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Monday, March 27, 2000

Most of the show takes place at the Seascape Restaurant.

Eve is talking on the telephone when someone starts caressing and kissing her neck. She thinks that it is TC, but it is Julian. Julian tells her that he wants her. Eve tries to fight him off, but he says that she has always been a temptress. She tells him that if TC catches them together, he will kill him. TC calls out to Eve, and she tells Julian that he had better make himself scarce. Julian grabs a tray and pretends to be a waiter. He spills the tray.

Sam goes into the coat room to find Grace's jacket, when Ivy sneaks up behind him. She startles him and they fall to the floor. Grace is outside the room and wonders what is going on. Ivy says that she wants him to remember what they had. Sam says that he has no intention of letting her hurt Grace and told her again that there was nothing going on between them. TC stops Grace from entering the room. Sam comes out and tells Grace that he couldn't find her coat. Sam and Grace go to the table, and TC says that he wants to find Eve. TC tells Eve that she looks a little stressed. She tells him that she is okay, but that she couldn't wait until they got home. AT the table, Grace leaves and Sam thanks TC for helping him out earlier with Ivy. Eve can't believe Ivy's nerve and states that she has to be stopped. She notices lipstick on Sam's cuff. He said that he didn't know how he would tell Grace about Ivy now, considering how upset she was about her friend's marriage breakup due to infidelity. A waiter comes to the table and tells them that they all have an important phone call. He also approaches Ivy and Julian about the phone call. The phone call is from Alastair Crane. He compliments them all on their marriages and being faithful to each other. He tells them that the evening is on him, but TC and SAm both say that they can take care of their own meal. Alastair tells them that's it's already done. TC and SAm wonder if he was making references to Sam and Ivy. Eve and Julian look nervous. Grace asks Ivy and Julian to join them, but Sam says that they should leave so that they could see the girls before they go off on their ski trip. TC and Eve also decide to leave.

Whitney and Theresa are sitting at a table. Theresa says that Ethan came to the restaurant on this very night because fate told him that they belonged together. Whitney tells her that she would hate to see her get her heartbroken, because Ethan was engaged to Gwen. Ethan asks Theresa to dance, and she immediately joins him on the dance floor. Chad approaches Whitney. He tells her that he works there. He tells her that the last time Theresa was dancing with Ethan, Whitney wanted the plug pulled. She said that she had no intention of doing that because she realized that she couldn't stop that train wreck. Chad says that Theresa looks happy and wonders how Whitney knows that Ethan isn't the right man for her. Whitney states that he is engaged to someone else, and is planning to marry her. Chad said that maybe Theresa is that girl. He asks Whitney is she had ever been in love and she remarks that she hadn't. He wants to know who is she to decide what is right or wrong for someone else. She says that she just doesn't want Theresa to get hurt. Ethan is asking Theresa about her boyfriend. He says that he can't understand how someone could ever let her go. She says that she is trying to get over him. The song :" Someone to Watch Over Me Plays" and they dance to that song also. Theresa rejoins Whitney at the table and Theresa asks about Chad, but Whitney denies any feelings for him. They decide that they are not hungry and makes plans to leave. Luis offers to let them take his car.

Sheridan is up on the rooftop reminiscing about the night that Luis saved her life. Luis is also there, but offers to leave so that Sheridan can have her space. She tells him that she wanted to thank him for saving her life. She tells him that she felt so safe and thought that everything would be okay. Luis wants to know what happened between them. They talk about some of the good times that they had. Sheridan remembers the night that she overheard him talking about using her over the phone and she doesn't want to discuss anything. When she rejoins Ethan at the table , he wants to know if she had finally discussed things with Luis, but Sheridan said that she couldn't. Ethan still can't believe that she is leaving.

At the Bennett House, the girls are already asleep. Grace is upset that Charity isn't going to join the girls on the ski trip. SAm is taking off his shirt, and Grace tells him to wait. He thinks that she sees the lipstick on his cuff, but she just remarks that it is the first time she had seen him wear it and how nice it looked. She leaves to go slip into something comfortable.

