PS Recaps: The week of March 20, 2000 on Passions
Luis saved Sheridan. Theresa was to plan Gwen and Ethan's wedding. Charity nearly stabbed Miguel with scissors. Kay discovered the bird statue missing. Simone and T.C. tried to open it. T.C. asked Eve's help opening the “puzzle.” Julian made a move on Eve. Ivy trapped Sam in a compromising situation.
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Monday, March 20, 2000

At the Book Café, Whitney glared at Chad, and Theresa wanted to know what was going on because she had thought Whitney and Chad were getting along much better. Whitney said that Chad had a major chip on his shoulder, and she believed that her mother had been right about him all along. Whitney didn't know what Simone saw in him. Theresa said that Chad was hot. Pilar and Luis entered the café, and Whitney replied that Luis looked okay, but Theresa said that he was putting on a front. She said that both of them had blown their chances of being with a Crane.

Theresa said that it was bad enough losing Ethan to Gwen, but it was pure torture to see Gwen have the wedding that Theresa had intended to have for herself. Theresa said that Gwen would never know that Theresa was in love with Ethan. Whitney said that Theresa should probably stay away from the mansion, but Theresa said that she loved her job and couldn't give it up. She said that she would spend time sketching her fashion designs and carving out a career for herself. She said that she would never regret loving Ethan.

Luis told Pilar that he was going to concentrate on becoming a detective. He told Pilar that he realized that he had been right all along about the Cranes. He had realized that Sheridan wasn't really any different.

Ethan and Sheridan were at the cottage. Ethan was trying to stop Sheridan from leaving Harmony, but she said that she had to leave because she couldn't take running into Luis because Harmony was such a small town. Gwen showed up, and Ethan tried to get her to talk Sheridan into staying. Gwen said that she knew better than to argue with a Crane. Sheridan did promise to show up for the wedding.

Gwen showed Ethan and Sheridan the wedding plans that Theresa had made. She said that she felt bad for accusing Theresa of being in love with Ethan. She said that Theresa had even picked out the song for Gwen and Ethan's first dance. Gwen said she had not been able to locate the song, so Ethan suggested that she speak with Chad about it at the Book Café. They invited Sheridan to join them, but she didn't want to go because the café was next door to the youth center, and Luis might be there. They finally coaxed her into going.

The angel appeared to Tabitha at the hospital. She told Tabitha that Good would triumph over Evil. Tabitha said that once Charity killed Miguel then it would be easy to woo her to the dark side. Tabitha said that the drugs that had been given to Charity in the hospital had allowed Tabitha to send psychic suggestions to her. Timmy asked the angel to stop the bad things from happening, but the angel said that she couldn't interfere because she had gotten in trouble with her boss the last time she had interfered.

Tabitha said that she wished that she could be there when it happened. The angel played the scene on the television screen. At the Bennetts', Miguel was sitting at the kitchen table when Charity walked up behind him with a pair of scissors raised in her hand. Miguel turned around and was happy to see her. The angel appeared and told Charity that she loved Miguel, and Miguel loved her.

Tabitha was still sending psychic messages to Charity. Miguel was at the fireplace when Charity walked up behind him again with the scissors raised. Tabitha was in a straitjacket and couldn't get loose. She wanted to be at the house when Charity killed Miguel. Timmy tried to untie the straps without success.

Tabitha was talking to Timmy, and two nurses heard him talk back to her. They ran to get the doctor. The doctor reassured them that the doll didn't talk. She believed that Tabitha had a split personality and was throwing her voice. They decided to take the doll away from Tabitha because it seemed to be making her condition worse. Tabitha yelled for Timmy to make sure that Charity carried out the orders to kill Miguel.

At the hospital, Ivy warned Eve not to say anything about what she had seen going on between Ivy and Sam. Eve said that Grace was her best friend, and she was going to tell her the truth about what she had seen. Ivy threatened to tell T.C. about Eve and Julian. Eve told her that no one would believe her because of Charity's state of mind.

Sam entered and said that he was going to tell Grace everything himself. He also said that he would encourage Eve to press harassment charges against Ivy if Ivy didn't stop bothering her. Sam said that Eve had more integrity than anyone he knew. Ivy said that Eve was a hypocrite. Ivy told him about Eve's supposed affair with Julian, but Sam didn't believe it.

Ivy told Sam that Charity had had visions about it, but Sam said that Charity was sick. He asked how Charity would know something like that about Eve. Grace ran into an old friend. The lady told Grace that she had signed herself in. She said that she had found out that her husband had been having an affair for three years. She didn't know if she could ever trust anyone again. Grace said that she knew that Sam would never do that to her. Grace returned to the group and asked Eve about what she had wanted to tell her earlier.

Sheridan, Ethan, and Gwen arrived at the Book Café. Gwen asked Chad about the song. He said that he had it and would play it for her. Ethan and Sheridan found a table, but it only had two chairs. Sheridan went up to a man reading a paper and asked if she could have the extra chair. Luis told her that she could have the chair. Luis told her that she should stay on her side of town, and he would stay on his side. She said that he didn't have to worry because she was going back to Europe.

Meanwhile in Paris, two men were plotting to kill Sheridan when she arrived because she was the only one who could identify them as being associated with Jean-Luc. Gwen told Ethan that Chad was going to play the song. Ethan went to find a copy of Forbes magazine. The song "Someone to Watch Over " played. Theresa dreamed about her first dance with Ethan at their wedding . Ethan saw her and called out her name. She went immediately into his arms and continued the dance.

As Whitney was leaving, Chad asked her if Theresa was all right. He said that he felt bad for Theresa. Whitney asked him if he had ever been in love. She asked him to tell her what it was like. He said that he had been involved with a couple of girls, but none of them had ever had his heart doing backflips the way it happened in all of the love songs.

Whitney told Chad that he had no more experience than she did. He told her that at least he was open to the possibility of finding a woman who could look into his soul and like what she saw. He said that she was so closed-minded that she wouldn't notice the right guy if he was right in front of her.

Tuesday, March 21, 2000

Luis and Sheridan were in the Book Café. Luis said, "So you're going back to Paris?" Sheridan confirmed it. He guessed that Paris held more for her than Harmony ever could. She said not really, but it would be a lot easier going to Paris than staying in Harmony. Luis asked if she was going to see her old boyfriend, Jean-Luc. She confirmed her plans to see him but said she was not going back to a man who hurt and tried to use her. She said, "I hope you don't think I am that weak and pathetic."

Luis said there were a lot of things he had thought about her that had turned out not to be true. "I don't know what to think about you," Luis said. Sheridan said, "Me? Well, the feeling is mutual because you certainly aren't the man I thought you were." Luis said again he didn't know what she was talking about. He asked if the men in Paris were easier to figure out. She said, "I don't know, and I don't care. You might find this hard to believe, but I don't need a man."

Luis said he understood, "but I can't for the life of me figure out why you turned on me this way." Sheridan asked if he wanted her to tell him what he had done, and he said yes. Sheridan noticed that Heather Nova's "London Rain" was playing on the radio, and she said it was the same song that had been playing the night they were in the pool hall, and they both said what a great time that had been.

