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Monday, September 11, 2000

Rebecca and Gwen awaited word on the condition of Gwen's father. Rebecca was concerned about Gwen being away from Ethan and sternly advised her daughter to never trust him. Gwen was relieved to learn her father just had indigestion, and had not suffered a heart attack . Meanwhile, Ethan and Theresa broke from their kiss. Ethan expressed regret at not having waited until Gwen returned to reveal his feelings. While Ethan assured Theresa he did indeed love her, he also still loved Gwen. Theresa asked Ethan if he still intended to marry Gwen. He said he would not go ahead with the wedding.

Eve confessed to Father Lonigan about lying to Luis and Sheridan. She explained how she covered up the truth about the murder so Luis and Sheridan could have a chance at a future together. Father Lonigan comforted Eve about her own past. Not recognizing Father Lonigan from behind, TC went ballistic when he saw someone embracing an emotional Eve. TC marched over and demanded an explanation, but quickly apologized when he realized his mistake. Eve worried how TC would react if he ever found out about her past.

Luis and Sheridan were both relieved she hadn't killed his father -- or so they thought. Luis told Sheridan it was time she knew how he felt about her. However, Luis couldn't bring himself to admit his love for her.

A worried Reese and Simone watched from outside the shed as Miguel and Kay fought off the snakes. Meanwhile, Evil Charity continued to use her powers to make the situation more dangerous for Miguel and Kay. Miguel told Charity how much he loved her. Charity briefly returned to her normal self, but the demons quickly took over again. As Miguel continued to declare his love for her, a battle between good and evil was played out inside of Charity.

Tuesday, September 12, 2000

As a baffled Charity listened to Miguel's strange tale, Kay told Simone she was sure her cousin had somehow perpetrated the snake attack in the shed. Julian and Alistair agreed that Ethan's marriage to Gwen was of primary importance to the Crane clan. Meanwhile, Ethan admitted to Theresa how much he dreaded having to tell Gwen that he was calling off the wedding.

After Harmony's teens reported the details of their bizarre evening to the police chief, Sam questioned a nervous Tabitha about how deadly African mambo snakes could have found their way into a coastal New England town. Ivy gleefully reported to her father-in-law how Julian had urged Ethan to sleep with the housekeeper's daughter. Worried about her brother's reaction to the news that she and Ethan were in love, Theresa realized that Sheridan held the key to making Luis see the light.

Tabitha and Timmy hovered around the Bennett house, hoping for an opportunity to snatch the pendant away from Charity. Ethan confided to an astonished Sheridan that he loved Theresa. Grace trembled to discover that her horoscope for the month exactly matched the little angel's warning.

Wednesday, September 13, 2000

Ethan and Sheridan continued talking about Ethan's feelings for Theresa. Sheridan reminded Ethan that the Crane family would not be happy with his decision to call off the wedding. Ethan told his aunt that he could not marry Gwen when he was in love with Theresa too. Sheridan worried about Luis's reaction, but Ethan told her that Theresa was going to handle Luis and that everything would work out. Ethan told Sheridan he had to worry about Gwen first, and then he would take on Luis.

Luis couldn't figure out what had Theresa on Cloud Nine. Theresa rambled on about how happy she was and how it had been the best day of her life. All the while, Pilar was listening from the kitchen. Pilar overheard Luis say that he and Sheridan had grown closer. Theresa started to tell Luis about her and Ethan being in love, when Pilar -- shaken up from thinking about what the Cranes would do to her children -- dropped the coffeepot she was holding. Luis and Theresa rushed to her, but Pilar acted as though she was worried about Luis and Sheridan growing closer. Luis went to get a bag ready to go back to Sheridan's, and Pilar warned Theresa not to tell Luis.

Theresa prepared a meal for Luis. Luis took the opportunity to assure his mother that everything would be okay if he and Sheridan reconciled their differences. Luis started to go out of his car to put up his bag, when Theresa walked toward him from the backyard. Luis told her to take it easy, since she had just had the accident. Theresa told him that the reason she was so happy was because she had fallen in love with a man, and the man loved her back. Luis hugged her. Then he asked the man's name as Theresa smiled nervously.