At the Russell's, TC tells Eve that he can't wait to see her in the negligee. He starts talking about her helping him with the puzzle box, but when he knocks on Simone's door there is no answer so they head up to their room.

Alastair makes a phone call to Julian and Julian wonders if he was talking about him and Eve. Alastair tells him that he was referring to someone else, and Julian wants to know who. Ivy is listening outside the door and wonders what he does know.

AT the restaurant, Sheridan gives Chad money to play a song for her, but he gives her the money back. As the song is playing, Sheridan has lots of flashbacks about her and Luis. Luis decides to leave, and passes by Sheridan's table as Sheridan looks at him sadly.

At Theresa's house, Whitney is spending the night. Theresa remarks that Whitney has been quiet. Theresa wants to know what Whitney and Chad discussed. Whitney said that he was just giving her his mixed up views on life and love. Whitney says that Chad doesn't have a clue about real love. Theresa asks Whitney if she had a clue because she wasn't even sure if she knew what real love was, herself. She talked about dancing with Ethan when she was supposed to be getting over him. Whitney admits that she thinks that Chad is cute, but that there was no way that she could fall for him. Theresa says that she won't let herself get carried away about Ethan and she wouldn't even dream about him, but of course she does. Whitney dreams about Chad.

Tuesday, March 28, 2000

Crane Mansion:
Julian is fooling around with the Luis mask when Ivy comes in and starts yelling at him for what he did to Sheridan. Sheridan comes in and Julian almost gets caught, but he covers his "derriere" once again. Sheridan then leaves for the airport and Julian is very proud of himself. He is really cocky until Ivy mentions the bird statue, and then he gets really upset. Ivy says Julian should be more careful when he's talking to Alistair, and Julian storms out, saying there is no bird. Ivy vows to find it.

Hank comes over to Luis' house and yells at him because Sheridan is leaving for Europe and now Hank won't have a chance with her. He asks what Luis did to Sheridan but Luis doesn't know. Hank persuades him to call and talk to Sheridan, but Luis gets Julian who tells him that Sheridan already left for Europe (Sheridan is standing right there at the time). Luis says he has to leave because he has a date with someone special (he won't say's probably his mom or something).

Sheridan chats a little with a woman named Renee about how a man drove her to Paris. Luis walks up, and Renee immediately says that this must be the guy that drove Sheridan to Paris. Luis says Sheridan never told him that was the reason she was leaving, and what is going on?

Russell House:
Kay calls Simone and reveals her new plan to get Miguel: she will seduce him when they go on the school ski trip without Charity. Simone hears her mom talking to Miguel, and Kay tells her to find out why.

Miguel shows up to talk to Eve and asks if there's anything else they can do for Charity and Eve thinks that Charity has been having more visions. However, Miguel tells her that Charity thinks she will hurt him. Eve decides to go over to see Charity.

Timmy is writing a love poem to Charity, but Tabby pulls him out of his dream world and tells him they have to get Charity to the dark side. Timmy says that Kay can have Miguel and he can have Charity, but Tabby says Charity has to kill Miguel for that to happen. Kay comes over and asks Tabitha if maybe she has a charm that will make Miguel see Kay's face, and then he'll fall in love with her. Tabby almost chokes when she finds out that Miguel and Charity broke up, but she gives Kay a worthless brooch, and Kay leaves. Tabitha tells Timmy that Charity must go on the ski trip so she can kill Miguel.

Bennett House:
Kay is getting beautiful for Miguel, and Jessica comes in to scold her about Charity. Kay says it isn't her fault that Charity is really wacko and maybe Charity has a brain virus.

Charity remembers her vision of dead Miguel and gets scared. Jessica comes in and comforts her. Miguel and Eve arrive and Charity tells Miguel they can't be together. Eve asks to talk to Charity alone and they go into the kitchen. She makes sure that Charity's visions of her and Julian will not be publicized, and then persuades her to go on the ski trip. Miguel comes in, and when Charity turns around, she sees a vision of his face covered with blood!