Sheridan was outside, talking about how badly Luis had hurt her. She walked away and dropped a scarf as she left. Luis was outside, too, thinking to himself he didn't know what had gone wrong. He walked by and found Sheridan's scarf. He remembered back to his and Sheridan's first kiss.

Sheridan walked up and said, "I dropped something," and Luis said, "Yeah, I found it." He said he had known it was hers because of the perfume. Luis handed it to her. Their hands touched, and they both looked into each other's eyes. Luis said, "Goodbye if I don't see you before you go," and Sheridan thanked him.

Theresa and Ethan were in the Book Café, and they were dancing. Ethan pulled away and asked, "What are you doing? Why did you start dancing with me?" Theresa said she'd had to. Then Whitney entered to save her and said Theresa had just been testing the song with him for his and Gwen's wedding. He said, "Thanks, Theresa, you're so great." He left.

Theresa told Whitney again how she couldn't stop wanting Ethan. Theresa said she knew she had to put him out of her mind, but she saw him every day. Whitney advised her to quit her job. Theresa said no because she needed Mrs. Crane to help her fashion career. Whitney advised Theresa to stay away from Ethan. Theresa and Whitney watched Gwen and Ethan sitting on the couch, laughing and talking. Theresa said, "Whitney, you are right. I have to stay away from Ethan. I will only go the mansion when he isn't there." Whitney asked, "Well, are you going to do the wedding?" Theresa said she didn't see how she could get out of it.

Gwen answered her phone and said hello, then she said, "Oh no, Ethan. This is very bad news for us." Ethan asked what bad news she was talking about. Gwen said she had to go to New York because of a business merger that was really important to her. She insisted she had to go, and Ethan said he understand. Gwen told Theresa about having to leave and said she needed Theresa to take over most of the wedding plans. Theresa said, "Of course I will do it."

Theresa said she would have to do most of the work at home because of school, and Gwen said that could be a problem. Theresa asked why, and Gwen said because Theresa had to be with Ethan. Theresa looked shocked. Gwen said he would be alone when she was gone, and he would need Theresa's help. Gwen said, "You have the same taste as me with the wedding, and I trust you with Ethan." Gwen confessed to feeling bad about ever not trusting Theresa. Theresa assured Gwen she would stay with Ethan when Gwen was gone.

Grace asked Eve what Eve had wanted to tell her. Sam said actually there was something he wanted to tell Grace, and it concerned Ivy. Grace told Sam about her friend Maureen who was in the psychiatric ward and how her husband had cheated on her and ruined her life. Grace said what made it worse was she had never expected it. Sam said he couldn't have loved her much to do that to her, and Grace said she knew that. "I'm glad I'll never have to through that because I don't think I would handle it much better than she did," Grace said.

Grace reminded Sam he had said he had something to tell her about Ivy. Sam said, "Grace, I don't think it is a good idea to become friends with Ivy. I don't think it's good to have the Cranes too involved in our lives." Grace said Ivy wasn't going to do anything to hurt their family. Grace said she was not going to confide in Ivy. Ivy was a friend, but she wasn't a good friend like Eve.

Grace commented again on how she couldn't handle it if Sam ever cheated on her. Ivy said, "You strike me as a strong woman. I don't see how you could ever end up like Maureen." Eve said nobody really knew how they would handle it until it happened. Grace was relieved she would never have to find out, insisting Sam would never keep a secret like that from her. Grace said trust was the most important thing in a marriage. Eve agreed.

Grace noted to Ivy that Ivy and Julian had a great marriage. Ivy said she envied Grace's marriage. Eve took Ivy by the hand and led her out of the room. She said there were some things she had to get straight with Ivy right away. Eve said she was not going to tell Grace about Ivy and Sam because he would not do it again, not because Ivy had threatened her.

Ivy said she still believed that Eve and Julian had had an affair, and she was thinking about hiring a private investigator to investigate them. Eve said nothing had happened. Ivy said she was sure something had. Ivy asked if Eve thought Sam would tell Grace. Eve said she didn't know. Ivy asked if Eve would tell if Sam didn't. Eve said she was ready to forget the whole thing, but Ivy had to promise not to go after Sam anymore.

Ivy said she would not give up on Sam. Eve said, "You're not serious?" Ivy said, "I absolutely am." Eve said he would never leave Grace. Then Sam and Grace walked in, and Grace asked if there was something Eve wanted to tell her. Eve says no, it was not important. Sam and Grace left. Ivy said, "I want Sam. I always have." Eve said he was in love with Grace.

Ivy said all she wanted was an affair. She didn't want to break up his marriage or her own. Eve said that would never happen. Ivy said she had no intention of giving up on Sam. Ivy said all she wanted was happiness with the one man who she could be happy with. Ivy threatened Eve again and said she could find out about Eve and Julian's affair, and she was sure there was proof somewhere.

Eve flashed back to her and Orville talking about the bird and how Eve had burned down Orville's apartment with the bird in it. Then she said to Ivy, "I have nothing to worry about," and walked away.

The nurse took Timmy away, put him in a room, and closed the door. Timmy remembered that Tabitha had told him to make sure Charity killed Miguel. He wondered how he should do it. Then he fell out of the window that the nurse had set him on. Timmy was outside, and it was raining. Timmy said he didn't want to make Charity kill Miguel. He wondered why Tabitha made him do those things.

Timmy heard some alley cats meowing, and he said, "You cats don't scare Timmy," trying to convince himself. Timmy ran and hid from the cats. He asked, "Why do they all hate Timmy?" He said he had to go find out what was going on between Charity and Miguel. Timmy looked through the window and said he didn't want to do it, but if he didn't, he would lose Tabitha and be all alone. Shortly thereafter, Timmy was creeping around inside the Bennett house.

Charity was still in a trace, with Tabitha saying "Kill Miguel" over and over in her head. Kay and Simone walked downstairs. Kay told Simone about her plan to get Miguel before Charity got out of the hospital, unaware that Charity was already out. Charity was still behind Miguel with the scissors over him, ready to stab him. Kay walked in, and Charity quickly put down the scissors.

Charity again asked herself what she was doing with the scissors. Nobody else seemed interested as to why she had the scissors. Then Kay and Simone commented on how great it was that Charity was out of the hospital. Charity and Miguel left to go to the kitchen to get some hot chocolate, and Charity put the scissors down on the table. Kay said she couldn't believe how Charity always ruined everything for her. Kay asked why the bird statue had stopped making Charity go crazy.

Simone had a flashback of when she had taken the bird statue from the hospital. Simone advised Kay to move on with her life. Kay commented on how Simone couldn't just move on and forget about Chad. Kay thought about it and said, "Didn't you see Charity holding those scissors up in the air? What was she going to do with them? She was holding them like she was going to stab Miguel in the back. She is a weirdo. I don't trust her." Simone said Charity wouldn't hurt Miguel.

Charity and Miguel walked in. Kay asked if Charity was all right. Charity admitted to feeling a little strange. Kay said maybe she needed some sleep. Miguel agreed that she did. Charity said, "You're right. I really wanted to hang out with you guys, but I am tired. I am going to get some rest." Charity left to walk upstairs, and she slyly grabbed the scissors as she was leaving the room.