Gwen and her mother continued to argue about Theresa being after Ethan. Gwen didn't believe it for one second. Gwen listened to messages from Ethan and told her mother that he was worried and did love her. Rebecca told Gwen that she had stolen Mr. Hotchkiss from another woman, and it could be done. Gwen said it was too close for Ethan to call off the wedding. But Rebecca said she wouldn't be sure about that until Gwen said, "I do!"

Whitney changed Chad's bandage. She told Chad that he shouldn't leave until her mother said he was completely clear. Chad put on some music, and they talked about love. Whitney said she didn't want love if she had to go through all the pain Ethan and Theresa would have to go through. Chad told her everyone needed love. Chad turned off the music; he and Whitney both thought back to deals they had made with their friends. Chad walked back over to her. "There is something I have to tell you," they both said in unison.

Thursday, September 14, 2000

Whitney and Chad were on the verge of admitting their feelings to one another, but Kay and Simone unwittingly interrupted them. Kay noted the romantic mood and purposely broke up their moment. Kay continued to make Chad think Simone had an eating disorder. Kay warned Chad not to tell Simone he didn't really love her, or it might drive her over the edge. Later, Kay lied to Whitney when she said Chad had recently gotten a girl pregnant and was turning his back on her. Whitney was stunned.

On the phone with Gwen, Ethan was put on the spot when she asked him to assure her mother he still wanted to get married. An uncomfortable Ethan deflected and asked to speak with Gwen alone and in person. Gwen told Ethan they could talk the next day. Meanwhile, Alistair told Julian to make sure Ethan and Gwen's wedding went off without a hitch, since the merger of the two families was so important for Crane Industries. Julian informed his father he had sent Gwen some Crane family heirlooms, which should reassure Rebecca about the wedding.

Theresa prepared to tell Luis she was in love with Ethan Crane. She mentioned the guy she liked had money, prompting Luis to go off about the Cranes. A flustered Theresa defended Ethan. Miguel and Pilar heard them arguing and interrupted before Theresa could tell Luis the truth. Theresa inadvertently reminded Luis how Sheridan had broken things off with him without an explanation.

Luis angrily reached the conclusion he could never have a relationship with Sheridan. A miserable Theresa decided to keep her relationship with Ethan a secret, but Luis still wanted to know the name of her guy. Meanwhile, Sheridan confided to Ethan that she didn't know what kind of man Luis really was. Even though she was positive she had heard him say those things on the wharf, Sheridan couldn't help but be drawn to him.

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Friday, September 15, 2000

After believing Kay's lie about Chad getting a girl pregnant, Whitney gave Chad the cold shoulder. Whitney related the story to TC, but left out Chad's name. Kay feared Whitney and Chad would realize she had lied when she saw them talking. Kay separated the couple and told Whitney the girl Chad had impregnated had miscarried and left town. Later, Chad told Eve he had recovered enough to move back to his own place. Eve admitted she no longer saw Chad as a bad influence on her daughters. Simone was disappointed to learn Chad was leaving.

Sheridan told Luis she had gotten her first good night of sleep in years since it appeared she hadn't killed anyone. Luis and Sheridan grew closer when she revealed she had dreamed about him. The two almost kissed but memories from when Sheridan turned her back on Luis pulled the two apart. Sheridan privately wondered if she was wrong about Luis and decided he might be able to explain what she had heard. Luis announced to Hank and Sheridan that he might not be her bodyguard much longer. Luis and Sheridan continued to put distance between each other.

Theresa was disturbed when she dreamed about Luis and Gwen breaking up her wedding to Ethan. She began to doubt a future with him. However, Ethan showed up at her door and swept her into a kiss. Pilar warned Ethan of his family's reaction to his decision. Ethan insisted he couldn't marry Gwen when he had feelings for Theresa. Later, Theresa heard Ethan say, "I love you," as he left a message for Gwen. A crestfallen Theresa said Ethan would never give Gwen up for her. Meanwhile, Gwen arrived at the Crane mansion, looking for Ethan.

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