Wednesday, March 29, 2000

Bennett House:
Miguel comes in with Kay and Simone to ask Charity if she is coming on the ski trip, but when Charity turns around, she sees Miguel's face soaked in blood every time. She tells Miguel she can't go and won't explain why. Tabitha and Timmy are listening outside and Timmy says subconsciously, Charity wants to stay so she can be with Timmy. Tabitha says he's wrong and wonders why Charity won't go. Charity goes out into the backyard and Timmy/Tabby hide. Kay comes out to "persuade" Charity to go, but of course ends up agreeing that Charity shouldn't go. Kay goes back in the house and tells Miguel the bad news. Miguel goes to cancel Charity's reservation, and Simone scolds Kay for not really trying to persuade Charity to go. However, Kay says she didn't do it to be alone with Miguel...she really thinks that Charity is trying to kill Miguel.

After Kay leaves, Tabitha comes out of the bushes and invites Charity in for tea. When they get in the house, Charity comments that she feels so much love coming from Tabitha's doll. When Charity turns around, Timmy kisses her hand! Tabitha makes up and excuse for Timmy, and then Charity tells her that she always feels so comfortable around Tabitha because she never makes Charity feel different. She tells Tabitha about her vision of a bloody Miguel, and Tabitha secretly rejoices that Charity is still going to kill Miguel. Tabitha tells Charity that she should go on the ski trip because it will change her life.

Crane Mansion:
Ivy is searching on Julian's computer for info about the bird statue when Pilar comes in. Ivy questions Pilar about Eve's past, but Pilar doesn't know what Eve was like before she married TC. Ivy decides to pay Eve a visit.

Russell House:
Eve is cleaning Simone's room when TC comes home. They almost go in the room to look at the "puzzle" but then the timer on Eve's corn pudding goes off. Eve tells TC that she took the day off of work to be with him because she loves him so much. She starts making a dessert of some sort and TC talks to her about how he shouldn't have let Alistair pay for their dinner at the Seascape. Eve asks what TC's problem with the Cranes is, but TC just grabs his leg and tells her that the Cranes are bloodsuckers. They talk a little more about Sam and Ivy, and TC goes upstairs. Ivy comes in and Eve tells her that she refuses to be nice to Ivy when they are alone. Ivy mentions the bird statue and Eve is so shocked that she drops her cooking all over the floor. Ivy is ecstatic that there really is a bird statue that will ruin Eve's life.

Sheridan denies that she is going to Europe. Renee butts in and it turns out that she is the woman Luis is meeting at the airport! Sheridan says that Luis certainly moves fast, and Renee reveals that Sheridan is leaving because Luis used her. Sheridan says she was talking about men in general, and her and Luis start bickering. Renee says they must be in love by the way they're fighting, but they deny it. Hank shows up as Sheridan is about to board and begs Sheridan to stay. Renee tells Luis that he should ask Sheridan to stay, but his beeper goes off and Sheridan starts to get on the plane. Luis tells Renee it's time to go to her new turns out that Renee is a prisoner of Luis' and she's handcuffed to the chair--he has to take her to jail. He and Sheridan lock eyes once more before she gets on the plane. After Luis takes care of Renee, Hank comes up to him and blames Luis for Sheridan's departure. Luis tries to make light of it, but Hank says Sheridan was really special and Luis knows it. Hank says at least he's willing to admit that he will miss Sheridan.

Sheridan's Airplane:
Sheridan sits next to a little girl who is flying to Paris by herself to go to boarding school. The little girl is afraid that she will never meet anyone who will love her, and Sheridan reassures her. The little girl says she misses her mom but whenever she closes her eyes, she sees her mom. Sheridan says that's what happens when you love someone and they love you. She closes her eyes and all she sees is Luis. She decides to call Jean-Luc again but of course gets Roger. After she hangs up, Roger and Pierre agree that Sheridan will be killed as soon as she gets to Paris.