Kay and Charity walked into the hallway, and Kay commented on how it was weird that there were wet footprints by the door because they had all been inside when it had started raining. They both said they hadn't heard anyone enter and commented on how strange it was. Charity went upstairs, and Simone went home. Charity was in her room, praying, and Timmy was hiding behind a chair in her room. He heard her praying that she felt something bad was going to happen to Miguel.

Downstairs, Kay and Miguel were talking about Charity. Kay said, "Miguel, you have to be prepared. Things might not work out the way you want them to, but I will always be here for you." He said he knew. Then, he left. Kay tried to talk him into staying, but he said he might as well go because Charity was asleep.

Kay walked into the living room from the kitchen and saw Charity's teddy bear. She checked it and saw that the bird was gone. She said someone had to have taken it. She called Simone, and Simone said to forget about the bird. If Charity was crazy, she would stay crazy without the bird.

Charity was still in her room, praying. Timmy was still saying to himself he didn't want to make Charity kill Miguel. Charity thought to herself, "Now, why did I bring those scissors up here?" Then she went to bed.

Timmy walked over to Charity while she was sleeping and said, "Timmy has no choice." The he whispered into her ear. Charity was dreaming about Miguel and him walking into her room, and then she was strangling him. Timmy continued whispering into her ear.

Whitney and Chad were in the Book Café, talking about love. Whitney said she didn't need it, and Chad said one day she would. Later, Whitney was listening to the music, and Chad asked what she thought. She said, "I wasn't even listening." Chad said he had seen her face when he played the love song, and Whitney denied feeling anything. Chad said she would be feeling that fire sooner than she thought.

Wednesday, March 22, 2000

In the Crane mansion, Julian dialed a number on his phone then he said, "Hi, is this the answering service? I'd like to leave a message for Dr. Eve Russell." Just then, Ivy walked in and said, "Well, well. Making some calls, Julian?" He asked what she had heard. She said enough. She said she knew what his secret was -- he had been involved with Eve Russell. Julian laughed and said she had a vivid imagination. He said he had just been calling Eve about a hospital matter -- a meeting.

Ivy commented that Charity had been released from the hospital, and Julian said, "Oh, then those visions were nothing." Ivy said she had walked in on one of Charity's hallucinations. Julian asked what Charity had been hallucinating about. Ivy replied it had been Julian and Eve. Julian said she was insane. Ivy doubted it and said she thought Charity had ESP. Julian called the idea nonsense.

Ivy speculated that Charity had been seeing Julian and Eve and their sexual past. She wondered what T.C. would do if he knew about it. Julian was incredulous that she believed a "lunatic teenager." Ivy asked why he was getting so upset if it hadn't happened. He advised Ivy to think twice before she repeated her ridiculous accusations. He told her to keep her mouth shut. T.C. would destroy the family if he heard those rumors.

Julian left, and Pilar walked in. Pilar asked if Julian was okay, noting he had looked very upset. The phone rang, and Pilar answered. It was Eve, and she said she needed to speak with Julian Crane. Pilar said she was sorry, but he had just left. Ivy took the phone and asked if she could help Eve with something. Eve said she was just returning his call. Ivy asked if it was about the board meeting or something else.

Eve told Ivy to just drop it. Ivy said she would find out Eve and Julian's past. Pilar questioned what she would do with it and wondered if she would seek revenge. Ivy and Pilar talked about Ivy and Sam being together in the past and how she wouldn't leave Julian or end Sam's marriage. They would just have a love affair. Ivy said she had to find out about Eve and Julian's past. Pilar reminded Ivy that she couldn't hide secrets and that she should leave Eve Russell alone.

Eve was in the hospital. Dr. Watts walked up, and Eve questioned if Charity should have been released. Dr. Watts said, "I'm sure the medication I gave her worked." Eve asked about the possible side effects. Dr. Watts said she was susceptible to suggestions, but that should wear off soon. Eve asked about the visions. Dr. Watts doubted she would have anymore. Eve flashed back to what Charity had said when she was having her visions about Eve and Julian together.

Eve asked what had caused the visions. Dr. Watts said it was unlikely they would ever know, which was what the doctor had told Mrs. Crane. Eve was surprised Ivy had asked the doctor about the visions. Dr. Watts said yes, Ivy had been wondering if what a person said while hallucinating could be true. Eve asked what Dr. Watts had told her. Dr. Watts said one would need proof that what they were hallucinating had actually happened.

Eve was on the phone, and T.C. walked in. He eavesdropped on Eve and heard her ask who had been trying to reach her. She said Julian Crane. T.C. remembered when Chad had said jokingly that maybe Eve had been with Julian that night in the Book Café. Eve dialed another number on the phone.

T.C. walked over and kissed Eve. He said he had just stopped by to get some health papers for school baseball season was starting. He asked if she had been calling Julian Crane. She said she'd had to reschedule a board meeting. He asked if she had talked to Ivy and wondered what Eve had told Ivy to drop. Eve said Ivy had admitted that she wasn't going to give up on Sam. Ivy was nothing but a "two-faced bitch."

T.C. said, "Wow, I never heard you talk like that." Eve said Ivy just got to her. He said he didn't blame Eve. If Julian were trying to wreck his marriage, T.C. said he would make Julian suffer. T.C. got a call and left. Julian walked in and said, "Shouldn't we come to some agreement about this, Eve?" T.C. heard them and asked, "What agreement?" Julian said it was just about the board meeting.

T.C. said he didn't believe Julian and yelled at Julian about taking his family farm. Julian said he'd had nothing to do with that. T.C. said to leave his family alone. Julian said he understood and left. T.C asked Eve what was wrong. She said it was nothing, they hugged, and T.C. left. Julian walked back in from behind a door and said he and Eve needed to talk. He told her that Ivy had told him about Charity's hallucinations.

Julian sais Ivy wouldn't give up until she found the truth. Eve said, "You don't have the old pictures?" He said no. She said the only other ones had been destroyed in the fire. He said that meant there was no proof. All they needed to do was deny everything. He asked if they could be friends. She said never. She said those photos would just drive T.C. to madness if he ever found them. Julian said, "Well, he isn't dangerous."

Kay called the hospital and asked a nurse if she had seen a bird statue. The nurse said, "What? A statue of a bird?" Eve overheard and said she would take the call. She asked who was asking about a bird statue.

In the psychiatric ward, the orderly took the straitjacket off of Tabitha, and he warned her not to do anything she would regret. Tabitha said she just wanted the paper, and she started looking through it for the story about Charity killing Miguel. She couldn't find anything and wondered what had happened. She remembered telling Timmy to make sure Charity killed Miguel. She wondered if Timmy could have failed his mission. Tabitha said, "I have to get out of here, but how?" She thought up an idea.

Tabitha stuffed some pillows under her bed sheets and then started saying, "Oh, oh, it hurts, it hurts." The orderly peeked through the screen on the door and asked if she was okay. Tabitha hid beside the door where the orderly couldn't see her and said, "I'm ill. I need to see a doctor -- now!" The orderly asked what was wrong. She moaned. He opened the door and walked in.

