do anything. Rebecca tells her to forget her anger and to act like she is devastated and fragile like Theresa does. Gwen says she will try to Ethan comes out. Gwen starts crying and Ethan takes her in his arms. Theresa looks on and tells Pilar that Ethan is so nice to be worried about Gwen, but he doesn't love Gwen like he does her. Pilar tells her that Gwen has just begun to fight. As Ethan consoles her, Gwen smiles.

The Mineshaft:
Sam arrives and assembles a search team. He says he hopes that none of the kids have fallen into the mineshaft. Evil Charity calls out in Charity's voice trying to get Miguel to come save her. Timmy and Tabitha try to leave but Evil Charity won't let them.

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Friday, October 20, 2000
by NBC

The Russell House:
Eve is knocking at Whitney's bedroom door. Chad is still in Whitney's room and does not want Eve to find him there. Whitney tells him to hide. Eve opens the door and wonders what is going on in the bedroom. Eve tells Whitney she heard voices and Whitney convinces her it was the radio she heard ~ one of those call in radio shows. Eve tells Whitney she does not want her staying up too late as she has to be in shape to beat her opponents at tennis. She asks Whitney if Chad woke her up, wondering if he is playing his music too loud since they share an adjoining wall. Eve tells Whitney she has come to think more about Chad but he is still not good enough for her girls due to his living on the street, no family background and lack of education. Chad is hiding behind the door and he hears every word Eve says to Whitney. TC suddenly shows up and tells Whitney and Eve he is going to the ruins to be part of the rescue crew. He cannot locate Chad and he tells them he really needs him. Eve prepares to go with TC and Whitney tells her parents she will get dressed and join them. Chad tells Whitney he heard everything her mother said about him and wonders if perhaps her mother is right. Chad then leaves. As the Russell's are heading off for the ruins, Chad meets them. TC tells Chad he is glad he just got home in time, explaining about the disaster at the ruins. Chad is ready to go. TC tells Chad that he is starting to become a part of the family! Whitney and Chad exchange glances...

Gwen continues her little girl crying act outside Theresa's house, making Ethan feel bad that he called off the wedding. As Gwen cries, Pilar and Theresa watch the spectacle and Theresa tells her mother Ethan is so kind and even though he is still comforting Gwen, Ethan really loves her. Gwen apologizes to Ethan about her display of temper and vows to work on her temper. Ethan tells her he is not sure about the future for anyone. Gwen very convincingly faints and Ethan catches her, telling her he will take her back to the Crane mansion as that is where her other is. Pilar tells Theresa that Gwen and her family as well as the Crane's will not give up trying to get Ethan and Gwen married. Theresa tells Pilar that Ethan is not really a Crane and suspects that in his heart, he knows he is not a Crane. Pilar tells Theresa to forget all about Ethan's parentage. Luis calls Pilar and tells her about the situation at the ruins. He blames the Cranes once again for messing things up. Theresa wants to call Ethan to tell him about the disaster but Pilar tells her not to. Theresa then tells Pilar she will just go over to the Crane mansion and tell Ethan herself. Pilar calls the mansion and warns a very rude Julian to send Theresa home whenever she gets there. Rebecca is elated that Theresa is on her way over. She tells Julian Theresa is going to have a surprise of her life when she gets to the mansion!

The Crane Mansion:
Rebecca and Julian are in the living room scheming. Rebecca needs Julian's help in order to have her plan succeed. Julian tells Rebecca he will do what ever it takes in order to get Ethan and Gwen married. Rebecca tells him they cannot let Ivy know about any of their plans. Ivy walks in at the precise moment and asks them what they are up to. Julian tells Ivy they are just talking about Ethan and Gwen. Ethan enters the mansion with Gwen in tow. Rebecca says it was such a terrible night for all of them and they are all drained and asks permission to spend the night at the mansion. Julian immediately agrees to the request. Rebecca gives Gwen one of Ivy's beautiful night gowns. She tells her to put it on and that she will have to sleep with Ethan. Rebecca tells Gwen she is going to have to use her sexuality to get Ethan back. She tells Gwen it works for her so it will work for Gwen as well. She convinces Gwen that she can get Ethan in bed. Julian has taken out the maps for the land they own at the ruins. Ethan wants to go with his parents to the ruins to help in the search and rescue operation but Rebecca and his parents say no! Ivy tells Julian she is going to go with him to the ruins to be with Pilar. She hopes nothing bad has happened to Pilar's son. Ethan wonders where Gwen is and Rebecca tells him she has put her to bed. Theresa shows up at the mansion and she tells Rebecca when she is married to Ethan, she will pay her back for trying to get her out of the country. Rebecca tells Theresa that Ethan is busy at the moment, making love to Gwen. Theresa does not believe that Gwen is in bed with Ethan. In his room, Ethan calls Theresa and leaves a message, telling her he loves her. He removes his clothes and goes to the wash room. Gwen sneaks into his room and gets in Ethan's bed. She take a glass of water and puts water drops in her eyes to make it look like she is crying. She begins to sob uncontrollably, trying to lure Ethan out of the bathroom. Ethan finally comes out when he hears the loud sobs. Gwen tells Ethan is just feels so natural for her to be with him in the bed they have shared many times before. She asks Ethan to put his arms around her and hold her one more time. Ethan tells Gwen he will hold her but he will not make love to her. Rebecca brings Theresa up to Ethan's room. She dares Theresa to open Ethan's bedroom door. She opens it and is shocked to see Ethan and Gwen in bed kissing!