Thursday, March 30, 2000

Ethan calls Gwen and assures her that he will be working on the wedding with Theresa. Julian comes in and tries to persuade Ethan to sleep with Theresa before he gets married, but Ethan refuses and reprimands Julian for cheating on Ivy. Julian says Ethan will get bored with marriage after twenty years too. Ethan decides to go the Book Cafe and Julian says he will go along. Once they get there, they see Theresa and Julian tries to tell Ethan how great it would be to have some fun with Theresa. Chad and Ethan talk a little bit about the music for the wedding, and Julian comments that Chad looks like someone he once knew. Julian and Ethan talk a little more about Theresa, and then Julian heads home. Chad comes over with the CDs Ethan asked for and Ethan asks if Chad is a college basketball fan. Chad says yes, but he only has a radio to listen to the games. Ethan invites him to come up to his cabin with him so they can watch the game on a big screen TV and Chad accepts. They get up there (they figured out the wedding music on the ride up there) and Chad says it just doesn't get any better than this.

Whitney is remembering her dream about Chad, but Theresa pulls her out of her daydream. Kay and Miguel come in and then Kay leaves to go pick up Simone. Miguel goes over by Theresa and says Charity isn't going on the ski trip so his heart is broken. Theresa says maybe he should ask her to go just one more time. Miguel leaves to go do that, and Whitney says how excited she is about going to the ski lodge. They arrive there and discover that there is no reservation for them--Theresa forgot to mail the check! So Whitney is really angry that Theresa did that, but Theresa says she has an idea...they can stay in the Crane cabin, because no one ever goes up there anyway!

Ivy insists that Eve tell her what all the bird statue business is about, but Eve refuses to tell her. Ivy says she will not leave Eve alone unless she helps Ivy get Sam away from Grace. Eve says she's crazy and tells Ivy there is no bird statue. However, Ivy tells Eve that she overheard a conversation between Julian and Alistair and there is indeed a bird statue. Eve tells her to get out of the house with her lies. TC comes in and asks what's going on, but Eve says Ivy was just talking to her about funds for the hospital. Ivy leaves and TC says he thought Ivy was going to talk to Eve about Sam. TC mentions Simone's "puzzle" again and then says it was a wooden bird statue! Eve is shocked.

Kay comes over to help Simone with her bags, and she finds the bird statue! She forgives Simone for taking it though because everything is still working out the way Kay wants it to. Eve comes in and tells the girls to be careful and don't get in trouble like their friend Deborah who got pregnant last year. They reassure her and when she leaves, Kay says she still plans to lose her virginity to Miguel on the trip. They go out to the bus, and Simone throws away the statue when Kay isn't looking.

Back at the mansion, Julian asks Ivy where she has been. Ivy tells him that she was bird watching and Julian says she will never find out anything.

Tabitha practically persuades Charity to go on the trip but Charity still says she can't go. She runs into Miguel on her way out and she still sees him covered in blood. She says she definitely can't go on the trip and both Tabitha and Miguel try to persuade her to go. Charity says she can't understand why she's having all started with that bird statue, but the bird must be gone by now.

Friday, March 31, 2000

Crane Mansion:
Julian tells Ivy that there is no bird statue, and even if there was, he would have destroyed it long ago. Ivy refuses to believe him and reminds him of the legendary phoenix, which rose up out of the ashes. She says maybe that bird will show up soon as well. Sheridan calls to talk to Ethan but he's not home so she talks to Julian and he tells her she did the right thing by going back to Paris. He reminds her of how Luis used her and hangs up. Ivy scolds him for what he did to Sheridan too. He says he did what he had to do to protect the family. Ivy leaves and calls the Harmony Herald to place a want ad about the bird statue.

Russell House:
TC mentions the "puzzle" he and Simone were trying to take apart, and then says it was a bird statue. Eve is shocked and when he goes to look for it, she thinks that it can't be the same one she destroyed. Orville appears on the doorstep to thank Eve for setting him up at the retirement home. She tells him that the bird still may exist and he says that would be real bad. Eve gets more and more hysterical as TC looks everywhere for the bird statue. Meanwhile, the garbage man takes the statue away. TC comes back down and says he couldn't find the bird. Orville starts singing and Eve says it must be time for him to go back to the retirement home. Julian calls Eve and tells her not to give in to Ivy's harassing, and Eve tells him that maybe the bird statue wasn't destroyed after all. Julian tells her to keep looking and to call him the minute she finds it.