Tabitha was behind the door, and as he walked by, she slipped out from behind it and sneaked out. She saw a food cart and hid under it. The orderly said she had escaped and locked down the ward. The other orderly said, "Okay, I will get rid of this food cart. We have to find her." They emptied the trays into the food cart compartment that Tabitha was hiding in, and it went all over her. The orderlies continued to look for Tabitha. They emptied the food cart into a Dumpster and didn't see Tabitha as she fell in.

At the Bennett house, Timmy flashed back to when he whispered in Charity's ear to kill Miguel and how guilty he felt about doing that. He said Charity could never hurt Miguel. Then he wondered, "Could she?"

Charity woke up, looked over, and saw the scissors. Charity held them in her hand and wondered what she was doing with them. The she remembered her dream, and she went into a trance again. She said, "Miguel, I have to see Miguel." Then she put down the scissors and went to put on a robe. Timmy slipped out from under the bed, and Miguel went to Charity's door.

Timmy ran and hid. Miguel called out Charity's name. Charity said she would be there in a minute. She said, "I have to see Miguel," and picked the scissors back up. Charity left the room, and Timmy emerged from hiding and decided he had to get out of there. He went to the window, gulped, and tried to climb down the terrace on the side of the house, but he lost his footing.

Kay walked down the stairs and let Simone in. Simone asked what was wrong. She said Kay had sounded crazed on the phone. Kay said Charity had been standing over Miguel with those scissors. It had been like a scene from Scream. Simone said Charity would never hurt Miguel. Kay said it had looked like she had been planning to. Simone said Kay was just looking for an excuse to get Charity locked up again.

Kay said, "Oh, if I'm a liar, then where are the scissors?" Simone asked what Kay meant. Kay said they were gone. She couldn't find them. Miguel knocked on the door and walked in. He asked about Charity, and Kay advised him not to go near Charity. Kay said, "I am just worried about you and Charity, Miguel." Miguel said he understood. He agreed that Kay was right to be worried.

Miguel thanked Kay for making him realize how worried Charity was about being treated differently after the hospitalization. He said he had a surprise for Charity and that he would be right back. He walked out of the room. Kay wondered how he could not think there was something wrong with Charity. Simone said it was because there wasn't. Kay said Chairty was trying to kill him. Simone said Kay had better hope he never found out about the bird.

Simone told Kay not to worry because Simone wouldn't tell Miguel. She said they would have to wait until Charity woke up and see how she was then. Miguel walked back in with flowers for Charity. He said that he just wanted Charity to see how much he cared for her and would always be there for her. Kay had a daydream that Miguel said Kay was the only woman for him. Miguel left to go upstairs and check on Charity.

Miguel was back downstairs and wondered what was keeping Charity. He couldn't wait to show her his surprise. Kay said perhaps Charity had one of her own. Kay said she was really concerned about Charity and was worried the medication had affected her. Kay said she thought Charity might hurt Miguel. Simone looked out the window and saw Timmy falling to the ground. She said, "What?"

Just then, Charity walked down the stairs with the scissors. Kay said, "I knew she had them. Don't go near her, Miguel!" Charity asked what was going on and wondered why Kay had screamed. Kay asked why Charity had the scissors. Charity said she didn't know. Charity saw the flowers, and Miguel said they were for her. Kay told Simone something was up with Charity. Kay said, "I need to find that bird."

Miguel and Charity talked in the living room. He asked her if she thought the experimental drug might be making her feel weird. She admitted she felt a little strange. Miguel said he was sure she would be back to her old self in no time. Then Charity had a vision of Miguel lying on the floor with the scissors through his chest. She started crying, saying, "What have I done?" and then the vision went away. Charity told Miguel she was no good for him and to forget about her altogether then she left.

Timmy was outside and said he needed some martimmys, but he couldn't go into Tabitha's house because Fluffy would rip him to shreds. He hoped Tabitha would get out soon. Timmy was still sitting on the bench outside Tabitha's house when Tabitha walked up. They went inside. Timmy said, "Please, never leave me again, princess. I can't hack it on my own." Tabitha said the same was true for her.

Tabitha asked Timmy if he had completed his goal. He said, "Well..." She asked him to continue. Timmy said he had told Charity not to kill Miguel. Tabitha said, "How could you? Are you trying to ruin me? We need her to kill Miguel before she gets her full powers. We are running out of time. Her powers are growing." Timmy asked what they should do, and Tabitha said they had to make sure Charity killed Miguel.

Simone was back at her house, and she said that if Kay ever found out she had the bird, Simone would be dead. She wondered why she had ever gotten involved. She wondered what was inside the bird and looked for a way to open it. She gave up and said it had to have just been the paint that Charity had suffered a reaction to.

Just then, T.C. walked in. He asked about the bird, and she said it was just some piece of junk she had found. She wondered if it had something inside it. T.C. said to let him see it and maybe he could get it open.

Thursday, March 23, 2000

Ethan and Gwen were kissing in bed. Ethan said he didn't like that she was leaving, and Gwen said she had to because it was business. He said he knew, but he was going to miss her. She said she would miss him, too, but he was going to be very busy with the wedding and honeymoon plans. Ethan said it was going to be lonely with both Gwen and Sheridan leaving. Gwen said that was why she had arranged for Ethan to have some work to do while she was gone and to have someone help help him. Ethan asked who, and Gwen said Theresa.

Ethan served Gwen breakfast in bed. He asked about the work she wanted him to do and how Theresa fit in. Ethan asked if it would be better if Gwen and Theresa just worked on the wedding by phone and fax. He said he was really busy at the law firm and had several very important cases upcoming. She said that was another reason it was a good idea for him and Theresa to be working together. Theresa would help take some of the pressure off Ethan. Ethan asked how. Gwen said, "Please, I know it will be a lot of work, but it would mean so much to me to know my future husband helped put together my perfect wedding of my dreams."

Gwen said she wanted to help Theresa, and she owed her a lot. He asked how she figured that. Gwen said Theresa had given Ethan the nudge to propose to her, and it was Theresa's wedding portfolio that had made Gwen realize that she could have her perfect wedding and that it was within her grasp. She said the most important thing was that she knew Theresa wasn't interested in Ethan, and she could trust her with Ethan. Ethan said, "All right. I will do it, but I don't want her to become consumed with helping me with the wedding." Gwen said she wouldn't.

Ethan said he didn't want Theresa too burdened with all the extra work. Gwen said Ethan and Theresa could just squeeze in as much time as they could. He said he knew Gwen wanted a spring wedding, but with the time crunch, he wasn't sure. She said she knew, but with the three of them working together, it would be done in no time. Gwen again stated that she couldn't believe that she had thought Theresa had been trying to steal Ethan from her.

Theresa and Whitney sneaked into Ethan's room. Whitney said to hurry and get Theresa's portfolio because he would be back at any minute. She said she would go down to Mrs. Crane's room and get Theresa's laptop. Theresa got the portfolio and turned to leave just as Ethan walked back into his room. Theresa said he hadn't been there, and she had needed to get the wedding portfolio.

Ethan said he had thought they were going to work on it there. She said she had thought she would work on it at home. He said he couldn't do that because Luis wouldn't let him near her house and still didn't know Theresa worked for the Cranes. Theresa said they could talk on the phone and fax back and forth. He said, "Well, there are some things we have to talk about face-to-face."