Pierre tells Hank now that Luis is removed as Sheridan's bodyguard, he has the perfect opportunity to kill her. Hank is outside Sam's house and Grace comes out. She tells Hanks that she is on her way to the ruins and informs him what has happened. Hank tells Grace he will go to the ruins. When they get there, Pierre shows up and tells Hank to kill Sheridan. He doesn't have to shoot her, he can just push her down a mine shaft. Now that Luis is in love with Sheridan, Pierre tells Hank Sheridan is no more interested in him so he should not have any trouble killing her.

Luis and Sheridan are driving to the ruins to help with the rescue effort. Sheridan asks Luis if he is okay and he tells her he is fine. He tells Sheridan he hopes they can share many more memorable evenings. He is worried that he will not be able to stay close to Sheridan at the ruins. Sheridan puts a tape in the car stereo and we hear their love song. Luis promises Sheridan they will take off after everyone is found at the ruins. Sheridan informs Luis that where they are going is all Crane property.

The Harmony Ruins:
Sam and his rescue team are searching for Tabitha and the kids at the ruins. Reese tells Sam of the golden light they saw and the fact that the earth shook like an earth quake. Suddenly, the earth opens and Simone is almost swooped into a mine pit. Charity, Tabitha and Timmy wonders who is doing all the screaming. Kay and Miguel are in the mine tunnels, trying to find Charity. Miguel tells Kay they are not leaving until he finds Charity. Kay tells Miguel everything she remembers about being in the shaft with Charity and admits that she is scared of Charity. Tabitha is worried that Grace Bennett will find the box and use the powers of goodness to put an end to her, Timmy and Charity. Evil Charity tells Tabitha the only way they are going to get rid of the box is to destroy the mine shaft. Miguel questions Kay as to why she is scared of Charity. Kay tells Miguel she thought she was only living a dream at first but explains about the box, the bright golden light, St. Michael and everything that happened while Miguel was out! She tells Miguel she say Charity with her own eyes and she knows she is evil. Miguel tells Kay she is crazy but Kay insists they have to stay away from Charity. Sam is telling TC and the others as they arrive that he is not sure what is going on. He does know one thing for sure however and that is the mines were supposed to be all sealed by the Crane family. He blames the Crane's for what has happened and he apologizes to Sheridan. Sam orders Julian to get to the ruins. He tells Julian he will bring him down if any thing bad happens to any of the kids or Tabitha. He reminds him the mines were supposed to have been sealed off years ago so he is holding Julian responsible and can in fact have him charged. Miguel is angry with Kay for saying nasty things about Charity. Charity is mad at Kay as she is the cause for keeping Miguel away from her. Charity wants to teach Kay a lesson. A flick of Charity's finger tips and we see Kay falling in quick sand. Miguel tries to save her. Grace is crying and is very upset. Sam comforts her. Timmy is complaining about the bugs in the mineshaft. Evil Charity elevates Timmy and leave him hanging in mid air due to his complaining. Now that Charity has finished Kay, she is going to finish Miguel. Miguel is trying desperately to save Kay. When he rescues Kay, she tells Miguel that she was sure something was pushing her in the quick sand and it was Charity. She tries to convince Miguel Charity has evil powers. Tabitha stands up to Charity and tells her she is the major screw up this time. Having Miguel with Kay, she is sure Kay will tell him everything. Charity cries out for Miguel in her normal voice. Miguel wants to rush to save Charity but Kay nods her head NO - she does not want him to go near her. Julian arrives at the ruins. Luis grabs him and tells him the situation is all his fault. Sheridan is very angry with Julian as well. Chad wants to go into the mine shaft to help save the others. Whitney tells him that is too dangerous as does TC. Grace has visions of the box in the mineshaft. Kay warns Miguel to stay away from Charity but he will not have anything to do with that. Kay then asks Miguel to look into her eyes when they find her. Charity knows most of the town of Harmony are at the ruins. She tells Tabitha and Timmy she is going to finish off Miguel and they the entire town of Harmony! Suddenly, Timmy who has been levitating in mid-air, falls to the ground. The box is shaking and Timmy yells; "OH NO, THE BOX IS GOING TO OPEN...!"

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