At the Harmony garbage dump, a homeless man is digging around through the garbage and finds the bird statue. He takes it, saying he could probably get the price of a six-pack for it.

Harmony PD:
Luis is working on his computer when Hank comes in and asks why he isn't at the youth center. Luis says he has a lot of work to do, but Hank doesn't believe him. He says that when Sheridan was there, Luis was always at the youth center, and now that Sheridan is gone, Luis hasn't been back there once. Hank says Luis has too many memories of Sheridan there and that's why he isn't going back. Luis says he can't miss Sheridan because she's gone and it's no use missing someone you'll never see again. Hank says Luis is also talking about his father who left and never came back. Hank says that must mean that Luis was in love with Sheridan. Luis says he liked Sheridan more than any woman he's met in a long time, but love is a little strong. He says Sheridan probably hasn't given him a second thought, and maybe he should find a local girl that he has more in common with. He finishes his paperwork, and he and Hank go out for coffee. Right after they leave, a fax comes in from Interpol about how the French police are looking for anyone connected to Jean-Luc.

Roger and Pierre are cleaning up at Jean-Luc's apartment, and Pierre wonders why Sheridan hasn't called. Roger says don't worry, she will, and they leave.

Sheridan arrives at her old apartment and thinks about Luis when she finds the compact he gave her. A maid comes in with flowers to welcome Sheridan back, and asks why Sheridan is so sad--did she get her heart broken in America? Sheridan says that American men are very deceiving, but she has had her heart broken before. The maid says that Sheridan is strong and it will be all right. She leaves and Sheridan calls Jean-Luc (right after Roger and Pierre leave) and leaves a message on his answering machine. After calling home and talking to Julian, she goes out on the balcony and wonders why she is in Paris, the city of lovers. She remembers some of the great times she had with Luis, but then says that things will be different...she won't ever be involved with men like Jean-Luc and Luis again.

Roger and Pierre return and get Sheridan's message on Jean-Luc's answering machine. They plot to kill Sheridan before she finds out that Jean-Luc is dead.

The Crane Cabin:
Chad and Ethan are watching the basketball game and they talk a little bit about Gwen. Chad asks what it's like to be in love and Ethan says it's great. Ethan says that Chad seems to like Whitney Russell, but Chad says they are too different. Ethan says that shouldn't matter...if he liked someone from a different social status, he'd date her. He says even though he and Gwen are both upper-class, they have their ups and downs. He explains the time that Gwen was jealous of another girl. The game is at half-time and Ethan and Chad head out to get some food.

At the ski lodge, Whitney is still mad at Theresa for forgetting about the reservations, but Theresa says the Crane cabin will make up for it. She also promises to not think about Ethan at the time they get back, Theresa won't even know who Ethan is...even though no one could ever compare to him. Theresa asks Whitney about Chad, but Whitney says there's nothing going on. She says that this weekend will at least get her away from Chad. They take a cab to the cabin, and Whitney agrees that it is wonderful. Theresa goes to the fireplace and remembers the weekend she spent with Ethan. Whitney picks up a picture of Ethan and Gwen and shows it to Theresa. She says that this is who Ethan is marrying, so Theresa should get over it. Theresa agrees and they decide to go take showers before their big sleep over.

Ethan and Chad return with pizza and beer and start watching the game. Suddenly, Ethan notices that some lights are on that he had turned off and the picture of him and Gwen has been moved. He tells Chad there is someone else in the cabin, and they shut off all the lights. They hear a noise coming from the bathrooms, so they each stand on one side of the doorway. Theresa and Whitney come out of the showers with towels wrapped around them, and Theresa hears a noise. She says someone else is here and they go to check it out. When they get to the living room, Chad grabs Whitney and pulls her away. He accidentally pulls off her towel and sees everything! Meanwhile, Ethan grabs Theresa and throws her on the couch, landing on top of her.

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