Ethan said, "I get the feeling that you are reluctant to work together. Am I wrong about that?" Theresa said no, and she wanted to work with him. He said that it would make more sense for her to work there. She agreed and said it wouldn't be a problem.

Theresa was in bed, dreaming about herself and Ethan working on the plans for his wedding, and he told her how helpful she was being planning his and Gwen's wedding. She told him it was for her and Ethan's wedding. Ethan said, "I never dared hope that you could love me, Theresa." He said, "I want you, Theresa, I want to marry you, only you," and they kissed. Theresa smiled while still sleeping.

Theresa was still dreaming. In her dream, she and Ethan were still kissing. Ethan said, "I love you more than I ever loved anyone." Theresa said, "I put you out of my mind, but I couldn't put you out of my heart." Ethan said, "Be mine, be mine forever," and Theresa said, "Yes, yes." Ethan picked her up and said it was time for their honeymoon.

Theresa started talking in her sleep. She said, "Oh, Ethan, make love to me." Theresa's bedroom door opened, and someone's hand was on the doorknob, someone with black gloves on and black pants. Theresa kept talking, saying, "I love you Ethan. I love you so much." Theresa continued to dream as the black-clothed person stood in front of Theresa's bed. Theresa said, "I want you so much, Ethan."

In Theresa's dream, Gwen called, and Theresa answered. Gwen talked to Theresa about the wedding while Ethan was in bed with Theresa. Theresa said they were working on everything very closely and told Gwen not to worry. Theresa suddenly woke up and saw Whitney standing by her bed. Whitney said, "Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald, you are wicked, just wicked! I am so incredibly disappointed in you."

Theresa asked what she had done, and Whitney said Theresa had been talking in her sleep. Theresa said she couldn't help what she dreamed about. Whitney complained that Theresa had said she was over him. Theresa said she couldn't help it. Whitney said it would never happen between Ethan and Theresa. They talked about Theresa and Ethan working together, and Whitney tried to talk Theresa out of it.

Theresa said Whitney was right, and Theresa had to keep far away from Ethan, but she had left her laptop and the portfolio at the Crane mansion. Whitney said they would go get it before he even saw them. Theresa called to see if he was there. Ethan was in the shower, and his answering machine picked up. Theresa said he was not there and hung up. Whitney said that was good because they could go over right away and get it. Ethan walked out of the shower to get the phone and said he had thought he'd heard it ring, but there was no message.

At the hospital, Eve was on the phone, saying, "A statue of a bird?" Kay said yes. Eve asked who was on the phone. Kay hung up. Julian asked Eve what had happened, and Eve said they had just hung up. Julian said it was interesting that someone would be asking about a statue of a bird. It was easy to jump to the conclusion that whoever that was, they had been looking for the same bird that had the pictures in it. Eve said she thought it had burned in the fire. Julian asked what if it hadn't and someone had found it and opened it.

Eve said to trust her that the bird statue was gone. Julian said she was not very convincing because she had never seen it burn. She insisted it was not out there. He asked if he had to remind her what was at stake. She said he did not. Julian said their lives were at risk, and "it all rides on the fact that those photos were destroyed." She said they were. He insisted she didn't know that. She said she had been there. He asked where. She said Orville's apartment, and she told him she had burned it down. She said she'd had to because her whole life had depended on it.

Julian said he wouldn't tell. She asked if he meant about the pictures, and he said not only about that but that they should "just shut up about that." He said if their past ever were revealed, his father would disinherit him. Eve wished she could erase that part of her life. Julian said he would trade it for everything. Eve said to stop it.

Julian said Eve was "so incredibly seductive" and invited her back to his office. Eve said if he didn't remove his hands from her, she would remove his fingers with a scalpel. Eve said he would never touch her again. He said to lighten up. She instructed him to never talk about the past again. She said she was not at all the woman he had known back then. She explained she had a career and self-worth, and she had gotten it all from T.C. Julian said he hadn't talked to anyone else "about us" except her.

Eve said she worried about damaging her daughters because of what she had done when she had been young. Julian said she didn't have to persuade him because they were both on the same page. Their past would stay in the past. The phone rang, and Eve answered it. It was T.C. He said he had thought she would be home already. She said she had just finished. T.C. told her about trying to help Simone open something, and by the time she got home, he might have it opened.

Julian was in his office, drinking as usual. He continued to reminisce about his and Eve's past. The phone rang. It was Alistair. He said, "What were you thinking of, Julian? Photographs of you and Eve Russell. What the hell was that all about?" He gulped. Julian asked what Alistair meant.

Alistair asked if Julian denied there were photos. Julian said no. He said he was sure all the evidence had been burned in the fire. Alistair said Julian had better be right, or Alistair might have to rethink who would be his heir. He said those photos had better not show up, or Alistair might have to think about whether Julian was fit to be the head of the Crane family.

T.C. was still trying to get the bird statue open. He said there probably wasn't anything in there. Simone said she thought there was. T.C. continued to fiddle with it, and they heard a click sound. Simone asked if that was it and wondered if it was open. He said he had heard it too. Simone said that meant there had to be a way to open it. He said, "You know, honey, I love these puzzles, but there is always some trick to opening them."

T.C. continued to try to open the bird. He said he was sure that whatever was inside would be a surprise for both him and Simone. The phone rang. It was Kay, and Kay told Simone about Charity breaking up with Miguel and said she had to get to him before they hooked up again. Simone advised Kay to stay there, and she would be right over. Simone hung up. Simone left, and T.C. continued to work on trying to open the bird. He said, "I will have it open before you get back."

T.C. was still working on opening the bird when Eve called out for him from downstairs. He said, "Come here. I want to show you something." Then he thought to himself that maybe Eve knew how to open the bird. Eve walked up carrying a whole bunch of boxes and dropped them.

T.C. left Simone's room to help Eve, and he found that Eve had bought some lingerie. She said, "I thought I could model this for you tonight." He asked what could have put that in his beautiful but conservative wife's head. Eve asked what he had been doing in Simone's room. He replied that he had been trying to help her open up a puzzle box. He said Simone thought there was something inside, and maybe Eve could help. She said, "Oh, I'm good at puzzles. Let me see." They started to walk into the room.

Miguel asked what Charity meant. Charity said it was best if she didn't have anything more to do with him, and Miguel said she couldn't really mean that. Charity said she did. Miguel said they had only just begun. Charity said no. He clarified that she was telling him she wanted to end it. Charity had a flashback to the vision she'd had of Miguel with the scissors through his chest. She said it was for the best.

Kay was the kitchen, eavesdropping, and she smiled. Miguel said, "Don't do this, Charity." She said it was over, but Miguel said never. She said, "I can't be around you anymore. I am scared that if I stay with you, something bad is going to happen." He asked what had happened. Kay talked to herself, saying Charity was crazy, and that was what had happened. Charity explained that she had just gotten out of a psychiatric ward, and she was sick. Miguel said no.

Charity said she got "these things" in her head. Miguel said he didn't understand and stressed that none of it made any difference to him. Kay muttered to herself, "Don't listen to him." Charity insisted that it made a difference to her -- all the difference in the world. She said something bad would happen if she stayed with Miguel. He said that didn't make any sense. She asked him not to make it any harder. He asked her to be rational.

Charity said no to Miguel and asked him to just forget about her. Charity walked away, and Kay walked in from the kitchen. Kay asked what was going on. Miguel said his whole world had just blown up in his face, and he had no idea why. Kay told Miguel she was there for him. Miguel told Kay about what Charity had said, and he didn't understand what was bothering her. Kay said Charity had been acting strangely and listed off all the strange things that Charity had done.

Kay said she thought it was time to face what was really going on with Charity. Miguel said she had just been under a lot of stress with her mother dying and everything. Kay said she had been thinking that they didn't know much about Charity and her past, and her mother had been a bit bizarre. Miguel said he didn't care. He wanted to find out what was wrong with Charity.

Charity was in her room, looking out her window, crying. She looked at a picture of herself and Miguel. There was a knock at the door. It was Miguel, and he entered. He walked over to her and put his hand on her cheek. He asked why she was crying and what was wrong. She said she couldn't imagine not being with him. He said he wanted to be with her. She said they couldn't be together because if he stayed with her, he would get hurt.

Kay was downstairs and asked if Miguel had closed the door. She thought maybe she should go up. Then Simone walked in. Simone asked what was going on, and Kay said, "I told you." Simone didn't believe her, explaining that Kay had a habit of making more of things than there actually was. Kay swore it was true that Miguel and Charity had broken up. Simone asked how Kay had done it. Kay said she hadn't done anything. Kay said she hadn't even needed the bird statue, stating, "This girl is certifiable. She has to be to give up Miguel."

Simone clarified that Kay didn't want the bird statue anymore. Kay said no. Simone asked if that meant Kay would leave Charity alone. Kay said she would as long as Charity stayed away from Miguel. Simone sarcastically called Kay very generous. Kay said she still didn't know what it was about that bird statue that had made Charity go crazy, and she guessed they would never know. Simone wasn't so sure and said someone might be trying to open it as they spoke.

Kay continued to gloat. She called it the happiest day of her life. She said she and Miguel would be together. He would be her lover, and Charity would be left out in the cold. Simone said she couldn't believe Kay had won.

Miguel and Charity were still in Charity's room. He said they could work through it. She said no. If they stayed together, it would be dangerous for Miguel. He asked how. She said, "I could be the reason that you die." He said no. She said he had to go, insisting it was over between them.

Friday, March 24, 2000

Upstairs at the Crane mansion, Theresa had just agreed to work with Ethan on the wedding in the mansion while Gwen was away. Theresa said, "Well, that's what Gwen wants, right?" Ethan said she was right, and suggested they coordinate her school schedule with his work schedule so they could maximize the time they had to work on the wedding. Theresa agreed they should make the most of time they had together. Ethan noticed Whitney standing in the doorway and told her about Theresa agreeing to work with him at the mansion, and Whitney said sarcastically, "Oh, how great is that?"

The phone rang, and Ethan went to answer it. He left the room to talk on the phone, and Whitney asked if Theresa was totally nuts. She said she had thought Theresa had agreed not to work with him. Theresa said it was Gwen's idea. Whitney said, "Yeah, but you're still in love with him. You have to work on this wedding at your house." Gwen walked in and said she couldn't believe what she had just heard.

Gwen asked if she had just heard correctly. Theresa asked what exactly Gwen had heard. Gwen asked if Theresa had promised that she was going to help Gwen plan the wedding when Gwen was gone. Theresa said she was. Gwen asked what Whitney had been saying again about Theresa working at home. Whitney said she was just concerned that Theresa was going to put her schoolwork on the backburner.

Theresa said that wouldn't happen and she would figure out a way to take care of everything. Gwen verified that it was all settled. Theresa said it was absolutely not a problem. Ethan walked in, and Gwen said she was very happy that Theresa was going to help with the wedding while Gwen was away. Ethan replied that would be sooner rather than later. He informed Gwen that her office had just called to inform her they had pushed up her schedule.

Gwen said she had already sent her things ahead, so all she had to do was get on a flight. Gwen said she was leaving Ethan in good hands. Gwen again thanked Theresa for all the work she had already done on the wedding. Ethan said, "So, is this it? All I get to say goodbye?" Gwen promised that when she got back, he would get a long and proper hello, and she kissed him.

Theresa turned away and looked upset. Whitney said Theresa couldn't keep putting herself through that kind of torture, and sooner or later, Ethan was going to figure out that Theresa's portfolio was for Theresa's and his wedding, not his and Gwen's. Gwen and Ethan stopped kissing, and Gwen said she had to get going and thanked Theresa again for helping out. Theresa said, "Sure, no problem." Gwen and Ethan left the room. Whitney said that moment marked the end of Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald.

At the spa, Grace told Sam he was too good to her. She asked what the occasion was. He said it was a "just because I love you" occasion. Grace walked away, and Sam said to himself, "I love you, Grace, and only you." Ivy appeared behind a curtain. She said, "Oh, no, Sam. You still love me. I know you do. And pretty soon, you will know it too."

Back at the spa, a spa worker named Shelly talked to Grace about what she wanted to have done at the spa. Grace told Shelley that her husband had set up the whole day for her, and Shelley said, "Oh, that's a good one. Don't let him get away." Grace said she was not letting Sam go anywhere. Shelley said to be careful because she knew about a woman named Maureen, and Maureen's husband had cheated on her, which had sent Maureen over the edge. Grace asked if she meant Maureen Allen. They talked about her, and Ivy was behind a curtain, eavesdropping, the whole time.

Grace said the woman who Maureen's husband had cheated with was just as awful as he was, and she asked what kind of woman would do something like that. Ivy smiled. Grace and Shelley continued to talk about Maureen, and Shelley agreed that both parties were guilty, and she said, "I say skin them both." Shelley walked away to get some nail polish, and she opened up the curtain as she left. Grace saw Ivy and called out Ivy's name. Ivy acted surprised to see Grace and said, "Oh, Grace, you're here?"

Ivy walked over and asked what Grace was doing there. Grace told Ivy about Sam sending her there for the day. Shelley asked if Mrs. Crane knew Maureen Allen. Ivy said no but asked if that was the same Maureen that Grace had run into at the hospital. Grace said it was and called it very upsetting. Ivy said the man was a swine. Shelley asked about the other woman. Ivy acted disgusted and said the thought of taking another woman's husband was… but she was unable to finish her thought.

Sam interrupted and said he was glad to hear Ivy was as offended at the thought of something like that happening as he was. Sam commented on how good Grace looked. Shelley said she was putting Grace's guy up for husband of the year. Sam said when a man had a perfect woman, it was easy to be a great husband. Sam said they had to go because they had dinner reservations.

Grace said goodbye to Ivy and said she hoped to see her soon. Ivy said she would and smiled. Sam got a worried look on his face, and he and Grace left. Sam verified that Grace hadn't told Ivy where they were going to dinner that night. She said she had not, and asked why he was concerned. Sam said there was no reason, and they left.

Ivy asked another Spa worker, Inga, if Grace had told her where Chief Bennett was taking her to dinner. Inga said she thought they were going to the Seascape. She had heard Grace mention something about the best restaurant in Harmony. Ivy said, "Oh, you know what? I changed my mind. I think I am going to go out tonight."

Ivy said, "Let's do something with my hair." Shelley asked what Ivy was thinking. Ivy asked for something younger and sexier -- something that would make a man remember what she had looked like around 20 years earlier. Shelley said Ivy's husband was going to be one happy camper that night. Ivy asked who Shelley was talking about. Shelley said Mr. Crane. Ivy said, "Oh, yes."

Luis sat at the kitchen table, looking upset. He remembered when Sheridan had slapped him at the youth center, and he still couldn't figure out why she had done it. He asked what he had done to set Sheridan off like that. He kept going over it, over and over. It was just crazy.

Pilar walked in as Luis worked on some papers. Pilar noticed that the papers were about Martin, and she asked if he was reopening the case. He said no; he was closing the case on papa's imposter. He wanted to bury the file and never think about it again. Pilar said that had been such a horrible night that she still had nightmares about it. Luis said he had thought it was papa too. He said he didn't know if he could have gotten over the guilt of letting his father die to save Sheridan.

Pilar said Luis had done the right thing. He asked, "But what if it had been him? I would have let my own father die to save someone who is practically a stranger to me." Pilar said that because maybe to him, she hadn't been a stranger and suggested maybe it could be because, deep down in his heart, she meant more to him than his own father. Luis just shook his head.

Luis left the room to get something for the file, and after he left, Whitney and Theresa walked in. Pilar asked what was wrong. Pilar asked if it was Ethan. She told Theresa not to worry because Theresa would get over him. She said Theresa just had to be strong and ask for God's help if she needed to. Luis walked back in and greeted Theresa and Whitney. Pilar said she had an idea. She suggested Luis use the gift certificate that she had won at the church raffle and take Whitney and Theresa to the Seascape. Luis agreed.

Theresa and Whitney left to get ready. Pilar said she hoped the dinner took Luis' mind off of Sheridan. Luis said he was just glad the girls were excited about going. In the living room, Whitney asked if Theresa knew what the best part about the night was. Theresa guessed it was all the free food. Whitney called her silly and said it would give Theresa a chance to get her mind off of Ethan. She said if Theresa were really lucky, she might meet some really cute guy at the Seascape and forget all about Ethan. Theresa smiled slightly as if to say she didn't think that would happen.

In Julian's office, Julian was still talking to Alistair on the speakerphone. Julian was drinking again. He said his father was overreacting. Alistair slammed down his paper and said, "Don't you dare tell me what I am doing!" He lifted up his paper, and he had squished a fly.

Alistair continued to tell Julian how careless he had been to take photos of Eve Russell. Julian said the photos were destroyed. Alistair said he didn't believe in destroyed. Julian told him about Orville and how the photographs had gotten destroyed. Alistair took the dead fly and fed it to his tarantula in an aquarium. Julian again stated there was no way those pictures had survived being burned down in Orville's apartment.

Alistair again told Julian what would happen if those pictures ever surfaced. Julian said they wouldn't. Alistair said if they did, Julian was finished. That would be the end of Julian in the Crane family, and Alistair wouldn't allow Julian to ruin the Crane empire. Julian said it was all academic. The pictures were kaput.

Alistair and Julian talked about how much time it had taken to break up Luis and Sheridan. Julian said it wasn't his fault. He asked if he had had anything to do with them getting together. Alistair laughed and said that was the one thing that Julian was not responsible for. Julian said that was unfair. Alistair said what was unfair was him always having to clean up Julian's messes. He said that was all over.

Julian said there would be no more trouble from him. Unlike Sheridan, who had risked disaster by associating with Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald. Sheridan appeared in the doorway. Sheridan asked what Julian was saying about her and Luis. She asked what Julian and Alistair had been talking about, specifically wondering what they had said about her and Luis. Julian said, "Father and I were just relieved that you were able to finally see Luis for who he really is."

Sheridan admitted she had been wrong about Luis, and she said again that if she hadn't heard Luis with her own ears, she could never have believed he would say the things that he had. Julian flashed back to when he had paid the Luis imposter for the job, and the imposter had ripped off the Luis "mask." Then he said he was glad she had overheard the phone conversation Luis had had.

Sheridan said she had just gone there to tell Julian that she was leaving for Europe the next day, and she asked Alistair sarcastically if he had heard her. He said, "Yes, dear." Julian and Alistair said it was good she was going because she had always seemed more at home there. Sheridan asked, "Will I be seeing you there?" Alistair said, "Heavens knows I would love to spend time with you, but..."

Sheridan said, "You're busy. I can't remember a time when you weren't busy, Father," and she turned and walked toward the door. He said he was sorry, it was just a -- Sheridan left before he finished -- meeting he couldn't postpone. Julian cut Alistair off and said to save it. Alistair told Julian to make sure nothing changed Sheridan's mind. Julian said it would get done. Alistair said, "Don't say that. Every time you do, something goes wrong."

Julian said, "Trust me. Tomorrow night, our Sheridan will be dining at Tour d'Argent." Alistair advised Julian to stay on top of the Eve situation and to make sure the photos were destroyed.

The bird sat on a table in Simone's room. T.C. asked Eve to help him try to open the puzzle box because it was driving him nuts. T.C. walked into the room from the hallway, and just as Eve was about to walk in, she got beeped. She said it was the hospital, and she would be right back.

T.C. and Eve talked about the romantic evening they would have that night, and she left. T.C. went back to trying to open the bird. The bottom of the bird cracked open, and he said, "So, what do we have here?" Just as he was about to see, Eve called him from downstairs. He said, "Yeah, honey" and walked into the hallway after putting the bird back on Simone's bed. Eve said she was sorry, but she was needed at the hospital.

Eve said she and T.C. were still going to have that romantic evening, and he could pick her up as soon as he was ready. He told the bird it had a reprieve, and he would have to see whatever was in it later because he had a date with a beautiful woman. He said he would get together with the bird later, and he set the bird back on the table.

Just as Sheridan was leaving the house, Ethan walked down the stairs and said, "Sheridan, you're here. I have to talk to you." Sheridan said she couldn't because she had to leave. Ethan said Sheridan couldn't leave and had to stay in Harmony. She said he never gave up. He said Harmony was her home, not Paris. She said they had been over the same ground many times, and he said he still didn't understand. She informed him that she did, and that was all that mattered.

Ethan said he would miss Sheridan and wondered what he was going to do without his favorite aunt. Sheridan asked when Gwen was leaving. He said she should be getting on the plane at that moment. Sheridan said the next couple months were going to be hard with her traveling so much, and he said he had a lot of things to do. He also said he had to finish planning the wedding, and Gwen had arraigned for Theresa to work with him. Sheridan said that at least one of them had good luck with a Lopez-Fitzgerald.

Ethan asked if Luis was still on Sheridan's mind. He suggested that maybe she should go talk to him before she left. She said she didn't want to speak to him ever again. She didn't even want to be in the same room with him. Just then, Ivy walked in through the door. Ivy called herself lucky because she wouldn't have to call either one of them. She walked into the living room and called for Julian. He said, "You called, light of my life?"

Ivy announced that she wanted the whole family to get dressed and go have dinner at the Seascape restaurant. She said she thought they should give Sheridan the proper sendoff. Julian questioned why she wanted to go to the Seascape. Ivy replied that they couldn't exactly send her off without a proper goodbye. Ethan said, "Mother, but the Seascape? I'm not so sure Sheridan would want to go there. That's where she almost fell through the ceiling and died." Sheridan said it was okay and that she would love to go.

Julian asked to be excused, and he took Ivy away. He said he was not really up for going to dinner because he had other things to take care of. Ivy smiled and said that unless he wanted Sheridan to know that he had hired an imposter to break up Sheridan and Luis, he had better put on his best toothpaste grin and be a charming host. He said, "Well since you put it that way," and he smiled. They walked back over to Ethan and Sheridan. Ivy said, "Let's go."

Sheridan said she had packed all her dresses, but she was sure she could find something. Ethan said he'd go change, and they both left the room. Julian said he knew Ivy was up to something, and he was going to find out what. He said he knew there was a reason she wanted to go there that night, and it had nothing to do with Sheridan. She said there was a very good reason, and he would never find out what it was. She instructed Julian to go change for dinner. He left. Ivy smiled to herself.

Ivy was in her closet, looking for the perfect dress. She said, "Here it is," and she said, "This will be an evening you will remember for the rest of your life, Sam."

Sam and Grace walked into the Seascape. He had a tux on, and Grace wore a black dress. Sam said to himself that it was one night Ivy couldn't ruin, and they went to sit at their table. Sam kissed Grace, and they sat down. Grace said it had been a perfect day. She asked what could be more romantic. Then the waiters walked over with two vases of red roses. Grace asked if they were for her, and he said with all of his love.

Grace said Shelley had been right. Sam was the most wonderful husband of the year --and of the millennium. He said she was the only woman for him. Theresa and Whitney walked into the Seascape. Theresa wore a pink dress, and Whitney wore a gray dress. Theresa remembered the last time they had been there, when their dates had gotten very drunk, and Ethan had needed to take her home. Whitney said, "Don't even start."

Luis walked in. The maître d' showed Whitney and Theresa to their table. Luis said he had to take care of something first. It had to do with the Martin imposter case, so he could close the file. He walked away. Theresa and Whitney were at their table. Whitney said, "You know what? Four guys noticed you on your way over to the table." Theresa said she hadn't noticed. Whitney said to start. It was just what she needed. Whitney said she bet Theresa would meet someone there that night who would sweep her off her feet, and Ethan would be nothing but a distant memory.

Theresa said she could never forget about Ethan. Whitney said she had to try, and the first step was being somewhere he wasn't. Ethan and Sheridan walked into the restaurant. Grace and Sam toasted each other, and Eve and T.C. walked over to their table. T.C. said, "Now here is a happy couple." They said hello to each other. Sam said he had taken Grace there to show her that she was the only woman for him, and Eve said, "Well, I guess we're all here with who we are supposed to be with."

Ivy and Julian walked into the Seascape and met up with Ethan and Sheridan. Ethan told Ivy that their table would be ready in two minutes, and Julian said it was unbelievable that the Cranes had to actually wait for a table. Ivy said it would be worth it, because that night would be unforgettable. Sheridan had a flashback of when Martin had kidnapped her and Luis had saved her as the Martin imposter fell through the roof. Ethan said, "Sheridan, if you'd rather not stay, just say so." She said no because Ivy wanted to spend the evening there.

Ethan said to Sheridan again that maybe she should talk to Luis, and she again said no, insisting it was over. Ethan said he had ulterior motives. He said if she could get past "this thing with Luis," maybe she could stay in Harmony. She insisted she had made up her mind. He said he would miss her. She said she would miss him, too, and then she said she had to go outside for a minute because she needed some air. He understood and said he would meet her at the table.

Sheridan had another flashback of standing on the roof with Luis just after the Martin imposter had fallen through the roof. She left. Ethan told Julian that she would be back in a minute. Julian looked in the restaurant and saw Sam, Grace, Eve, and T.C. Ethan said he was going to go call Gwen and see if she had gotten in all right.

Ethan walked into the dinning area, and he saw Whitney and Theresa. He greeted them. Ethan said he hadn't known they would be going there. Whitney said she couldn't believe Theresa and Ethan kept running into each other. Ethan said she was right, and he guessed they just couldn't seem to keep away from each other. Theresa smiled. He said it was very odd that they kept running into each other. Theresa said it was serendipity. He said, "Yeah, like a happy accident."

Theresa asked if Ethan was there alone. He said no and said he was with Sheridan and his mother and father. Theresa asked when Sheridan was leaving Harmony, and he said the next day. He said he would miss her terribly. Theresa said, "I know some people who will miss her too." Ethan excused himself, saying he had to go call Gwen and see if she had gotten in all right. Theresa said, "Yeah, Gwen." Ethan turned to walk away.

Ethan returned and asked if Theresa would save a dance for him for later. She said sure. He said that was good because he had really enjoyed the one they'd had the last time they had been there. She said she had too. He left. Whitney sighed in disgust. She said it was unbelievable that he would be there the same time Theresa was. Theresa said it was serendipity. Whitney said she had never heard Theresa use that word before. Theresa said it was in a new book she had been reading.

Whitney asked if Theresa even knew what the word meant. She said yes; like Ethan had said, it meant a happy accident. Whitney said, "Yes, an accident, a fluke. Don't read anything more into it than that." Whitney said she knew exactly what Theresa was thinking -- it was fate. Theresa said she knew Whitney hated that word, but the fact was they had gone there to find some guy to take Theresa's mind off Ethan, but he had shown up. Theresa said, "I'm going to call it what it is: fate. Capital F-A-T-E, fate," and she smiled.

Julian and Ivy continued looking at the Bennett/Russell table, and they both said they'd be right back, and they left. Eve commented on how funny it was that every time they went to do something, they ran into Sam and Grace. Sam said, "Well, great minds think alike." Eve got beeped. She said it was the hospital, and Grace tried to dial on her cell phone and said the battery was dead, so Eve left to use a pay phone, and Grace went with her.

T.C. and Sam talked about how glad they were that Eve hadn't told Grace about Sam and Ivy, and Sam told T.C. about Maureen and what bad timing that was with their predicament. T.C. said he knew when he thought about what Chad had said about Julian and his wife, he felt like he wanted to rip Julian's heart out. He left to find Eve.

Eve was using the pay phone, and someone slipped up from behind her and touched her on the neck. She smiled, thinking it was T.C. It was Julian, and he started kissing her. He said, "I want you right here, right now." She said, "Julian!" Sam couldn't find Grace, and he went to the coat closet to look for Grace's jacket. Ivy walked up behind him, and he tried to get away from her. She grabbed him, and they both fell into a coat rack and landed on the floor, with Ivy on top of him. Ivy smiled.

Grace walked around the corner, looking for Sam. Sheridan was on the roof by the skylight that the fake Martin had fallen through. It had been fixed, and she thought back to when the imposter had fallen through. Then she turned around, and Luis was behind her. He said, "I guess we both have some unfinished business." She agreed.

Luis said it was better for Sheridan to finish alone, and he started to leave. She said, "Luis, wait. No." He asked why. She said there was something she needed to tell him before she left for Paris.

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